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Ever since I can remember I loved looking at the stars. There is something about them that catches your eye and makes you want to stare for hours on end.

Adventure / Scifi
Mark Halpern
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Chapter 1

The sky was pitch black with thousands of stars out. It looked liked a piece of black construction paper with tiny holes punched in it and a light being shined from the other side. Ever since I can remember I loved looking at the stars. There is something about them that catches your eye and makes you want to stare for hours on end. On a clear night like this one you could see almost everything. I would lay in the field just looking at them wishing I could reach my hand out and grab one and put in a jar or lucite case and keep it forever. However I would settle for going out at night and just admiring them on ho some of them shined brightly and others twinkled in the sky. While some were so so faint that you would have to fixate your eyes on them for a long time just to pin point them. I live in a nice house just out side of Missoula Montana near the Flathead national Forrest with my dad. My dad works for Nasa and tracks things in the sky with his telescope. He has been teaching me about the sky ever since I can remember but I think my first memory was when I was four and he showed my the Big Dipper. From then on I was hooked. There are not many other houses around where we are so I have been home schooled my entire life. I have some friends but, I wouldn’t consider them overly close. I am pretty smart for seventeen. Having being taught by a man who not only was the smartest mathematician on the planet but very knowledgeable in many different areas from history to science who needed to go to school and learn when I had everything in front of me. Our house is rather big for two people. It really is built for more like seven people. Why we have spare bedrooms is beyond me but, one never knows when company may come and surprise you. We have a huge kitchen, dining room,living room, a office for my dad which I am not allowed to go into cause its private. I keep y room the same way and he respects my boundaries on that. He has the biggest bedroom as he should. We have an awesome sort of playroom in the basement which I guess you can call a man cave since we are men and its for us. It has a pool table, many different video games, a weight room with different exercise machines and a hot tub. That is one of a my favorite things because if you don’t know Montana it can get so cold here at night that after being outside looking at the stars for a while a nice long hot dip to get the ice out of the veins. We have television and internet which keeps us up to modern times. We don’t venture out much except to buy groceries or something new for the house. I mean why leave when you have everything at your disposal. I have learned so many other things from my dad besides academics. He is an awesome cook. I have learned more from him then probably a person could learn from a top cooking school. I have learned ow to hunt and how to be a carpenter. My dad never belives on hiring someone for a job when you can do it yourself. If something breaks we fix it together. From wiring,plumbing and even fixing the car. This is something we love to do together. It’s a great bonding tool and I figure that one day Ill be doing all of this stuff myself. However for now I love what I have and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

It was a night like any other in June 2012. The sun set and it has been a cloudless day which meant it was going to be an optimal night for star gazing. I started to pack my bag with the usual night snacks. I grabbed a couple of Cokes, Granola bars,a roast beef sandwich I made earlier in the day and of course the snack that almost no one can live with out Twinkees. They say these yummy yellow sponge cake delights could last forever. I don’t know about forever but, the last thing I eat before I die will be a Twinkee. I packed my dads bag but, for him he was a little more health concious. For him I packed a few bottles of water,granola bars, a turkey sandwhich (the way he likes it with sprouts) and some cucumber slices tossed in a little oil salt an pepper for dessert. One great thing is that my dad lets me have what I like to have with in reason of course. He is a little strict with work study and stuff but, I do get plenty of time to myself to have fun and do things together. I knd of like thinking he is teaching me all of this stuff to be prepared for something thats going to happen in the future like in Terminator but, I don’t think it will be that dramatic. I zipped up my dad’s bag and called to him upstairs

“Dad, everything is all set you ready to go out?”

“i’ll be down in a few minutes Jason. Can you please get my extra lense for the camera?”

“Sure thing.” I hollard back.

I went into out photography room and grabbed his extra lense. This lense could zoom in so close you would think a star was right in it. I walked back to the hall way and sat in one of the rocking chairs we built. I heard the door close upstairs and footsteps coming down the stairs. My dad was a nice looking man. He was just about six feet maybe two hundred and twenty five pounds. He had black wavy hair that he sometimes liked to slick back. I kinda look like him a little, I personally think I look sorta more like my mother. She died when I was being born so I really never got to know her. I have seen thousands of pictures and hard hundreds for stories. I am five foot ten just about a hundred and eighty pounds. I have brown hair and I am pretty athletically built or at least I think I am.

I got up from the chair I was sitting and put my bag on my back and handed my dad his. We picked up our camera bags and telescopes and headed out into out field. I am sure there are hundres of places to view the stars in this great land of ours but for some reeasons I love our field the most. For one thing it’s quiet except for the wild animals and insects chirping away but, I can tune them out for the most part and they rarely come anywhere towards you. They smell fear which would make you an easy prey for them but, I have learned to not be affriad of this. Our field has spots of flat ground covered in short grass and dirt, other parts have tons of boulders or really tall long grass that is good if you want to hide to hunt but makes no sense to view stars from it. We walked maybe a few hundred feet into our field and come to our usual spot that we have been coming too for years. Sometimes we come out early and toss a ball around as the sun sets. It kind of cool just sing the natural light instead of flash lights or standing lamps to light up the way. Tonight however we came out later so no tossing the old pigsikn or baseball toight. We set up our telescopes and primed our cameras with the lenses we wanted to use. In tonight’s sky you could see millions upon millions of stars. I finished setting up and my dad just finished as well and we decided to have our sandwhiches and shoot the breeze a little. I was listening to a story about a superbowl he attended to when my eye caught a shooting star. You could see the trial for a mile or so maybe longer and it was beautiful. My dad thought it was cool also but something else caught his eye and he looked in the sky kinda dumbfounded so to speak. My dad turned to to me and asked me

“Jason, do you see a faint blue light out in the sky to our right?”

I turned my head and looked but, I really didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I gazed around and looked through my scope to see if there was something out there that I couldn’t see.

“Sorry dad, I don’t see anything.”

My dad was looking through his scope and became fixed on a spot. He asked me to go get his camera and attach the other lense fast. I did as he said and got the lense out of it’s case and removed the lense and put the other one on. I handed him the camera and he began clicking away. I think he took a hundred pictures in less than five minutes. I tried pointing my scope in the direction he was looking and shooting but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I sat back down and watched my dad with wide open eyes. He was acting so strange. I reached into my bag and grabbed a twinkee and continued watching him. He finally stopped about five minutes later and stood looking at the sky. He stood there for about a minute and then sat down still with that look of what the hell just happened on it.

“Dad what is it? What did you see?”

He slowly turned his head and grinned sort of and told me he thinks he saw an electromagnet field in the sky. For some reason I didn’t believe him but, he never gave me a reason to doubt him ever so I just went with the flow. I didn’t see anything but, apparently he did and if he saw something of great significance. We packed up our things and began to head home. When we got in my dad took his camera into his room and closed the door. I put things away in the fridge and went up to take a shower and get ready for bed.

In his office Tony took out his camera and removed the chip and inserted it in to his computer. He pulled out his chair and sat down and awaited for the images he took to show up. Sweat built up on his forehead. His hands trembled due to the the anxiety that was building up inside of him. The images began showing up one by one and he started to look for the image he saw in the sky. That bright blue image right after the shooting star. He looked at the pictures one by one and was not having any luck. Was his eyes playing tricks on him? Maybe all he saw in the sky was an electromagnet discharge and it just made the sky blue. However in his gut he knew he saw something. It’s been over an hour and he has looked at over half the shots he took and found nothing. The frustration was building inside of him and he knew if he saw what he saw this was huge.

Tony was one of the top astronomers in the world and he had worked on a lot of the later shuttle missions and did lots of work on the Hubble Telescope system and pretty much wrote the programs that is uses to look into outer space to see what we couldn’t. After almost twenty five years with NASA he was offered this position in Montana doing what he loved. This also would give him a chance to spend real quality tie with his son Jason and not need a nanny any more. His job basically entailed him scanning the sky for unknown phenomena. For this his life not only for him was going to be taken care of but, for his son Jason as well. He would earn more money than he could dream of and make sure Jason had a bright future and life as well. What could be better than that?

Tony just kept looking at the pictures for this bright blue light but, none of them even showed any blue or green or any other color than black. On the one hundredth and fourteenth picture he froze. There in the upper right corner was a blueish tint. It wasn’t as dark as he first saw it but, never the less it was there. He clicked through the next five to ten pictures and they all showed this light. He opened a program on his computer to plot the exact coordinates of the phenomena. He then began to enchance the first picture to see if he could see anything. The first few were distorted from the light that all he saw was a blue blob. He kept on enchaining the others and about five more in he saw what he though he saw through his camera but, didn’t believe his eyes until now. He saw what every person who watches the sky looks for. It wasn’t an airplane, or the shuttle or even the Star-ship Enterprise. It was a space ship that came inside of earth atmosphere but left almost immediately like it knew it had been seen. Maybe NORAD picked it up and scrambled jets and they got wind they were picked up on a military front. Tony knew he had a long night ahead of him and he knew a return to Florida to show and explain what he has. The one thing Tony was unsure of was why are they now coming? Was this the first time? Have there been any other documentations of other fly by’s? What ever there reason is for and it wasn’t for a Whopper, Fries and a Coke he knew he would have to figure out all the data he could to have some sort of story to tell to make sure he was put on this project for a long time coming.

Jason awoke the next morning about seven in the morning which was usual for him, he put on his slippers and opened his door. He noticed his fathers bedroom door was closed so he walked quietly by and made his way down stairs. He got out a couple of eggs and some cheese and proceeded to make himself an omelet for breakfast. He sliced a grape fruit in half and sectioned it sprinkling a little bit of sugar on one side and then wrapped the other half and put it into the fridge. He got his omelet out of the pan and put it on a plate, put the pan in the sink and sat at the table and bean to eat his breakfast. He was amazed that his dad wasn’t up yet but he wasn’t surprised. He figured that his dad must have stayed up looking at the pictures he took of the sky and went to bed late. They usualy ate breakfast together but, with the circumstances he under stood. He finished his breakfast and cleaned up his plates and went back up to his room to get dressed. He figured his dad will probally be up soon and they would start todays math lesson.

Tony had been at it all night in his office with enhancing the pictures he took. He never took account of the time. His adrenaline was flowing so fast he couldn’t sleep even if he wanted to. He was so jazzed about what he has discovered that this was his trip back to Florida and back into the office seen to work on a big project of this type of importance. He also knew that he wasn’t going to be able to do this alone. He was going to have to convince NASA to let his son in on the project. He couldn’t just go off and not include his son on this important of a discovery. Yes there were brilliant minds that would be brought in to work along side him however his son was just as smart as anyone they could assgin and he and his son shared a brain so to speak. They knew how to read each others emotions and thoughts. This makes ot easier to define problems and get the answers that they were missing. Convincing his son was going to be easy but convincing everyone else will be difficult. Tony looked at the clock and it read eight in the morning and he knew Jason had to be up and wondering where he was. He was about to close his laptop when he remembered to save his work for the millionth time and he shut down his desktop and closed his laptop. He cleaned up his desk and made his way to he door to his office. He quietly opened the door and peaked out to see if Jason was up and about. He saw the pan in the dish drain and knew that he was up. He looked up the steps and saw his door was closed so he crept up the steps and snuck into his bedroom. He got undressed and got into a shower. He has had many sleepless nights before but he didn’t want to worry his son. His plan was going to keep his news on hold for now and continue the lesson plan he had scheduled. He had some more work to do before he was going to unhatch is hypothesis on him.

Jason went down stairs and headed to the library to begin the lesson plan when he heard the phone ring. He froze in his steps because this was a ring he has never heard before. It was coming from his dads office and it wasn’t a normal ring. It was a long high pitched ring and it didn’t stop. Jason screamed upstairs for his dad and before he knew it his dad bolted out of his bedroom and raced down the stairs down the hall and into his office and slammed the door and grabbed the phone. Jason stood in awe cause he has never seen his father move so fast for literally anything in his life. Jason was curious but, he knew the one rule in the house was not to go near his office so instead he decided to go down stairs and play some pool while he waited for his dad to come out cause he had so many questions that needed to be answered.

Jason must have been playing for better than an hour and no sgin of his father yet. Whatever this phone call was it had to be of the up most important to have hidden a secret phone in his office. What was all of the secrecy about? Jason knew that something was up and that it had to be with happened last night. What did his father see in the sky yesterday? It had to be something so secret to have a hidden phone attached to some one maybe like the President or something cool like that. Many questions have been running through his mind but, he knew he couldn’t go up stairs and to his dad’s office and just bang on the door until he opened it. Jason just collected the billard balls fro the pockets and rocked them up again. His pool game was impeccable and some the best things you can do well can keep your occupied on the game and not focus on the problem he was having upstairs. Jason could some amazing shots and many different sneaky trick shots. Jason dominated his father almost everything they played even the very strategic game of Risk. Jason snapped a shot straight towards the group of multi colored billard balls. After the balls stopped rolling Jason heard the door to his dads office and he also heard footsteps which sounded like they would be coming down stairs His focus was now watching the steps but, he didn’t and began set up his next shot. This was going to be a tricky next shot. Jason had the four ball in the back right corner with three other balls surrounding it. There was space to fit the ball through but most people would a two rail safety. He started to pull the cue back and jason stopped because his farther had said” $100 you miss” Jason and his father use to put friendly bets on everything from games to sporting events it really didn’t matter what was the wager for as long it was the tow having their fun Jason didn’t. Jason turned to father and asked to just olace his oney on the table. Jason took a c-note from his wallet and placed it next to his father bill. Jason has ost of hi mony from winning tons of bets. Funny thing is he as been just collecting. Saving is always good but, if you don’t spend of money have nothing nothing really mattered. There wasn’t any thing he wanted from town where they go shopping. If he wanted something bad enough he would just order it online. Jason reset his shot because now it is worth a bounty he didn’t want to miss. He pulled back the cue and let the ball fly. It left side rail and it squeezed between the balls that were in front it and it hit the 4 ball so hard it rattled the pocket and did not go in. Jason was dissapointed but he let his father pick up the money. Tony asked “wanna play another game. Jaso nodded yes and his father began to rack up the balls and jason looked at his father and noticed the collar around his fathers shirt was so sweaty that it looked like this mysterious phone call he had. Tony finished racking up the balls and the game was on. One thing that scared Jason was this phone call his dad just took. Tony annoced ready and Jason once again sapped the cue so hard is set the ball flying and smashing the balls. He notced 3 balls went in and was very happy with that the early lead puts him a safe spot for now. Tony was scared that Jason saw the sweat in his hair, on his forehead and the dark ring around the collar of his POLO shirt however for now he just wanted to have some fun with his son before he disclosed what happened because as much as he was involved his son was about to be brought up to full speed on something that he was most likely not prepared for.

The game ended with Jason winning and his father asked him to go sit on the couch and that he wanted to talk with him. Jason walked over the fridge that was behind the bar and got himself a coke and asked his dad if he wanted anything. Tony shook his head with a no and made his way over to the couch. Jason sat down on the couch and opened his coke and took a sip. He turned to his father and wanted to know what was up.

“Dad I have to know what the phone call was about. It’s killing me that you have a secret phone in the office. Are you a secret spy like I the movies?”

“No Jason i’m not a secret spy. Be cool if I was but, I nothing more than I really am. That phone call you heard was a direct line to NASA and SAC (Strategic Air Command). I had sent them copies of pictures that I took from last night.”

“Wait you mean you really saw something last night. How did I miss it? I was looking at the same sky you were and I didn’t see anything.” Jason said with shock in his voice

“What I saw was not a electromagnetic discharge and was actually a space craft of some sort that buzzed into our atmosphere and flew right out moment later. It was nothing that any of us in NASA or the Miltary has ever seen before and they have taken a lot of interest. Lets just say they are taking command of this project.”

“Priject what project? Are they coming here to work out of house or are we leaving here cause your in some sort of trouble that you took these pictures of some secret military project and showed them off.”

“First thing Jason no I am not in trouble. Second nobody is coming here ummm we will be packing and leaving for Florida soon.”

Jason was kind of dumbfounded because first a strange call and now all of a sudden they are leaving for Florida for some strange reason.

“Whats in Florida that’s so important and why am I going?” Jason asked with some worry in his voice

Tony knew his son was nervous and wanted him to be at ease with this and he knew just what to say.

“Jason we are leaving for Florida because that’s where NASA is and I have been called back to work on this top secret military project on to find out what buzzed this planet and why. You are coming cause there is no one on this earth who can think and anticipate my moves like you can. You are almost as smart as me and can do a lot of the work that is going to be thrown at us and at my speed two of me is better than one. There will be others there that will be assigned to us from other dept’s to help us but, we are going to be the main focus.

Jason didn’t know what to think and he still had many questions. To ask which he was sure that his father would explain to him over time but for now he wanted to know two more things.

“Dad what do you mean other people from other dept’s will be working with us and are we getting paid for this?”

Tony looked at his son a little cockeyed at first cause the second question was really not needed but, he was going to answer them any way.

“Jason the people who are going to join us will be some of the smartest people on the planet. They will come from dept’s related to space science. Lots of mathematicians, Astrophysics, Military most likely air force personal, NASA personal and probally some jerk who is a White House Liason and CIA Stooge to make sure we keep this under wraps. Also yes you will get some kind of compensation for what we are doing but, remember where ever we are things are going to be fully paid for so that might be our copensation and you will accept whatever they give understood.”

Jason nodded his head showing he understood what his father was saying. The conversation went on for a little time more with Tony explaing what he saw in the sky. He told Jason about the ship and brought him up to the office where Jason has never put a foot in and sat him down at his desk and started to show him everything he worked on last night. In his original plan he didn’t plan on having this conversation for at least a week. He explained about the deicated phone line was installed for a situation just like this. As it turns out it has never rung ever but that is because there hasnt been any type of emergency where neither they or myself has ever needed it. As Jason looked at the pictures on the screen he belived his eyes were playing tricks on him. There it was clearly some sort of space ship in the sky. It looked liked something out of the movies. Jason figured the blue lights were coming from the engines or thursters. The only things running through his mind were Star Wars and Star Trek things like warp speed, hyper drives, laser blasters ect. How many of these cool thing could be real. Thing about light speed and where they are from what could take us 86 years to reach could take them less than minutes. This however corralates to what dad was saying before. Why are we seeing them or by accidentally seeing them now for the first time. What brings them to this solar system and what are they looking for. Jason closed the lap top and sat back so hard that he flipped the chair over and ended up on his back. His father picked him up and told him that he did the same thing last night. Tony knew that this was a lot for him to grasp onto and it was going to weigh on his shoulders a lot if he cant take the heat cuase there is no way he is going to be able to leave the kitchen. Tony told his son to go upstairs and pack clothes to last a long time. Whatever he forgets they will get down there in Florida. Jason went to the garage and got two of the largest suitcases he could find and brought them upstairs. His father told him to pack for a long time so he just took everything out of the drawers and placed them neatly folded and bundled up in the suitcases. He grabbed a couple of suits and a bunch of button down shirts. He also took some smaller bags to pack his laptop and other elctronic devices. He figured he would probally be the youngest one there so taking his XBOX 1 wasnt going to be a problem. Jason also collected all of his toiletries from his bathroom which included the normal items one would have toothbrush,shaving items,tooth paste, comb and brush and a few bars of soap. He figured that even though they migh provide everything he may need there was no harm in being prepared. Jason zipped and locked all of his bags and walked over to his dads room and knocked. Tony was finished packing his suitcase when his door opened. Tony looked at his son and asked him “are you okay?” Jason nodded yes and told him that he was all packed and ready to go and he was going to load up the car.

Just as Jason was leaving the room Tony picked up his head and said

“We won’t be using our car. They are sending transportation for us.”

“Oh cool we going first class on a private jet or something like that.”Jason excalimed

“Yeah something like that it should be here in an hour or so. So double check you have everything you might want cause remember we wont be back here for probally a while.”

