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The Return of James Benjamin

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James makes the decision to chase his aspirations and overcome any challenge in his path after experiencing the loss of a close friend and being labeled a loser his whole life. Despite the fact that his aspirations diverge from those of his affluent family. Even in the case of unforeseen detours. Will he quit being a pushover and establish his merit as a Benjamin?

Adventure / Romance
Damgold M.d
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Chapter 1

James. James Benjamin.

Jame's POV

'Follow your dreams and live your life the way you want.'- -She said the most wonderful thing to me right before i woke up from my dream. SHE has the most incredible voice. She taught me a valuable lesson before her departure, PERMANENT DEPARTURE.


I was totally awakened from my slumber by the thunder and subsequent heavy rain that penetrated through the ginormous window. After I graduated from high school over a year ago, my Mom bought me a king-sized bed, which I muttered and sat up in. who, in this world, offers her son a king-sized bed as a graduation present? Well, my mom. Something gave me a whack to the head that felt like an iron rod. Another hangover, I guess. wasn't anything new to me, though. Stretching my arms like i was some kind of a super stretcher i pulled my phone out of the side mirror only to see that i woke up two hours later than usual.

The last nine to 10 months have been like that. Drinking, traveling on my dad's private jet and taking daily scoldings from my obnoxious dad, and just evaluating other people based on my perception of them. Typical me.

The only person in whom I had any trust was her.

I had the impression that I could make friends without any difficulty. I was readily trusted. And I'm happy to announce that's one of the reasons I'm currently a total mess.

I arose from my really comfy bed (thanks, Mom), went into the bathroom, and was about to turn on the shower when I remembered that I still had to get to the gym. Believe it or not, I didn't want a hangover to prevent me from using my year-long gym membership. When I went by the mirror as I prepared to leave the bathroom, i saw my reflection on the mirror and trust me when i say it wasn't a very appealing sight.

I splashed water on my face in an attempt to feel better, but it obviously did not help, and I ended up looking like a middle-aged man in his late thirties who was working really hard to fulfill his marketing goals. I exited the restroom and put on a sports vest and a pair of track shorts. I took my phone, headphones, and vehicle keys (yes, I had a car at the age of 19), pretty normal in the Benjamin family. I quickly exited my room and descended the stairs, but by the time I reached the main living area, I had run out of breath.

So, based on the size of a home with 16 bedrooms, 4 living rooms, 3 dining rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 lounges, 2 garages, and 2 pool areas, not to mention the fact that I live on the fourth floor. Running inside the home while out of breath would be quite typical. As per normal, when I entered the main living room, all that was there was the maids cleaning. They informed me that, my dad had departed early because of a conference in Paris. Even though i didn't ask.

I hurried to the garage and climbed inside my car. It usually irritates me when I can only use one of the five or six autos that come to me. I eventually made it to the gym and started working out, but as usual, I was distracted by my thoughts. I was contemplating how I was out of things to do for my everyday activity. Also recalling how people saw my younger brother John, who was CEO of the fashion camony in the Benjamin group of firms at the age of 17, as the family genius. BTW, that is the family-run enterprise. Yet others saw me as the family loser that always irritates everyone and has nothing meaningful to do with his life.

I might be a loser, but at least I'm not a jerk like John who always acts like he's an expert on everything, even the maids at the house are scared shit of him. My dad and John didn't always like my suggestions for the business. Even though she wasn't the sort to be around all the time, my mom was the only one who had faith in me. Even though John was a constant jerk, I attempted to keep things under control until, at the age of 17, after taking my ideas and pitching them to our dad, he was named CEO of the fashion comony.

I gave up attempting to force myself into the family business as a result of that.

Even though I was more business savvy than my younger brother John, I didn't want to join the family business like my annoying and rude brother and my dictatorial father. Although my family, namely my dad and John, laugh at the concept, I really did want to become a detective. They believe it to be a dishonest career that pays little and harms the family's image. Except for my mother, who thinks I should go for it wholeheartedly. And, to be honest, I'm beginning to agree with her. But even the notion of informing my dad that I am exploring the concept of being a detective scares the snot out of me.

The loud music that never stopped blaring from my headphones forced me out of my thoughts. Glancing at my watch, I realized I had finished my workout at the gym. I exited the treadmill and made my way outside the gym and into my car while panting like a horse. A woman suddenly appeared in front of me as the engine was starting to move, and I had to match the brakes as if my life depended on it. People's perceptions of me as a looser would be justified if I ran someone over, but I didn't really care. I was furious as fuck as I got out of the car and tried to identify the person I nearly murdered as a result of her stupid negligence, whomever she may be.

As soon as I got out of the car, I felt a welcoming aura as I was about to yell at whoever she was when I turned to gaze to the side and noticed a girl in her late teens looking at me with stunning blue eyes. The woman I saw was the epitome of beauty. Really, are there still such people? As she was scanning me, I took another look at myself to determine whether my workout attire was defective. I gazed at her, and she averted her sight. Weirdo! Looking at her as she stood up, I experienced a feeling of déjà vu. The sensation that you have experienced the same incident previously.

"Are you insane, man? You nearly knocked me down. It seems like anyone can get a driving license these days, huh"? Before I could say anything, another lady in her also in her late teens rushed in the scene and inquired if she was okay while I was standing there staring blankly.

The girl I nearly ran over says, "I'm okay Karen," as she was brushing herself off after falling. Then the other girl called Karen whispered something into the ears of the the girl i almost ran over and began to speak in a whisper "Don't you recognize him? She said, "I don't care if he's rich, he's the so-called brat in the Benjamin family!" ". Before I could respond, she adds, "Just because you're affluent doesn't mean you should be foolish, man," and she leaves.

I jumped back into my car while I was thinking about how her comments had struck me like an arrow straight to the heart. I was startled out of my reverie by the ringing of a phone. I muttered, "Fuck," as I turned to face the passenger seat and noticed that my phone was buzzing. As my mom called, I grabbed my phone..

Before I could say anything, mom enthusiastically said, "Hey son, I'll be home in four hours, and we really need to talk—and by that, I mean the entire family." Next, she hung up. Finally, I thought, someone who gets me. The idea that my mother would be there made me feel a little better. As I realized how her upbeat tone had changed to one that was serious as she said we needed to talk, my smile faded.

What on earth could she possibly want to discuss?

The entire family!!!.

So how was the book then?

I hoped you enjoyed the opening chapter. Please let me know if you see any mistakes, errors, or recommendations for improvement. Please tell me about it.

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