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Chaos continues

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Many people have-different points of view but how much of an impact can it make find out in this story

Adventure / Children
Aliza Anwar
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The little village contained a lot of people, people with different mindsets everyone had a different opinion, everyone Had another point of view. all this caused many massive conflicts which resulted In wars, which resulted in bloodshed. everyone was in a schism of their own. empires divided chaos broke out. Out of all these people, peacemakers were rare; for this quest, every soul was precious.

One of these peacemakers A-aria Cane was truly dedicated to reviving her nation from this evil slumber A-aria’s parents were a part of this conflict she wanted to educate her nation and teach them to live in peace one of the reasons for this was that her family neglected her for being a peacemaker .she tried to prove to her family that what she supports Is right.

So what is this quest I spoke of earlier well the reason everyone was against each other was the country itself its rulership whether it should have a government or not?

“We are the peacemakers and in our opinion, a single person should not have the power to preside over things as such power in one person's hands can result in corruption so we plan to somehow pursue the people into not opting for a government instead we should rule over ourselves the whole village shall judge over themselves we have already seen this happen to the many kings of the area they were driven by there power hungry soals wanting more not caring of their civilians... so do we all agree?,” said A-aria Cane

“I agree,” said A-aria’s closest friend Laura Lime.

“So do we,” said the rest.

There were only a few peacemakers so they needed all the help they could get

“We shall host a meeting next week until then you may leave,” said A-aria.

A-aria was a born leader, so she was the leader of the peacemakers. Until now, she has had no difficulties but soon she will realize how difficult being a leader is...

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