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Olivia's advantures

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The most loyal friend. The greatest detective. The purest soul. Her family's proud and joy.

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Chapter 1

One rainy night, a girl named Mary Brooks was eating dinner at a restaurant with her close friends. Then she had to use the restroom.

''Excuse me while I go to the restroom.'' – Mary said. After that a mysterious man entered the restaurant. He went straight to where Mary was. A couple of minutes later the fire alarm went off. The chef’s face said it all while he yelled for everyone to get out. Mary started yelling for help as she heard muffled screams, she had also noticed that the door wasn’t able to open.

''Oh no! Is it locked?! HELP..!''

Nobody was able to help her, they all evacuated. Her so called friends apparently weren’t risking their lives for hers. The fire lasted long enough. The manager, police, ambulance and fire department were called. The fire department put out the fire; the police were inside investigating when they found Mary surprisingly still alive in the restroom. They immediately rushed her to the hospital. It was tragic mostly to her family but even they cared less than her one and only true friend, Olivia Mines. She was the greatest detective in town. She was usually solving small or as some might say every day cases and this was big for her so of course she didn’t want to do it at first but when she found out that her best friend was involved she didn’t waste any time and started right away. Olivia had planned her weeks of investigating. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were for investigating and exploring while trying to find suspects. Friday and Saturday were for visiting her friend Mary in the hospital. Sunday was the only day Olivia had left and it was for resting. Olivia was thankful that her friend was still with her but she got the saddest news of her life one week later.

A doctor came in when Olivia and Mary were talking and said:

''Good afternoon, ladies. Right now I just want you to know that there’s really no easy way to say this so I’ll say it how I know. Mary, you have one more week to live and you, Olivia, it’s going to be hard without Mary, I know but there’s really nothing we can do...''

Both the girls were devastated.

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