Jason went back to his room and doubled checked that he had everything he could possibly want and then he saw something he deffinitly wanted to take with him. It was a picture of his dad and his mom while she was pregnant with him. It always made him feel kinda close to her even though he never met her. He opened up his trave suit case and put it in with everything else. Jason zipped up the bag and brought it down stairs with his other bags. His dad came down a few minutes later with his few bags and they decided to have a couple of sandwhiches while they waited for their ride. During lunch Jason went on and on about how cool it would be to ride ina private plane like a gulf stream or a g5. NASA r the military must have a few lying around that they could spare. All his dad could do was roll his eyes cause Jason had no Idea what they were going in. By the time they were finished and cleaned up they threw out a few things and took out the garbage and his dad called a friend and told them they could coe by the house and take food to chill out when they wanted. Jason was getting impatient and wanted to get going and his wish was gonna be answered. Outside Jason could hear a type of whirring sound approching the house. He yelled for his dad to come to the window and his dad told him

“Jason what your hearing is out ride.”

Jason peered out the window and lowering from the sky was a Black Hawk helicopter. As it touched down two men jumped out. One carrying a high power rifle of some sorts and another person who he really couldn’t see because the sun glare was blocking his view. The doorbell rang and Jason went to answer the door but, his father got there first. As tony opened the door Jason saw a woman with long blonde hair, black shades and a black pants suit. His dad reached ot and greeted her with a huge hug.

“ It’s great to see you again Julie.” Tony said with a huge smile

“ How long has been Tony.” She replied

“Way too long kiddo.”

“Jason I would like to introduce you to Julie Gates she is the head of head of NASA.”

Jason made sure his hands were dry from sweat and he went over and shood her hand.

“it’s a pleasure to meet you Ms. Gates. I am excited to be a part of the project or whatever we are calling it.” Jason said kinda nervously

“Don’t be nervous we don’t know much yet but lets get everything on the chopper and we shall get on our way.” Julie said.

Jason felt kind of sad he thought he was gonna get to ride in a private plane not a noisy helicopter. He picked up some of the bags, his father grabbed some and even Julie grabbed a few.

“What the hell did you guys pack the entire friggin house or something?”

Jason smirked and replied “Yeah pretty much.”

They walked out to the Blackhawk with bags in tote and placed them inside the cabin. Tony made sure the door was locked and alarm set. The friend who he told could come by and take what he wanted had house sat for us plenty of times so he had all the necessary information for the house. As they got seated and buckled in Jason thought to himself that this is much cooler than a private jet because they just can’t land in you back yard any time they want. The helicopter started up and man was it noisy. You had to wear headphones just to communicate with other people.

“Jason looked at Julie and asked how did she know his dad.”

Julie smiled and said “Well he was my mentor about thirty years ago at NASA. When your dad and you left for Montana I was third in command there and now I run the place. You should be very proud of your dad Jason. He is one smart individual and we were so happy it was him who brought this information to us. Also may I add that we are very excited to see what you bring to the table. Your dad tells us that you are not far from being his clone.”

“His clone you say Julie. I can run circles around him sometimes. I think that I am sometimes smarter than he thinks I am.”

Tony turned his head with surprise and slapped his son on the backside of his head. This is to remind him of where he stands. His father does that sometimes to keep his son in line for smart ass remarks. Jason laughed as did Julie. The blackhawk trip would take roughly 8 hours from Montana so Julie told them that they were headed to an airport in Helena to take a plane down to Florida. She figured that it would be much more comfortable on a plane then sitting in this helicopter all that time. Jason’s face lit up with excitement and knew there was something else in store for them. About forty five minutes later the helicopter landed on the tarmack and they all deborded and made there way on to a lear jet. Three men came over and helped out with all the bags and other equipment that was on board. Jason got on the plane and saw the all brown leather seats with there own phones and tv screens. It was just like out of the movies. Jason got hunkered in his seat and took out his laptop and put it on the table between his chair. His father got on and figured he let Jason just have some fun and he sat down in the chair opposite Julie. He figured they would have a lot to catch up about and talk about the pending venture between him an NASA. He also wanted to figure out who else was gonna be called in on this project. To get a heads up on this action and to be ahead of the game meant the world to him cause if there was someone on the team he would object to then better know it now and not later. The jet raced don the runway and into the air. Jason tookout his earphones and plugged them in to listen to one of three hundred movies on his computer and leaned back in the lazy boy like chair and began to watch his movie. Julie peered over at him and mentioned to tony. He looks a lot like his mother but has all the properties of you. Tony nodded to the fact that he does look like her a lot and he is as smart as me. Tony stretched back and asked “So how big of a team am I getting?”

Julie was kind of puzzled about his question. She asked one of ladies for a glass of wine and sat back and began to explain.

“Um Tony, there is no team here. You will have the full support of the NASA main frame as well as the support team but, as far as a team it will be just the two of you. You are smart enough to be able to do not only the math but the, physics and astronomy parts on your own and with the two of you doing this work for at least fifteen hours a day we should get to the bottom of this fast. I have made sure that you have all the state of the art equipment and a bigger lab than you ever had when you were mentoring me. This is amazing find you have come across but, until we can prove the validity of it we are keeping it under wraps. Once you prove what you sent us then we can talk about assigning a team to figure out what is going on here.”

Tony was floored by what he was just told. He was expecting to have the backing of the government on this and possibly finding a new race but, he did have to be realistic this could have been a strange occurrence and may not ever see this again but, on the other hand this as a chance to try to prove that there are others out there and want to communicate with us at one point or another.

The plane landed at Cape Canaveral at about ten at night. They were met by two large SUV’s all decked out and tinted windows and all. Upon our door opening two men approached the plane to lend a hand and loaded all the bags and equipment in one car and we got in the other. The drive was short to a hanger at the end of the runway. For what Julie had explained they were going to have there own private hanger with all the amenities they needed to do there work. They had a car to be able to get around the area for food and what not and travel in between buildings cause lets face it they couldn’t walk everywhere. It was just too far and considering they were at the end of an old runway they were far off the grid from media exposer if it where ever to come and pretty much cut off from everyone else. Julie explained there luggage need to be checked and that it will be brought in very quickly and they should get some sleep cause tomorrow they have an early breakfast with her and the head of security Mr. Sayid. Julie handed Tony and Jason each three different card keys. These were going to be used not only for their building but for access to the main building and executive building with the best food, gym, pool, and entertainment that can be afforded. Tony and Jason exited the car and as they were walking to the the hanger the other car pulled up and the same two men who took the bags to be checked exited and escorted them into the hanger. As the door opened it was pitch black. Tony felt the wall to his right and felt a number of switches. One by one he flicked them on and as the lights came on the wider each of their eyes became. This place had everything so far. A computer lab was off to the right with several main frames and computer desk tops. It also had two huge desks one for each of them. Off into the center was kind of a lunge with chairs a couch an huge glass coffee table. In the far back they could see two glass housings with beds, desks, flat screen tv’s. One for Tony and obviously one for Jason. There was a full kitchen at their disposal, two full bathrooms both equipped with tub and shower. This wasn’t just a lab it was a hosuing unit. They were planning on being here for a while but, din’t expect this type of treatment. There was more to this than he was being told and he was sure the meeting with Mr Sayid was going to reveal excatly what that was going to be. For now Tony insisted that they get unpacked and get to bed since it had been a long day. After breakfast tomorrow they begin working on figuring out what this ship looks like fully blown up and the only way to see this was he was gonna have acess to every camera that was looking in the sky that night including his baby Hubble. Jason agreed and grabed his garment bags first and brought them to one of the rooms and then went back to get his other luggage. The room was about the size of his bedroom at home. He put his clothes away in the draws and closets, he set up his lap top on the desk and set his xbox one up to the tv. He went and took a quick shower to clean up from the day and got into bed and turned out the light. Tony did pretty much the same thing but, before going to bed he began looking at some of his notes on the coordinates of where the ship was in the sky and then followed the trail of the light streak until it disappeared. There was something he didn’t notice before and he wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed it either. In the las frame he took that showed the faintest light there was another object that he orginally thought was part of the first ship there was a secondary light that was faintly orange. It was another trial another ship was with it. This wasn’t just a strange occurance this was a visit. Now the real question was how many of them were there that night?

The morning came as fast as the night left. Tony woke Jason up about seven forty five that morning told him to get dressed and meet him at the car. Jason after setting everything up forgot to set his alarm clock. Jason grabbed some clothes basically jeans and a button down shirt, pair of socks and black Nike sneakers. He looked at the mirror and fixed his bed head and met his dad over by the car. It wasn’t a fancy car or anything like like. It looked like you basic company work car. It was a White Toyota with NASA logos on the doors. Tony hit the button above on the clicker and the door began to open. It slide about a quarter f the way and they pulled out to head over to the executive building for their breakfast with Julie and Mr Sayid. They pulled up to the building gate where there was a guard. Tony lowered his window and introduced himself. The guard looked in the car at him and Jason and asked for their ID cards. Jason handed over his to his dad and Tony handed them over to the guard whose name on the clip said Sawyer. Sawyer handed the id’s back and told them to have a nice day. Tony reciprocated and pulled the car through and over the parking lot and parked the car in a nice spot right in fornt of the doors. For a monday morning it seemed weird that the lot was pretty empty. A few cars were there but not many. They got out and went inside. They took an escalator upstairs to the dining room. They walked inside and noticed it was a buffet breakfast. Jason noticed a take away menu that provided the meals for breakfast lunch and dinner every day. One one thing that was simialr is that brekfast is a buffet every morning. Lunch and dinner had full menus to order. The menu wasn’t limited either. The menu had almost anything you could want to order. It also contained an advertisement for the market that delivers all the fresh food that the people who lived on campus could order and keep in their fridge. This was a plus because they both liked to cook their own food but, getting out of the hanger was gonna be key once and a while or cabin fever would set in pretty quickly. Jason and his father went up to the buffet and picked out some breakfasty foods. Jason loaded up on eggs,bacon,pancakes and some orange juce while his dad grabbed some eggs, a half of grapefruit and some coffee and went and joined his son. Breakfast usually was quiet time while they ate but, not this morning. Tony started explaining to Jason on what he found out last night. Jason dropped his fork and looked at his father.

“Now there are two dad? I thought there was only one. If two were seen then maybe many more were around. I hope we have more view of the sky than your pictures.”

“Don’t worry about multiple ships right now. Our first ob when we get back to the hanger is we are going to set up our star chart and start with push pins of each one we find and mark them off. I am thinking we are gonna fin not 10 but at least 50-75 different ships came into contact with the earth at some point over the last few weeks. I am gonna use Hubble and every telescope camera that was focused int the sky which is over a hundred and recreate the charts from the last few weeks and if im right a new race of whatever has been checking us out.”

Jason sipped his orange juice like it was straight vodka. Just as he put his drink down Julie and a tall man with tan skin in a black suit walked in. Tony motioned to his too keep quiet about what tey spoke about. Jason nodded and stood up to greet them as did Tony. Julie greeted tony with a hug and shooke Jasons hand. Mr Sayid shook both of their hands and introduced himself as the head of NASA security. He told them to have a seat he was grab a cup of coffee and he would be right back. He polietly asked Julie if she wanted one she repled “No,but a bagel and cream cheese and a ornage jucie would be great.” Mr. Sayid nodded and walked over. Julie had a seat and asked how their night had gone. Tony explained that they both got a good amount of sleep and that they had planned on starting today with enhancements and star charts. Julie smiled and before she could say something Mr Sayid sat down and placed her bagel and orange juice in front of her. She smiled and began to tell Tony and Jason the purpose of this meeting.

“Gentlemen as you know this is a a very delicate situation that you have sent us. Everyhting you find out gets reported to me and me alone. You can’t tell anyone else or consult with anyone else on whats going on or what work you are doing. If anyone asks what you are here for you can say research. This wont surprise many cause as you well know Tony you were the big man on campus back in the day. As for you son this is a learning experience before he is of to MIT. Mr. Sayid’s job is to protect your interests while you are here. He is also the only other person who knows what you are doing here. His job is to keep it that way. If you find something critical you re to call him first so he can arrange transportation as fast as possible. None of your work can be leaked out meaning no paper trails of trash, corrupted flash drives or another materials can find there way into the trash. All discarded papered will go into the incinerator we have provided you, all flash drives or other equipment you don’t need anymore into the electromagnetic device to erase it. Also Tony as usual anything that you do here becomes the property of NASA and you will be well compensated for you and your sons work.”

Jason listened to this very closely because what his father told him was occupying his mind and he didn’t want to miss something he should or not be doing at any time. Mr. Sayid didn’t say anything his job as far as they can tell was to be more of a face at this meeting than an influence. This was because Julie wanted them to know they were going to be watched very closely. Tony’s mind heard what Julie had to say but, he was thinking about the bugs and camera’s in the hanger cause never in his time at NASA was this tightly of a speech given. He knew there was only going to be two people in the hanger but, he was wondering how many pairs of eyes and ears were gonna be there as well. They finished there breakfast and shook hands with Mr. Sayid and exchanged pleasantries with Julie and Tony told them both they had a lot of work to do and best they get started as soon as possible. The got up and cleared their trays and headed out the door and back to the car. Tony was silent all the way back cause he wasn’t sure if the car was bugged as well. He didn’t want to give away his course of action or any new news unless he was one hundred percent sure.

The got back to the hanger and Tony told his son to go get his laptop and meet him in the computer lab. Jason went to his room to retrieve his laptop and Tony went to the computer lab and began turning everything on and making sure that he had access to everything he needed. Jason changed his clothes to shorts and Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant jersey. He felt comfortable in these type of clothes and it relaxed and helped him think better for some reason. He grabbed his laptop and I Pod and walked over to the computer lab. He opened the glass door and plugged his laptop in on the desk and sat down in the chair to listen to his father plan of action. Tony was pacing back and forth looking at his computer and he tranfered the image on hi screen to the big scrren and with a laser pointer he showed his son the two objects.

“These are the items were are going to be looking for. These multi gemometircal shaped ships with ornage and blue engine lights. They leave streaks of these color lights and who kows they could have other lights as well so we have to be looking for a plethera of colored lights lets say over the last year in the sky. Alot of the colors we see will not be them but, if I am right and I usually am then we find over fifty different sightings.”

“You really think that we are gonna find that much. I guess it’s possible but, I wish we had some more help because pardon my language because it’s a fucking big ass sky!”

Tony smirked and walked over to his son and put his hand on his shoulder and said “Between the two of us we have more brians than anyone can give us. All we ned to do is make sure we plot each instance with a push pin and a mall tag with the date and time of the isntance.”

“Let’s say we find all of these sightings your looking for. What are we supposed to find with all the plottings?”

“A pattern son a pattern is what im looking for. So lets stop bull shitting and wasting time and lets get to it.”

Over the next five months they worked for about an average of sventeen hours a day. The star charts they plotted were filled with push pins. They didn’t find fifty or even a hundred over the time they have worked they have found over two hundred and fifity different instances where this planet has been visited and each time as far as they could tell it was only for a few minutes each time. On each date it wasn’t one ship it was atleast 5- 10 that came through all at different points on the earth. The never landed, they never beamed anything down or up for a matter of fact, they just flew in and flew out. They have plotted everything they needed and now it becomes time to figure out the pattern. Tony and Jason knew with this many instances there had to be some sort of pattern from which they came into which way they left and where they were headed next. What Tony was wondering was this the only planet they visited? Had they been to other planets to check them out like they have been scoping ours out. That’s something he wouldn’t be able to see but, if he finds a pattern of where they left towards maybe he can figure our where they were going or where they had come from.

Over the next several weeks they have looked at this chart and nothing had come to mind. They looked at math, science, history, physics and nothing had come to mind. The one thing that was for sure is that they have visited every point on this planet and didn’t leave anything to show for cause of why they were here. The only thing they were sure of is that there formation was that of a circle. Ok what does this mean besides they visited the whole planet. Each time they left they all left in different directions so they either weren’t going to the same place or they left in different directions to throw off any way to plot where they were going. Tony told Jason to just take the night off and go have some fun doing whatever he might want. Jason was thrilled for a break and went and closed his bedroom door and turned on his game system and began playing some sort of war game. Jason needed to blow off some steam and this was his way of releasing it. Tony went into his room and turned on some classical music and sat down in a zen like pose to try and channel his mind into seeing what he couldn’t. Why go off in different directions? What don’t they want us to see? You don’t come to a planet this many times unless your looking for something and if you don’t want to be seen you don’t come close to be seen. He kept on asking himself the same questions over and over trying to come to some type of reasonable answer. Then it hit him. Its not the fact they came over several months, they came and left so many times for a reason and that was trying to be noticed. He ran to Jason’s room and opened the door and told hi to come with him. They ran over to the lab and He told Jason to bring up a shot of Mars. Jason brought up the current image. There she was the big red planet. Tony asked him to basked track it over the last two months and try to make it as dark as possible. Jason did the best he could and then Tony told him to have the time progresses at every six hours. Jason started typing in commands to the computer and they watched the screen. At first nothing was happening just the normal day by day progression of Mars rotation around the sun and then the both of them froze like mannequins. The same streaks of light passed in and out of Mars. They watched the time lapse for almost thirty days and that’s when Tony figured out what they were doing. They weren’t looking for a place to land like Earth cause it had advancement and they could be challenged they were looking for some place that didn’t have anything to repel them. A place possibly that they could land and look around. The worked though out the night coming up with theory after theory. What they came up with was genius and now it was time to go to Julie with what they found and maybe it was time for maore people to be called into help out. It wasn’t like they couldn’t do the work it was more like there was gonna be much more and the help that they could be given would be appreciated. He also knew that this was huge threat to there way of life and one way or another the military was gonna have to get involved in some capacity. The one thing he knew is that if they were here to start a war they would have done it already and we would alrady all be gone. It dosen’t mean they aren’t hostile it means for now they are done with here. He told Jason to get to bed and he needed to go make a phone call and that they ere gonna have a busy morning. Jason went and took a shower, went into his room and changed and out on a movie and got into bed. His mind was swimming. Funny enough the movie he was watching was Independence Day. In that movie they came they saw they tried to kill us all but, we were smarter and kicked their ass instead. Jason wondered if this was a very long dream or something cause this seemed really unreal for now. Tony sat down and called Julie. Julie awoke to the ringing phone and she looked at the time. It read 1:10am. She looked at who was calling and she picked it up and answered in kind of a raspy voice

“Do you know what time it is Tony?”

“Yeah I do and I am telling you to give Mr. Sayid a ring cause tomorrow at 9 in the morning he wanted them both there at the hanger for a meeting and be ready for something your not prepared for.”

“Tony are you drunk. Over five months you have reported no news to us and we haven’t heard as much as peep about anything else going on anywhere on the planet.”

“Julie, that’s cause they are no longer here. They have moved on and will keep doing so for now. They could come back and if they do we better be prepared.”

“All right Tony I’ll humor you. See you at 10 not 9 and Mr. Sayid will be with me. Just make sure what you have is concrete and not theory.”

“Julie it doesn’t get much solider than this.” Tony hung up the phone went into his room and just got into bed and lay ed there for a few minutes and eventually fell asleep. Jason fell asleep to the tv. Julie called Mr. Sayid and told him of the meeting and she turned out her light and looked out her window and in her head knew by the sound of Tony’s voice that he was serious and that she has to be be prepared to push the panic button if needed.

Jason awoke the next morning feeling like he had only slpet for a few minutes when it was reall about five hours. He got up took a shower and got dressed. When he came out his father was in the the computer lab. He walked over and opened the door and walked in.

“Ready to go dad?”

“yeah lets go.”

Tont closed his laptop and took the the flash drive from the desk top and they walked over to the car and drove to Julie’s office. Tony knew that what he had to present was almost ludicrous but, he is right on this and the sooner he got some major help he could prove his theory correct. They parked the car and and walked to the office buliding. Jason was a step behind his dad cause he was filled with anxiety. They walked in and went to the elevator and waited patiently. As the doors opened they were greeted by Mr. Sayid. Tony walked in and so did Jason and Mr. Sayid pushed for the top floor. They watched the doors close and Jason looked at the numbers on the top start to move up.

“So I hope you have information on this subject that warrents me getting a phone call at two in the morning. I hope this isn’t a joke your about to present.”

“Mr. Sayid what’s got you s chatty this morning. For a few months I thought you were a mute.”

