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The One and Only

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The Story revolves around a boy named Ethan who goes through a hard life during his young days until he was mysteriously given powers that no longer made his life miserable, making him superior to humanity. Everything felt good for Ethan until a tragic event happens that resulted in him being the One and Only human left in the entire universe. Now Ethan travels along the universe, going through more hardships and becomes something great by accomplishing things he never once thought would be possible in his life. Author Note: This was one of my very first concept stories and longest worked on one alongside MMRPHG. First time I am uploading on this platform.

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Chapter 1


Man… after taking one long trip into my memory and being able to contemplate everything that had happened from the beginning to the current time. My entire life is an absolute anomaly and the very essence of logic and reason would leave everyone’s soul upon finding out about my origins before I became the absolute strongest in the universe. Yeah, that’s fucking right. Argue all you want about my arrogant statement to all of those who know who I am already. But for the ones living in an ignorant bliss who do not know about this so-called strongest in the universe named Ethan. Trashy basic name for the strongest in the universe and as much as I wanted to change it to something cooler, I kept it for a reason but we will get to that later. Anyways, you’ve come to the right place for who better than to tell you about the story of a legend whose name will echo throughout every crack of the universe from the very man himself! And yeah, I know, it is understandable for those just hearing about me to not believe it since even I didn’t come to terms with it until now… at this very moment in the middle of writing this stunning and brave story. Just kidding, to be frank, it’s not the type of stunning and brave one would expect like the story of a stereotypical hero who clawed their way from humble nothingness and ambitiously rose to the top of justice. But there’s for sure still some of that bravery and courage sprinkles and all that other cringey hero bullshit. But damn, it feels weird remembering the old days of my life and comparing it to where I am now. I already stated this but shit makes absolutely no sense! Like who in the fuck allowed this to happen!? I mean, technically I made a lot of it happen but… still… it’s weird as hell. Okay, so you’re probably wondering why it’s weird and why logic and reason can’t comprehend it. The reason for that is due to the simple fact that I used to be an ugly-ass useless loser that was a waste of H2O and somehow ended up becoming the strongest in the universe. You’d think my future was guaranteed to be a certified failure at the beginning and yet the complete opposite happened a million times over.

Alright, that’s the super simplified tfldr (too fucking long didn’t read) version. I’ll stop with the pointless shit and get straight to detailed business. And yes, my language will in fact be that of an immature illiterate moron so don’t go expecting it to change throughout my humble story. I know whoever reads this has shit to do and I also have lots of it I cannot wait to attend. Stuff I haven’t done in a long ass time and I’m one hundred percent dying of thirst because of it (not literally by the way and no I won’t explain it if you don’t know the metaphor). If you haven’t given up to this point and I managed to intrigue you enough to continue then join me in starting this off back when I was a young creepy introverted loser kid in his school years. Why creepy? Well, my genes were programmed to immediately be obsessed and love the female body, and think about degenerate shit. Not all the females but also not only just the hot ones. To put it in simple terms, even the females who were scoring in-between from low and high on my rating I’d still be a weirdo panting like some excited dog sexualizing them in my imagination. It was quite apparent I was one horny bastard very young. A perfect example of how young I found out I had an unhealthy amorous mentality would be back in my early pre-school time when there was some young teacher assistant who was a smoking hot beauty. Unfortunately, that assistant was leaving the job and was saying goodbye to all the kids with a group hug. Everyone hugged her from the front leaving her behind open. And I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this but my horny little creepy dumbass just saw that nice booty in jeans and embraced it like a soft comfy pillow. You best fucking believe my tiny disgusting hands squeezed it. Thankfully, I was still at an age where I was considered to be an innocent bb who doesn’t know any better about hugging a woman’s ass that was bigger than my entire upper body. So, naturally, the assistant and teacher thought nothing serious of it and just laughed. I was also fortunate puberty only happened about seven or something years later or I would have ended up in quite the awkward sticky situation.

Hats off to the lucky bastard who got to fully embrace that teacher’s assistant. Moving on, despite being born a true man of culture it was unfortunate I ended up being a shitty one who couldn’t for the life of him figure out how to engage females. It also didn’t help I looked like your stereotypical loser with unattractive features like round cheeks and a belly. Wouldn’t say I was obviously fat but… let’s just say even I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror having some resemblance to that short eyeball thing from a certain monster movie. Slight roundish body with skinny ass arms and legs with a dash of disgusting acne and pimples to top it off. While a unique funny or outgoing personality could have still carried me just outside Mount Olympus nothing of the sort existed at all and I was pure bland silence when it came to socializing. Females treated me like it was a chore to converse with an ugly loser and I didn’t blame them. No one to blame but my lazy ass who didn’t want to turn things around by hitting the gym and eating healthy. And as with all emotionally driven unequal social constructs, there were naturally those who were born with them sweet vigorous juicy genes which allowed them to be at the top rankings of society without needing to put as much effort early in their life and get all the bitches. These lucky cunts had the better physique which in turn allowed them to have a confident mentality. Because they got a good roll on the dice this resulted in what I(most) would call popular kids looking down on and bullying the shit out of me. Had to deal with it throughout my entire school life which was quite the fun experience… if I was a masochist. I’ll spare you the long details as it will be addressed more thoroughly as I go along throughout my journey but I’ll head straight to the day my life completely turned around in an unexpected worst to dreamful situation… and then to horrible.

I was in my tenth-grade high school arriving early for class after lunch had ended. Typical routine since I had no friends to linger a few more minutes before the bell rang so my only option for every school year was to head straight to class. My English teacher Mr. Phin had gone out of the class to speak with some other teacher before the tardy bell rang. A group of popular douches entered the class with their typical need of being the loudest and obnoxious to assert their popularity and let everyone know how lucky they were in the gene pool. At first, I thought I was lucky they ignored my loner ass in the corner since they usually sit with me to make my class experience more miserable and would call me “Girly girl” because I had my hair a bit long or “Shit stain” because I ended up letting a big fart rip when those douches were tossing me around and for once I wanted to resist but it ended up being a mistake as the fart came out after trying to exert lots of physical strength in an instant. Anyways, the reason those scumbags ignored me was because they did something mischievous and stole the teacher’s wallet who left it right in the middle of his desk. I glanced around the class and noticed no one else saw them steal it except for me. It was fucked up and both my mind and heart told me I needed to speak up but as an antisocial loser there was no fucking way I would be able to accomplish something so difficult like starting a conversation, especially in front of many people about something serious. The fucking horror my god! Even then I’d just open myself up to getting my ass beat after school by them. These mature adults and teachers sure loved to spew this garbage about speaking up like it was simple when they aren’t the ones being escorted to a deserted corner or alley after school by a group of turds.

