Freedom Land

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A young girl was sitting on a bench in the big city of Cape Town, watching people as they walked by. A man came to her, looking her up and down. “Are you Sherry?

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Chapter 1

A young girl was sitting on a bench in the big city of Cape Town, watching people as they walked by. A man came to her, looking her up and down. “Are you Sherry?”

She looked up. “I am known as Sherry.”

The man turned around, a thoughtful expression on his face. “If you see your mom or dad, I would like you to tell them that I have work for them.”

Sherry looked at the man curiously. “Why must I tell them about you if I don’t know you?”

The man smiled a smile that sent shivers down Sherry’s back. “Just tell them that Mister Robert told you to tell them.”

The man left in a hurry before she could ask any more questions.

When Sherry got back home, she went to her mom. “Do you no a Mister Robert?”

Sherry’s mom looked shocked for a moment before covering it up with a smile. “Yes, I do no him. Did he tell you a bad Joke?”

“No, Mom, I am not a baby. He told me to tell you and dad that he has work for you to do.”

Her mom got up from the chair she was sitting on. “I guess that I have to tell you.”


“Mister Robert told us that as soon as he could he wood let us no when he has a job for us back in his city.” Picking up one of Sherry’s shirts she folded it and handed it to Sherry to put on a pile behind her on an old wooden table where the rest of her cloves was. “We are going to move soon.”

“Why do I always have to find out about this when I am happy?”

For a moment Sherry’s Mom looked hurt at what was said. “I no. I am sorry if you are the last to find out.”

“Mom, why do we have to move?”

“We have to move. We’ll have a mansion of a house to live in instead of an apartment.” She smiled at Sherry.

“How do you think my friends in Freedom Land would feel if I have to tell them that I can’t go school there any more?”

Sherry’s mom was getting tired of Sherry always nagging about changing schools. Yes, the school she was currently at was a good school, one where she learned to do some wonderful things but, there was a better school for Sherry there. “Look Sherry, I no how you feel about moving but, it will be the last time you’ll be switching schools and this one is much better and closer to home.”

“Mom you no I want to go to that school in Freedom Land. I could learn to be a heeler.”

“I know how you feel Sherry. By the whey you know that you are forbidden to become a heeler.”

Sherry turned around with tears in her eyes. “Why Mom, why can’t I be a heeler? They help others. I mean, I’ve learned on my own how to shoot a hiper beem.”

Seeing that the conversation was heading towards Sherry throwing a classic tantrum, Her mom shooed her out of the room. “Oh, stop your crying Sherry! Go to your room and forget about being a heeler!”

Sherry went to her room and cried until she was fast asleep. The next day she went to a shop to by the knew game of Freedom. She went to the counter to pay for the game but when the man behind the counter took the game from her, he asked. “Do you have a virtual scanner?”

Sherry looked at him with amazement. “You only get that on TV.”

The man laughed. “Oh, no. You must have it to play the game.”

He went back to a storeroom and came back with a peace of paper in his hand and gave it to her. “Call this number and you will get the scanner.”

After she bought the game, she went back to her apartment. There she called the number and nearly jumped out of her skin with fright when a gruff voice answered the phone. “I have been waiting for you.”

“What do you mean, waiting for me?”

The man at the other side laughed. “I have been told that you are going to call me. Would you like me to bring the scanner to you?”

“Oh, not now. We are going to move soon.”

For a while the man didn’t say a word. “Let me guess, are you going to move to Robert city?”

“Yes, but how do you no?”

She heard the man playing with a peace of paper. “I know all. Well I will be there at your knew home when you get there. Oh, Sherry. Do not be afraid of me. Good by.”

After about two weeks Sherry and her family was in their knew home. She didn’t like it, it was a big castle, dark and cold. Sherry and her mom was in the kitchen unpacking their food. “Mom why this place? I hate it here..”

“I am happy about this home. It may be cold and ark but I like it. We can always put more lights up around here?”

Sniffing the air Sherry shook her head. “I don’t like it, it’s to dark and the city is cold and bad. There are robots all around. By the way, the house smells musty.”

Sherry’s mom watched a robot walk past their kitchen window. “They work for him and they aren’t robots either. It’s their uniform.”