In the few months they have been here this is the most that Sayid had said to either one of them. The elevator dinged as it reached the top floor. The doors opened slowly and they opened up to a office. It was rather big but, for the director of NASA he wasn’t really surprised. Julie was sitting behind her desk having a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper.

“Come in guys have have a seat. Can I get you some coffee or juice?”

“I’m fine.” Jason said

“Coffee black for me.” Tony answered

“Coffee black and a bagel.”

Julie looked at him kind of cockeyed

“Just coffee.”

Tony opened up his laptop and inserted his flash drive and began loading the work they had done. Julie brought over the drinks and sat down. Tony placed his laptop on the desk and went over to the wall where a screen was able to be pulled down. He set up his laptop to the projector and took his wireless mouse and sat down.

“Julie for the last five months we have seen some incredible stuff and what I am about to show you two is pretty unbeliveable and not made up in any way shape or form. On the night we saw the first craft there was actually eight that came into contact with Earths atmosphere. The way we found this out was when we looked closer at the picture with one ship there was something distorted in the background. When I enhanced it more we saw another ship in the background. We knew this couldn’t be a single event anymore. I looked at everything from the Hubble to every scope focused on the sky that night and found six for of the same distortion all over the planet.”

Julie was white as a ghost and if Sayid could change colors he would be whiter than snow. Sayid’s Jaw was wide open and looked like something out of a cartoon. Jason reached over and closed it for hi cause he had seen this face before because he made it himself. Julie was just stunned.

“Since that night there has been no other visits. They all stopped that night. So on a hunch I had Jason start charting the last five months with me and we found out that this planet was visited more than two hundred and fifty times. If you look at this picture it shows every visit over the last five months and as you can see the entire planet had been visited at least once in every spot. They never spent more than five to ten minutes here. They never landed or beamed down or up anything. They just were in for a quick peel so to speak. The question is why and I have the answer for this. They were checking the planet out for intelligence and possible life. They were here to see if this was the right place for them. I dont think it was what they were looking for because nothing has happened at least not yet.”

Julie was in shock. She wasn’t watching a movie and she wasn’t dreaming at least she didn’t think think she was. She blinked few times and leaned back further in her chair and awaited to here the rest of this report.

“So over the last five months after we noticed all of these arrivals and departures the question where they came form and where they were going to. Every departure went off in a different direction rarely where there two that went in the same way. I mean its space with infinite possibilities. So I began to think what if this wasn’t the only place they visited. I figured Mercury would be an impossibility because it’s too close to the sun for anything. Venus we know to be mostly a gas planet. So maybe one or two ships flew near there or even close just to see but we couldn’t find anything. Next in our chain of planets is us and over five months we had over two hundred and fifty visits. They must have seen something they liked or they wouldn’t have visited so much. So with pattern and us being so far behind I had Jason bring up Mars and we looked at the Planet for a long time and they had over five hundred visits. Julie there looking for a planet that suits there species is what we believe. Mercury too hot, Venus too gassy, Earth too populated, Mars too dry, they are looking for a certain particular planet for them to make their own. I know this is pretty unbelievable but, this is what is happening. We need help from NASA with everything that’s going to continue, we will need a Military liaison to deal with any type of possible Military involvement. We need this help like yesterday but, tomorrow would be a good start.”

Julie was frozen with fear and Sayid looked like a statue. Tony walked over to Julie and picked her up out of her chair and held her. Jason looked at his father and was kind of surprised cause he never knew him to be so sentimental before. Tony stroked her back and made her look at him eye to eye and he said clearly “stop being scared and get on the phone, get me a team of what I need to we can figure out if this is a threat or mearly a concearn. Julie wiped her eyes told Sayid to escort them out and get back up here fast we have work to do.

“Tony I hope we caught this in time. I mean let’s hope your wrong.”

“If I’m wrong Julie then thank god but, we both know theres a 99% chance that I am not worng cause you know I’m always right.”

Tony and Jason left the office with Sayid and got into the elevator and began the journey down stairs. Inside the elevator was so silent that you could hear the sweat forming on their foreheads. Jason looked at Sayid and asked “Are you ok Mr. Sayid.” Sayid turned slowly and replied “No, this is my first invasion and I am kind of shocked.”

Tony laughed a little and made the point that we were just visited and not being invaded at least not yet. The doors opened and Jason and Tony got out and began walking torwards the door to head to their car. Sayid pushed the buttin back to Julies office and as the door closed he looked up and said in his mind Please let them be wrong.

Julie sat in her office and her mind was spinning after the report that Tony gave. She had no idea that this would turn put to be the real thing. The reason to bring Tony back was that she wanted him to return to work on the new shuttle missions and the only way she thought she could get him was to let him have some time to work on this theory and then once he was comfertable talk hi into staying. Having his son down here with him was a bonus on two accounts. One being he would be with him the whole time and their relationship wouldn’t be affected. The second thing is that Jason would get used to being here and Tony would be happy being back and working on something important once again and he might be inclined to stay. However her plan now is that she needed to get the smartest inds she could find and bring them in here to begin working on the most critical discovery and possible threat in the last who knows how long. She opened up her laptop and opened her file folder marked contacts and began looking at names that would fit this project.

First was a mathematician named Michael Chow from Bejin China. He had been working with a joint venture with China and the U.S.A on a joint future project with the space program. Sort of like we all saw in the movies. He was forty five years old six foot two, thin black hair and an average body. He was brilliant with numbers and equations and this type of help would surely be an asset to Tony with certain calculations.

Next Dr. Kate Stein from San Diego California. She graduated MIT at the age of seventeen with a doctorate in Astrophysics and has been freelancing for NASA ever since working on how we can move through space faster so we can send probes to Uranus and Pluto as fast as we could fly to the moon. Even though she is young she is brilliant and will be a huge asset.

Julie knew the Military was gonna have to be involved and the Air Force was gonna be key along with representatives from Army,Navy and Marines because if this does turn into a galactic problem we will need to be prepared to defend every part of the earth. The first name was Major John Sawyer. He has flown over two hundred fighter mission from the gulf war to Afghanistan. He recently had piloted a shuttle mission to the space station and back so he is familiar with space flight. Next Lt Gen Malcom Turner of the U.S army. Gen Turner was the lead strategist in troop planning for any incursion over the last ten years. He is brilliant when it comes to strategy and if this all goes down we will need his help on planning on how we get prepared for this battle if there is one. If we were gonna be on the land, air and sea she wanted the help of someone who knows this planets oceans. To quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt “I like submarine commanders they don’t have time for bull shit.” Julie knew she needed someone with multiple years and has commanded many ships. Captain Craig Parker has taken out every lead submarine for the United States Navy for the last thirty years. His life has been dedicated to protecting this world oceans. Captain Parker was sixty years old and was soon be forced into retiring and taking a desk job or full retirement. This made him the perfect choice was he was not only skilled he will be highly motivated. Colonel Ben O’reily has lead the ground troops for the Marines during the siege of Afghanistan. He has barely any fear and will take any call to protect this nation with the up most care. She has her Military liaisons for this matter as long as they all come along.

Julie knew the government it’s self will want to be represented and she was sure they were gonna send chief aid Nadine Barkley. She was a brilliant political strategist and would have the presidents best interests at bay. For one thing Julie knew Nadine and would make sure that NASA keep control of this project before any full government take over.

Julie had her list of who she wanted and began calling one at a time. Her first job was to get them all to come to Florida to listen to this project but, she didn’t want to disclose anything on the phone. The less that is out there to be heard right now the better. If this got out there would be all out panic so the plan was to keep this on the QT or she might be on KP. Just something she remembered from Good Morning Vietnam. She picked up the phone and began calling. She figured getting Michael and Kate would be easiest and then place calls to her Military personal. She knew that they would take time getting here from where ever they are on the globe. Mr. Sayid was in his office when he got a page to come to Julie’s office. He turned off the the loud beeping device and grabbed his jacket off the hook and put it on. He picked up the glass of scotch on his desk and took a big sip and walked out and headed to elevator. The doors opened he got in and put a couple of mints in his mouth. He didn’t want the smell of liquor to be known but, after what he just heard a drink wasn’t uncalled for. He got off the elevator and noticed that Julie was on the phone. He walked in quietly and sat down at the desk and waited patiently. She was getting off the phone and she said “Thank you General we shall see you in two days.”

She hung up the phone and looked at Sayid and shook her head. She got up and went over to a cabinet and opened the glass doors and pulled out a decanter and she turned to Sayid and raised it up making the offer for a glass. Sayid nodded and she poured two small glasses to the caramel colored liquid. She walked back over to the desk and handed him one of the glasses and she sat down.

“Sayid we have a huge problem on our hands. I should have been keeping better watch on Tony and his son. I should have never given them the amount of freedom they had. I mean who would have thought this sighting would turn out to be an entire race zooming in and out of our solar system. I mean yes he did see a ship but a random sighting that turns out to be the biggest discovery since columbus founded America. I have to keep a tight lid on this and by that I mean you. They can never leave here with any information about whats going on until it has been resolved or we all blow up by one of their death rays.”

Sayid didn’t care for her joking matter. He took a swig from the glass and the drink was strong enough to decrease and engine. He placed on the coaster on her desk and stood up and walked to the window. He peared out over the campus and sighed.

“You know Julie in all my years I never would think I would need to keep something like this under wraps. I am good at what I do but I am going to need help myself. I don’t think I can control the flow of information that can come out of there myself.”

“Don’t worry Sayid you will have the top people here to help with those prediciments. However once this gets out and it will some how or some way we are going to have have some sort of plan to protect our selves in this matter. Cause when the music stops I don’t want to be the only person with out a chair to sit on understand.”

Sayid nodded and began to walk out of the office. “Where are you going.” Julie shouted

“Home to rest cause tomorrow I begin watching them for real. No more pussy footing it around them and also we need tighter security on them and where they go so for no on my men drive them where they go when they want to leave the Hanger.”

“Hangers Sayid. They will have the three of them now. I will be opening them up today cause they are gonna need all of the free domt o work and plan.”

Satid nodded and pushed the elevator button and stepped in and began his journey home.

Julie sat at her desk for a few minutes and finished her glass. She got up and grabbed her coat and figured she needed a break herself. She left the building and went stright home for the day. She made sure that any call to her office was forwarded to her phone so she could attend to any pressing matters and she truly hoped there wouldn’t be any. She knew tomorrow she was gonna have to work on preparing the places in the other to hangers as living quarters and other technological ideas so everyone no matter what there field was they were gonna have every resource that they needed to work and make sure our way of life wasn’t gonna be harmed.

Tony and Jason arrived back at the hanger and got out of the car. Jason has not said as much as two words since leaving Julie’s office. He went and sat down on the couch in the middle of the room. His father looked at him and walked over and sat next to him. He put his hand on his shoulder and said

“Look Jason I know your in shock at whats going on here but, I need your very best because we are about to get some new blood in this place and they are not gonna know you from a hole in the wall. I am going to need you to be alert and when I ask for something you will need to produce. The more they see from you the esier they are gonna work with you.”

“It’s not that dad. I just can’t believe that this is all happening. It’s like im stuck in a movie script and I cant get out. I just want to know that when this is over we can go back to our old lives and we won’t be stranded here forever.”

“Yes once this is over we will go back home but, I can’t tell when that will be right now but yes we will go home. For now go have some fun today cause tomorrow we meet new company.”

Jason got up and went to his room and shut the door. He grabbed his headphones and put on his xbox and began playing a game. Jason wanted some distraction and this was gonna be it. For tomorrow they would meet two new members of the team and was he in for a treat.

Like the night before the morning came way too quickly. Jason got up and took a shower as usual except when he came out he was startled by a beautiful blond lady sitting in the common room. She gazed at him as he stood there like a statue frozen in time. Jason only had a towel wrapped around his body. He didn’t know what to say. Kate stood up and walked towards him. She was absolutely beautiful. She must have been five foot eight maybe a hundred and hundred and thirty pound dressed in blue jeans and a pink blouse. She wore red horn rimmed glasses and her blond hair was done up in a pony tail. She wore what appeared to be white keds shoes or Adidas. Jason was nervous because he had never seen somone so beautiful that was approximately his age. She got close to him and smiled and reached her hand out to shake his.

“Hi i’m Kate Stein I have been assgined to you and your dads team for this mysterious project that no one is telling me about as of yet. And you are Jason is it?”

Jason didn’t know what to say but, he reached his hand out to shake hers and replied

“Hi I’m Jason and it’s really nice to beat you. I mean meet you. I would love to talk more but, I need to change so can you give me a minute?”

“Sure I’ll be on the couch.” Kate replied with a smile. Jason watched her walk back to the couch and he was in love. Kate turned her head to look back and as Jason saw her doing this he proceeded to go to his room to get dressed. He was sweating so much that he could use another shower and probably a cold one to. Jason got dressed very quickly not caring if what he wore really went together, he combed his hair and looked at himself in the mirror trying to decide glasses or no glasses. Jason only wore glasses really for reading but, he always thought they made him look more intelligent. For now she had all ready seen him with out glasses and he didn’t wan to try to over impress her so for now no glasses. He checked his breath and went out to get to know this Kate Stein. Jason walked out and to his surprise Kate wasn’t alone. Another man has joined their merry little band and was talking to her on the couch. Jason walked over to introduce himself.

“Hi I’m Jason I am one of the team leaders on this project. I have met you Kate and you are?”

Michael stood up and said “I am Dr Michael Wong of Beijing China. I was called by Julie yesterday and asked to fly in by this morning if possible. I wasn’t given any specifics but I was promised to be working on the project of critical importance and that I wouldn’t want to miss out.”

“Hi Michael it’s a pleasure to meet you. We will get you all caught up once everyone is here this way we don’t’ have to explain everything twice. I think that it’s best for the both you to get your security protocols and maybe we can all go and have some breakfast. I hear the other shower running so my dad will be out in a minute well maybe five to ten that is.”

Julie stood up and looked at Jason and said “Where do we go to eat around here? Do we get to go out or is everything on campus?”

“Well we do have a full kitchen so we can cook for ourselves but when it’s been a long day and I’ just telling you there are going to be plenty we go to the executive dinning hall where the food is always good and they have such a huge selection of choices you can never or wont want to order the same thing twice.”

Julie laughed a little and Jason smiled. Michael just smirked. Tony came out of his bathroom and saw the three of them conjugating in the common room. Tony saw how Jason was acting around Kate and it wasn’t hard for him to put two and two together. He also knew that this was gonna be a distraction for Jason and he had to hope his son can put the important things first. Tony also knew that thanks to him Jason really didn’t have much contact with girls and it wasn’t any surprise that the first real attractive girl that was his age he came into contact with he became sweet on. Tony walked over to them and greeted each one of them. He explained that he would fill them in when all the members of the team arrive by tomorrow. The told them that they were going to be a part of one of the most significant moments in our history and that waiting one more day to find out what this was all about wasn’t a big thing. Tony suggested that they all go for breakfast so they could all get acquainted. The were all heading over to here the was supposed to be and noticed that a new Black SUV was. There was a note on the wind shield that said (When you want to go some where call on the walkie on the front seat) Tony wasn’t sure of what this meant but, he did as it said and the main door began to open and outside was Mr. Syaid with another gentlemen to his right. The man who couldn’t be older than thirty was to his right was dressed just as Mr. Sayid. Tony figured it was a member of the security personal.

“This is Mr. Nobuto he is going to be your personal driver when ever you ant to leave the hanger to go to a meeting, eat or anytime you want to leave. He will be one of the new security detail who is assigned to you. You will meet more of them in the days to come.”

Tony shook his head and walked to the car. The others followed suit and the got in to the car. Mr. Sayid left the hanger and got into his car and drove off.

“Ok Mr. Nobby or Noboioto if we could go to the executive dinning room please.”

“It’s not Nobby or Nobioto is Nobuto.”

“right won’t make the mistake again sorry.”

They arrived at the dinning room and though out the drive Jason was naming everything he has tried on the menu. It sounded like when Bubba in Forrest Gump tells Forrest all of the type of shrimp dishes he knew of and knew hoe to make. Tony noticed that Michael wasn’t amused but, Kate listened to every word that came out of his mouth. Either she was being polite or really was interested in each item Jason had tried on the menu. The one good thing about breakfast was the fact it was buffet so everyone could really just go up and choose almost anything and they wanted and not spend too much time looking at a menu to decide what they wanted to have. Tony wanted their first real time together to be fun and he wanted to learn about Kate and Michael. He had received files on them in an email from Julie yesterday evening and he wanted to hear from them first hand on the specialty. Kate told of her time at MIT and how she was the one of the youngest girls to ever graduate from the institution. She told how Julie hired her based on her work on jet propulsion and how it can be used in space flight. Her work was kind of revolutionary on the fact that she could take basic engines and make them ten thousand times faster in space. However the work was theory and no where near ready to be generated. She also told of how she was extremely knowledgeable in the area of how the cosmos works. Jason was so fascinated he hung on every word she said. He looked like a little puppy who just found the owner he has always been looking for. Michael listened to what Kate was saying but, not as much as Jason was. Michael loved the ideas that Kate was working on and he believed that his work with both the Chinese and USA space programs that he could help make those ideas come to life. It would take a lot of work but, with the help of Jason and Tony and their knowledge in math and science they could possibly make a break through. Michael also explained his theories on space travel and the math it takes to be used in space. Tony listened and told them that this is all good news to know and that it might come into help later o but, for now he was gonna needed there help on time and space travel. There works in those field is gonna help make a time line for what they are going to be tackling head on and will play the most crucial part of this project. Tony knew what was going on but, neither he or Jason knew how long they had before each planet as going to be visted until a suitable place if any is found in this solar system. Tony realized he had told them a little too much and he could see the questions beginning to form in their heads.

“Before you bboth start asking a bunch of questions please believe me that all of them will be answered tomorrow. The best thing you guys can do is get unpacked today and get your rooms and computers set up because he was gonna need their best work done over the time they are here. Tomorrow the rest of this team will be here with us and that they were from the military but, not be alarmed they are here as advisors nothing more.”

Michael and Kate nodded with acceptance and cleared their trays as did Tony and Jason. They headed back to the car and told mr.Nobuto to take Michael and Kate to Hanger two and Jason and him to Hanger one. As the car drove you could hear the engine humming. The car stopped at the second hanger and there were two more security guards outside the main entrance. Michael and Kate got out and before the door closed Jason said “Kate don’t worry my dad will explain tomorrow just get some rest and we can have lunch later and I can tell you more about the campus and stuff.” She miled and closed the door and the car drove off. Tony knew that Jason even though only met her this morning as sweet on her and this was good for him to have someone his own age and on his brain pan to be with but, it still was going to be a distraction he could not let get the better of his son and affect the work they were going to be doing.

Julie and Michael spent the afternoon getting there dorm room together. Michael called it that when they walked in. It wasn’t as big as Jason and Tony’s but, it was huge. Julie’s room wasn’t like the others. Hers was completely enclosed so no one could peak at her. Julie wasn’t shy at all. She has had her own apratment for along time so her spending time in her bra and underware didn’t bother her but, she could see where it could cause a problem around Michael and Jason. She thought Jason was very cute and innocent. She could tell he liked her and she was flattered. She definitely liked him too but, she knew se had to keep this a professional relationship because any distraction could mess up what the were trying to work on.

Michael set up his bedroom and the last thing he put on the dresser was a picture of his girlfriend Melissa Sung. They had been going out for about two years now. Michaels plan was to ask her to move in this month but, now that he is here this will delay plans. They had a deal to Skype at least at night three to four times a week just to keep in touch. Michael didn’t know how long he was going to be here and didn’t ant to make a kind of empty promise that wouldn’t be fulfilled.

After Michael was done he came out of his bedroom and noticed Kate sitting on the couch reading a book. Kate liked to read a lot more than watching movies or watching T.V. Because she could could imagine the story in her own mind and create the looks of the characters to kind of her liking than what is already designed for us to watch and follow. She did like the occasional movie and comedy show but if given a choice she could pick up an book and be engrossed in it for hours. Micheal came over and sat down in one of the chairs. He looked towards Kate and said. “So I hope your wondering the same things I am about what Tony had to say at breakfast and all. Do you think were called in to look at the possibility of life on another planet and ere here to figure out how to get to there plane?”

