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The girl in the cocoon

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The Yami tribe from the 1800s believes that their deity, the lady of the sun would be reborn. The deity was believed to be ugly at first and then became a beautiful woman. She was stuck down and was said to rise from the earth once again. The Yami tribe wants to speed up the process. The spell puts a selection of ugly girls in a cocoon to awake when the transition is complete. These women would be beautiful when they awake and one will be the reincarnation of the lady. Little did the Yami people know, the lady of the sun was reincarnated as a beauty. And that she was already in a cocoon. Waiting to be dug up by three archaeologist, descend from the Yami's foe.

Adventure / Mystery
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Year 1800

Background -

Women of the Yami tribe were said to hold great power. The power of life. Only few women were chosen, those with leadership abilities and were quitet. But there are some catches to achieve greater life. You must be inclosed and sealed until someone from the greater future finds you. There is a curse placed on you aby the elders, You are not to say a word about the Yami tribe. If you do your body would disintegrate, and turn to ash never allowing you to achieve greater life. And lastly you are to be untouched and unattractive to the naked eye. Only ugly women were chosen for the task, for if you are already beautiful your body would be overwhelmed and would crumble. The Yami tribe are experts in the black arts as well as life magic. The elders practice the black arts and as a seeding you study and understand the art of life and the magic that can come from it. Elder tayti taught the first clan, life magic. How to give beauty and to take it away. She told prophecies to the people of the Yami and what the future holds.

As children gathered around the fire in the late night. With painted symbols aross their bodies. Most dressed in quilts sown by the elders. Feathers; blue and red danced aross their hair. As they began to be quiet you could hear the crackling of the fire.

Tayti, "As people of the Yami and as the eldest it is my responsibility to bestow you the prophecy telling of the lady of the sun."

All the children begin to be quiet. The elders of the gypsy tribe are wise and fortunate. Never to be disrespected or bad things will happen. She spoke of the lady of the sun. This woman was the most beautiful and graceful across the world. She was said to come from the earth itself to conquer the sun. She would be ugly for a time and then show her true face when the time is right. The Yami clan designed a ritual to ensure or speed up the process of finding the lady. A life ritual. The spell consisted of ugly girls in the tribe to compete. The last 4 women would have the honer of being cocooned. The cocoon was to speed up the physical age. The ugly women would turn beautiful and they would find their deity.

Tayti, "this woman will show herself when our people are most valuable. She saved us in the beginning and was to be reborn. She will come from the earth to be reunited with us once again --- "

Tayti was in the midst of speaking as screams and smoke filled the air...

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