A few days past and all was going well at the castle. One morning Sherry went to ask her mom if she could go to Freedom Land to go to school there. When she got to the room where her mom used to work she could not find her. ” Mom, mom where are you?”

She went from room to room to find her mom but she could not find her anywhere. As she came out of the castle, the man was standing on the steps. He looked sad. “Oh my little Sherry. I am so sorry to tell you this.”

Sherry felt queasy. “What do you want to tell me?”

Coming closer the man took a bracelet out of his pocket. “Put this on my little sherry. It will show you what you kneed to know.”

When Sherry took the bracelet and placed it on her arm she felt dizzy before falling to the ground.

The man laughed and picked Sherry up. “You belong to me. You will help me to take back what belonged to me.”

When Sherry woke up again she could feel that something wasn’t right. Getting up she went to a window on the other side of the room she was in to see where she was. Looking through the window, she was met with another building that was so close to it that she couldn’t see past it. Turning around she went out of her room and followed the hallway until she got to a staircase. Moving down the stairs as quietly as she could she spotted the front door and ran towards it. When she got outside, she remembered that the man called Robert came to tell her about her mom and dad. She sat down on the steps of the strange building. “How did I get hear from my home?” She thought.

After a while she got up and looked around for the big castle tower which she knew she won’t miss. “It shouldn’t be so hard to find a dark tower in this city.” She thought as she walked.

At last, she found the castle and went inside to get her cell phone to call the man who told her that he would be there to install her virtual scanner. “Maybe I’ll find my family there?”

She did not have to wait to long. The man answered with a smile in his voice. “I am glad you called me today Sherry. I am on my whey to install it for you. Hope you have a big room in your home, it’s a big scanner.”

“Oh, but mister I don’t live in a home, it’s a castle. A dark one. You will see it when you get here.”

When the man got to the castle he didn’t Waite for Sherry to open the door. He opened it himself and went inside to find the room where the computer was standing. Sherry also found the man and sat on a chair watching him. When he was dun with the scanner, he left with out telling her how it worked. Taking the game CD she placed it in the computer and installed it. That done, she enters on play game and listened to a young man giving instructions. “Welcome to the Freedom game. Do you have an Internet connection? If so press enter.”

She pressed enter.

“Scanning for virtual world.”

After a while a blank page popped up. “After the beep say your name please?”

She heard the beep and said her name. “Sherry.”

“Now get in to the scanner.”

She when to the scanner and its doors opened.

When she stood in the scanner, its doors closed and she heard. “Scanning.”

The last words that reached her ears was. “Entering game.”

Sherry found herself falling before hitting the ground hard. When she opened her eyes, she was not in the scanner or in the castle any more. She had a strange suit on which looked really important. When she turned around, she remembered the cover of the game. It looked just like the place where she was standing in.

Sherry didn’t hear someone coming up behind her. “Why are you standing here, don’t you belong to a team?”

Turning around she asked. “Where did you come from?”

There was a young boy in front of her, he did not look so ridiculous like her, he didn’t even have a suit on like hers. “I don’t know how I got here. I got the game at a shop and a man installed the scanner for me. Then I got on to it and then I ended up here. Did the same happen to you?”

The boy looked worried. “I’m from Freedom Land. This is a game where we help others to get better. If you no what I mean. You see the scanner you got can scan you in to this game. Therefore, it is like playing for real. I am called a bonus stage player. When some one are in a coma we are the one’s helping them to fight.”

Sherry looked at his cloves. “Why are you normal and why do I look like this?”

The boy smiled. “I must tell you my name before I could say anything more. My name’s Prince Star. I help my dad and my people. You see, a long time ago a man called Robert was born in a dark city. His dad was a bad man. I was about one years old or so when a young girl a baby to be exact killed his dad. Now he wants revenge , by hurting our friends and our people, he thinks my dad will let go of his throne. We are also trying to find the young girl who helped us back then. You see, if we find her, I will get married to her. That is the promise I made the day I found out about her.”

Pulling a face at the thought of marrying Sherry asked. “But what did this baby look like back then and how are you able to remember all of this?”

“I wish I knew.”

Before he could go on with his story, Sherry grabbed his hand and ran. “Hey, where are you going?”