Either way, it didn’t matter what choice to pick since both turned out to be bad once Mr. Phin returned to his desk and noticed his wallet was gone. Mr. Phin was not having that bull crap and went straight to the point accusing someone from his class. “Everyone! Listen up!” Mr. Phin loudly exclaimed and got everyone’s sudden silent attention “Whoever took my wallet please return it to me immediately! Don’t make me waste time calling the dean here to check everyone’s belongings and make things worse for you!” Mr. Phin made sure his words were crystal clear to the scumbags that took his wallet. The class remained silent giving clueless glances at each other not knowing what Mr. Phin was going on about including the culprits who pretended not to know.

Mr. Phin had no patience with quite the pissed-off expression like another layer of shit entered his shitty day “Okay, I’m calling the dean over here. Since no one is speaking up I’ll also give everyone detention just because someone thought it would be a smart idea to take something that didn’t belong to them!” Mr. Phin walked over to the school phone while everyone in the class got upset, they would get detention because of some idiot and at that moment I was about to speak up after being told I’d get punished over something those pricks did. However, before I knew it someone jumped the gun named Alex with spiky hair being one of the popular douches among the group that stole it and spoke up first “Wait!” Alex shouted and stood up from his chair. “Was it you?” Mr. Phin turned and asked with his hand near the school phone. “No, but I saw who did it,” Alex claimed and then pointed his motherfucking finger straight toward me. “It was Ethan!” Alex accused me with such a disgusting fake confidence in his expression and words.

I was completely speechless unable to comprehend those outrageous words that were spoken. As an antisocial loser, I was put in the most uncomfortable situation as all the eyes in the classroom were fixated on me in an instant. Those stares felt like fucking bullets piercing through my introverted soul dealing big emotional and mental damage. “Ethan, did you take my wallet!?” Mr. Phin walked over and asked me with a threatening expression slamming his palm onto the desk where I sat. “N-No- “Before I could properly answer and explain another douchebag named Chris interrupted “He did it! I saw him do it!” Chris with his obvious try-hard clothing trying to look like a rich rapper loudly spoke out. “I saw him too! Didn’t want to rat him out but after hearing we’d get detention because of his dumbass? Shit… got me fucked up!” The third one named Mike added. He was a tall fatty which that was all he had going for him to be popular, being a giant. “Hey! No cussing!” Mr. Phin told Mike but not as harshly since he was more fixated on me and his wallet.

I tried to refute “I-It wasn’t mme! Iit wsa ttehmm!” but my words fumbled around since I barely ever talked loud and fast in such a tense serious situation. Shit made me look like a complete weirdo loser. My heart was racing so fast and my body temperature rose to the point where I felt like my face was flushed with red of pure first-hand embarrassment and panic. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t have some kind of panic attack. “Dude, we saw you take it! Stop trying to lie retard!” The last popular bitch named Carl added. This motherfucker was the most popular being the luckiest to have been born with good looks, manner of speaking, and physique being nearly just as tall and big as Mike but wasn’t fat. Many in the school and heck even outside of school were warry of ever daring to speak against let alone physically confront him. Then again, Carl was the type to resort to physical confrontation if he would lose verbally.

Those fuckers gave me death stares and when Mr. Phin wasn’t looking Carl raised his index finger near his mouth indicating to not snitch and soon after used his thumb to do a crossing motion on his neck. Insinuating that they would fuck me up if I told the truth. I didn’t want to get beat up so I decided to stay quiet and the only answer I gave to Mr. Phin’s aggressive interrogation was only that I didn’t take it. The dean came around and checked my backpack putting all my stuff on the table where I sat letting everyone see my shit. They even did a physical check just to make sure I wasn’t trying to be sneaky about it and found nothing. I was hoping since they found nothing, they would come to the logical conclusion that I wasn’t the one who took it. After all, unless the wallet grew legs and noped the fuck out by itself. It should have been obvious the rest of the class needed to have been checked. But my luck just like my life at the time was trash.

The stupid fucking retarded teacher and dean still pinned the blame on me without checking anyone else. I was taken to the dean’s office where my parents were called up about the situation and I was given detention for the rest of my school year for something I didn’t do. That wasn’t the only punishment either as after school Carl and his other gang of gay assholes still took me somewhere quiet and bullied me around pushing, shoving, and pulling my hair. They didn’t do any facial punching since they didn’t want to risk potentially exposing themselves to being the culprits and only went for the stomach and socked me in the arms. Shit fucking hurt and after that there was still more shit to come because the imaginary manifestation of life in my mind said “HA! You thought I’ll finally turn things around for you?! Here, hold more of my shit and continue walking down this road full of hardships! Oh! And try not to decide to jump off the road! AHAHAHA!”. Once I got home after getting bullied my parents gave me a long earful and they also gave me their short physical punishment of slaps and smacks on the head. My parents hadn’t been happy with me since middle school because despite being a loser shut in only ever playing games and watching nerdy shit. I wasn’t the smart type as my grades were nothing but Cs, Ds, and Fs. Was doing nothing with my life and my parents had started to grow sick of me not making an attempt at something promising for my future. They didn’t believe in their son about the wallet resulting in my video games and internet getting taken away for a whole year. The two only things at the time that ever brought me true happiness and kept my sanity balanced enough to disregard all the bullshit. Of course, now I can say if I had actually studied and just toughed out all the bullying. Then in ten years, I would have been the one to win in the end. But as a young teen before the internet truly blew up a lot of my mental energy went into how I could get past the school day and return home to relax my brain with some video games.

