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Odyssey of the dead- Godblood book one

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There is no coming to conciousness without pain, something he had to experience the wrong way. They called him cursed, thrown him out of his home and taken the only thing he cared about. He had waited for years, and now his wait was at its end. It didn't matter if he had to fight monsters or make a pact with chaos. He was going to reclaim what he lost, even if he had to go to hell to do so.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The lord of the underworld overlooked his realm from the balcony, the regret ate at his heart. He felt hatred, anger and resentment, all directed at himself. Did the people close to him deserve such fates, talk less of those few within his compassion?

They didn't. Even though he left, even though he tried his best to hide her from the prying eyes of his enemies and had even taken her only child away since birth. In the end, it all amounted to nothing. She was gone. Even in the land of the dead, he could not seek her out. The shades faded to nothing in his presence, and almost no one could be trusted to act as a medium. His blood was a possibility, but he couldn't make his own lie to her wrathful mother.

A slight mistake and his assumed consort would know. There was no telling what she would do, especially since the quarry was in the palm of her hand.

He sometimes pondered the reason he complied with his brother's wishes. He always acted on impulse without the consent of others. It was a severe breach of trust to send a spy to his realm, even if he tolerated and feigned ignorance to it.

He cleared those thoughts away. Kore could never be allowed to find out. And not all was lost, the child still lived. If anything she would wish him to watch over them, they were full of optimism and their path was one filled with danger. The road which their kind walked was always treacherous. A testimony to their divine heritage. But this was the reason he sent them to the sanctuary. To learn, grow, survive, and one day meet their destiny. Dark times lay ahead. He could feel it.

"You certainly do have a regal bearing uncle." The voice boomed to existence from behind a pillar. "More than father ever has... have you ever consider taking the throne of the cosmos for yourself?"

He felt her essence as it formed. This one was never welcomed here. Her very presence was a bane for both Gods and mortals.

"Eris." he said dryly, wariness hinted in his tone. She may have been raised in his realm, but even she had to have a good reason to return to the dark unforgiving underworld.

"It's nice to see you again too dear uncle," she said, giving him a dangerous smile. “But I have to say a little down in the dumps.”

"State your business?" He snapped. He was in no mood to entertain her shenanigans, the sooner she left the better.

“Really? No small talk?”

The comment earned her a glare.

“Oh fine. Just decided to drop in and say an innocent hi!” He narrowed his gaze at her. He had little patience for antics. And his eyes showed it.

"...Straight to the point eh?" she continued giving a little forced chuckle. "Well first I wanted to give my condolences.“

Pluton stiffened as he regarded her fully, his dark obsidian eyes trained on her. He made sure restrain himself. "You know..."

"I have my ways," she mused as her grin spread across her face. She was observing her nails as if they were new found jewelry. "Oh and don't worry, I haven't told a soul... yet."

"If you're finished I have obligations to attend to," He sharply concluded before turning to the hallway.

“Shame she had to die on the side of the road. And with no one to mourn her passing.”

The remark made him pause. "...Was it you?" He questioned after a few seconds of silence. She wasn't one to dig up information unless it suited her fancy, and she could wreak havoc if she wanted.

She caressed her chin. "Hmmm... maybe, maybe not. It's more fun to keep the cat in the bag don't you think?" The floor beneath her cracked and shook at the sudden increase in pressure. It was obvious he was raging inside, even if his face didn't show it. He squeezed his right hand to alleviate the outburst of power, he knew she was playing with him. And he would kill her if he could.

The goddess was now levitating off the obsidian tiles, only her long tunic brushing the floor. “But you know, I might be willing to let my lip loose a little. For a price of course. Hmmm... your helm would do nicely dear uncle.”

"No." was his simple and sharp answer. What ever the problem, his symbol of power could not fall into the hands of another diety again, that was final.

Eris just shrugged. "Eh, worth asking. But I'm still taking it.“

He regarded her with renewed coldness. There was no warmth on his pale face. ”Try and I'll have no qualms against spreading your essence to the ghouls.“

She stared back at him blankly for a second before laughing out loud. ”Oh sorry sorry. I think I haven't explained myself well.“ She floated to rail and sat on it, legs crossed. ”I won't be doing it personally, I'm still aware of the flimsy pact you made with the dummies of the round table. Rather my proxy will. They're a fun one and I'm sure you'll get along well.“

”They come, they die.“ He headed for the heavy doors of the chamber, they swung open at his will.

”Aren't you curious who they even are?“

He stopped and then sighed, curiosity had been invited into his mind. ”...Then tell.“

Eris' smile returned with a much more wicked fervor. "Telios.”

He turned to look at the diamonds that glistened on the ceiling of his realm. The only things that reminded him of his life long ago, before he was bound beneath Gaia. Somewhere out there he could feel something else, something that was out of place. Like a speck in the wind. It was so small he couldn't feel it most of the time… Perhaps even immortals could go senile if given enough time.

He turned back to the goddess before him, the curiosity at the identity of his next victim after eons satisfied. His pupils burnt with an old fire he had buried centuries before, now for the sake of the prophecy he will kill. “Then let them come.”

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