Kate put down her book down after folding the page she was on leaned back and replied

“I kinda hope it’s along that track personally. I mean I have been working on the idea of space travel for a while. Of course we already can fly in space but not for long distances yet that is. All I know is that this does have something to do with space travel in some fashion. Just by looking at who is here so far this has nothing do with whats on this planet currently.”

“Well then I guess I better make sure my passport is updated since we might be out of the world for a while.” Michael tried to crack a joke but failed miserably. Julie smiled not because it was funny but, because it was so bad. She figured since they had the time they could get to know one another since they were sharing the “DORM” as he called it. So they got some drinks from the bar and spent the afternoon talking about their lives,beliefs, where they went to school, family, intrests in books and movies which didn’t amount to much. They looked at the clock and it was already five at night. They were both hungry so they figured they go over and see if Tony and Jason wanted to go for dinner.

Jason had been spending the last hour prepping a home cooked meal for everyone. Jason loved to cook and since today was down day sort of, that this might be a good time to make his famous Mongolian Glazed steaks with Broccoli and rice. It would take about to hours to prep and less than thirty min to cook so Jason started at four in the afternoon and was going to call Kate and Michael over in about an hour. As five came around there was a knock at the door. Tony walked over and looked at the camera and saw it was the two of them and buzzed them in.

“Funny enough Jason was going to be calling you in few minutes to see if you guys wanted to have dinner with us tonight. Jason happenes to be a great cook and figured you guys would rather have a nice home cooked meal instead of going and ordering food which we are going to be doing a lot during the time we are going to be here.”

“I like that idea. Beaides breakfast this morning I have been sucking down cheap airline food for the last fourteen hours so yeah I’m game.” Michael reciprocated

“Sounds lovely what are we having.” Kate replied

Tony motioned over to chef Jason and told her “Why don’t you go and find out.” Tony had been thinking a lot during the day and for Jason to have a crush wasn’t the bad thing as long as he keeps in check and acts professional. Kate walked over to Jason who was cooking and kind of dancing while listening to music. Jason had headphones in and didn’t notice Kate coming over to talk. She tapped him on the shoulder and kind of startled him bit.

“Hi there Kate. I was going to be calling you and Michael to see if you wanted to come over for dinner but, I guess you know that already.” Jason kind of stumbled through sentence

“Well Michael and I got acquainted and figured we see if you and your dad wanted to go for dinner but, we are thrilled you are cooking for us. It’s really sweet of you to go through all of this trouble. So what are we having if I may ask or is it a surprise?”

“Well I hope you like steak cause I’m making Mongolian Glazed Steak with broccoli and rice.”

“Is it anything like Mongolian beef from P.F. Changs?”

“I don’t know what P.F. Changs is but the steaks will be cooked to a nice medium with a sweet glaze over the steaks and broccoli and white Jasmine rice. Also my dad picked out a nice red wine to go with it. I’m not a drinker but a glass of wine with dinner once and while my dad thinks it build character.”

Kate smiled and replied “This sounds lovely I will go help you dad set the table.”

Jason watched Kate walk away and looked to the heavens and thought in his mind thank you god for sending her oh thank you. Jason returned to his cooking and was taking extra special care of the food he was cooking. He wanted tonight to be a fun night for everyone especially Kate. Jason glazed the steaks and starting placing the rice on plates. He told everyone that dinner would be ready in about five minutes. Michael, Tony and Kate walked over to the table. Tony opened the bottle of wine so it could breathe a bit. Jason brought over the plates with rice first and then the platter of steaks with the broccoli. He placed it at the center of the table. Tony motioned for Kate to go first and she did graciously, next Michael and then Jason and Tony. Kate cut her stake and bit into it. It was the best thing she had ever tasted. Even better than P.F.Changs. Jason could tell on the looks of everyone’s faces that dinner was amazing. They sat and enjoyed dinner talking about little amusing stories from their lives to make dinner go by all the more pleasantly. After dinner the four of them cleaned up. Kate helped Jason with the dishes and then they all sat in the common room for a bit where Tony revealed that the rest of the group that would be joining us where members of the of each branch of the military. He didn’t want them to be surprised when they showed up tomorrow. He explained they were here to help with tactics and security and protection for the future if its needed. He also explained that he didn’t want to scare them all and this project is more hypotheses than reality. Kate seemed a little on edge and Michael din’t know what to think but, they were ready for whatever was going to be put in front of them and whatever work they needed to do or help with they were going to be ready. It was getting late so Kate and Michael retreated to the dorm and planned on getting some sleep. Tony thought this was a good idea and suggested that Jason and he do the same because tomorrow was going to be a long day of catching everyone up and explaining in depth what they are doing here. He promised that this project will be worth there time and energy. Kate thanked the both of them for a great night as did Michael and they walked back over to their dorm. Jason went off to do his normal bed time ritual of shower, some games and a movie and Tony just went and got into bed. Tony knew tomorrow once this team was all assembled and he explained whats going on that there was gonna be believers and non believers and he knew he had to get everyone on the same track for this to work.

Morning came and Tony was up early to make sure that he had everything he was gonna need to present to six new members of the team. Jason was already up and had started running on the treadmill. He had a lot of nervous energy built up and couldn’t really sleep at all. Tony told Jason to go get ready cause they had about an hour until the meeting. Jason went in for a shower and got dressed. They walked over to the car called Mr. Nobotu and told him to take them to pick up Michael and Kate and then to take them to Julie office. Kate and Michael both were quite anxious because they were about to find out why they were called in with military experts. The car ride over was pretty silent. Even though Jason anted to converse with Kate he let her just rest the ride over and didn’t want to make her more nervous than she already was. The all walked in to the building together and Mr. Sayid was waiting for them and pressed the elevator to go up to Julies office. They all got in and Mr. Sayid said

“I hope your ready cause the heavy hitters are upstairs awaiting to find out why they were all called away from active duty assignments to be here for this briefing.”

Tony had been in this position before in presenting a project to military and civilian personal before. He knew his son had never been in a briefing before let alone one with high ranking military. He told Jason to be quiet and just listen and not voice his opinion unless he was asked to. The elevator opened and the four gentlemen having coffee and laughing stood up to greet everyone. Kate and Michael introduced themselves with a small background on themselves then Tony spoke for him and Jason. Tony made it clear that he would explain everything. Julie lowered the blinds and told Tony “The floor is yours just explain it as you did to me.” Tony didn’t waste time and over the next hour he explained to all of them and showed them the images of what they were to be figuring out. He first explained to Michael that he needed to start figuring out the math on each ships entrance and exit of earths atmosphere. By getting this type of information they can figure out the speed they are moving. By finding out this information we can figure out how long it takes them to go from one planet to the next. He then moved on to Kate. Once we know how long it takes for them to move and look at different planets we should get an idea on how they are moving in space. If its something they have never tangled with before like hyper speed or light travel he was going to need her experimental work and combine it with Jason’s, Michael’s and his own works to try and invent some type of rocket engine to move as fast as them. Cause if they do decide to pick a planet far from there is they were going to have to be able to be ready to try and get close and make some sort of contact and hope to find out there intentions. Gentlemen you have all served this country not only with distinction but with her best intentions at heart. Each of you were chosen because you have specialties that neither of us posses. Major Sawyer you have flon in space and you know what it is like not only to be up there but understand the mechanics in flying there. Space is infinite but, also has millions of ways to kill you if your not careful. Your expertise will be explaing to Kate and Michael on how a shuttle or ship manuvers in space and what you would need if we were going up there for any reason. Jason looked at his father with a shocked look on his face as did Julie. At no time was there ever a discussion about possible space flight. Tony had only thought of this over the last two days. If it is possible for this species or race or whatever they are to take a planet in this system Tony wanted to be part of the team that makes first contact. He then explained to Turner,Parker and O’riley that they were the brightest and most acommplished military minds on the planet. He was gonna need for them not only to prepare plans for a possible invasion but to prepare for an attack on a distant world that they have little knowledge to be able to have a battle plan for all types of posible terrain that might fall in our path.

“Excuse me sir. Capt Parker U.S. Navy. I understand all of this so far but as far as we know we are the only planet with water. Making it hard for me to even conjure up a plan for ships or subs to be placed anywhere else. So I don’t know what you need me for?”

“Capt Parker. You were not only selected for you expertise on naval tactics but, your experience of over forty years in the armed forces and the amount of wars and conflicts you have been in makes your knowledge well needed here. You have learned from the best and we are going to need you to plan a world wide naval fortress if needed.”

Capt Parker sat back down and had a sort of grin on his face like he was the top man in the room. Tony turned and focused his attention on Gen Taylor and Col O’reily. He explained to them that they were the the experts on first ground attack. There knowledge of terrain and battle stragey will be needed for defense as well as offense and only if needed. He wanted them to select members of there top teams and get them into training with each other on may different scenarios including working with NASA about zero gravity walking and fighting. Tony now drew is attention back to Julie. He told her that these en were gonna acess to NASA military projects for deep space flight along with weapons that have been tested and created. He didn’t want to take any chance that they were gonna be caught with their pants down and have nothing to defend themselves with.

“Ok everyone that’s ot in a nut shell. We need to figure out if they are going to be coming here or going to another rock in this solar system. We have to figure out some way of comunicating with them and math and scince will be some sort of common language. We have the best of the best when it comes to military offense and defense. So protecting our selves should be spot on. The one main question we have to ask our selves is that is this race hostile and want to own this solar system or are they just here exploring. My belief is that they are looking for a place to live and for some reason this planet isn’t it. However any new race in this system is a threat to us and we need to see are they a threat or peacful. Julie we need all the information on probes that have passed by and done studies on all the planets in our system. The reason why is we need to know every thing about each planet from terrain,temp,size,rotation ect... The sooner the better. I suggest you all go back to your rooms and think about what I have just told you and you need to decide if your in or out. Members of the military I know you know what classified means and to us if we back out we can never divuldge anything we find out.”

They all stood up and the four members of the military left first. Tony was hoping they took him seriously and hoped they thought he wasn’t joking. Kate and Michael waited for Tony and Jason to leave. They were convinced that this was the project of a life time and prpbaly the only way that there work was gonna be fully funded and possibly put into action.

“Tony, if we do discover what your thinking when do we tell the rest of world so they can help us?” Kate asked ever so polietly

“For now we will keep this tightly under wraps. Once we have dsicovered what we thought and have some sort of plan then we can discuss telling the world what is going on. However all its going to take is one leak, or someone to see something like I did and the jig is up. The faster we solve this problem the quicker we can come up with a plan.”

Kate was satisfied some what but, had some doubts about letting the world know. Her thought was the more who knew the more help we would get. However she also thought that mass hysteria would cause panic and collapse of smaller countries. So for now she would adhere to the gag order so to speak but, she also knew people who could help and would bring them up when the time came even if that eant going behind Tony’s back. They all left and the plan was to go back to Tony’s and Jasons hanger and begin working on different aspects of what they needed. The big question was that the help of the military was key espically Major Sawyer cause of his time in space.

Back at the hanger the four of them were greeted by all four members of the military. They were standing looking around and awaitng there arrival. Tony walked up to them and shook their hands and the others followed suit. Major Sawyer walked over to Kate and asked “DO you think you can come up with a rocket engine to get us places faster than anything e have ever been in?” Kate was flattered she was the first to be questioned and replied

“I don’t think sir. I know I can. I need the help of Jason and Michael with some of the math. With Tony’s help on the engineering. I believe we can come up with a program for a simulator for you to try and start figuring out what we need to change to make it work right.”

Major Sawyer was really impressed with what she said. He sat back down and was ready to listen. Gen Parker was next to speak.

“Listen it’s hard for me to believe that E.T. Is out there and apparently he isn’t here to phone home. I have access to a team of fifty black opp snipers along with different factions of soliders at my disposal. I believe they will be part of the incursion team that we will need for a offensive. However the rest of the Army will be our disposal for a defensive nature.”

“That sounds good General. We should start working with them in zero gravity asap because a sniper shot will react differently in space or a less gravity situation than here on earth. This means one centimeter makes a whole lot of difference.” Michael stated.

Col O’riley walked over to Tony and asked “If you want the best then my Seal teams will be needed. They know every facet of warfare and will be most reliable.”

Tony took a step back and reached into a draw and pulled out a little tin box.

“First Col take one of these to kill that coffee breath. Second there is no best team here. We have to work together because when we figure out what is going on here this group is really all we have. So get rid of the ego and come to be part of this team. I agree the seals will be a crucial function. However they will be working in a team function so each man is as important as the next understood sir!”

Col O’riley took a small step back a breathed into his hand. He then reached for one of the mints and decided to take a few more just for insurance. Everyone in the room kind of snickered but Jason was glad to see his father take such a stance against a powerful man. Still sitting and listening was Capt Parker. He still had no idea what his knowledge on submarines was gonna do here. He just sat idly by and listened to everyone until they were finessed. He stood up and buttoned his coat and said

“Yet again I understand the use of these gentlemen. These are the brightest minds in the military and I have had the pleasure of working with each one of the during my tenure in the armed forces. I don’t have a crack team of G.I. Joes at my disposal, I don’t have the knowledge of space or how to fly on it or even think of being in it. I am a submariner. I live in the sea and as far as I know once we leave here there isn’t any testing or trials that could be run on modern ships that would be useful to them. So I ask you all what do you need me for.”

Before any of them could voice an opinion Jason stood up and walked over to him. Tony looked at his son and was shocked it was him going to speak. Even the others were surprised and figured that they would let him speak and see what he has to offer.

“Captain sir. I know I am one of the youngest here and probably have no right in saying anything but, please here me out. When my dad received the files on all of you gentlemen I kind of coped it and spent the night looking them over. Of the four you your right sir you are the square peg being forced into a round hole. However your over looking the key important thing here. If we have any use of an offensive the General and Colonel here will be busy planning the main offensive taking them away from duties here. Major Parker will be training many pilots on how to fly whatever we come up with so he will be out of this world so to speak. This brings us to you sir and take this in no offensive please but, your the senior man here. You know the tactics of the greatest minds in our military including Mcarthur,Marshall,Eisenhower,Bradly,Patton,Petraus, Westmorland and of course the great Stormin Norman Schwartzkopf. These men weren’t just military personal. They lead this country on all types of terrain and from what I have read you have written all the books on modern military incursions which makes you the prime leader for this countries armed forces of the Land,Sea and Air. Of course you will have help but, someone has to put the chess pieces on the board and devise on how they should be moved and there is no one better than you sir.”

At this moment the room was silent. You could hear a pin drop five states away it was so quiet. Tony had never been more proud of his son. The senior military staff was taken back. Michael was astonished at what Jason said espically since he has never heard him speak about the project in any fashion. This left Capt Parker still sitting in his chair with a look astonishment. Capt Parker stood up and saluted young Jason and then shook his hand. He took his cover off and said “Son no one has ever complemented me this way before and I have met numerous Presidents and leaders of countries. I would be honored to work with you and this team in any way you see fit. He buttoned his jacket and sat back down. Jason walked back over to the couch to sit down and before he did Tony walked over gave him a big hug and Kate walked over and hugged him as well and told him “That as inspiring.” The other members of the staff were still shocked but, couldn’t disagree with him in any way shape or form.

Jason sat down and decided to let someone else speak because his heart was racing and he was really sweating. Tony walked over to the center of the common room and began to address them all.

“Ok so we all know that each one of us has a particular role to play here. Some of us will need to be here each and every day others will be able to come and go. For now Major I would like you to work with Michael and Kate in designing a engine for space flight and then taking that info and make into a simulator program. Michael I know I just gave you a task but I need you to figure out for all the information that Jason and I come up with as we figure out where they have been in the solar system and show us how long it will take to get to the last planet being Pluto. We need a time frame to work in. General and Colonel I need you to get together your teams and bring them here and have them start working in zero gravity and then increase it slowly so they know how to work in every form of gravity. Jason you will be working with me on finding out if they have visited Jupiter and if they have have they moved on yet. I suggest since it’s late we go for an early dinner and turn in late and begin this work tomorrow. Cause starting tomorrow free time is gonna be sparse so enjoy you freedom tonight.”

At this point food sounded really good to all of them and they all walked to the cars and Mr. Nobotu and Mr. Grant (Who is one of many MP’s assigned to the senior staff here to drive them) drove them over to the dining room and they all had an great dinner. The General and Colonel told of missions they had been on. Major Sawyer told them about flying the shuttle and Captain Parker talked about being the head of several different submarines and how they progressed over the years. They all enjoyed and made there way back to there Barracks,Dorm and home for the night because tomorrow they get busy.

Bright and early they all showed up to begin working. Michael, Kate and Major Sawyer we off coming up with ideas for a possible vessel and engine. Tony and Jason were in the computer lab feeding the computers information on Jupiter to see if the same occurrence happened as it did with mars. The more visits to each planet means they show interest in that Planet. Colonel O’Riley and Gen Parker began going over files of enlisted men who fit the profile of who they were going to want to train for the possibilities of this mission. That left Captain Parker. He knew what was going to be his task so he started familiarizing himself with all the new information on the Army,Aiforce and Marines. Captain Parker also realized that when the time came he would not just be commander of the U.S forces but possibly a world force if countries wanted to join them. They had been working for hours and going out for lunch or coffee was out of the question. Tony sent Mr. Nobuto to go get sandwiches and drinks causing stopping today was not an option. About an Half hour later Mr. Nobuto came back and they all decided to take a break. It wasn’t going to be a long break but, they all needed a rest and sustenance. They were all pretty silent during lunch. They were all now working on there own projects and too much information spread around would and might confuse one another espically if they had opinons on each others work. There was a loud beeping coming from the computer lab. Tony and Jason ran over to see what it was. The others being curious also followed suit. They brought up the screen to see if their work was completed but, that was the alarm. Jason looked over at is computer and it was receiving a huge file. It wasn’t coming from any one he knew. Tony told him to move over and he sat down to try and open the file but, wasn’t having any luck. Michael walked over and gave some suggestions and still nothing. They were gonna need some help to open this file cause they had no idea what it was. The Captain Parker said the funniest thing “You know this reminds me of the movie Contact where it was a radio signal,then a video file and then text.” Tony, Jason and Michael all froze for a moment and then looked at each other. Jaosn went and turned on one of the other desktop computers and Michael did the same. The idea never occurred to them that this message wasn’t just text and needed to break down the the file into the parts it fits. Tony would work on the text part, Jason the video and Michael the audio. This all depended on that these types of files were included. If there was a text part that wasn’t readable they were going to need cryptographers to help break whatever language it was and make it readable for them. The others watched with concern with Tony,Jason and Michael worked diligently trying to grab the parts they were working on and the first to be able to open a file was Tony. It was all text but it was unable to be read. It looked a file that had been encrypted and wasn’t meant to be read unless you had they key to unlock it. Jason and Michael were not having to much luck but, it was a fact there was a video and some type of audio. Everyone went back to work while they were working. About three hours past when Jason screamed “Holy Shit I broke it!” Everyone came running to see what it what he had to show them. Jason had the file go up on the big screen and they all took a seat to see what it was. Jason was still typing and informed everyone that its all of about 2 minutes long. The video began playing and at first all they saw was darkness. Then a shadow of a figure that looked like a human stood in front of the screen. They were all looking meticulously to see if there was anything they noticed that looked familiar but, lets be real they weren’t going to recognize anything and they all kept watching. That’s when it happened a set of orange glowing eyes appeared and what looked like a finger on a hand started waving like the being was saying “No No No.” Then the video ended. Tony looked over at Jason and asked him “Is that all there was or was there more that you haven’t decoded yet.” Jason just sat there looking at the screen. Actual they rest of them kind of had the same look of confusion on their face. Tony stood up and walked over to Jason and sort of slapped him on the back of the head. Jason snapped out of it and said “What, what, huh.” Jason said. Tony looked at him and repeated his question “Is that all or is there any more that you haven’t decoded yet.?” Jason began double and triple checking his computer and the work.

“That’s it everyone that’s all we have for video. I can try to see if the code I wrote to decrypt this part would work on the other two pieces.”

