Remnants of Gods [Book 1 of the Remnants Trilogy]

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Author's note

Hey there, dear readers!

As some of you may know already, I have moved to a different platform called Dreame. It’s free and easy to register (both via mobile app and desktop) and there are many awesome books there. You can find the full, edited version of Remnants of Gods there as well as its sequel there (book 3 of the trilogy is coming up too!) I have cleaned the story of most of the errors and plotholes and I have added a lot of new content (including numerous new scenes between Annabel and William)! I’m currently publishing the second book of the series, ‘Remnants of Souls’ there as well :)

I will NOT be removing the books from Inkitt, but I will not be updating them here either. For the fans of the other stories (The Time Guardian series, Somber Song and Dark Covenant), I’ll be finishing those stories on Dreame as well :) I hope to see you there and read all of your awesome comments!

If you like my writing and my stories, please support me by giving me a follow here: and by adding my story to your Library! Thank you so much and I promise you, I have many more stories prepared that you’re going to love!


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