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The Borealis Project

By AssassinAria42 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi


(Enjoy!) The path for us may be etched in stone, but the future is yet to be written. -Anonymous. :) ;) :)


Let me Only say it Just this once... It Only All began with just one word to us... Glitch. That word haunted me since the beginning. A horrible truth that nobody discovered except one person. One human being. And it did not start with a Once upon a time either. Let me just say, that this battle was a total pain in the neck. And we all had to deal with it.

Hearing it at first was just the touch of magic that I failed to see since the beginning. But that wasn't the half of it, while I was in school and nobody seemed to care a darn thing about what it meant to me, except me, and an old friend that told me all their little secrets on middle earth.

In a world that's full of secrets, and wonderous creatures from top to bottom, life is great, well, almost great. My teacher expects me to hear it from him, but, I have already known what the future is going to hold out for me. I may not have the best of friends in this world, but I only had to leave them, for their only safety, and for good reasons why I did. That is, until I learned a Very dark secret. About our world inside it...

I may be done with school right now, but all that I got left from me was a life that wasn't worth living. Ever After city was all that no one ever expected to go to until they heard about their favorite characters since childhood living there. A secret society was placed in this world before I even knew about it. And until the truth could come to me, Fate decided that I should be a part of this adventure. Like it is within the hobbit.

Don't believe me then, when I tell you about the things that are about to come true soon in the near future. But you know what they say is that you never know what the future holds... So was it just a rumor? Or was it just all a lie? Would you meet your evil twin soon? Or would you hold back onto the things that you love most and want to get away from it? Still, things can't get any worse now, can they? All I can say is, don't try, and live your life free as it is, Or be confident, and let these events unfold like you don't even care.

Besides, this wouldn't be a story without it's ending now would it, smarty pants? If you hate reading, don't read this book, because there may or may not be a happy ending. If there was a bad guy, there wouldn't be a hero.

As it seems, an adventure is not without its hero or its bad guy, now isn't it? Still... You might disagree on a wall, or you might disagree on some things that can or cannot be fake news, but I might be getting ahead of myself here.

But, even though, I for one still reply my thanks to you, wherever you are, to show me the light. If you are still alive. For saving my life at least from aliens. Or demons from the underneath as you call it. If you have heard of my name before like a thousand times from somebody familiar, It's me. I don't care if I die anyway, or get stuck in a fairytale alone with a prince of peace, But if you have heard of this word before then you are on the right track. Because it is me.

And it all began with one word. Glitch. But it did not start off with like a long, long time ago, no. Nor did it start off with a once upon a time either. My name is Ariel Cameron, and this is my new first time ever sort of based on a true story.

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