That was one of the lowest points in my life and I entered a deep dark mental place. One where I’m sure all those suicides, school shooters, mass murderers, and crazy people overall most likely ended up. I went to my room to shut myself in and straight up just leaned back on the door and slowly fell to the floor. My eyes teared up knowing things would only get shittier and I wanted to end everything. As much as I enlightened the idea of shooting up my school or something along the lines of taking something down with me. I was ultimately too much of a coward to ever go along with doing something terrible. Heck, I was too much of a pussy that I couldn’t even commit one percent to the thought of killing myself. Perhaps I was a masochist after all if I kept living a life with a bright future of pure pain.

And so, I continued with my loser life welcoming the suffering for who knows how long it would last at the time. Going to school and deal with shit, after-school detention shit, and then returning home to deal with shit. Shit everywhere, until, one day as I walked home from school eager to at the very least have one good thing in my life at the time. Which was masturbating to the hot girls from school I’ll never have a chance with. Anyways, I spotted a group of douchey-looking popular kids taking up an entire sidewalk like they owned it. I saw them from a distance and sighed since knowing my luck there was a high chance those fucktards would add extra shit onto my huge pile. I took a right turn to go all the way around the block but there was a shortcut alleyway. It was a bit dark since daytime was slowly ending and the night was beginning to settle.

“Fuck it, surely nothing will happen to someone who’s somehow the primary target for shitty things to happen. Right?” I thought to myself and began walking through the alley. I also considered it a good opportunity to confirm once and for all that my life was destined to be nothing but suffering.

It was on that day when something even more unexpected happened. The time when everything changed temporarily for the best. A bum who was hiding behind a dumpster suddenly popped out and rushed toward me with a knife. He closed the distance quickly and before I could try to defend myself the bum stabbed me in the stomach. “AGGHH!” I uttered and felt immense pain and my body froze. The bum then removed it and stabbed me another time on the right side of my neck to keep me quiet. I fell straight to the ground struggling to breathe as the pain was something I never felt before “Uuuhhaaa…Uuuuhhh…” I uttered trying to scream from the painful stab wounds. While I was dying the bum searched my pockets and my backpack. “Fuck!” The bum angrily shouted as the only thing I had of value was my life savings of two dollars. That bum quickly left and took my measly two bucks with him leaving me in that alleyway to die.

Surprisingly, the pain faded away as I blankly stared at the stars accepting the fact that I was killed for two dollars. Honestly, I felt like I ripped that bum off as the knife that was stuck in my neck was worth more than my life. Nothing memorable about my life surfaced and there was zero reason for me to try staying alive until help arrived. I wasn’t going to miss anything other than wishing I could have at least lost my virginity. “Aahh… if I knew I was going to die I would have just raped one of the hot girls from school… never mind… if I did that then I wouldn’t have ripped off that bum and I’d be in jail… ah whale… hope I could lose it in hell or whatever shitty afterlife I end up on…” Those were my last thoughts as my eyes were giving out but the last thing I saw was one of the stars in the sky grow brighter and seemingly like it was getting closer to me. It was oddly strange how fast it grew but everything went blank before I could see anything more and at that point, I assumed I was dead.

But since I’m writing this and you’re still reading it then my death was postponed. Rather than dying I somehow woke up on my bed the next morning. “… The fuck!?” I was confused since I wasn’t one to think getting stabbed was a dream or anything like that. And it would have made more sense to wake up in a hospital bed. Yet, I was in my room hearing the same birds and commotion of adults and kids beginning another day of partaking in society. “What the hell happened!? Why am I here!?” I quickly touched the right side of my neck and glanced at my stomach but no knife wounds were present. “… This is… weird… UGHM!” My body out of nowhere began to hurt like fucking hell and I had some serious nausea. I didn’t hesitate to rush straight to the bathroom and it felt like I was throwing up my entire internal organs for a good minute. Honestly, I was afraid that was actually happening. “Are you okay in there?” My mom named Mila asked while knocking on the door.

After that horrible minute of torture, my body returned to normal like I wasn’t dying horribly seconds ago from some insane virus or whatever it was. What made it weirder was that I had this strange burst of vitality blasted onto my body. Normally, I’d wake up grumpy as hell and still missing my bed but everything was crystal clear and fresh like I had the best quality sleep I ever had. “Man… what in the fuck- “Before I could finish, I saw the sides of the toilet where my hands were gripping be destroyed “-is happening…”. I then reached my hand over to the sink to help myself up on my feet only to then witness for myself that upon resting my hand over the sink and applying normal pressure the thing easily broke down. “Hey! What are you doing in there!? Don’t tell me you’re breaking stuff!” My mom yelled from the other side of the door hearing something shattering. I found it weird that my mom was not asking something else and acted normal however I arrived home after being stabbed didn’t happen. It made me wonder what exactly happened after I passed out.

While my mom kept angrily banging and yelling through the door, I was in a weird state of being confusingly understanding of the situation. I wasn’t one to question too much about a certain phenomenon since with enough personal eyewitness proof on the table then I would believe it immediately. And what I understood was that my loser oxygen-stealing life from then on would change into something I could only ever have dreamed and wished of happening. The power to do whatever the fuck I wanted!

Well, I first played it safe and made sure I had an almighty powa before I went full degen mode because my parents punished me for breaking the toilet seat and sink. I went around vandalizing shit like breaking sturdy solids from fences and walls. Bending tough metal with my bare hands and I even went so far as to confirm my sturdiness by doing a seppuku with a kitchen knife from my home. At first, I was too pussy to even dare do it right on my stomach so I first tried it on my left leg. The result was the knife ricocheting off my leg with such force that the knife broke free from the handle to who knows where. My leg was completely fine and I didn’t even feel a sting. At that point, it was official in my mind that I had become an absolute fucking god on earth. I had no clue who in their right mind would give me of all people such a thing and why but at the time I did not think too much of it since my ecstatic malicious smile was eager to selfishly take advantage of it.

But I still patiently waited for another day doing more extreme tests which passed with flying colors. Once I was one hundred percent confident that power was real you best believe the first thing I did was get back at those popular cunts who bullied me for the longest time. I skipped my detention and for once in my life I waited around after school instead of going straight home. Once I spotted my targets, I followed them from a distance secretly. I restrained myself from acting too soon since watching them pissed me off continuing to be obnoxious sluts in public who can’t help themselves showing off how lucky they were being born with the best build in the game. Anyways, eventually, they stopped at an empty parking lot near some shady-looking liquor store. They even had attractive girls hanging out with them and I knew one of them since they were in my math class… that and she was hot and I always stared at her nice ass with every opportunity that presented itself. But my focus that day was to pay everything those fuckers did to me back in full with one billion percent interest on top.

