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Go To The Ends Of The World With You

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Clinton: "Your unyielding personality drives me insane!" Mira: "You annoying creature better stay away from me or I will kill you!" ... When Mira accidentally stumbled into the human realm, her life completely took a turn. She kept her identity as a demon since human despises demons the most. Her days were quite peaceful somehow or maybe not since the day she meet Clinton. He always finds a way to annoy her every time they meet. When chaos befell the human realm, the two of them worked concurrently to eliminate the threats to humankind. Unexpectedly... for the first time in her life, Mira felt a danger of... falling in love!

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Chapter 1: The Birth Of A Unique Baby

The story begins when a girl gives birth to a unique baby that is fated to change the world.

In the dangerous border 500 kilometers away from Demonia Forest, which is rumored to be an enchanted place because people that tried to venture there disappeared into thin air and completely vanished from the face of the earth, there's a small opening of an undiscovered cave that only a three-year-old child could fit in.

It was meticulously hidden and no one ventured there yet for the unknown danger one would face. No one knew that inside the cave, there was an ancient city called the Enchanted City of Immaculate.

Records of the city had been deliberately destroyed by someone thousands of years ago, thus, no one knew its existence.

However, at this moment, a girl carrying a newborn baby accidentally entered the border while being besieged by thousands of people because of the child.

Everyone believes that the child is a devil that will eradicate their existence in the world and will cause immense chaos in the supernatural world.

They're afraid that their bloodline will decline or at worst vanish if they let the hybrid child live and grow powerful enough to release the demons in the Demonia Forest. They would not allow it to happen.

Thrown into desperation, the girl could only hide in the border that separates the Demonia Forest and Beast City.

While on the run, the girl tried to kill the child but she could not do so because the child was still her flesh and blood even if she resented the child's father to the bones.

Her face was drained of color, a sign of weakness. She was running for several hours without stopping and now she was on her limit.

When she noticed that no one was on her tail anymore, she sighed in relief and slowed down. But soon, she froze and stopped dead on the tracks as she finally noticed where she was at the moment.

“A-Am I... at the border?” the girl uttered in shock and her chest drummed in nervousness. She shivered and felt chills all over her body.

Tears instantly flowed down her face while she panicked. This border was rumored to be very dangerous and no one has ever come out of this border ever since.

The place was eerily quiet and devoid of any animals. There's not even an insect crawling. The place had lived up to its name.

The girl tightened her grip on her baby while scanning the place intently for fear that there was hidden danger anywhere.

For a while, she didn't know what to do at that moment like she was rendered immobile.

A tiny hand gently tugged at her clothes. She looked down and stared at the tiny creature in her arms who was looking at her innocently and was mysteriously behaving all the time.

Her heart instantly filled with warmth and smile at the cuteness of her child. From the moment the child was born, she resented her child's existence so much that she tried killing the child a few times but could not do so.

However, when she held the baby for the first time, she felt happiness in her heart. This was her flesh and blood! Her very own child!

Surprisingly, this baby didn't even cry for once and only slept throughout their journey. The girl knew that her baby was extraordinary because of the unknown blood that flowed within the child.

Since she was already at the border, she decided to continue and brace for the fact that they would die any time soon. But deep in her heart, she's hoping for a miracle.

Sensing that there is no danger, the girl finally eases up a little and looks for a temporary place to hide and rest.

At the same time, outside the border, thousands of people were gathered while discussing what to do next. However, none of them were brave enough to venture into the border.

“I believe the mother and child were dead. No one has ever come out of this border alive!”

“Yes! That must be it! We can't afford to risk our lives just to venture into the unknown. We'll only die at most if we go on further.”

An elderly man at the age of eighty has a solemn expression while looking at the vast border. Even he, himself, hesitated about what to do next and was afraid to enter the border.

Hence, he could only sigh and voiced out his thoughts. “We have to retreat for now. But we have to leave a few soldiers to guard the entrance in case the girl manages to come out.”

Everyone looked at each other and then nodded in agreement. They have no choice but to leave for now. Everybody retreated except for a few soldiers.

On the other side, the girl finally found a place to rest and immediately fell asleep because she couldn't take the drowsiness anymore after several hours of running nonstop.

However, the child was awake. And something indescribable happened.

If the girl saw what happened just now, she would probably be shocked and burst into excitement.

Who would have thought that a newborn baby could release powerful magic?

However, this magic is different from everyone else. A rare power that would only appear for thousands of years. This birth of new power was indeed very powerful and a threat to humankind.

Normally, a child could only materialize their power at the age of three.

While the girl was asleep, the newborn child miraculously stood up and walked unsteadily for the first time. The child giggles while stretching her tiny hands.

A golden light illuminates the place, striking the gloomy trees and plants. Instantly, the trees and plants around burst out a faint glow and immediately bloom an unknown glowing golden flower.

The golden light vanished and the little child clapped her tiny hands happily.

The child babbled a word. Since the child is just a few days old, she could only do baby talk which was rare for a few days old babies.

Time ticked away, and the girl finally jolted awake and was immediately stunned at the sight before her.

“Wow...” she muttered as she looked dazzled seeing her surroundings. She felt like she was dreaming and she entered into a new dimension.

She remembered that before she fell asleep, the place was still dark and gloomy.

At the sight of a walking newborn baby not far away from her while playing with the glowing field of flowers that wasn't there before, she was so shocked that she was rendered speechless. How could a newborn baby already walk?

It's impossible!

She blinked her eyes multiple times in disbelief.

She sighed and whispered, “I shouldn't be surprised anymore. My child is extraordinary, after all. Now that I think about it, I haven't given my child a name yet.”

Then she was lost deep in thought, thinking of different names that would suit her baby. She came up with different names but couldn't decide which one.

A cute giggle pulled her back from her stupor and she looked at the cutest baby she had ever seen. She sighed deeply in her heart.

'I can't believe I gave birth to this cutest little thing!' she thought and a smile broke out on her face.

She stood up and walked toward her baby. She bent down with a smile. Immediately, the child's eyes lit up, and hugged her with excitement.

The girl was filled with happiness at those tiny gestures. For the first time in her life, she felt love and happiness.

She once questions what love and happiness are. Now, she understands what it means. True love and happiness would only come at unexpected times and in special circumstances.

She looked at her baby with adoration in her eyes. Before this, she hated this child so much because the child's father ruined her youth.

But in just a few hours, she never thought that the child would manage to tug on her heart and that hate turned to love.

She took her baby in her arms gently and said softly, “From now on, your name is... Miracle.”

That night, the girl sang a lullaby for little Miracle. The mother and daughter pair sleep peacefully without disturbance.

However, the girl was unaware of the approaching danger.


Note: idk what to say 🤷‍♀️🤭🥴

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