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Emma's Adventures

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Emma Lane is a 14 year old girl.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

One morning when she got up her heat hurted. She told her mother. Her mother told her that it was nothing. She eated and went to school. She was so tired and she couldn't talk that much. Then her friend Eve came and asked her if she's okay.

"No I'm not okay my head hurts so much"- Emma said quietly

Her friend Eve went to tell the teacher that her head hurts. At the same time Emma fainted. After few hours she woke up in the hospital. She looked around and saw her parents. Then she asked:

" What is going on"? "Why am I in the hospital"?-Emma asked her parents

Her parents told her that she fainted. Emma didn't believe it then she got up and went to the toilet she looked herself in the mirror and said:

" What is going on with me lately"? -she asked herself

Then she got back to her hospital room and told her parents to go home. Her parents told her she needs to stay in the hospital till tomorrow. She didn't listen and went in the car. It was late. Her parents we're talking with the doctor. When she was looking around she saw someone looking at her from the window and she got scared. Her parents came to the car and drove home. Emma went to bed. When she was sleeping she was dreaming about the guy that was watching her. She didn't see his face and he was wearing black. The next day she got up early and went to school. She was the first one. After few minutes her mom called her:

"Emma where are you"? -her mom asked

" I got up early and I went to school "-Emma told her mom

After 20 minutes other students came and it started to get loud. Then her friends Eve came and they talked to each other. Then the teacher came in and she gave them a project to work with someone. The teacher was picking and she put Emma with the quiet kid his name was Devin. After class they we're talking about the project and they will be doing it at Devin's house. The next day was Saturday. Emma went to Devin's house she ringed the doorbell and Devin showed up. They sat in the living room and Emma was still thinking about the guy and then she thought it was Devin because every day he was looking at Emma. Emma was scared. Then Devin went to the kitchen he grabbed a knife and when he came back he tried to kill Emma.

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