“HEY! FAGBAGS!” I yelled out loud enough to immediately get their attention and naturally, the moment they saw it was me being ballsy enough to call them fagbags they took a huge offense to it. “Is this little bitch for real!?” Carl and his scumbag friends walked over menacingly toward me. “The fuck you calling a fagbag, huh!?” Carl once reaching physical contact distance used a lot of force to try shoving me.

Won’t lie, I began to regret provoking them and hoped my superpower didn’t randomly just go away at the critical moment I needed it. Luckily, that shove barely had any effect on me as I didn’t feel a thing. Meanwhile, Carl shook his hands in pain since to him it felt like he tried shoving a brick wall with all his force. “This guy, calls us fagbags when he’s the one who can’t even talk to girls! HAHA!” Chris said while Carl did his best to pretend not to be in pain after failing to shove me back. “Fucking girly girl here probably wants us to fuck him up!” Mike cracked his fingers trying to scare me since the sick fuck had a thing about people being afraid and begging him not to do something.

Alex stood back with a girl being all touchy letting his douche friends handle it. And I had the stupidest smirk on my face seeing them continue playing that whole popular tough guy act. Many pleasing ideas overloaded my mind and I couldn’t think of what to do first until Carl was the first to try swinging at my face. That swing looked so slow in my perception and I simply gave that right fist a smack with my palm. “AAAHHH! FUUCCKK!” After receiving a mere smack, the force was enough to make Carl’s fist redirect him to the left and punched the ground. “AAAAHHHH! AAAHHH!” Carl screamed in pain as he wailed around revealing that right fist utterly broken after hitting and scraping through the concrete with the help of my smack having given it lots of extra velocity. The thing flapped around still hanging on from the skin alone with blood splattering everywhere. “HA! Fucking pathetic!” I yelled out as the rest including Alex immediately jumped me with serious intent to murder me. “AAHH! OH MY GOD!” One of the girls screamed in horror after seeing Carl’s serious injury. “W-What the hell…” The other girls were also creeped out and started to back away getting ready to run.

“Fucking bitch!” Mike tried to use both of his massive hands to grab hold of me in some clinch position. But I caught both of his wrists and slowly crushed them and I was even able to hear the bone and shit breaking. “GGAAHHH! AAAAAHHH!” Mike’s confidence which only came from being tall and big revealed that he was nothing but a tall and big pussy who was unable to break free. Surprisingly despite such agonizing pain, Mike tried kicking me in the balls but too bad for him my balls also became indestructible. Chris tried helping by punching my face while I held Mike but he only succeeded in hurting himself as I was able to sense on my cheek Chris’s knuckles shatter, he truly put everything he had into that punch. “AGH! AAAGHHH! My fucking hand!” Chris walked back in pain holding his broken left hand. “The fuck you guys doing!? Fuck him up already!” Alex was still being a naive moron who could not tell they were never going to bully me ever again.

I tossed Mike straight towards Alex who was bigger than me like a marble. They clashed hard enough to make Alex’s feet leave the ground some inches after the collision and fell flat to the ground grunting in pain. As I saw the once pieces of shits that were always full of themselves grovel on the floor right before me it brought the utmost joy I ever had in my entire life at the time. “AAAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHA! Look at you fagbags! Who’s the pussy bitch now! Tell me! Who’s the shitstain girly girl now!” I walked over to a bloodied-nosed Alex and stomped his right foot. The force was enough to crush the bone and Alex screamed and cried loudly. “Someone! Help!” The few girls who still lingered ran away horrified seeking help which pissed me off that they would do such a thing for those pieces of shits spoiled with top-tier genes. “F-Fucking… Shitstain! I swear…I’ll fucking get you for this!” Carl stared at me with lots of resentment like what I did to him was unforgivable and unwanted.

Seeing that type of expression and how angry Carl was towards me made all my nerves explode. “Are… you… fucking… KIDDING ME!?” I grabbed Carl by his mouth and forcefully lifted him off the ground. The force of my hand slowly crushed away his entire jaw with blood, spit, and even pieces of his tooth spewing out. “NO! You don’t have the fucking RIGHT to get angry or feel like you should get revenge after everything you stupid motherfuckers did to me!” I threw Carl away so hard that he landed on the concrete floor and kept rolling a bit of distance until he hit a curb with the back of his head.

Shit looked like it killed Carl but I couldn’t confirm it since people started to come around checking what all the commotion was about and I fled the scene before anyone got a good look at me. Of course, that was a pointless dumb thing to do and it didn’t take long for police to eventually be told some degenerate loser named Ethan broke some noses, bones, and gave a serious brain injury to some popular douchebags who I later found out ended up in a comma. I also found it hilarious those fuckers snitched on me when a common motto for those popular people is how snitching isn’t cool. Anyways, the cops rolled up about one hour later to my home with quite the numbers like they were going to invade some secret terrorist group or crack house. But I guess it was the natural response since four popular kids with top-tier physiques got their asses beat by a supposed low-tier garbage spec human. I tried to hide my power and did my best to suppress it which I could have easily manhandled all those cops.

Hiding my power didn’t last long because my parents while I was being forcefully taken away outside were yelling at me. My mother was in utter disbelief crying saying “First you steal and now this!?” then my dad rushed in smacking me behind the head in which if I wasn’t physically strong that smack had so much force with the intent to inflict possible permanent damage to my brain. It was supposed to feel nothing but to my surprise, it did in fact hurt… not physically but mentally. I’m going to seem like a complete tool from here on out but I must remind you I was a retarded teenager given godly power at the time. Now I am somewhat of a mature adult… still retarded though. Anyways, I was hella mad when my parents gave me shit and I decided to expose myself to everyone there witnessing my arrest. I easily ripped off those handcuffs like paper. The cops were surprised but their trained response was to immediately apprehend me but their efforts were futile as I cosplayed as an unmovable and indestructible brick wall taking on their tackles. One of them charged in too hard giving themselves a concussion which was funny when I remembered it. Meanwhile, one took out a taser but to a brick wall that taser did absolutely nothing.

