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Have you ever told stories that were devastatingly hard? Well In this book Kaden Clark will tell you stories that are from the past. Warning some stories may be upsetting and some may be exciting. Ok?

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Her long dirty blonde hair flowing In the warm summer breeze made me like her even more than I previously did. I’d only saw her since the first day of high school. She had long dirty blonde hair that would shine a little when she was In the sun. And her gorgeous sky blue eyes sparkled when she was In the sun. That was the last day I saw her and she never talked to me.

Hey, there I’m Kaden. If you’re wondering I’m not your average teenage boy. I have many stories to tell you about Including the fun and the romantic ones. But I’m telling you about the first time I’d never met a girl In high school and only saw her once. All I ever knew was that her name was Paige and she was popular very popular.

I had many friends and was well liked back then. After Paige left things went pitch black for me and my feelings went blurred. She left and never came back. I heard that she traveled the world or something bad happened to her. But why she left you’re probably asking? I have no freaking clue why.

When I saw Paige sitting on a rock at the beach In the summer time she was wearing shorts and a bikini top. The waves were crashing on the shore and people were running In and out of the water while trying to have fun.And I was with having my fun with my friends and we were trying to enjoy the last day of summer break. My Senior year was all I could possibly think of since It’s the last year until I go to college.

I have really thought about my future. When I'm out of high school I'm planning on finding a girl to be with, graduate from college, hopefully, be married by 30, and to have kids by the time I am 35. If I find someone just like Paige was then I'd be really happy.

Anyways back to talking about Paige... she was absolutely perfect. When I was with my friends that summer they said she was more than pretty like hot. They had their eyes on her as much as I did. That day I did go up to her and talked to her. But after that, she never talked to me In the halls of my high school.

"Hey, Paige." I said walking up to where she was sitting on the big rocks. Her smile sparkles In the sun.

"Is It Kaden?" She asks while staring at her phone for notifications. Her iPhone 6s vibrated, she never paid attention while trying to talk to me.

"Yes, It Is Kaden. I figured you were lonely and needed someone to talk to since nobody Is here to talk to you, Paige."

"Thank you, Kaden. I really appreciate the offer but I'm absolutely fine. Go hang out with your friends they need you." She said chuckling a little before she got up and walked away from the rock she was sitting on.

Then that was the last time I talked to her. She passed Into oblivion. People kept telling me to get over her but I can't just get rid of my feelings for Paige. I finally found out really what happened to her. There were rumors that were extremely not true like she had skipped high school because of people bullying her.

Those rumors were not true. The real truth was hidden way deeper than expected. Paige ran away from home and days later someone kidnapped her weeks later someone found her dead. Her parents were devastated severely to the point where they could not walk out of their home and always have cameras pointed In their faces. Later after their daughter's death, they decided to move far away and grief In pain.

That was the story of Paige who was a girl I deeply liked and even had feelings for. Thank you guys for reading this story about Paige. She was absolutely pretty and perfect. She'll never be forgotten.

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