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Hadika gestured to Zangi and Ravi in the corner. Zangi had flipped her safety apron around the wrong way, and stood on a chair, pretending to be a super hero. Tiana rolled her eyes. "Morons." After a small explosion in an experiment gone wrong, Coulson Higher Academy of Vocational Studies was keen to accept an offer from a tourist board to get rid of some of their worst behaved students. The trouble with that is their behavior outside of school is much worse than inside, so when they saw an escape... well wouldn't you have taken it? Now there's five badly behaved school girls, armed with a camera, a van, and no licence, loose in the English countryside. What could possibly go wrong?

Adventure / Humor
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Carlson Higher Academy of Vocational Studies accepts all kinds of girls from all kinds of cultures, religions and races. Most of them go unheard of throughout life. Some make a name for themselves within the school system and never amount to anything outside of school. Some somehow manage to claw their way to fame outside of the school. Everyone there have different thoughts and opinions on everything, like any normal school.
Unlike any normal school, however, every single student has two things in common.

1) They’re all female. (Unsurprising since this is an all girl’s school)

2) They all agree that this school is run by the most patronising sycophantic morons.

But there were six girls in their last year, who hated them more than anyone else.
They were some of the best-behaved students, considering the alternative, but they were fed up of the school. And now they were going to rebel.

Tiana one of the two white girls within the group. Skin as white as coconut flesh, and hair that smelt the same. Her shampoo was coconut, which Simi liked to take the piss out of from time to time.

She had short, layered, yellow hair that just came to her shoulders. Her darker roots were beginning to show through. She had no intention of re dying any of it until the summer holidays, when she could dye it a bright, unnatural colour, and not have to worry about repercussions.

Her naturally lighter hair made her eyebrows lighter too. Against pale skin, she didn’t have to worry about them.

Her arms were the palest visible thing. Around one wrist, was a faded pink string with a silver breast cancer ribbon, which had been chipped paint free. It advertised the logo of the Hard Rock Café that she had visited in Edinburgh. On the other wrist, a bracelet with light and dark coloured wooden beads, tied in place either side of a rainbow bead.

Tiana’s eyes were a typical sea blue along the edge, but faded to a pale green closer to her pupil. The bags beneath her eyes were mauve. She made no attempts at masking them.

Ravi did not have a monobrow. She carefully weaved her eyebrows to make sure they were separate. She insisted that her black body hair made her look like a werewolf.

She was, however, rather pretty. Her skin was brown and smooth, despite the small spots bubbling up on her t-zone. Even that was concealed by sparkly make up, and skilfully applied eyeliner with perfect wings. These masked any bags beneath her eyes.

Her eyes themselves were dark. Deep, rich melted chocolate, which made her pupil almost invisible. Her thick raven hair was trapped back by a sunflower yellow band. The base of her ponytail was exactly 10 centimetres away from her forehead. They had measured. Daily. The end of the ponytail met the centre of her back.

Around one wrist she had a cotton red, green and yellow thread that she was given to celebrate a wedding. The other was full of bracelets. One was a similar style to Tiana’s rainbow bracelet, but with seashells and a green and yellow bead. This was because Ravi gave Tiana, and the others, bracelets in the same style.
Above that, was the bracelet Tiana had given in return. Navy blue string, with an eye that had a blue, white and black bead watching from the centre. The last bracelet was a thick band of yellow, orange and brown, that her ex-boyfriend had stolen from his sister for her. She cherished it regardless.

Sapphire was the other white girl. She was short and plump, with broad shoulders. Her hair was a deep shade of chocolate, and bound into a bun at the back of her head, so she didn’t have to keep swiping it out of her eyes.

Her eyes were beautiful. They were like shards of ice, pure blue and sparkling. They were masked by perfectly curved liquid eyeliner, without wings. That was the only make up Sapphire wore. She didn’t bother trying to mask the small cluster of spots on her cheek, for the same reason she wore aviator shades in the classroom, and used her phone out of bounds.
Because she didn’t care.

Sapphire always sat with her bag in her lap. There were several reasons for this. The first was because it was a decent shield to mask the food she was eating in lesson, or when she was playing on her phone. The second was because she loved her bag. It was a black rucksack that her mother had spent ages ironing badges onto, and stitching them on for further insurance. These badges advertised bands and TV shows that she loved, including Pink Floyd, 5 Seconds of summer, and Red Dwarf.

Her obsessions defined her.

Zangi came stomping in, grumpily. She was not her usual jolly self. Despite the frown, she was still undoubtedly beautiful.
Her long thick hair was almost constantly tied back. It was dip dyed a shade of brown that came from lightening the natural coal blackness. The bottom of her ponytail hit the middle of her shoulder blades.

Her dark eyebrows were weaved so well they could have been done professionally. Her eyes were the colour of dark chocolate melted over vanilla ice cream. They were lined with carefully applied liquid eyeliner, with smaller wings than Ravi’s.

The mascara on her eyelashes had clumped, and the eyeliner was slightly smudged, but not enough to notice.

Her skin was as soft as coco butter, and similar colour. Smooth too. The only spot she had was covered by foundation and almost invisible.

She was the tallest by almost a whole three centimetres. Almost. But she was a scrawny thing. Slim, with tiny wrists and bony legs. Around her wrist, a woven thread of dull colours was tied, but kept slipping down her forearm.

Tahati was the victim of the group. A few more spots than the others, darker eyebrows than the others, and she was the only one with glasses. Thick, jet black, plastic glasses, that were overly easy to break.

Her eyes were also a little worse than the others. They were the same kind of darkness, masking her pupils, but the whites of her eyes were worse. The left one was marginally lazy, and tinted red.

This was amplified by her glasses. Glasses that hid the thin connection between her eyebrows. Frequently plucked, the ebony hairs kept returning.

The hair on her head was just as dark. It was thick, and frizzy, and completely unmanageable. She wrestled it into a thick plaits that reached the middle of her back, each day. The only time they had seen the full explosion, was the second day of the first year.

Apart from Tiana and Sapphire, Tahati was the palest of the lot. She was olive, but still pale. This was obvious against the black and white coat she never removed outside of lesson.
Tahati was scrawny. Tall, but skinny. Her school blazer looked like it hung on a hanger that was actually her shoulders. But, despite this, she was rarely seen without something edible in her hand. Pringles, Doritos, cookies, tomato sauce, she wasn’t really picky. The only things she refused to eat, were haram.

This often led to disputes between her and Simi, over what counted as haram within their denominations of Islam.

Simi was the shortest. By almost a whole centimetre. She constantly had mascara and/or a light eyeliner. The wings were never as perfect as Ravi’s though.

Her skin was soft, and coco powder coloured. She constantly hid it behind her optional school jumper or her long black coat.
Simi’s hair was long. It came to the middle of her shoulder blades. They had rarely seen her with her hair down. When it was down, she made it as wavy as possible and let it drape around her shoulders.

Her eyes were like freshly brewed coffees with nothing added. This made her pupils also hard to see.

She was also fairly slimmer than Ravi or Tiana. Her blue watch stuck in the same place on her wrist, despite rarely being looked at.

Ravi had curves at her waist, and thick thighs. Tiana had bigger breasts, and larger hips. Simi was curved, but thinner than the other two.

They were bound together by their hatred of the school, but none of them thought they were going to do anything about it.

Not until the explosion.

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