“You know fucking what!?” I yelled out and turned towards my mom and dad who were completely speechless seeing me effortlessly disregard cops who were taller and bigger than me. “I am done! Fuck everything about this… shit!” While I was ranting another cop pulled their gun out seeing four cops unable to do anything. And they began to think I was about to do something crazy. “You no longer need to feel like you’re obligated to feed a failure anymore! You’ll never see me ever again!” Before the cop could even start to fire his gun, I jumped in a random direction without holding much back and ended up crash-landing in an Asian country.

I for sure ended up killing people with that jump alone but I kept chugging along angrily jumping around until I returned to my home country. I was about one thousand miles away from my home and calmed my jumping because I kept crash landing onto populated areas. Had no doubts I injured and killed people in the middle of all that mindless jumping. But the worry of being brought to justice to pay for my crimes was nonexistent since I was able to travel large distances with such force and crash through rough surfaces without a single scratch. At that point, I was quite confident I could even survive a military rocket. Was hesitant to test it out but that still didn’t stop me from then on from not giving a flying fuck about anyone’s opinion and went around abusing my power.

Well, I did abuse it to some extent but not fully because there was this lingering fear that whoever or whatever gave me power could potentially snatch it away from me if I was too much of a naughty boy. So, I played it safe with the assumption a higher existence was keeping its eye on me and mostly just… lived a life without any of the worries your typical everyday human has had for hundreds of years. Yeah, I know. I also expected a degenerate horny virgin loser like myself to immediately go around having sex with women whom I could only have ever dreamed of even touching a mere hair strand. Yet, I never pulled the trigger to go that far even when I did have the clear surefire straight up open wide insert here consent. My virginity which before I had my powers was something worthless to me that I wanted to get rid of to the first vagina that was willing to take it from me. But then after getting my powers and exposing them to the entire world I suddenly valued my virginity as a priceless treasure. I did end up regretting it later but we will get to that soon.

So, I just lived worry-free traveling around wherever the hell I wanted and despite being fully capable of robbing I still chose to partake in working a job. But it was super simple jobs where I offered to do something that would normally take hours and days to finish with powerful machines but I accomplished them within a few minutes. In exchange, I got a big fat paycheck that would last for like three or so months. Other than that, I would randomly show up to heavily guarded places like the white house and throw in an “Aye Lmao! Watsa happenin here!?”. Sometimes I would also partake in crime-stopping but received harsh criticism for inflicting my punishment on some of them. Like three robbers assaulted some poor forty-year-old gas station worker and I stepped in dragging those dudes outside and gave them a merciless beating. The public naturally didn’t like how I was brutally beating them up and they spoke out against me. “You’re going too far! You don’t need to hurt them to that extent!” Some average-looking lady yelled out to me followed by another “Yeah! Just apprehend them and hand them over to the authorities!” A mid-twenty-looking dude said and everyone agreed with them. “Ha! Hand them over to the police? They’ll most likely just throw them in the gutter for like… three years and then go back to being pieces of shits! At least with this, they won’t even be able to return to being scumbags for another five years!” I yelled back to the crowd which grew as more gathered around. “You’re despicable! There are children watching this!” Some elderly woman told me. “Good! That’ll teach them not to do stupid shit and risk me catching them!” I replied. “What a shame! Someone like you can do so much good in the world… how disappointing!” Some other middle-aged man said and everyone agreed with him. They kept going on and on about morals and doing the right thing and being a role model for good which I did not care a single bit. “Shit, alright. Fine!” I shouted out which made the raging mob suddenly go silent when I said that thinking I was coming around as I reached down my pocket. They were all looking at me confusingly and waiting in anticipation of what I was going to do next. I took out my wallet and opened it, giving it a good inspection of the contents inside. “Well shit, would you look at that! I’m all out of fucks to give! AHAHAHA!” I laughed away as they raged harder but couldn’t do a single fucking thing to me.

Another thing I remembered clearly was one day I laid on the beach relaxing and it had been about one year since I exposed my powers to the world. Some ten out of ten hot brunette woman in their mid-twenties with a bod many would succumb to doing anything just to get a chance in dating her approached me. That brunette made it obvious that she knew just how much that sexy body of hers was worth and it showed in her conceited expression that she has been having her way with so many things in life because of it. To be fair, if it was the old loser me with no power, I’d be just like every other pathetic male simping for that hot bitch naively thinking I would ever have a chance so long I threw enough money and slave time to her.

“Hey, you’re Ethan, right?” The hot brunette asked with the utmost feminine of tones that would tickle any horny man’s ear. “Yeah, wasup?” I replied doing my best to act indifferent which was difficult as the force of gravity coming from her tits was formidable. “You’re a lot more handsome in person. Mind if I sit next to you?” The hot brunette kindly and blushingly asked trying to get something started but I was too lazy to go with the flow and went straight to it. “You’re not doing bad yourself, say, want to make a deal?” I stood up from the sand and got a good look at her which nearly enticed me to throw away the value of my virginity but I remained strong. “D-Deal? What do you mean?” The hot brunette acted all innocent like she had no idea where I was trying to go. “Yeah, it’s a simple deal. We’ll go somewhere private and if you let me do whatever I want. Then I’ll do whatever you want.” I went straight for what the woman planned from the start to do. Although I’m sure she intended that process to take longer. “Whatever… I want?” The hot brunette still pretended to be confused but I could tell behind that slimy mask she thought it was going all according to plan just like every other man she has used. “Will you truly do anything… for me?” She wanted to confirm and seal the deal but at that point, I dropped my act.

“HA! NO! You really fucking thought I’d actually do anything for you just to get some sex!? AHAHAHA!” I laughed away pissing her off and she also dropped that whole innocent act. “Disgusting creep!” The hot brunette angrily insulted me and turned to walk away fuming. “HAHA! Mad because you couldn’t manipulate someone!?” I asked laughing and checked out that fine ass. “EW! Don’t talk to me!” The hot brunette yelled back without looking resorting to her superior physique to seem like she was above me. “Hell fucking naw! Should have stayed quiet dumb bitch!” I refused to let that bitch still dare give me that superiority in society type shit. I forcefully grabbed her by the right hand and held back a lot otherwise I would have easily crushed that arm and although I wouldn’t have felt bad. That would be too boring and typical of a punishment. “It’s about time someone put your dumbass in your fucking place!” I told the bitch who struggled to even force my hand that held her arm to move a single inch.