Jason went over to Michael’s computer and sat in the chair and began to type faster than he had ever before. Twenty minutes later he put the video up with the file for what they believed had to be audio. At first the screen showed the same image of the figure with the glowing eyes. However it was a little bit longer. Then it stopped an began repeating but, audio of no words they could under stand. It sounded like someone had stepped on a cats tail in front of a car that was breaking at high speed. The video continued after the audio stopped this time and what came next frightened them all. The shadow figure held a ball and smashed it against the wall. The video cuts off and Gen Parker and Col O’riely both stood up along with Capt Parker and said “we have much less tie than we think. This is clearly a threat an we need to get to work and fast.” Tony couldn’t agree more but, Major Sawyer was gonna stay back cause what they were working on needed to be solved and fast.

“Tony, we need more help now. I think we need to alert the President and other heads of state and we need to get to work with the top minds in the world for us to complete any sort of plan now.” Major Parker said with authority.

“I couldn’t agree more Major. However first we need to show Julie this and see who she knows at the white house. Also I agree we need help. Michael who do you know in China that can come help? Kate who do you know from MIT that’s trustworthy and knows your work as well as you.”

“Well Tony, I have a few people who I worked with in China Space Dept who would definitely help in coming up with a type of rocket. Plus we need to be able to put it together fast once we develop it.”

“You will have what you need.” Tony replied

“As for me I know of some people who are a little crazy but, definitely will be able to help out.” Kate responded

“Crazy, I am not sure if we want that.” Tony said

“Well they are not crazy like the basic term of the word. Lets just say they are very passionate.” Kate rebutted.

“well the two of you need to hit the phones. Jason try and keep on working of opening the last file and if you can I’ll get you more help from NASA. Gen,Col and Maj go get what you need to work on you different parts. I would like to meet them all once they are here. Capt I think you know what we are looking at and it’s time for a battle plan. As for me I am going to talk to Julie and tell her that we need help and all classified weapons,air craft and personal is going to be needed.” Major I suggest you get the best pilots on the planet and get them here cause once we have an idea we are going to have to train and be ready to learn to fly these things.”

The big question that remained was why were they saying and what was the other part of the message that they couldn’t open yet. Jason knew he had a long road ahead of him since the code he used on the other two didn’t work on the main part so he was going to have to be as creative as he could. Captain Parker walked over to Jason before he left and sat on the table.

“Look son. I know your under a lot of pressure as all of us are but I want you to stop for a minute and take a deep breath and count to five. It will help clear your mind and maybe help you see the answer your looking for. Also I wanted you to know that not only I but, we all have faith in you and to keep up the good work.” Captain Parker grabbed his cover and put it on and began walking to the door. Jason took a long deep breath and held it for five seconds and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes he felt calmer and more relaxed and began to re focus on his task at hand. Kate saw what the Capt had did and heard some of it and wanted to go over and give him words of encouragement but, decided not to distract him from his work. Also she needed to go call some friends and see if she could get the down here. Michael went over to one of the desks and sat down and picked up the phone and began calling home. Tony before he left to see Julie went over and put his hand on Jason’s shoulder and Jason looked up at him and they both smiled. Jason knew what his father was saying with out words. Tony let go of his shoulder and headed for the car. He wasn’t sure Julie was gonna belive this and he wasn’t sure he believed what he saw but it was for real. He was going to need mass help and he was prepared to ask for it all.

Tony was on his way to Julie’s office and he was going over the video again. He couldn’t believe what he was looking at. The fact that there is proof of alien life was one thing, the fact that his hypotheses is possible is another. Mr. Nobuto drove slowly. He had the rear view mirror turned so that it as looking at Tony to try to read his face to get a handle on hat is going on. Tony was calm cool and collective considering what was going on. I guess panicking or showing to much excitement would cause talks around the outsiders who were with them. They pulled up to the executive build and as Tony got out Mr. Nobuto said in a deep voice “Is everything all right sir.” Tony was half out of the car when he leaned back in and in his calmest voice he replied “Everything in hunky dory Mr. Nobuto. If something was wrong trust me you would be one of the first to know by the panic in our emotions.” Mr. Nobuto nodded and Tony finished getting out of the car and headed into the building. As usual Mr. Sayid was down stairs awaiting his arrival. Mr. Nobuto had texted ahead they Tony was coming for a meeting with Julie. Tony walked toward the elevator and Mr. Sayid stood next to while they waited for the elevator to come down. Tony had his laptop in his arms and his fore head was beginning to form sweat on it. Sayid noticed this and turned his head and asked “What are you so nervous about Mr. Tony?” Tony smirked and said “You don’t have to call me Mr. Tony. I really don’t like how it sounds. Please feel free to call me Tony. As for the nervousness I got to ask the big boss for some equipment and lots of funds. So I am kind of nervous she will say no.”

“Well Tony, with what you have been showing us I can honestly say that I believe that you will get almost anything you ask for. Also if you can ask for more security personal I would be appreciated.”

Tony gazed at his laptop and thought what would he ask for if he saw what was on the computer he might ask for the national guard to be here. Tony looked over at Mr. Sayid and asked him to join him with this meeting. He promised that it would be something he wouldn’t want to miss. Mr. sayod grinned and put his chine to his chest and shook his head and looked at Tony and said in a deep voice. “I don’t think you can show me anything more than what you have already showed me nor could you scare or surprise me.” He raised his head and continued watching the numbers count up. Tony collected himself a bit and replied “You wanna bet, cause what I have here scared the shit out of the top four military personal.”

Sayid slowly turned his head and with his eyes opened really wide Tony heard a distinctive loud gulp. The elevator dinged and the doors opened and Tony walked through while Mr. Sayod stood kind of frozen not knowing what to expect. Tony motioned his arm to say follow me and he did tentatively. Julie was on the phone so Tony and Sayid both took seats and waited patiently. Tony opened his laptop and began loading the file. Julie hung up her phone and took a sip of her coffee. Tony didn’t say a word and walked over and closed the shades and then lowered the the screen and hooked his laptop up to the projector. He sat back down and before he could hit play he asked the two of them if they needed to use the bathroom cause now would be a good time if any. He started the short video and if it was possible that Mr. Sayid could turn white he would have. When the high pitched noised came over Tony forgot that his volume was way up and Julie and Sayid were both covering their ears. He shut it off and the two of them were still looking at the screen. It as like the first part of the project didn’t exist any more and now they knew that this is a threat in some way. Tony gave them a few minutes and as he was finishing opening the shades he said “OK now we have a huge problem. This is no longer a research project anymore. This is a threat on our way of life. Something has given us a warning in some way to back off or our way of life as we know it will be gone. I don’t’ think they are in this solar system for our planet because they wouldn’t threaten to demolish us if they were. So natural resources like our Planet has either isn’t an interest to them or this was an attempt to basically scare us because they have figured out we are powerful enough to contest them in any type of battle. You see this is what they have been doing. They have been going planet to planet to see for one thing if it is habitability which we know ours is. Two they mean business or making the threat makes no sense. Finally I think they know we cant reach far places in our galaxy and I personally think that they are gonna be looking at Saturn,Neptune,Uranus and Pluto as possible places cause as for now they are over 15 years away from us even reaching one of them.”

Julie had tears in her eyes while Sayid just sat thinking now he has seen it all. Tony sat down and even though he had seen this before he could taste sour in his mouth. He knew he had to be the cement to pull everyone together here and couldn’t show any type of weakness. Cause if he is no good to anyone then this whole wall will collapse.

“Look if you want to go and throw up I understand but if your ready we are going to need a few things.”

“Look Tony I don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s hard to tell what is real. However not even you would go this far to fake a need for more research materials. What do you need don’t worry about the cost just tell me.” Julie said with sadness in her voice.

“Me too Tony what ever you need I am at your disposal.” Sayid replied.

“Ok first thing you have only seen two parts of the message. The third part was we haven’t been able to decipher as of yet so we need cryptographers and computer I.T. Professionals. Next we will need extra security on this project not only for our protection but for the worlds. If any of this gets out e have a problem so I want taps on all out going and in coming calls even my own. If anything looks off we handle it internally nothing gets off this campus. Third whatever the General,Major,Col and Capt need they get assistance from whatever this means all classified military projects that could be useful to us. Once we get an idea on where they are going or have a better idea then we tell the U.N. Not now not yet. If we break now then mass hysteria breaks out and we lose the edge. We will need some sort of liaison with the White House cause we will need a link with the joint chiefs and the president cause it wont be long before he finds out some how. Last but not least I want the engineers here to be ready cause we are going to be building something eventually and when it has been invented we will have to do it fast and I don’t mean three years fast I mean six months fast. Thats it for now if we need more you will be the first to know. I know the money that will be spent will be hard to hide but, thats for another time. Right now we need to figure out where they are going and whats in the other part of that message. Something tells me that part isn’t a threat it is a message of a way to contact.”

Julie told him to head back and get to work on that message she would have people out to him by morning. She also told Sayid the same thing that he would have more staff tomorrow. Sayid got up and walked out with Tony. They got in the elevator and rode down together. Sayid was silent the whole way down. Tis was nothing new to Tony but, he figured he would have something to say. The elevator opened and Tony walked out and turned and asked

“Aren’t you coming?”

“No sir I am not. However I am at your service twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Whenever or whatever you need please call me. I am at your service.”

Tony watched the doors close. This was the first time he thought he could call Sayid a friend. Tony walked out the door and got back in the car and asked to be taken back to the main hanger. All that was on his mind now was did Jason and Michael crack that third part because that was a huge part of the puzzle he doesn’t have the answer to and he sure did need it.

Tony arrived back at the main hanger to find Michael and Jason just where he left them. They were working diligently on trying to break the encryption to read the third part of the message. They were able to break the first two parts but this one was very complicated. Kate was with Major Sawyer working on some type of blue print. What it was he really couldn’t see and for now his main interest was the third part of this message. Jason had tried several types of equations that Michael came up with along with hos coding expertise and he couldn’t break it. Michael got up and put the video on again and made it loop to see if maybe there was something in beaded in the message that was a clue. I mean why send three parts of a message and make the third part impossible. The video part was tough yes and then the audio even harder. He expected the third part to be the toughest but unbreakable. Michael told Jason of his idea and Jason figured that they have tried almost everything so why not. Tony over heard the idea and come in to watch. Jason’s eyes were red from staring at the computer screen that he looked like he was going to fall asleep. Tony was gonna suggest that he go and lie down for a little bit but, he knew his son would protest so best for now to leave well enough alone. They watched the video maybe fifty times and they all saw nothing of importance. Michael slammed his chair and said “I need a drink and something to eat anyone interested. I’ll even bring back some stuff.”

“I wouldn’t mind a roast beef club if your going Michael.” Jason asked

“Why don’t you get a selection of sandwiches and sodas and other snacks. Also ask them for two coffe dispensers we were going to need it later.” Tony stated

Michael told Kate and Major Sawyer that he would be back with food and drinks.

“Can you also get some Twinkees. I could absolutely kill for one right now.” Kate begged

Jason heard this and was ecstatic to find out someone adored them as much as she did he looked in Michaels direction and yelled

“Bring back a bunch please I could die for a couple myself.”

He did this cause he wanted Kate to know he loved as much as she did o she would know they had something even if it was minor in common. Michael just shook his head and headed to car and he and Mr. Nobotu left to go get the food.

Jason went into his room to go lie down while he awaited lunch so Tony took this opportuity to go over and try and see what Kate and Major Sawyer were working on. He knew it was quite improbable for them to have come up with an idea for the engine so quikly but, stranger things have been happening. Tony sat down in a chair and was quiet while they worked cause he didn’t want to inturupt or cause them to lose their train of thought. Kate turned torwards Tony

“What is up sir?” Kate asked

“Nothing just was curious on what you two were working on thats all.” Tony replied

“Well Tony what we have is a sketch of the most current space shuttle. We know we are going to have to be able to stay on it for some period of time hoping not too long but long enough. So we are making it bigger. It will have sleeping quarters, a galley, weapons storage, communications station and on board weapons. Its going to need much bigger engines and more of them. Currently we launch with a main engine with side boosters. Then once in orbit we have four main engines for travel and re entry. To make a ship able to do what we are hoping to do we both believe we will need eight to ten engines plus at least some sort of revolutionary nuclear engine that really hasn’t been invented yet. We are going to need the help of people with more knowledge on nuclear physics. That’s just the beginning though we got more in the works.”

Tony just nodded his head and was pleased that they were so eager to get working on this. He got up shook their hands and went back to look at the video again. There has to be some sort of clue to why they can’t break the third part. He also thought what if this was a test of some sorts. Maybe if they proved they could solve it and open it it would give them a way to talk to them and find out what they want. However that seemed not likely cause if they wanted to just communicate why the threat in the video message. Tony turned off the sound and watched the video again but this time in slow motion. Maybe they were watching it too fast and they was something that they were missing that way. He watched that figure appear then the glowing eyes followed by the shaking of the finger and the destruction of what appeared to be a model of earth. He watched at least four more times and it was all the same. If they wanted them to figure it out then they would have included some way for them to solve it and open it. The noise or audio they wouldn’t be able to crack with out some sort of code key which he belives that is in the third part of the message. Tony knew why Michael is so frustrated because he was too also frustrated and he couldn’t figure it out either. He decided to leave it alone for now because Michael was coming back in the hanger. The car pulled up and Michael got out and asked for some help. Tony went over as did Mjaor sawyer to help bring in everything form the car. Kate figured she would go get Jason cause she was sure he was as famished as she was. She walked over to Jason’s room and knocked on the door. Jason was half asleep and didn’t hear the knocking. Kate opened the door and slowly walked in. Jason was turned on his side. She sat down on the bed and stroked his fore head to slowly wake him because she didn’t want to startle him. Jason turned on his back and slowly opened his eyes to see the beautiful Kate sitting stroking his head.

“Hey there sleepy head food is here figured you were probaly hungry.”Kate said softly

Jason streched and sat up

“How long was I asleep?” he asked

“Maybe twenty to twenty five minutes.” Kate replied

“Got to love those power naps dont ya.” Jason said jokingly

He swung his legs out of the bed and stood up forgetting he was just in his underware. He immeadilty jumped back in bed and turned red in the face. Kate laughed and look around and saw his jeans on the chair. She walked over and grabbed them and tossed them to him. Jason put his pants on still feeling embarassed however. Kate noticed he was all red and she told him that she also just sleeps like that. Hoping that he would feel better.

“Let’s go eat huh. We got a long day ahead of us.” Jason told her

“Yes maybe a good lunch will help you figure out what the missing part is.” Kate told him

“ I hope so cause I currently have no idea what the code is missing to break it. Lunch just be what I need.” he replied

They were look at each other with smiles on their faces. That’s when Kate walked over to him and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. It was his first real kiss with a girl. Her lips were like two rose petals he thought. She pulled away and smiled.

“What was that for?” Jason said with a smile on his face

“For luck what else. Lets go eat.” She replied

Jason nodded and they were on their way to join everyone else for lunch. Jason’s mind was spinning and he didn’t want anyone to know what just happened but, he wasn’t gonna wipe his mouth because he wanted the feeling of her lips on him for a little while longer. Jason and Kate joined everyone and Tony noticed the look on Jason’s face and just laughed to himself knowing that something just happened to him because of the look on his face. Tony wasn’t going to let on he knew and had his lunch with everyone else.

After lunch everyone back to working on the projects that they have started. Jason, Michael and Tony began working on the third part of the message, Kate and Major Saywer went back and began designing the idea they had for a ship in space. Another hour must have gone by when Julie had arrived. She seemed frazzled and walked over to the computer lab. She walked over to Tony and asked him if he had a minute. Tony nodded and left his station for now. They went over to the kitchen cause they was the only private place that was left that they could have a conversation without being disturbed or disturb anyone else. Julie looked like someone who hasn’t slept I a few days. She had bags under eyes, her eyes were blood hot and her whole demeanor just seemed off. They pulled out a couple of stools and sat down.

“Tony I just got off the phone with a number of agencies including the White House. Let me tell you they weren’t too happy they were notified sooner but, my rationale was we had no idea with what we were dealing with and we didn’t want to cause a panic. They will be sending some advisers to look in on us to keep everyone in the loop. We have been approved for the extra security and extra labor that you requested. However some of them won’t be arriving until tomorrow. I am gonna send some technicians from our computer department to see if they can help break this message. I agree the third part is going to be most crucial into figuring out what they want. All I can say is I don’t know how I am sitting comfortably after just have most of my ass chewed off.”

“Julie I appreciate you going all out for us and taking the hits you just did. It takes strength to take that type of a beating and live to tell about it. My main concern is keeping this whole thing a secret. Now that the white house knows whats going on how long till one person who is offered a huge amount of money or is already on someones payroll so to speak is going to leak this thing to the press. Once this hits national media the world is gonna know and that can go two ways. 1. major wide spread panic and a lot of countries might end up in martial law. 2. we could get a lot of help that we need but, haven’t asked for cause of national security. Oh and lastly it looks like you got a most of your ass left they only too a small chunk. Tony laughed when he said this. Something had to be done to break the tension.

Tony got up and hugged Julie and explained to her she needed to get some rest. He also made it clear that he had her back and would go the whole nine yards to protect and her job. Julie had some tears in her eyes and not because she was sad or happy she was just plain exhausted and told everyone good night.

“Julie, I want you to be here more often. It’s easier for you to see whats going on first hand instead of me running and presenting to you each time.” Told said loudly enough so everyone could hear it. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he had control and the buck really stopped with him.

“I’ll make sure to make time each day for a few hours for like a briefing so you can catch me up. Oh and by the way Mr. Sayid asked me to remind you that anything you may need to just let him know.” Julie replied.

Tony knew his relationship with Sayid was good but, now he knew that the most important people assigned to this project was looking to him to lead and this was a definite good thing. Tony went back to his desk in the computer lab and began trying to figure this all out.

Phones were ringing off the hook at Chief of Staff Howard’s office. He had just sat in with the President, the joint chiefs and some of the cabinet. Howard had been working for the federal government for the better part of forty years and he has never heard or seen anything like was going on. He sat back in his brown leather chair and just closed his eyes cause he needed a minute to try and process everything that was in front of him right now. He knew what was going on and pissed that they weren’t informed sooner so they could be involved and try to keep a lid on this. A knock was at his door. It opened and a thin tall lady came in. It was his personal assistant.

“Mr. Howard you have been getting phone calls from every member of the cabinet. They want another emergency meeting and they say your not answering you private line. Is everything ok?” She asked with as little worry as she could muster.

“No Ms. Lang everything isn’t ok.” He stated.

“Is there anything I can do. I am a good listener maybe I could help?” she asked

Howard turned in his chair and figured that she was going to find out one way or another cause she read alost everything that came into his office. He motioned her to sit down and told her the whole thing about what was currently going on. He didn’t leave anything out and made sure he made it clear that she must keep this to herself and not tell anyone. She sat there mesmerized at what she had just learned. She rubbered her eyes and even pinched her arm to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming. Once Howard was finished he told her

“Go back to the phones anyone who calls, tell them meeting at seven tonight.”

“Ok sir, seven tonight.” Lang replied

She got up and began to walk back to her desk. Her mind was spinning but, not because she was scared or drunk. She just realized that she had the story of not only the year but possibly the century and as she got back to her desk all she could think about were dollar signs. She opened her desk and sent a text to a friend who happened to work at the Washington post. It read hope your ready for this. Meet for dinner eight pm. Have story of the century. Of course she was smart enough not to use her personal or business phone but a burner phone that she happened to by for emergencies and other private matters like this.

Back at the hanger it was late. They all had been working to tirelessly that dinner never really crossed their minds. Most of them were running on caffeine and adreline while Kate and Major Sawyer were famished and couldn’t look at anymore lunch meat. They went over and cleaned up the table and brought everything to the kitchen. They put all leftovers in the fridge and walked over to the computer lab. Tony, Michael and Jason were still at it and still with out any luck.

