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A girl who finds a mysterious gem in her back yard captivated by its shimmering appearance she touchs it a few days later she cages herself away from society in a forest far away from home ,being afraid that she would hurt someone again with her new powers until a girl named Enola knocks on her door and they venture into the depths of the forest onto a perlious journey........

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Chapter:1 The unexpected visitor

The empowered gem shimmering in my eyes,I cautiously stepped towards my most awaited destiny alongside my best friend Enola,I felt uncertain ,but confident as It was not the end but a new beginning.

I turned to my friend,“its finally here!” I said with a soft smile just an inch away I could almost feel the power



,my face enveloped by grey,my mind stunned.

I look confused at Enola“wha what are you doing?“,


The sun shone brightly in my yellow orange bedroom ,the light burst in chasing away the darkness,I reluctantly whipped of my patchwork quilt.


“don’t touch that”my is always cat journal that is the only thing that I had time to bring from my hometown.The cover was made out of wood ,etched with embroidery I flick through the pages a tear slops gently down my cheek I had not seen my hometown for days know I could never,well I couldnt even Or at least I cant not after what I almost did pondering I fell asleep

12:30 a visitor?

KNOCK! Someone started raining knocks on my front wooden door, Befuddled I step forward and open it and to my surprise there is a girl wearing a scarlet red cloak as if she was wrapped in rose petals almost concealing her face, as she reasonably takes down her cap revealing a girl about my age with chestnut brown hair, brown eyes and pale cheeks with a hint of pink, I felt astounded ,“hello”

“Hi”,“names Enola I just moved here”,of all the enchanting places on earth why here I thought”Im Calista would you like to come in?“,“gladly”,and she swoops in hanging her coat on the knob “cozy place you got here”,I invite her to sit on the alcove “so what brings you here?"I ask,

“Oh well I have heard this place has lots of different rocks and thats the perfect place for a rock enthusiast to be,Which I am.”

“Is that an etheras rock?“asks Enola


“So that means you might know more about it and know how I can get rid of it", I asked.

Enola opens her overflowing bag with scrolls and various papers and finds one wrapped with a sunshine silk cloth just like my gem

She opens it,“do you know whats it about.”,

I ask her whether it says anything about how to destroy it.Its written in hacheloveon ,its about the rock that its extremely powerful and shall be destroyed or else it could cause unimagined damage there is another rock which posses great power ,but if they both are ever put together the both their power will be obliterated.” "its also mentioned its located in the cave of etherina.”

“where is the cave of etherina?”

Enola says she knows where its located,its just that its undiscovered ,so I ask her why

Enola's face turns blank as she reluctantly tells me that because whoever went in the cave did not come back.

“Oh!”,the air arround me felt despondent but there still was a spark of tenacity in my heart.

Well I’ll find this cave and if its the last thing I do I said

Enola still insisted so I let her come

I scrambled down stairs ,threw on my coat ,grabbed my hiking bag and rushed back up"Im ready.”

"Wait we re leaving right now?" ,Enola asks.

"Yeah,come on."

"Now or never,Fine."

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