“Let go of me! You fucking creep!” The hot brunette tried kicking me in the balls but of course, it was utterly ineffective. “S-STOP! SOMEONE!” The bitch pleaded for help as I casually groped those nice tits and ass and eventually ripped that bikini right off. Many rushed to the aid of a helpless woman but the moment they all saw who was molesting her. All the toughest of dudes halted their steps and just glared at me with disgust. They all spewed the same pointless moral garbage about my horrible actions. “HA! Do something then! Go ahead! I can rape this bitch and you all can’t do fucking shit but watch! I can fuck her! Her! And her! Stupid bitches! HA! I heard one stupid ass threatening they’ll get an entire army on me! HAHA! Do you stupid sluts think they’d risk going to war with me just because I molested these egotistical bitches!? Fuck out of here!” I shouted all high and mighty having zero worry such a thing would happen.

The people did attempt to force the hand of powerful world leaders but the reality is they knew fighting me would be impossible. Because I was a human-sized being with the power to fight an entire army. Thus, they would have needed to fight me within civilian territory. Another problem was the fact that only the power of a nuke could have potentially killed me so trying to set up a special zone on the fly and evacuate people on time to nuke the shit out of me was impossible. And so, world leaders had their hands tied until they could think or invent something that could kill a degenerate with god-like powers. Since the government remained neutral the people took it upon themselves to make my life as difficult as possible by not tending to me when it came to me buying food or just anything in general to go about my life. But my simple answer to that was just to forcefully take it and then leave behind the money.

Although there was a time when they were willing to go an entire day without certain gaming services because a big new game was coming out and although I didn’t give away that I was excited to play it. They did it anyways just for the off chance that they could piss me off which worked. But I wasn’t like that forever though, eventually, I stopped being an absolute dick bag which lasted about three years since exposing my power. After those douche days, I relaxed for an entire year but the people were still malding that I existed. They were afraid that one day I’ll do something utterly terrible like go on a mass killing spree or take over the entire world. I attempted to calm their worries by going on a popular interview show with a woman named Helen something. Never watched her shit or anything and was a long time ago so I forgot the full name.

“Why do you not use your power for good? You can do so much for humanity and become loved by all. Yet, you don’t do any of those things. Why?” Helen asked a bit hesitantly despite me reassuring them I wouldn’t enact any violence to her or the entire studio if they pushed the wrong buttons. “I mean, I am going around helping when I’m there. But if you’re asking why I don’t do it as like my main gig then the simple answer is because I’m too lazy. I’d rather just do the bare minimum and spend my entire life relaxing.” I answered and looked at one of the cameras directly. “So, for all of you still going around making a ruckus about me existing or being scared that I’ll suddenly decide to become evil one day. Look, I’d rather just lay on a couch and play games all fucking day. I know I was a piece of shit in the past but I’m basically over it and just wanna chill.” I said and Helen followed up quickly with another question. “Do you expect us to believe your words? You have such a tempting power to do anything. While one can accept you don’t have those thoughts now but what about the future?” Helen asked and I knew she was trying to lead me into accepting in doing something just to prove I won’t turn evil. “Well, here’s the thing. Taking over the world… do you know how much of a pain in the ass that would be for me? To make sure billions of people live the way I want them to live? I’d rather just leave all that complicated crap to the current government leaders. As for becoming true evil and annihilating people just for the fuck of it. Again, I don’t see how that shit would benefit me. Do you all expect me to cook food? Make video games? Who’s going to keep the internet running? Shit is fucking stupid; I’d just screw myself doing that.” I stood up because at that point I was getting bored and wanted to go home and sleep. “I’m calling it quits here, don’t care if you believe my words or not. If you want to keep wasting your life protesting and being scared of me when I’m not doing shitty things anymore. Then… well… I don’t know what to tell you. I’m just going to keep living my worry-free life. Later!”

I left the studio and although they wanted to keep asking questions, I was bored but in reality, they were getting to the topics about my parents which I didn’t want to answer. You’re probably wondering what happened to them after I exposed my powers. Well, I kept my word that I would never see them again, however, at the same time I did feel bad just straight up leaving them on their own since I knew they’d succumb to harassment or worse because of me. So, I cut a deal with the government to do something big for them like invade certain enemy countries and gather sensitive information. In exchange I wanted them to protect my parents and I told them to give a bullshit excuse as to why they would receive protection because I didn’t want them to know it happened because of me. Even though I was not fond of my parents I wasn’t that much of a heartless human to let them die especially after they wasted sixteen years of their lives raising a loser doomed to fail at life if I hadn’t received powers.

I also wasn’t being too much of a lazy fuck just jerking off and gaming all day every day. Nah, I was worried my powers would weaken if I did not keep it in check so I had some training days where I’d just limit test up to a certain extent. Meaning I held back enough to make sure I would not cause any destruction nearby and shit. The thought of going all out was too risky since despite having power for years I was still unaware of just how much destruction I could genuinely cause if I exerted everything seriously. Surprisingly, a certain thought had never occurred to me until one night in the middle of some mountaintop before going to sleep after a long hard day of laziness. I randomly just had the feeling of gazing up at the sky and seeing all those countless stars and while I was no astrophysicist or know anything technical about space. I was fully aware from video games and random videos online that there were potentially countless galaxies. From what I heard somewhere every single physical thing on earth alone doesn’t even come close to making up just how many galaxies there are in the universe.

Those thoughts flowed through my mind and a sense of adventure began to kindle within my heart. Of course, despite having powers I was still too much of a pussy to ever even think about going to space or doing something super risky. Especially when there was no reason for me to risk my easy worry-free life. But on that day, I had no fear and truly wanted to find out about space. And so, without giving it any further thought I locked my eyes on the moon, and within three seconds. The next thing I knew I crashed hard onto a ceiling after jumping. As you can guess, how could I crash on a ceiling after jumping when I was outside on a mountaintop? That’s right, the ceiling ended up being the moon and I crash-landed right onto it causing quite a massive crater as countless rocks floated away.