“Guys it has been a long day why don’t we call it a night. We are getting much needed help tomorrow and fresh minds might do with some help.” Kate said

Jason and Michael were in agreement but,Tony wasn’t budging. He was determined to solve this cause he needed to know what was in the last part. Jason walked over to his dad and put his hands on his shoulders and pleaded with him to call it a rest because if he isn’t rested and at his best then none of them would be. Tony loved the fact that his son was so passionate about this and also really cared about his well being. Tony nodded and pushed the keyboard in and stood up. They all went back to there rooms for a good earned rest. Even though most of them had tons of coffee running through their veins they were all able to get to sleep pretty fast. This had been a hard day cause now that third part of the message was lingering and they knew that really to continue on that they would have to open it to see what it was. For now it was rest time but, tomorrow they were back at it. During the night it was a good thing they left the computers on cause they were receiving another file from an unknown host.

The next morning Jason got up and realized that his T.V was still on and he hd slept in his clothes. He went an took a fast shower. He got dressed and when he came out he saw his dad sitting in the computer lab. He walked over and noticed his dad was really red in the face.

“Whats going on dad?”

“Tony leaned back in his chair and turned and faced his son. He was pissed and angry

“So after you convinced me to take a rest we received a message durning the night. Another huge file that needs breaking. If we would have stayed up and continued working we would have gotten tis and maybe been able to open some of it and find some sort of clue how to open the other part. However no we all had to sleep. Make sure your well rested cause sleep is a thing of the past. Get everyone here and we need to get started.” Tony said furiously at his son

Jason felt horrible but, the other parts of him didn’t How was he supposed to know that this would happen. Like he had ESP and could for see what was coming. For now he was gonna humor his dad cause it was a rarity that he ever yelled or talked in a loud voice like that to him for any reason. He knew the amount of pressure that he was under and took that in account but, he didn’t want to lose any respect that he had towards his dad and began calling everyone back over for a morning briefing.

The night before Ms. Lang was preparing the briefing notes for the cabinet meeting. She kept a close look at clock knowing she had to be at the restaurant by eight. She made all the copies and made them into files for each member of the cabinet but she made sure to make one extra for her that she tucked into to her back to make it easy to sneak out. She went back to Mr. Howards office and told him everything was ready and the she had a dinner engagement. He appreciated her hard work and told her to have fun. She went back to her desk and got her bag and phone’s. She walked to the front door to head to employee parking lot. As usual there was two guards to check her bag and a metal detector she had to walk through. The bidded her a good night and she left. She was a little nervous with the file tucked in to her back but, she made sure she said goodbye to them like she always did to they would be suspicious about anything she was doing. She got into her Silver BMW and even when she was in she didn’t take out the file knowing that there was cameras everywhere and didn’t want to raise suspicion about anything. She drove to the front gate and then onto the street. At the first traffic light she leaned forward and removed the file from her back. She placed it in her bag and continued on to the restaurant. The place they were going to was a small restaurant that had dim lighting and most people kept to them selves. She parked and walked in giving her name for the reservation. They escorted her to the table where a man in his mid forties was there waiting for her. She sat down and the waiter asked her if she wanted anything to drink. She asked for a glass of white wine. He walked away to go get her drink. The man from the Washington Post was David Bell. He had been a head writer on very important political stories for the better art of the last ten years. He was tall had brown hair with some Grey mixed in. After her drink was delivered he didn’t wait long to break the ice.

“So what did you bring me that I couldn’t miss out on?”

“Just be patient. Lets order dinner so we know we wont be interrupted shortly and then we shall get down to money first.” Ms Lang stated

They ordered just main dishes so that they would have some time before it came out and they wouldn’t be disturbed.

“David I have supplied you with countless stories over the last several years. Some of them big and some of them small but, what I have for you is literally out of this world news. I promise you that it’s worth you giving the twenty five thousand to just see the file and then another fifty thousand to take it with you.”

“you want seventy five thousand for this. What makes you think I have that type of money on me?

“Well I think that you know that this type of news coming from where its coming from and the information that a cabinet meeting has to do with it is more than well worth it. I am sure you have that type of money on you.”

David reached into his bag and grabbed an envelope. He pulled out two stacks of ten thousand dollars and slid it to her.

“I only have ten thousand dollar batches so twenty thousand to see the file is good enough.” David said

“Ok that’s fine.” Lang replied

She reached over and took the money and quickly flipped through it to make sure it was real and all there and no fake bills. She placed it in her bag and took out the file and handed it to him. She really trusted him because if she didn’t she would want the full amount up front. David opened the file and began flipping the pages in his lap. The waiter was coming over with there food and he slid it down to his side. He placed the plates in front of them and left. David slid the file back up to his lap and continued looking at it. The file contained the notes and pictures from Tony and Jason’s work. David couldn’t believe what he was reading. In his mind he knew this story was worth more than what she was asking but, he reached down and gave her the rest of the envelope. It contained eighty thousand more. She looked inside it and then placed it in he bag. She began to eat her dinner and suggested he eat his not to rouse any suspicion. David placed the file in his breifcase and eat his dinner.

“Be sure to give it at least two days before you let this news out. I don’t want anyone to be looking my way. Once the cabinet meeting is over more people are going to know and this means it could be leaked from anywhere.” Lang pleaded

“You know there is no waiting in the news business however I will have it out within the next twenty four hours. I need this story my column has been drab for the last few month and this will definitively put me on top.” David stated

Ms. Lang knew that forty eight hours was a stretch but she wasn’t going to start a problem and just knew she had a ton of new cash and didn’t want to risk anything. The finished dinner and parted ways. Ms. Lang got in her car and headed home. David got into his car and began to drive off. He had the file out and was flipping through it and was glancing at the road and back at the file. He didn’t see the light change and went straight through and a truck coming the other way plowed his car flipping it over several times. The car caught fire and exploded burning all the contents of the file. David was killed on impact. For now the story was safe but, before he left he told his editor what he was doing and that’s how he got the money. David was heading back to the office to show what he had but, he never got the chance.

Back at the hanger everyone had gathered in the common room. Tony began explaining what happened last night and told everyone there was no time to waste. They needed to crack the third part of the first message but they needed to get started on the second. he knew that at some point today he was getting extra help with the cryptography and that help couldn’t come any quicker. Michael, Jason and Tony went back to working on the message and Kate and Major Sawyer went back to work on designing. Two hours had passed and still had nothing. Jason was pretty silent and very angry his dad went off on him. You could say he wasn’t giving his work his full attention. Jason was a very important part of the team ad he knew that he had to do his best even though it wasn’t in him. Jason just realized some thing. He was thinking how much this wasn’t in him and there was something he never looked at closely and that was the the shadow figures eyes. They new they lit up and something he never thought of was looking at the eyes for a reflection to see if they missed something there. He stood up walked over tot the main computer and put up the video. He started fast forwarding slowly till he came where the eyes lit up and then zoomed in. He was right there was a reflection. It was kind of blurry but he could see other figures and then he saw something he didn’t believe. A set of four symbols on a screen. They meant nothing to him but he printed the image and was getting kind of gitty. Jason wasn’t sure if this meant anything or not but, it was something. The real question was how to design these symbols to be put into text on a computer.

“Michael, Dad come look at this.” Jason yelled

Tony and Michael stopped what they were doing and rushed over to the printer. Jason began to explain his thought process and showed what he found. They looked at the image and saw the four symbols.

“Could this be the key were looking son?” Tony pondered

“Even if is Tony how do we input these four symbols into text form for it to be used.” Michael said

“The real question is what do the symbols mean. Are they letters in their alphabet? Are they to correspond to letters in our alpha bet? They look nothing like any of our letters at all so we cant just say they are this and that. The symbols are the only thing on this screen so this has to be something.” Jason said.

They made a few more copies and got back to work. About another hour had gone by and the hanger doors opened. Three black SUV’s came in. They were bringing people to help out with the deciphering of the message and some engineers to work with Kate and Major Sawyer. Julie was also among the group. Julie got out and directed where everyone should be going. She walked over to the computer lab with the technicians and opened the door.

“Ok Tony here is some help to try and break the code.” Julie said

“Great cause we had a break through and were on to the next part of the two messages.”Tony Replied

“Um did you say two messages Tony. I thought there was only one?”

Tony began to explain that during the night they had received yet another very hard message to de code. He went on to tell Julie about the discovery that his son had found and that they believe that this some sort of code needed to decry-pt the message. Julie was floored and excited cause she had to give an update to her contact at the White House in the next few hours. It would be great to know what the message said so she could give an important update. With the news of a second message she wanted to be able to tell that they solved the first one and could give info on the second one. Tony and his team began talking to the engineers and technicians catching them up to speed on what they were working on. He explained about the symbols and that they had no idea what they represent but that they believe that this is the key to cracking the code to open the message. Julie chimed in and explained on its urgency and that being able to read this message might give us incite on what these beings want. Tony’s team sat and went over the image and started listing ideas on what it could mean and correspond to. The hard part was that they didn’t know if each symbol represented one or two characters.

“The symbols have to be represented somewhere ]. I mean what would be the point of sending a message to be broken and not give us a clue. Well they gave us a clue but these mean nothing with out a chart of alphabet.” Michael pointed out.

Tony slapped his fore head and ran over to his computer and printed the page on the screen. The only way to recognize the symbols was to have seen them some where. He began looking at the page and sure enough the symbols were on the page. They were indeed in the code for the message it self. SO again what did they mean. The team had to print every page of code and look at it line by line to see if something came to mind. One of them thought what if we take every symbol and copy it down and see how may different symbols there are and then we can try to identify the individual ones. They all turned the idea down cause that would take too much time and they weren’t sure how many they are. Another suggested that they copy they scan the image and then copy and paste it in a search engine and on a chance see if this symbol has shown up anywhere else. This Idea tony could wrap his gums around and told him and Michael to go work on that idea. He assigned Jason and one of the other techs to try and guess what these symbols mean by looking at the code and seeing if they form a pattern in any way. Tony went back to to working on visuals of Jupiter and Saturn to see how many ships visited and stayed for how long.

Over in the common room Kate and Major sawyer presented there ideas for rockets and crafts for space travel. They wanted to be able to test this sometime soon so they needed to figure out how long it would take to build. There best ideas were made using nuclear power to move the ships as fuel would be to costly and impossible to refuel in space travel. They will also have to hold at least 12-15 crew and soldiers to travel. The next question is could they take a version of the F35 and make it space travel as well.

Capt Parker came back early in the afternoon to see what was going on. He was brought up to speed by Jason and found it all interesting. Capt Parker really wanted to talk to Julie, lucky for him she was already there.

“Julie we need access to all military projects on weapons that NASA has going on at the current moment. I dont care how crazy they seem but, we need to see them for the purpose of offensive fights. The crews that Col O’riley and Gen Parker are going to be here in a few days to begin training in zero gravity and if there is equipment or weaponry that we can use then they need to train on them.”

“Capt I will get you whatever I can but, I promise you it isnt a lot. What I do know is there is a gun that has had great success in zero gravity so that will definitely help.”

Capt Parker walked over to see what Kate and Michael had come up with. Julie walked over to the computer room hoping to hear the slightest good news but, nothing yet has been solved. Tony believed that they were getting close to a solution but, it could be time to break the code. Julie said her goodbyes for she had a phone briefing with the White House. She will keep them up to date on the newest events but, she planned on hiding the news about the second message until they broke the first.

At the Washington post things were business as usual until abot two thirty in the afternoon. Two dectives from the capitol police came to see the editor. They were brought in by his secretary and shown to twon leather seats. They were offered water or coffee but declined graciously. The editor was on the phone and held up his finger to signal he would be with them in a moment. They took the time to take out note pads and pens to be ready for any information that they could get on him. The editor hung up the phone.

“How can I help you detctives?”

“Sir did you have a journalist by the name of David Bell working for you?”


“Yes sir he was killed in a tragic accident last night. His car was struck by a truck killing him instantly. We found out the car was registered to him and we pulled out information that he worked here.”

“This is horrible. David was one of the best journalists we had here. He had been here just about ten years an had wrote many award winning articles about the government. Was he driving drunk or illegally may I ask?”

“As for the drunk part that’s is a no. the best answer we can give you is that he ran a red light and his car was struck. It looks like a case of an accident but, we are just looking for some answers if there was any.”

“Well I don’t have much for you except he was supposed to come back here last night after a meeting with she told me he had a source that had ground breaking news on a major story but, wanted big bucks for the information. I gave him a hundred thousand dollars to buy whatever it could be. When he didn’t return I thought the dinner ran late and would be here in the morning.”

“Do you think he might be trying to run away with the money?”

“No nothing like that. He has asked for funds many times to buy information and has always come through. Besides if he were to run away he would have been long gone not killed before he left town. Maybe he was distracted by something I don’t know.”

“That we can’t say. We are going to be examine the traffic cam footage to see if we can get a better look in the car to see what was going on. We do know he wasn’t on his phone cause his records don’t show a call at the time of the accident of a few min before. DO you know who he was going to meet last night by any chance?”

“No. He kept his information confidential. However he never came through with a huge story. The only thing I knew is that he said it was a game changing story that he was being handed and it was coming from the White House. That’s all I got. For you to go on sorry.”

“You have been a great help. If we need anything else we will contact you.”

They got up and took a card off the desk. They put their note pads away and headed back to the station to look at the footage to see if they could see into the car. Also they needed to find out who at the White House is leaking secret information to the press.

The editor was so dismayed by what he was just told that he announced to everyone what has transpired. He demeaned a tribute to be written immediately for tomorrows paper. He was angry about the situation, the money being gone and not knowing what he was gonna report on. He really hoped that the police might find something about what he was doing in the car that might have caused this tragedy and maybe they will also find out who he was going to be meeting and maybe he can recover the information that was going to be reported on. Never the less this is a dark day for the paper and it has lost one of it’s best writers.

Back in the hanger they were all still working and it was getting late. The computers were searching for any similarity to the symbols or the symbols themselves. Still no luck though. It seems each day they closer and closer to solving this riddle but, still seems far away. Jason was exhausted just as Michael was and the other technicians but, after what transpired last night he wasn’t going to suggest stopping. That would be his fathers call. Michael was dozing off when his computer dinged. It had found a result for one of the symbols. It came across a similarity of ancient Hebrew. All of sudden every co mputer that was searching began to ding. They were coming up with similarities between these symbols in the same language. They were all mesmerized. Was Moses coming back Michael thought for moment. They took the results and ended up coming with five common English letters. They translated to L.O.U.P.T. Great another riddle to figure out. Tony immediately called Julie and told her to get down here. Kate and Major Sawyer and there team heard the commotion and stopped what they were doing to see what was going on. As they approached the lab Kate could see the Letters on the screen. She took out her note pad and put the letters down on the page. Could this be an anagram, or a alien word or even so sort of word from Hebrew text. They all didn’t know and were eager to solve this one cause they knew this was one step closer to breaking this code. Jason wasn’t sleepy any more in fact none of the team was cause the thought of getting to where they are is so exhilarating it gave them like a super boost of power. Julie arrived and rushed into the lab and saw the computer results.

“Did you put the letters into your code? Did it open it?” Julie Pondered

“Yes we did, and no it didn’t. We now know there are five letters from ancient Hebrew text that translated into these letters. The real question now begins on what they translate to.” Tony replied

Kate was working on mixing the letters around to form a word. She came up with a few but, she was distracted by something falling in the common room and put her note pad down. The last word written on it was PLUTO. This was the answer. It wasn’t any Hebrew word or anagram. It was simply the planet they were interested in. While everyone was actively working Tony’s computer dinged. The information that Jason and he were working on for Jupiter and Saturn had come in. There wasn’t too many visits at all probably because there was too many problems for anything to live on the planet. Between the gases and asteroids that surround the planets there was too many chances for accidents. Next he called Jason over to help him start putting the information into the computers for Neptune and Uranus. These two planets don’t have as many obstacles in front of them as far as they know and then the last one being Pluto. Pluto they had there information on but it don’t have much if any sunlight and was always cold. Not really a place to believing in a solar system. Jason really wanted to be working on the decoding process but, still wasn’t going to be rustling his fathers feathers. Tony looked over at Jason and realized he had made a huge mistake in yelling at him. He didn’t do it because Jason was his son. He was trying to treat him like the part of the team and would have chewed out anyone who came up with the idea. He walked over and pulled out the seat next to and sat down.

“Look Jason. I am sorry for what I did and said this morning. I know you could have no way to predict what was going to happen. I did say there were going to be a lot of sleepless nights and it just so happened you convinced me to go to bed. I love you and can we please just bury the hatchet and move on?” Tony asked of his son

“Dad look. I just was surprised that you blew up at something I had no control over. However I have to remember I need to not only look to you as a dad but, as my boss this time around and remember I can’t take advantage in any way. Not that I was don’t get me wrong. However we are one step closer into this massive puzzle and like you said lets let bygones be bygones and get back to work.” Jason replied

They gave each other a big hug and got back to work. Tony shared the information on Saturn and Jupiter with the team and looked at images the best they could get and noticed something he didn’t expect. The ships that visited those two planets were different than the ones that visited Mars and Earth. Why were these ships or vessels different. Tony asked Major Sawyer and Kate to come over and look at these images. They had already seen the pictures of the ships that visited Earth and Mars and now were taking a closer look at the newer ones. They seemed longer and wider, with bigger engines. The ones that visited us were much smaller and had much smaller engines. They also had a glass top in the front that Kate and Major Sawyer believe were cockpits. These vessels didn’t have that so they believed this was some kind of command ship maybe. They were taking extreme notes on the ships. The big problem was that they had no idea what they were made out of. Ships this big aren’t made of steel. They could be made of some kind of super metal that hasn’t even be discovered on this planet or lets be real not even attainable. Kate brought up the idea that the ships they were designing be made of titanium . It is one of the strongest most durable metals on the planet. Kate thought it would be cool to make a ship out of vibrainium but, that is only in comic books. They took their notes and headed back to the common room. Still her note pad with the apparent clue on it was sitting on the counter outside of the computer lab and during the time they were looking at the new ships piles of files and papers were put on top of it so it will either be tossed or she will remember it at some point.

Michael’s phone was ringing. It was a call from a friend within the Chinese space program. Michael had called him earlier but, had no luck reaching him. Michael knew what classified was but, was also told by Tony to ask for help. Since the Americans, Russians and Chinese had the best space programs and since Michael was working with the Chinese it only felt right to contact them and try to get some help on his part. They were chatting about certain equations and the ideas of traveling in space when Michael heard something in the background. It was music from a movie that sounded familiar

but, he couldn’t place it. He asked what it was and when h was told it was a Disney movie Michael froze. He closed his eyes and saw the letters and it hit him. It spelled PLUTO. This wasn’t just a clue into what was happening, or maybe even the key word to break the coded message but, this species wasn’t playing games. They were flat out telling us where they were going. Michael stopped everyone and reported what the letters meant. Kate felt embarrassed, she knew she had that but, had forgotten about her note pad and didn’t know where it was and decided to keep her mouth shut. The thing that bothered her was that she thought if she had presented them with it earlier it would have saved hours. The moment had came. Michael and Jason started entering the word into tier codes. Everyone was watching with anticipation awaiting to see the message unravel in front of them. It took them about an hour each to write the code in to hopefully bring the walls down on this encrypted message. They finished and uploaded it to the closed file and just as the team had thought they were one step closer they were shocked to see the same message on the screen that read cant de crypt. Jason and Michael were furious. They thought they had it. However Tony tried to console Jason by telling him that he found a huge clue to the reason they are here. We now know what one of their purposes is. It was to inhabit the planet Pluto. He also explained we don’t know if they know we found this information from their video yet. He knew they still had to break the code so they could translate the rest of the message and then it hit all of them like a bolt of lighting. If the computer found the original symbols in the ancient Hebrew text then it could figure out the rest of the letters and then they could place it into the computer as an English code and not an alien one. They printed out the multiple pages of coded information and scanned it into the computer main frame and let it do it’s work. It was gonna take a while so Tony suggested that they get dinner and Julie ordered a ton of pizza’s for them to chow down on. Yes they were all hungry but one thing was on their mind was what is the message going to say and how were they going to deal with it.

