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The Angel

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“Griffin! No! I’m sorry! I didnt mean to fail you!!”

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I stand in the snow. Snow is beautiful to me. I walked for a while in the snow, Witch felt like entire. I soon tripped. I soon realized the snow, wasn’t snow. It was a cloud.

I sat on my knees and gorgeous big white wings canes out from my back. I flapped the back and forth slowly. I stood up and a halo formed above my head. I kept walking as my wings tucked in.

Soon, beautiful gold gates appeared in front of me. That’s it. I knew it. I’m dead. I walked threw the gates and into a white and gold building. When I walked in, the goddess was there.

I bowed to her and she looked at me.”I have a task for you Sage Brickingwood.” I nodded. “I need you to protect this girl and be a guardian Angel.” I looked up at the picture and gasped loud.

Griffin!? My wife! Omg! I nodded to her. “I will protect this girl with my life.” The goddess nodded to me. “Very well. Now. Let me change your outfit.”

She snapped her fingers and my blue jeans and black baggy shirt disappeared and I was in a green emerald colored dress. Then an emerald necklace appeared in my hand.

“When you get to Griffin. Give her this necklace. When she rubs the emerald stone on it, it means she’s calling for your help.”

I nodded. “I won’t fail.” “Good. I’ll send you down now!” “Wait what- AHHHH!”

I was now falling in the sky. “Use your wings Angel!” The goddess yelled at me. I spread my wings and started to fly. Flying was actually easy. I flew to griffins house.

I landed and looked in the window. Griffin was sitting on her bed, bags under her eyes, cuts all over, messy hair, crying. She hurt herself because I died.

I appeared in front of her and looked at her. She didn’t seem to care or think it was me. “Go away piper. I already told you I don’t want food.”

“Baby, I’m not piper.” “Don’t call me baby pip-“ she gasped seeing me and not piper. She started crying more. “S-Sun…?” I smiled at her.”moon?”

She started crying and ran and hugged me. “I missed you!!” I hugged her back. “Shhhh moon. I’m here.” I put the necklace around her neck and she looked at it then me.

“What is this for…?” I smiled. “Moon. I’m your guardian Angel. When ever you need me or you’re in trouble, rub the emerald stone and I’ll come to you.” I smiled

“Wait! Don’t go sun! I want to spend more time with you.” I smiled. “Why don’t we just lay here for a while moon?” I asked and she layed on me and we fell asleep.

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