“… I’m… not dying?” I thought to myself as I slowly stood up only seeing complete darkness. I expected to immediately feel pain or choke or however one would feel if a normal human exposed themselves to raw space. But for me, everything felt the same just like how I would be on earth. “Whoa, I can survive space! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Does that mean… I can even… “I glanced around having ideas about exploring the neighboring planets or even other galaxies. “… Nah, what if I end up stranded in space stuck floating… forever? With no games or sexy women? Fuck that… I’ll just settle with knowing I can survive space.” I came back to my conservative senses and quickly returned to my worry-free life.

When I came back to my senses, I heavily regretted pulling something super risky. And wondered why in the fuck I didn’t at least lose my virginity first. But alas I didn’t beat myself too much and was relieved that nothing devastating happened. Unfortunately, as much as I thought I was one hundred percent going to settle for an easy life for the rest of my days on Earth. Those trouble-free days ended up coming to an end in the absolute worst possible way.

I remembered it all too well when my worry-free life reached its unfortunate horrible end. It came abruptly without any explanation and I was just left there for the longest time with zero fucking answers as to why it happened in the first place and to me of all people. That shit dealt a heavy blow to my mentality and I was beyond livid. Everything went to shit when I was doing my training in the desert just minding my own business until something utterly chilling crawled throughout my entire spine. It was a sensation that I have felt before when something utterly unexpected happens that scares you to the point where you feel like you’re going to get into super serious trouble or get badly hurt or worse… die. That was something I had easily forgotten ever since I survived space and to have it happen randomly when I was in the desert shocked me.

“W-Why? Why… am I… feeling like this?” I was confused as I felt pale nearly vomiting and wondered if I was sick or something. However, the answer revealed itself as I slowly realized that sensation strangely came from behind me almost like something was shooting that strange feeling directly at me. I turned around and to my surprise, a person was there standing quite some distance away but not far enough to where I couldn’t discern what they looked like. “… A woman? The fuck?” I became more confused since the woman leisurely stood there wearing an odd set of clothing made from countless strings and many were just loosely sticking out looking like someone with zero experience in sowing tried making an outfit and gave up midway.

Her physique was well-toned and while her hair was messy, I could tell those genes were of the highest of tiers. Heck, at the time I even thought those genes were suspiciously way too good, and normally only the most perfect surgery and some expert photo editing skills could give her that kind of body and face. Yet, none of that was to be found for that woman since you can easily tell when someone had surgery in certain areas but she looked very natural. Anyways, I was both confused and upset since the moment I stared at her I knew that sensation was coming from her. And my instincts kept kicking in to run away and not to fuck with it like how a normal human would not fuck around with a wild lion. However, I refused to back down since not even explosions could hurt me or even raw space.

“Hey!” I yelled out to the unknown woman. “You better fucking tell me who you are right fucking now! Otherwise! I’m going to do the most fucked up disgusting shit I can think of to make you talk!” I threatened her and waited for her to answer my question but all she did was just give me a sinister smile and that chill on my spine grew colder to the point where it could even shatter like a piece of ice. “Alright, dumb bitch! I fucking warned you!” I charged up my right leg and with a single step I jumped straight ahead.

I trained that movement which was like a dash similar to what I have seen in games and action movies with superpowers. My entire body felt like it was going against my will and wanted to do the opposite of charging head-first towards that woman. I still foolishly committed especially because there was no fucking way I would run away from a woman. Despite my fast speed reaching her within seconds that bitch did not move a single inch and still gave me such a creepy disturbing smile. Even a degenerate weirdo like me was creeped out despite her attractive physique. “Let’s see if you’re still smiling once I violate the shit out of you!” I angrily thought and upon being fully prepared to officially become a certified woman beater and rapist on that day. Neither of those things ended up happening and instead, it was I who got absolutely wrecked.

My right fist which I was holding back to not blow her head off was sidestepped with such ease and in an instant, I felt a very tight grip grab my wrist. “Ugh! AAHH!” Ever since I got my powers pain was something that no longer existed until that day. And what surprised me more was the fact that it was the woman’s hand holding onto my wrist. That bitch still smiled at me as her entire posture seemed so calm and unfazed towards my struggling. “AAAHHH!” I no longer held back and tried contesting her grip but the shit was too goddamn sturdy. I even tested many times in bending the strongest of things I could possibly find on earth and even those things were no match for my power. Yet, that fucking bitch’s hand was tougher than my power.

Seeing that I couldn’t free myself and the amount of pain flowing through my wrist truly hurt. I decided to try attacking her but with such sudden movements, she twisted my wrist and arm to the point where I was utterly helpless in reaching her with a punch or kick. Shit hurt as my entire right arm felt like it would break at any moment. “UURGH! You… gave me the power!?” I asked since at that point I figured there was no way a woman like her could keep a man restrained especially when that man had super physical powers. The bitch ignored my question and just kept smiling holding my wrist. That shit angered me and I tried many more times to overcome that wrist lock but with zero progress. Every time I attempted to fight back, she would just twist it insanely fast and the amount of pain that surged through my body forced my fighting spirit to give.

“God fucking dammit! Why!? What the fuck is the point of this!? To punish me for abusing my power!? At least fucking tell me who you are and what the fuck are you going to do!?” I yelled angrily unable to stand the fact that I was helpless against a woman. The bitch remained silent along with her smile which went from sinister looking to just annoying. “… Fucking bitch! I swear to fucking god once you let go of me. I will make fucking sure you will never fucking smile ever again!” After threatening her to my surprise she released my wrist by tossing me away. At first, I thought she actually got scared of my threat but the bitch didn’t move from her spot and still had that stupid smile. “AAHH!” I charged at her again but just like the first time I felt something powerful pass through my cheek from the left. “Ughn!” I stumbled to my right dazed and was utterly confused since I saw nothing happen. The woman just stood there in the same spot without having moved a single arm or leg.