The computers were working hard in trying to find the symbols in the ancient Hebrew text. The thing that Tony realized was that Jason didn’t find the key word but, he found out what these beings were going for. The question now becomes why visit each planet? Were they looking to see which planets were a threat to them? As far as we know we are the only beings in this solar system and we know a lot of the planets are inhabitable because of there composition make up. Pluto wasn’t any real prize in any way shape or form. It is made up of Nitrogen Ice, methane and carbon dioxide. We assume that its center is nickle and iron. I guess we can hypothesis that these beings can live on these gases and don’t require a ton of light. Every being is different in their own way and live a certain way as well. The reason they visited Earth and Mars so much is that they might have thought these planets would do them justice but, earth was taken so to speak and could be defended. Maybe they didn’t want to start a war. Mars is close to earth and is made up of similar components but, the fact that it’s close to earth I guess it makes it susecptable to an attack. Taking Pluto meant we couldn’t make an immediate attack right away. As it stands now it’s about a nine and a half year journey just to get there. Pluto does have one huge advantage. It has five moons which could provide them extra space to bring there collective into our solar system. Tony knew that everyone hadn’t rested and it was going to take time for the computers to finalize the code and produce results. He told everyone to go home and get some sleep and tomorrow we should have some new idea on how to break this code. Everyone breather a huge sih of relief because they were all spent. They all helped clean up the garbage from dinner and all headed out to there homes for the evening. Tony made sure to tell them to be back by eight the next morning fully refreshed and ready to make history. Jason dragged himself to his room and closed the door. did the same and just fell on his bed. He was so tired that he fell asleep with in minutes.

At the Washington Post the article on David Bell was being formed for the morning edition. It was going to be the main headline for the paper that day. It was going to contain excerpts of stories he has written and talk about his awards he has won. Still the question remained was what was the last story he was working on. All he knew was that it cost the paper at least a hundred thousand dollars cause none of that money was going to be recovered. Even if he got it for free the fact would remain that the money was lost in the fiery explosion. The next question was who was he going to be meeting from the white house? For the story to be as good as it was going to be it had to be coming from someone near the top or someone who worked for them and got some vital information and like a lot of people in this world thought they could get some good money for it. All that he could hope that the police have found out what happened in the car last night that caused him to run a red light.

The two detectives arrived back at the station after stopping for a bite to eat. The went to the surveillance dept and asked to see the camera footage for the street of the crash and wanted to know if they could see in the car before it met it’s demise. The technicians began compiling the information and told them to have a seat and they would bring it up on the big screen. They were told that they would be able to see at least three lights before it happened. This would be a huge help because they would get insight on what was going on. They asked that if the image could be zoomed in on the driver as much as possible. They started to zoom in and began to play the footage. The footage started about three blocks before the accident occurred. They could see Bell driving but, his head kept on looking at the passenger seat and then back at the road. He was definitely looking at something important enough for him to take his eyes off the road. The second street light turned yellow and it seemed he didn’t even notice and the the third red and then that’s all she wrote. Bell was definitely looking at something and that s what got him killed. The question remains on what he was looking at and who gave it to him? The took a copy of the film and headed home for the evening. Tomorrow they would show the editor the tape and then make a call to the secret service telling them whats going on and that they wanted to question people who were in the white house that evening before the incident.

It was about six thirty in the morning when Ms Lang showed up at her desk. She put her purse in the draw as usual, turned on her computer and put a fresh pot of coffee up. She didn’t know how long the meeting went last night and she wasn’t going to complain on having some time to read the morning paper. Little did she know what was the main headline was going to be. Ms Lang got herself a cup of coffee and added some vanilla flavoring to it. She walked back to he desk and unfolded the paper. Before she could sit down she saw the front page and dropped her cup. She couldn’t believe what see was seeing. Saw read the headline again and it read “Award winning journalist killed in car crash” the scary thing is that she now realized that she was the last one to see him alive. What f he told someone who he was meeting and why she pondered. She was thinking it could be only a matter of time before someone comes knocking at the door and begin questioning her on seeing Bell the night before. Then she thought what if no one knew about their meeting and she realized she got a hundred thousand dollar free gift. She carefully read the article and it told about his award winning stories and his rise through the paper. It told nothing of this latest story he was going to be writing. She began flipping through the paper and there was no mention of the file she gave him. So this means it was destroyed or they have it and are preparing it for the next edition. For now she wasn’t going to worry about it until there was something to worry about. She was going to go about her day as usual and try not to think about it. For she knew that if she was caught stealing federal documents that it meant jail time. She also knew that she had to hide a lot of the money and only keep a little at a time so she didn’t arouse suspicion.

It was about seven in the morning in Washington DC when the two detectives decided to go look over the wreckage. They hadn’t spent much time at it cause it was still being put under control. They knew a ton of the evidence was destroyed and they also knew that it wasn’t a bomb that went off or anything like that but to see if they could find some shred of evidence of whatever Bell was looking at in the car that caused him to run two red lights and meet his maker. They began sifting through the charred ashes of metal and other items. Everything was black and mostly disintegrated. They picked up anything in and around the car hoping to find something that could be from what he was reading. They were looking by the side of the car and underneath a bunch of ash was a white scrap of paper with what appeared to have the presidential logo on it. There was no other writing or anything but, this proves that whatever was being read or looked at came from something meant for the presidents eyes and this meant it was of the top priority. This would also help them narrow down the list of people to speak to cause only so many people would have access to these types of papers. They also found the partial remains of a money wrapper that they guessed was from a ten thousand dollar bunch and a piece of a hundred dollar bill. They carefully bagged the piece of paper and the parts of the wrapper and the bill and walked back to their car. They knew they have stumbled onto a mess and something that could be linking the president could mean huge trouble for whomever brought the contents of what was in this package to him and would mean serious jail time for theft of government property.

Tony was the first to be awake. He got dressed fast and banged on the wall to awaken Jason. They both rushed to the computer lab to see what the computers had churned out. There was pages of information to be looked at. Jason and tony got them together and made a few copies so that each team would have the same reference to look at. Everyone was there by eight thirty as Tony had requested. They got to work by completing what the computer had come up with 26 different characteristics. They decided that they would have to figure out how to have the computer translate it. Michael said the best way he thought would be to lay out the symbols that corresponded to letters on a key board. This sounded good to everyone else I mean the best way to communicate is by typing like they did and if they were to understand our language it would be on a keyboard. It took about two hours to sort and compile a program to set up the keyboard so the computer could start translating the code into English form. After about two hours it was all gibberish. There was no order for the letters. They were all over the place. So the thought of using a keyboard idea was completely wrong. Now the question becomes how do we put the symbols out so it translates properly. For the rest of the morning they put together several ideas. Each time they completed an idea it would take the computer about thirty minutes to an hour to compile and translate. None of the ideas they had worked. To say none the least they were all frustrated. They were so close to breaking this that they could taste the ink in their fingers from all the paper they have been holding. Julie felt there pain and tried to make a joke to lighten the mood

“Maybe we should get a book like Hebrew Alphabet for dummies.”

Tony turned his head slowly and so did Jason. It was like a light bulb went on over both of their heads. That was the answer. They were setting up the letters as if they were reading it in an English translation. They all began rewriting the code to put the symbols in the code in ancient Hebrew. The computer began working. They all sat back in their chair anxiously awaiting the result. This has to be the answer Jason began thinking to himself and if it isn’t im gonna break something very expensive. Michael’s hands and forehead were sweating with anticipation. Tony figured that if this isn’t the answer they are pretty much back to square one and losing valuable time. They knew where they were going and the question what would be there intentions from then on out. Just over an hour later the computer stated to translate the message on the big screen and it was as clear as day. Words in English that they could read. The third part of the message was unraveling and they awaited its completion before reading. Once it was done it read

This is a warning. We know about your planet and your capabilities. We will be coming and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Once we get here your chances are little at success. Where we are going you cant reach and we know your space capabilities. You are weak and small and one day soon you will all be gone. Pursue us and try to disrupt us your time will be less.”

Needless to say everyone stopped in their tracks. This was the first real written communication from this new race of beings. Julie asked for a copy cause she knew she had to brief the white house. Major Sawyer knew this was a real threat and went to call the rest of the fearsome foursome as he has now begun to call it. He needed to inform them on what has transpired here and that they needed to get back with whatever they have now and they need to begin working on a plan of defense first before offense. Tony was hoping that the message wasn’t going to be one of hostility but, one of kindness. Yes he was thinking way outside the box like a million miles away but, hope is hope. Kate walked out of the room and went and sat down. She was downtrodden and began to cry. Jason had seen this and motioned to his dad that he was going to to go to her and Tony nodded. Jason grabbed some tissues and a cup of water and went and sat next to her. He put his arm around her shoulder and handed her a tissue. She wiped her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. In a weeping voice she said

“So tis is the end. I guess we have had a good run. You know I mean the human race that is. I just thought I would live longer and would have done a ton more before I die.”

She began to cry again. Jason hadn’t really ever consoled anyone before and did his best to try and make her feel better.

“Look Kate I am not really good at this but, for what it’s worth we aren’t going anywhere yet. Yes they have threatened to destroy us and wipe us off the face of the earth. No pun intended of course. We are down but have a long way to go. We don’t know how long we have so lets not think that tomorrow is the end of the worldwide know where they are going so we can start to prepare to a defense plan and a offensive plan. We need you so much right now. Your ideas will be one of the key components to us even getting to Pluto with in a reasonable amount of time. They are right we are inferior but, in their message they said “We will be coming” that means a lot cause they have no idea that we know it’s Pluto. This gives us a small advantage. We don’t know how long it’s going to take to bring their collective to Pluto and we also don’t know what the second message says yet. Maybe it’s a retraction of the first message and it’s more of a message of pity for their dying culture. I mean who is gonna miss Pluto. It’s not like we go there for a casual night out right. I am just trying to say lets not panic until we have more to panic about.”

Kate still had tears in her eyes but showed a small smile on her face. She gave Jason a hug and kiss on his cheek. She excused herself to go and wash her face and freshen up. Jason went back into the lab and sat back down. Tony walked over and told him e did a great thing and that he should be proud of himself. Jason did feel good until he looked at the screen. The second message was starting to show up and the message started with “You have about two years to live” Jason looked up and in his mind a huge alarm was going off sating now we all can panic. There was no more to the message. So now they knew the What, The When. They didn’t know the why, the who or how. Of those left they all figured the how was the most scary, the who is the most interesting and the why is most desired. For now they all had work to do especially Kate and Michael. They had to begin coming up with the equations to make Kates idea for rocket nuclear travel work. For now Major Sawyer was going to be occupied with meetings with the fearsome foursome. So Kate and Michael were going to be on their own for now. Julie was heading back to office to give the bad news on what has transpired today. She knew this wasn’t going to bode well at all and why should it. We have just been threatened by a unknown species to literally wipe us from existence. It’s not like we can pick up everything and head over to our sister planet cause there wasn’t one. He drive back was a quiet one. She as figuring out in her mind what she was going to say because she was sure that the white houses next step was to inform the United Nations on this predicament and there goes the whole ball game. She arrived just a few minutes after she left and called Sayid to come to her office. He was going to have to hear this so he knew what he and his team was going to be in for. She figured that the secret service was going to be informed because this is now a matter of national security and the less press on the base the better. Eventually NASA will have to make a statement but, one thing crossed her mind. What if this species can pick up there radio signals and microwave signals. If they can then they will know that we know where they are going. She sat down in her chair and the elevator doors opened. Sayid came in and Julie motioned him to take a seat. He did and his mind was spinning cause each of the last few times he had to take a seat he had heard worse and worse news. What he was about to hear was going to make those other meetings feel like nothing. This was the worse news they could have expected. Julie picked up the phone and dialed her contact at the white house. The phone was answered and Julie said

“Have a seat Sierra because your never going to believe what I have to tell you.”

Sierra Miles was one of the special advisers to the president. She was in charge of certain departments. One of them being NASA. She has been with the president for now five years and has been entrusted with many things but none of them this high profile. Julie began telling her what the first message had said. Sierra st back in her chair and was awestruck by the news. Julie went on by telling her the second part. Now Sierra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. As far as she knew this race hadn’t made any real official threats. Yes there was the video that showed this alien smashing what appeared to be the earth but, it wasn’t creditable however now it was confirmed. The original thought was that they were just visiting and maybe the video was more a threat to one person not to tell what they saw. Now it was a direct threat to every inhabitant on this planet. Julie had some good news and explained about that they had found out information that they believed this race doesn’t know we have. Julie told her about Pluto and it’s five moons. By knowing this we know what type of living conditions they can live on. This being said Julie explained that this could be a reason why they didn’t want this planet because maybe the atmosphere was all wrong. However being here makes us a threat to them so that’s why they want us gone. Sierra was taking full comprehensive notes so she could give an accurate briefing to the members of the cabinet including the chiefs of staff. Julie went on to explain about the members of the team in detail and that NASA has given this team some help but, was gonna need more. Sierra listened and made sure she made a note about extra help from outside sources but, no help was gonna be given until a full understanding of what was going on by all members of the presidents cabinet was in full understanding.

“Julie, how are we going to tell the world on whats going on? I mean it’s not something you just talk about at a state dinner. We not only have to tell congress and the senate but, the American people. Yes the state of the union would be the way to inform the the four most important parts of the country. The Congress, Senate, Military and of course the American people. How do we inform the world?” Sierra said with concern in her voice

Julie was kind of surprised that she was being asked about how should we inform the world. Sierra was assigned to the president and she was asking a question like this to her and not saving it for someone on the staff.

“ I guess the best way to do all of this is by inviting the heads of the United Nations to a closed meeting that couldn’t be viewed by the press in any way shape or form. Once told this would give them an opportunity to agree to send help and prepare to tell there own countries about what is going on. I know our best way to inform our people and government is through the state of the union address and other countries should have the same type of meeting scheduled on the same date this way everyone is being told at once and not learning it after America.” Julie stated

“That is a good idea and I will take that to the president. I am going to need you to come to the White House with a member of your team to give a full report from beginning to end. Yes I will tell the president what we talked about but he is going to need a full report and will want it from someone who has been working on it from the beginning. I suggest that you and your team leader be the ones to come and you should prepare to be here within the next forty eight hours. That should give you time to get here with all your materials. Also be prepared cause this meeting will not just be the president but, will contain the entire cabinet and joints chiefs. So they will be asking a lot of direct questions. Make sure that who ever presents has direct answers.”

“All right Sierra let me go get my team leader and brief him on the situation and get ready to travel. He isn’t going to be happy about leaving the project at this juncture but, I will get him to understand and explain that not only this is pertinent but, he really has no choice in the matter. I will also be bringin Mr. Sayid the head of our security. I believe he should meet with members of your Secret service because this has gone from a NASA security issue to a world security issue and I am sure they will want to be in charge of security on this matter and Mr. Sayid can give them personnel files on everyone currently involved also his own detailed reports on what he has been observing during this time.” Julie said

“I think that will be most helpful so I will see you in two days.” Sierra replied

“See you soon.” Kate said and then hung up the phone

Yet again if Mr. Sayid was a chameleon his current color would be cotton white. Now this while thing has changed and he was in the thick of it. He heard Julie tell Sierra that he would brief the secret service on the team working on project. He stood up and excused himself because he knew he had just under a day to write a detailed report on the team and his thoughts if any of them were a threat to national security. As far as he was concerned this team has given this planet a fighting chance. Yes we were about to have an foreign being entering our area and this team hopefully is the start of a cure. He got in the elevator and went down to his office and got to work. Julie left for the hanger and got over there pretty quickly. Everyone was working hard on their assignments. She walked over to Tony and pulled him aside. She explained what had transpired be her and Sierra Miles. Lets just say Tony was not happy he had to leave but, he understood. He told Julie he was also going to be bringing his son and the reason for this was because with out his discovery then breaking the code wouldn’t be possible. Julie understood and told them to be ready by tomorrow with what ever paper work, visual aids and other materials they would need to make a comprehensive report to the Joint Chiefs, Cabinet members and of course the President. Tony told Jason to get a copy of everything they had on the computer and get on a flash drive while he collected some time lines,charts and some of the pictures. Michael walked over to Tony’s desk and sat down.

“Tony I know that we are now in shark infested waters so to speak so I am going to be quick. I am going to need the help of my team from China. I think with there help and Kate’s and Major Sawyers designs we can make a model ship of what we will need. Also to have a nuclear type engine I will need both help from NASA and the Chinese Space Command. I think Kate is really on to something it’s just getting all the math and certain other obstacles out of the way and solving what goes on the other side of X so to speak.”

“Michael if everything goes the way I predict right now then you will have help from all three major space agencies. You will have NASA, the Russian space control and of course the Chinese Space Command. Jason and I are going to brief the President on what is going on and give our opinon on how to proceed. Just be patient and I know that is easier said than done right now but, we are going to get all the funding we need and help to attack this problem head on.” Tony assured Michael

Michael went over to work with Kate while Tony and Jason prepared to leave for Washington. The other members of NASA were given the task at looking at the ships going around Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus and see if they can identify any other newer ships than the ones that have already be seen. Not knowing what these ships are made of was a huge disadvantage because they could have some major advantages like, heat and cold resistant, blast proof, cloaking ability stuff we see in all our science fiction movies. For now they were going to have to figure out the materials they were going to need to produce some type of ship that would be able to withstand the harshness of space.

The detectives who were assigned to this case met with the head of the secret service at about three in the afternoon. They explained what the editor at the Washington Post had told them and needed to see who was in the White House last night and times they left. The reason for this was that some one had taken something very important from the White House and sold it David Bell of the Post which ended him looking at while he drove and crashed his car.

“Detectives we would love to help you in this matter but, as you know if there is some type of theft of classified documents here at the White House then this falls under our jurisdiction. So if you could hand over the case file we will get to work on it and of course keep you all informed.” Special Agent Cross said.

“Agent Cross this accident happened outside of the White House and the evidence was found at the scene. We know He was meeting someone high up int your house and have been guaranteed the full cooperation of the secret service in this investigation. We just want to help.” Detective Jackson said

“Look detectives we agree fully that this happened outside the house but from what you are telling us that some type of national security threat exists and that is controlled by us. Can I suggest a joint operation. We will handle stuff in the White House and you have the control on the outside. From what I understand you guys have done an exceptional job and if you could present us with copies of what you have then we will open our investigation and we wrap this up fast before the press starts making it’s own assumptions.” Agent cross replied

“We have a problem. The editor at the Post knows that Bell was meeting someone very high up on the food chain so to speak and whatever they gave him was worth upwards of a hundred thousand dollars and distracted him enough for him to run two red lights and get himself killed n the process of reading what ever it was.” Detective Jackson told Cross

“One question. How do you know that this came from a high up person inside of our house?” Cross asked

Jackson opened up the evidence envelope and pulled out the shard of paper with the presidential logo on it and showed it Cross.

“Not to put a damper on your evidence finding but almost every paper has this logo on it or says The White House. So it could have come from anywhere from inside here.” Cross interjected

“I agree with you on that statement but the editor told us that Bell was meeting with someone from high up. Also if this evidence caused himself to be distracted it wasn’t your everyday memo he was looking at.” Jackson rebutted

“OK we will send some agents over to the post just to get our own statement if that is OK with you detective. This way we can see if we get the same story or two different ones.” Cross said

“That sounds like a good idea. Here please take one of my cards. We should keep each other in the loop on what each other finds.” Jackson stated

Cross took the card and put it in his breast pocket. Jackson and his partner detective Ford

“Can we trust them?” Ford asked

“I wouldn’t trust them with a potato gun. We will have to stay on top of them because they have more resources then us. One being that they can interview people high up in the White House and we cant. The best thing we can do for now is keep investigating and see if we can find out anything else that we can use to keep up. Lets get back to the station I have an idea how we can find out where he went that night.” Jackson told Ford

They drove off and headed back to their offices. Agent Cross knew of the high priority meeting that took place last night. Now he needed to get the roster sheet of all attendees. Cross assigned two agents to follow Ford and Jackson and to report in every hour on the basics. Cross wanted to be up to date with them and if what they are saying is true then a huge problem exists and it must be stopped and fast. Crossed asks for the duty roster for people who signed in for the meeting and there others who came with them but, didn’t go in. He also wanted the sign out sheet of everyone who left from four in the afternoon right up to the meeting. He believed that who ever took something had access to top secret materials and needed to know what they took.

