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Village of pain

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*FREE original version* (*published with Tellwell*) //paperbacks soon out in local stores and online// It all started when Rose Elenne snuck into old Jones’ car trunk. After a series of events that turned her life upside down, meeting an unexpected person, she was willing to do anything to get back home. Or was it home? Cover design &edit by Brenton Wang Cover art generated by minister ai

Adventure / Romance
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Author’s note/acknowledgements

It all started with a simple writing competition project.

I still remember myself sitting in my car, mapping the entire storyline out and brainstorming the ideas with such excitement to finally come up with a title. It was not meant to be a book, rather a short story within a couple thousand words. As I continued, I found it surprisingly difficult to maintain that limit, and as for my dream of publishing a book, and for my own sake, I continued writing.

This work that you just read, was months of unlimited sitting at a table with my laptop in front, typing my hands out while free styling some parts. The details were all created in that chair at that moment. It was worth it, as I enjoyed every minute I imagined and travelled in my head, and I would like to thank my family for supporting every move and cooperating with every step. I knew no one would stop me, and so I was not ashamed at all, of the endless nights I sat downstairs wiping my dry eyes.

For Choras and Rose, they were inspired by real life examples. Of people I had met and people I still know. Combined with a bit of imagination, the two became leaders showing empathy, perseverance, and inquiry.

Other than it's my first ever book that I attempted to do ( previous ones ended up into unfinished pages in my journal ), thank you for supporting and now, after thinking, there was one question that I mildly answered on my perspective, that is, " what if we lived in perfection?"

We'll never escape reality through words, but rather be inspired to make a change through your life. We, no matter what species, need to have respect for each other; we all have one life on earth, after all.

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