When she stopped, he looked around and pointed to a big monster running past them. The prince watched the monster as it disappeared down a shady path. “Oh, I see. You no this game already. Well I have to speak to my father now.”

As the prince turned around Sherry got a glimpse of a strange bracelet around his arm. Watching the prince Sherry heard him talk to his father. “Father I just met a knew player. She’s alone.”

Sherry had never been in a game before. Feeling a bit overwhelmed she started to cry. “Oh, first it is my Mom and Dad and now it is me ending up in a game.”

As she was crying, she felt a hand on her arm, it was the prince. “Don’t cry. I’ll help you get out again. Tell me your name?”

Sherry shook her head. “It will be the best if you don’t know.”

She turned and ran as fast as she could away from him. She needed to sort through her emotions before she could trust anyone else. Before she knew it, she ended up in the forbidden woods. The place where players got hurt if they dared go in there. Sherry did not no it and soon she was lost in it. She fell over a big trunk and ended up in a big hole. When she tried to get up she couldn’t. She looks up and realized that she had falling very deep. She was injured. She started to call for help not knowing if someone would hear her. “Help can anyone hear me?”

She couldn’t help but to feel messed up. Tears ran down her face as she tried to get out of the hole.

It didn’t take too long for the prince and his helpers to find her for they followed her cry for help and were guided by his father to the hole where she was trapped in. When they got to the whole one of the princes helpers looked down at where Sherry was lying. “Your highness, the girl might be injured. Your father has to send a team who could handle this. We are only players and are not equip for this situation.”

The prince looked down at sherry. “I’ll ask my father to send another team to get you out. If you had a bracelet on your arm just like us, my father would have been able to transport you out.”

Sherry felt helpless and yelled. “Oh, Now you tell me about the wonderful bracelet!”

With out a word the prince turned around and called his father to ask for an emergency team. After a minute or so a team of two got at the hole. One of them came down and placed his hand on her arm. “What’s your name young one?”

Sherry did not answer and only laid there with her eyes closed. Then she felt strange. As if she was been lifted up and placed on a bed or a stretcher. Then she heard one of them say. “We are ready for transport.”

Then she felt strange again. When she opened her eyes she was on a scanner again. Only bigger and there were two people with her. One of them were looking at her. “Oh, my. “What’s this on your forehead young one?”

Sherry did not understand what he meant and placed her hand on her forehead. She could feel that it was a diamond shaped mettle thing. “I don’t know how I got this. Maybe it was Mister Robert.”

One of the healers who came to have a look at her did not look happy at what he heard. “Did you say Robert?

“Do you no him? We moved to his city. My Mom and dad are working for him now.”

The heeler knew why the young girl before him had no idea about the man they hate. He took her hand and used an ability to see the damage she received from the game. After he Scant her he turned. “We have to take her to the heeling room. There we must get rid of that thing on her head. She does not have too much damage to her body. We can heel that for her.”

Sherry was lifted again and laid down on a hospital bed and rush to the heeling room. Once there a few healers came in and one of them smiled at her when she looked at him. I’m Johnston. We’ll be putting you to sleep so that we can do our magic. When you wake up I would like to ask you a few things. Is that ok with you”?

Sherry nodded and made herself comfortable. She felt safe with these people since she had once seen such a room on a field trip with the school.

As soon as she was asleep the healers set to work. It took them a long time to get the diamond out and a long time to heel her. After they were dun with her one of them said. “We have to find out about this young girl.”

When Sherry woke up she had a bad headache. She wondered why. She could not remember how or where she was. She laid there for a while and then it struck her. She was in Freedom Land. They brought her there. She got hurt and then she was sent to Freedom Land to get heeled. She knew that they were good for her, but she had to leave before they could ask her about Robert City.

She got up and went to the door to see if there were a person nearby who could spot her and call for the doctor to keep her from getting away from the healers. As soon as she knew that it was safe to go she ran as fast as she could and soon found the scanner. She knew in a whey how to use it but did not no how she could get this one to send her back to Robert city. So she went to one of the computers and hit enter on the scanning program. She went to the scanner and stepped inside. The door closed behind her and she was Scand in to the Freedom game.

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