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Winnie's Journal : Turning 14

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Living life as a teenager with constant seizures and frequent moving is not what Winnie wants. She wants a normal lifestyle; boyfriends, parties and frequent Shopping. Her Parents separation wasn't actually expected but she continues her life as a regular Teenager having all the fun and she decides to document this in a Journal. And for her turning will change a lot or will it???

Adventure / Thriller
Fei Fei
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Chapter 1

Journal Preview

Hi Journal!!

I'm Winnifred Jade Monroeville. My Friends call me Winnie X so I'm guessing you can call me that too Journal ( I don't think it's normal to say "hi" to my Journal buh anyways...)

Where was I ?


I'm 13 years old and I'm in Grade 9.( I know right?! I'm too young to be in Grade 9 right buh it's okay I'm pretty smart).

I actually school at Heighten Gales College,Abuja Nigeria. I know it's weird being a foreigner and all buh ( excuse my writing Journal buh you gotta understand that girl I can't be writing as regular as in School) my Dad owns one of the biggest Oil companies in Nigeria. And when I mean Oil , I mean cooking oil so we live here.

My parents relocated to Nigeria since I was 10 and I've been in a very nice environment. Although we're Whites, we're always welcome where ever we go. Nigeria is a really nice country to live in trust me .

Now back to me...

My favorite thing to say is "I care less" . And when I actually do say it I really care less or do I?

Well, Journal you'd better brace up for some inconsistent Teenager stuff and that will be coming from me!

I attend school alone buh I'm not an only child,I have 2 siblings. Twins actually.( Buh let's not talk about them it's enough they steal my spotlight in actual real life scene can't give it to them in my Journal also)

I have a personal driver buh sometimes I go with the only close friends I have;

1. Ruby Tumishe Johnson - her dad's a Senator in Nigeria and She's a Yoruba girl plus we're in the same class.

2. Jan Hyung Soon - he's Half Chinese Half Nigerian. His mom is the Nigerian buh she grew up in China so .... I'm sure you can relate . He's my sit partner at Readers Club. I think he's cute五

3. Lastly Jemima Naa Dromo Laryea - She's a Ghanian buh her Mom is a single mom and owns a big Ghanian Restaurant here in Abuja.

We all sit together at the cafeteria for lunch..

Done introducing my Friends, Let me talk about my health now.

I've been having seizures since I was 2 due to a certain rare disease buh sometimes it can always be brought under control. Medical practicioners say I'll outgrow it so I'm still waiting.

Enough about my boring health story ...

School resumes in a week and I'm yet to get my stuff ready.

I'm so excited cos every term there's always a new student or sometimes students... It just allows me to have a new crush every term especially in the senior classes. Some of them approach me asking for my contact cos I'm tall and look matured than 13.

P.S I'll be 14 in March!

I think that should be all for now.


Keeping a Journal wasn't so easy as I thought... Or is it?

Can't wait to write about all the crazy stuff I'll be doing this year and trust me last year was a tip of the iceberg,This year will be the real deal!

I'll be signing off, Journal

Plus I think I love you..... Or maybe be I do!

And Note also , Journal that whatever I write in brackets are my thoughts

I know you understand....

W*I*N*N*I*E _

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