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how long will humanity survive? .... find out about the Qruid

Adventure / Children
Aliza Anwar
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It was a scalding hot day. so I went to my favourite lake, I was about to jump in the cool water when a big splash in the middle of the lake sent ripples over the water, something was in the lake something huge I knew just what that something was it was a colossal QRUID the QRUID with beady eyes and it was after me. some days ago:

mad scientists were trying to make a knew hybrid named the QRUID it is a hybrid of a crocodile and the famous COLOSSAL SQUID but unfortunately it escaped and spread chaos across Hollywood the scientists were willing to make a movie but accidentally released it on a rampage it has but one Quest to destroy every thing on its path until or unless a hero stop’s it at it’s track’s and i am willing to be that hero for fame and respect honor and safety I Shall slay this QRUID i have been on the hunt ever since and also encountered it during my search .that reminds me the reason that savage beast thirsts for vengeance is because i harmed it during my search and now it knows i am the savior and hunts me as i hunt for him or so i thought the scientists thankfully the scientists made a liquid that contains acid to slay the sly beast i have to dip a arrow in the liquid and shoot it in its heart its heart will disintegrate and it will die the scientists also warned me that if i take to long it can duplicate itself and we will have even more beasts to worry about ,if it does not perish then humanity will be at its end .

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