After a few more other failed attempts I came to realize that the whole time the woman was hitting me but my eyes couldn’t even see it due to the speed. Shit felt like I was dealing with something invisible but in reality, the woman was just beating me around and my position was no different compared to when she held me in that wrist lock. The amount of frustration and anger reached a point where I just blindly kept charging and charging ignoring the pain until she once again pinned me in a wrist lock. “AAAHHH! FUCKING WHY!? Fuck sakes! Just tell me!” I yelled out but got the same result. However, something new happened as the woman’s smile went away and she looked up at the bland blue sky.

Seeing the woman look away distracted I used that opportunity to finally land something against that bitch. “HAGH! CHO!” I spitted right on her left foot in which she quickly turned back towards me. “HA! Stupid fucking bi- “Naturally, she didn’t take too kindly to that, and the next thing I knew. My entire body went through a whole new world of pain as a shit load of thin strings suddenly appeared piercing through my body. Those strings moved around deep inside and everything single inch of my body was in pain. “Uuhh…uuhh…” I couldn’t even speak as strings overflowed my mouth both giving me the sensation of choking and cutting inside. It was absolute hell. I would pick being bullied by Carl and his douche friends for the rest of my life over feeling that pain. I chose that option because I didn’t want to die since I was still a virgin but after only three seconds of choosing bullying, I added and picked a third option, death. The pain was just too much.

But as every single second passed of me wishing harder and harder to die it never came. I wondered why I was still alive but eventually after such horrible torture many of those strings started to be removed from my body. That shit hurt a lot more and I was able to move my head but only my head. The rest of my body was stuck with my arms hanging in the air seeming like they were chained but rather than chains it was countless strings. To my surprise, there was nothing solid holding those strings and they were just floating in midair holding me up. But I didn’t bother to think about such an abnormal thing and looked at the woman who wasn’t smiling. “P-Please… I’m sorry… for abusing my power… please. J-just let me live…” I began to cry like a bitch and heavily regretted challenging the woman and threatening her. “Please! I-I… I want to live! T-Take away… my… power… take it! J-Just… please! I beg you! Please!” I pleaded and begged offering to do anything but all I was met with was that same sinister smile revealing itself once again. But finally, it was not only just a smile and the woman walked towards me face to face with a few inches apart. She reached her right hand over gently touching my chin. “Watch closely as I kill everyone.” The woman told me and turned away.

“W-Wha…? What… the?” It took a while for me to comprehend such simple words. And once I did it was difficult for me to believe them. Yet, within only a matter of minutes, I was able to feel something powerful. A force that brushed along through my body in many different directions and it was also very loud with my eardrums nearly bursting. It wasn’t until something watery splashed at the top of my head that made me glance upwards to realize what was happening. What I witnessed was so bizarre and beyond what my brain could comprehend. Even my powers which could be placed into that category didn’t hold a candle to the nightmarish sight in the sky.

Within only a matter of about five to ten minutes. Human bodies were hanging high up in the sky by the same strings which bound my body. The amount of string and bodies pierced together was countless covering the entire sky and some of those people were still alive. Either screaming or groaning through the same pain I felt when numerous strings impaled and moved along through the body. Lots of blood flowed throughout the strings and so much dripped down from the sky that one could easily mistake it for heavy rain. “Lovely, isn’t it?” The woman reappeared to my left looking on at the sky proud of what she had done. She was truly evil as that expression had zero remorse towards killing who knows how many. “W-Why… why would you… kill your own…” I couldn’t understand anything as to what was going on. I fully expected to be punished for abusing my power but then I figured maybe that was my punishment. “They are not my kind. You have lots to learn, Ethan.” The woman coldly said which surprised me more once that first part settled in my mind. She walked off and numerous strings revolved around her and suddenly dispersed instantly, making the woman disappear.

I had no clue if she was gone or not but I was left hanging there unable to move as no matter how much force I exerted those strings did not budge a single inch. It also hurt like a bitch every time I tried pushing past my limits. “Fuck… where the hell… is the government? The army? Or someone?” I wondered after an hour had passed of just me hanging around and all those noises the people made died down. “H-HEY! Someone! Is someone out there!” I yelled out over and over for another hour but I was stranded in a silent rain covered in blood. Eventually, a new noise was heard and a light was piercing through the bodies but I was unable to discern what it was. It made a strange electric wavy noise which grew louder and louder with every second passing. “… Huh… it looks like that-“Before I could finish that thought. That light busted through the bodies and I was met with pure darkness.

Didn’t know what happened since that darkness wasn’t from going blind but it was the kind of going completely unconscious. Didn’t know for how long but I eventually woke back up to my miserable state of hanging around stuck by strings impaled throughout my body. “AAGGH! URGH!” It was painful the moment I woke up since I tried to make an instant movement.

The sight went from being a desert covered in blood to nothingness. Everything around me was just… gone. No sand, no dirt, it was all mostly ashes and black burnt remains of whatever was left. My entire body was covered in ashes and my clothing was long gone. I looked back up at the sky and only the strings remained but the bodies were gone. “… Hello!?” I yelled out but nothing. “HEY! SOMEONE!” I kept yelling but just like before no one responded. About three hours passed with no answers and it was then when my mind truly began to think of the worst possible conclusion. “… That… crazy… bitch. She actually… killed everyone…” Many thoughts ran through my mind and it felt shitty to think everyone except for me died. “No… it can’t be… come on! Someone must have survived! Like… in those apocalypse movies! There’s just no fucking way! Ha! AHAHA! Killing everyone… yea fucking right…” I went into denial for it was too unbelievable that I would be the last human being alive on earth. “Fuck… I just hope some hottie survived. Fucking dammit! Why did I stonk my virginity!? UGH! Fuck it all! If a hot girl… no… as long as she’s good enough for my taste buds. I’m going all fucking in! I could have died a fucking virgin! No! No more being reserved. I’m dumping this worthless asset!” I looked at the strings that held me down trying to figure out a way to break free. “AAAHHH! AAAAAAAAHHH!” I tried to force it but those fucking things would not budge a single inch. “FUCK OFF! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! AAAAAAHHH!” I did my utmost best to endure that torturous pain but no progress was made. “HHAAA! FUCK! PIECE OF SHIT STRING THINGS!”

Eventually, I conceded to the strings since all I accomplished was self-torture and every idea was shut down with zero results. My only option was to hope that someone would set me free.

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