Tony,Jason and Julie all left for Washington D.C. They boarded a plane and headed up. Tony explained t Jason that he would lead the conversation the whole way and that Jason was only to speak when asked a direct question. Jason was happy to be accompanying his father to brief the President on what was happening. Jason had all of the notes safely on a flash drive and Tony had all the printed out charts. Tony knew that the people who were going to be in attendance for this meet were of the utmost importance. In his mind if he was one of them he would consider this whole thing nothing more than a practical joke. He was sure that most of them wouldn’t be taking him seriously at first but, once he explained everything in much more detail they would have no choice but to take him seriously. The three of them were pretty much silent the entire trip up. Jason listened to his music, Tony was rereading his notes to make sure that he had everything he wanted and Julie just slept. She hadn’t really rested over the last twenty four hours, so this was a nice treat. The plane landed at about to in the afternoon and they deplaned and got into two black suv’s and headed over to the White House. Jason had never been to the nations capital and was enjoying looking at all the sites as they drove by them. As they pulled up to the White House they took out their identification cards from NASA and presented them to the guard. He looked at the names on a list and waved them on by. The suv pulled up to the front where they were greeted by Sierra Miles. She shook their hands and presented them with special I.D.cards so they could move around the white house with out the secret service stopping them at every corner. They made there way to the Oval office where the President was anxiously awaiting their arrival. The walked in and Jason was awestruck. He had only seen pictures in magazines and books of the beautiful office. Sitting behind the Resolute desk was the President. He got up to shake their hands and thanked them for coming ever so quickly. He asked them to follow him to the main conference room where they would be giving their report on this matter.

“Look gentlemen just give the facts and answer whatever questions are asked. Don’t guess at answers and don’t be afraid to say I don’t know to a question. There is nothing worse than to give false answers to questions they didn’t know the answers to. This is how major problems get going cause false information was given and they went with what they had and it failed. Like Truman said “The buck stops here” so if there is misinformation the person whose fault it is will always be on me.” President Wolf said.

They continued to walk through the west wing of the white house and entered the conference room. Everyone stood up to greet the president, members of the military saluted as he came in. Sierra motioned for them to wait right there. President Wold made his way to his chair shaking hands with members of the cabinet and joint chiefs. He pulled out his chair and began to sit down. As he sat everyone else sat except for Tony and Jason.

“Ladies and Gentlemen you all have been briefed on what is going on and as hard as it is to fathom this is a real world situation and we have two men here who are responsible for the discovery of the race and de crypting of the message which is now known as “the letter” this is the code name for it. Tony, Jason the floor is yours.”President wolf exclaimed

“Thank you Mr. president. Good Afternoon members of the cabinet and joint chiefs. What we are about to show you, you have been briefed on. I know that this all sounds like something right out of a mpvie or fiction book. I find it hard to belive sometimes myself but, never the less this is happening. Jason are you about ready with the projector?”

“Yeah dad when ever your ready.” Jason replied

Tony went through the same debriefing that he had done with Julie and his current team a few times. This time he explained it a little more slowly to make sure he got his point across. He wanted to make sure that each of them understood the severity of this problem. Tony went on even though most of them look liked a compilation of frozen statues. He went on to explain about the messages next. The first one was the initial threat. The second one gave us the time frame. He gave Jason all the credit for the discovery of the way to be able to read their language cause it was Jason who found the initial letters that gave us the advantage of knowing where they were headed. He saw all of them writing down notes on yellow legal pads as well a bunch of questions. Next Tony went on to explain his team. He gave quick descriptions of each person who was working with them and what they were working on. Even though they had complete dossiers on each of them already a quick introduction about each of them couldn’t hurt. He told of their choices for Military leasions and heads to come up with plans for air,land,sea and now space. The hardest part to tell them about was how we were gonna tell the world and how to control the press. For now he explained that as far as he knew there has been no leaks to press about this and that if there was it would already be out there. Next he told of his idea of having the president address the United Nations in a closed session. This would limit the press on what they could report on. President Wolf listened very closely. He gazed around the room to see if anyone was snickering or had smiles on their face. He thought that this could be a joke. Everyone made it seem so serious but, maybe this was a huge practilcle joke but, by the looks of everyone’s faces that seemed far fetched. He looked closely at the images on the screen and couldn’t believe his eyes at what he was looking at. Each image showed a much different looking craft that had engines like no one ever designed before, well at least not in the movies any way. Tony finished his briefing but, made sure to give his son the big credit of finding the way of breaking their language. Tony posted the messages last and left them up there so to leave a lasting impression. He wanted these messages to sink in and let them all now that they were on the clock. Tony knew two years was a short amount of time but, he wanted them to know that two years is all this planet has unless we do something about it. The big question is when the does the two years begin? Tony told everyone that he would answer questions if anyone had any.

“What do you propose we do about the people on this planet and how to protect them?” The secretary of defense asked.

“Well the sooner we get President Wolf infront of the United Nations and explain what is going on the we will hopefully gain support from countries around the world willing to lend a hand. The more people we have to defend this the better. We have some of our best military minds from all four branches working on battle plans for a defensive as wel as training men for an offensive front as well.” Tony stated

“So many countries working together sound great but how do we control each military. They will want to protect their own countries?” The Secretary of State said

“I really can’t speak of a military front cause I don’t know.” Tony replied

“Excuse me Sir. Whats best is that each country wants to protect its own people. This way we can cover the globe with many different defensive opportunities. I agree we need to have commanders for world front though keeping everyone in check.” Jason jumped in and said

“I agree the more we cover the globe the more controlled we can be for whichever prt of the earth they enter. However how do we cover places where we all aren’t like the poles” One of the Joint cheifs asked

“Thats something for the fearsome foursome to answer sir.” Tony said

They all laughed a little and sat back in their chairs. President wolf took off his glasses and leaned back in his soft brown leather chair. He pinched the bridge of his nose like he had a headache or something and sat forward and said

“Tony, Jason what you have presented us today is beyond comprehension. There is so much to absorb in so little time. That being said just tell us what you are going to need and by when.” President Wolf proclaimed

“Well sir we need as much as you can give us and we needed yesterday. For now the main thing we need is for you to prepare and talk to the united nations as soon as possible because if this hits the press first then getting world support will be harder than we want it. We have to make the world that they are being informed first before the people. If they see their governments are ready to protect them then hopefully less civil problems will exist. I think it’s best that Ms Stein contact ms Miles and she tell he what we are going to need once we hear the result of your conference.” Tony said

He didn’t want to be long winded, he wanted to come straight across with what he felt and what needed to happen and the sooner and quicker he spoke what was on his mind then maybe they would all get to work. President wolf stood up and instructed his joint chiefs to get in touch with the fearsome foursome (he wanted to keep some humor to get everyone’s spirits up) so they can work out battle offensive and defensive ideas. He directed most of his cabinet along with his staff to begin writing his speech for the united nations as well as identify each country on weather they will be likely to join or most likely to go out on their own. He walked over ans hook Jason and Tony’s hand. He walked out with his personal secret service men and headed back tot he oval office. Tony,Jason and Julie headed back to the cars so they could get back on the plane and head back to Florida. Sierra went with them and began to tell them.

“I can’t believe that this is truly happening. I feel like I am caught in a very bad dream with the presence of Armageddon, Deep Impact and Independence day all rolled into the plot. I dont kow how we are going to survive this but, something tells me that id we are going to survive that we are with the right people to get us there.” Sierra said

Tony and Jason were flattered. Jason smiled and was pleased to know that he was appreciated. Tony was just happy to be walking out of a successful meeting and not being told he was a quack and a nut ball. Julie thanked her and made sure that she knew that they would be in touch as soon as we know who is on our side. The car pulled up on the tarmac next to the plane and the three of them got out and boarded the plane. They got buckled in and the plane taxied to the runway and took off. Sierra got back in the car and as it drove back she sobbed. One of the agents asked her if she is OK. She replied

“This is the end of the world as we know it agent Calloway.”

On the plane Jason and Tony both got some needed rest even if it was going to be short. Julie just sat with her glass of scotch and began writing out her list of things that was going to be needed. The one big thing to get their hands on was all the titanium that they could get. Julie knew that this was the metal that Kate Michael and Major Sawyer were saying that they were going to need to build whatever they had plans on building. She knew that nuclear energy was was what they agreed was going to be needed to use for their engines in space. She was thinking id they can get reactors under water and at such great depths then creating ones that go into an area that is infinite and doesn’t have great amounts of pressure should be easy to design. Protecting the reactor would be the same as protecting it in an submarine so they should be able to do that as well. The hardest thing is making sure they can create enough oxygen,food and water for a crew of at least twelve individuals for a longer period of time than they have ever been before. So that was going to take many engineers and doctors to help create that part. The plane began it’s decent and Julie woke up the two sleeping beauties and told them

“OK you two we have a lot of work to do so let’s rock and roll.” Julie exclaimed

Tony smiled as did Jason. They deplaned and got into the car and headed back to NASA to continue working.

Agent Cross sat at his desk with the list of people who were in the White House for the cabinet meeting regarding the discovery of a new race of beings that were quote un quote going to take over the world. The list wasn’t short of popular names. Everyone in the cabinet and the joint chiefs were present and each of them had at least one or two assistants. This didn’t make it easy to rule out anyone.

He began watching video of them walking in and talking with everyone before the meeting. He looked at an image of the main conference room and he could see the file folders all laid out on the table so that meant at no time before did any of them have access to get them before they all went in. So that meant that some one had to get a copy during the meeting and took it out at the end and left with it. He crossed reference each person on the list with there appearance on the video. He took note that there were certain ones who were instructed to stay outside of the meeting. These people had no access to getting the file in the room but, they could have been handed it after so he watched them at the time when the meeting ended to see if anyone had the file in their possession. Of the eight different people none of them at anytime held the file well at least not inside of the White House. This didn’t help him outside of the White House but that’s all he really could control. He watched the meeting closely to see if at anytime someone at the table gave it to the any member of their staff and none of them did. Most if not all put it in their brief case or bag and they carried it out none of them handed it to members of their staff. So now the question becomes whether or not one of the members of the cabinet or joint chiefs were the leak. Cross found that to be highly unlikely. All of them would know the ramifications of what would happen to them if they did. Cross was stuck. He rubbed his eyes and took a break and went and got a sandwich from the employee lounge. Cross grabbed a sandwhich and cup of coffee. He said hi to a few people including Ms Lang who was sitting having her lunch. As he was walking out a light bulb went off in his head. He remember seeing he name on the roster of being there but never remembered seeing her in the meeting itself or outside it or walking around the White House that evening. Cross hurried back to his office and brought up the entire timeline of everything that happened with the conclusion of Bell’s death. One thing Cross never considered was the time of Bell’s death. None of the cabinet or joint chiefs or even their staff could have taken the file to Bell because the meeting ended at the time of the crash according to the time on the traffic camera at the time of the accident. This meant that the only people who would have access to the file is the ones who created it. Cross brought up the video of the conference room before the meeting and saw it was Ms Lang who was placing the copies of the files at each spot. He then looked at the roster and noticed she signed out fifteen minutes before the meeting started. Cross began looking at every camera she appeared on and nothing showed her stealing a copy of the file. The only time he didn’t have an image of her was when she was in the bathroom. He thought to himself that this is where she must have hid it on her person and snuck it out. He went back down to the lounge to find her and by the time he got there she was gone. He went up to the chief of staffs office to find her desk unattended. He knocked on the door. No answer came from within inside it. He turned the nob and the door opened. No one was there.

“What in the hell are you doing agent Cross” The chief of staff yelled

“Nothing sir I was looking to talk with your assistant Ms Lang but, she is not here.” Cross said

“She left for the day, she hadn’t been feeling to well.” The Chief of staff responded

“Can we talk please sir in your office. I have a couple of questions for you?”

“Sure, I have a few minutes.” He replied

They went inside and Cross began to tell him what was going on. He told him about the the timing of everything and how the Washington Post had a reporter who was buying a file containing a huge government secret. Cross went on to explain that at least one hundred thousand dollars was paid for this file but before the Post could get it Bell was killed in a car accident. Cross next explained how he knew it was someone in the White House and then how he narrowed it down to Lang.

The chief of staff just couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Te good news was that the press didn’t have the story but, the bad news is that the one person who he told about what was going on before he assigned her to put the meeting files together he was the one who initially leaked the story. He was thinking that maybe if he didn’t then maybe he wouldn’t be in this position. It wasn’t he who decided to try and make a quick buck but, then he thought about how many other big stories did she do this to. He didn’t even want to begin to think about how many other government secrets and stories she has leaked to this reporter god rest his soul.

“For now lets wait till she comes back to the office tomorrow. I would rather take care of this matter inside of the White House and not in public where the press has a better chance of getting a huge story. This way we can contain the problem. Once we take her into custody tomorrow get a warrant for her place and see what we can recover of the Posts money and whatever else she maybe hiding.” He said

Cross nodded and walked out of the office and headed back to his desk to make a phone call to secure a warrant for Ms Lang’s apartment.
The president sat at his desk thinking about how this was defining moment of his presidency. He thought about other president defining moments and he couldn’t find one that could compare to what he was about to be going through. He knew that the speech he was gonna make to the United nations had to be crisp and clear. He had to make sure that they understood that the entire world has to come together and protect one another. Yes they were given two years but,this species as far as we knew and they knew we didn’t know they were planning on going and stealing Pluto. Currently we didn’t have any ships or space travel equipment that could hold humans for an extended trip as of yet. That was gonna be item number three on his list. Keeping the press out of it as much as possible is key because world panic is not an option. The more control that we have the better. He knew that the speech was gonna be good and for now he was going to be working on his demeanor.

Ms Lang was back at her small apartment. She opened one of the panels in the floor to reveal a small safe. She took the key from around her neck and opened it. Int here was a ton of cash, her passport and other important papers like her birth certificate and the deed to a house in New York. She knew that she couldn’t just disappear right away she needed to be let go on vacation or some other reason to leave the state. She took out a credit card from the safe and made arrangements to leave on a flight to Westchester County Airport this Friday. She also arranged to rent a car so she could drive to the house that was tucked away in a town called Sleepy Hollow. She packed a couple of bags took a little cash out and would take the rest on Friday. She closed the safe and went in her room to lay down and relax. She really couldn’t sleep but laying there in the dark was keeping her calm. This whole mess with Bell’s death meant it was only time before they caught up to her. She figured that she had at least another week and since no one has been suspicious of her she could take her time. It wasn’t like she murdered him or anything but she was selling government secrets and she knew if she was ever caught that this would lead to significant jail time. For now she would play it cool and tomorrow go and ask her boss for a few weeks off because of some tragic death in the family. She would leave an never come back. She tried closing her eyes and hoping to rest cause a person who hasn’t slept and is nervous looks and should be guilty about something.

Cross was at his desk and received a phone call. He answered and listened to one of his agents tell him that Lang had purchased a airline ticket to New York on Friday. He instructed the Agent to go and park outside he apartment and keep an eye on her. If she were to try anything then he was to bring her in on a false emergency call. He was to say the Chief of Staff sent him to get her. The agent understood and hung up the phone. For now Cross knew he had until Friday and was prepared in case that it was a smoke screen for her to bolt earlier. Cross was still awaiting the search warrant to be able to search her apartment for evidence proving she has been selling government secrets. The more he had on her the better for him to use t as leverage. With everything going on the best thing would be to strike some sort of deal to keep her quiet and make sure the press didn’t find out what was going on. Cross didn’t need her talking to the press about the file she gave to Bell before his untimely death. The quieter he kept this the better it was going to be for everyone and also keeping the president focused on the chore at hand and not a scandal. Cross picked up the file on Lang off his desk and put in a security locked draw. He didn’t want to take a chance at leaving it out in the open for anyone to come in who was waiting to see him and see he was looking at a high ranking member of the Chief of Staffs staff. He turned out his light,pushed his chair in and walked out the door and headed over to the surveillance room to make copies of the footage from the meeting showing that she was the only one with contact with the files and also the copier she had used made a digital recording of how many files were copied and the record showed one more than was needed and it was no where to be found. With all of this in hand she should and probably want to corporate.

Back at the hanger Tony gathered everyone in the common room to tell them what had transpired at the White House.

“Jason and I met with the President,his cabinet and the Joint Chiefs to give a full breifing on what we have been working on. In front of them they had huge files of the pictures we discovered of the various ships, files about each one of us. So that means anyone you have contact with expect the central intelligence agency to be doing full background checks on each one of them. The President agrees that he has to go in front of the United Nations and I gave a report. This is no longer just a fact finding mission as we know. It is now a global threat. We need all the help in the world but, he agrees that the United States should be in the lead since we discovered the phenomenon and have been able to track them somewhat. We know that soon they will be coming to this solar system and we are in no position with any of our modern day weapons able to bring a fight to them right now. That why he will ask each country to release all top secret space weapons,flight and any other things that can help us win this fight. The harsh reality is that as we have seen with other big discoveries there will be opposition all over the place. We know there will be people out their wanting to stop us in any way shape or form because they won’t believe that this race wants to hurt us no matter what we say they have said. So starting today no one here is allowed to leave the complex or make any un secured phone calls. Please turn in all cell phones. I hate to tell you this but, all your out going emails will be screened before they can pass through the fire wall. We have to protect all information going out but, we will be even more protective of stuff coming in.” Tony explained

Needless to say this caused a lot of mumbling and dismay among the team. A lot of them were thinking how would they communicate with their families and friends.

“Excuse me Tony. What about our close family members? Can we get direct chat lines like skype to keep them informed once this news is broke. Because once the news breaks globally there is going to be panic and I would want my mother and sister to be safe.” Kate said with worry in her voice

“My family is halfway across the world and I would want some reassurance that they were going to be taken care of. I would want my family close by because I agree once this breaks we lose some advantage to be taking care of them. We can’t leave and if our identified are found out our family members are at risk.” Michael stated with the same amount of concern in his voice.

Julie stood up and grabbed some paper. She walked over to Michael and Kate and handed them some paper and said

“You two write down your closet family members and where they could be reached. We will make room in one of the buildings for your families. I want you to know how much NASA appreciates what you are doing for it and we can help out by doing this for you.” Julie replied

Julie did this for two reasons. One being that if they were this concerned then they might leave to go be with their families instead of being here. Two with the knowing of their family being protected Julie knew that there lever of work would be top notch and give them one less thing to worry about. Michael and Kate were very important to this project. She looked at he faces of the other members of the team that was there and some of there faces showed the same concern. Julie knew she had more than enough room in the buildings to accommodate these peoples families but, she was going to be setting a precedent by allowing them all to stay If one family gets to stay then should all the members of NASA get the same privilege? She thought about it for a minute as she looked upon the entire team.

“Here is what I am going to do. Every person who is affiliated with this project that is in this room right now will have their families be given passes to live here on the campus with the full security from the secret service and Mr Syaid’s security team. However they are not allowed to tell others why they have been extended such generosity. They must keep it to themselves and this is only being given to direct close family up to ten people each no more. I need to make my self clear no more than ten people for each person here. This will give us a total of five hundred family members who will be allowed to live here and that’s all. Also they will be under the same restrictions as you. This means no cell phones and they will have their in going and out going emails checked. One violation of this policy will mean immediate expulsion from the campus. You will all sign confidentiality agreements to attest for this. If they can’t live this rule then they are not welcome here.” Julie said with a stern voice.

She wanted to make sure she got her point across. Mr Sayid and some of his crew came in with what appeared to be a number of fire proof safes. They placed them down in front of the table.

“I would like all of you to make your final phone calls from your cell phone, your tablets or whatever moblie device you have. Kate and Michael you have a little more time since your families are a ways away and you need to make some major plans. Please get to work cause by the end of today I need your items. As for the rest of you please place your personal phones and work phones in these envelopes and put them into one of the safes. Once you close it look into the optical reader so it can get your rental scan, then your finger print followed by a six digit number. If you have laptops you will need to place one of these flash drives into one of the USB ports. This will allow us to monitor your emails and other things so no leaked information can make it to the press. Jason, Tony,Kate and Michael your laptops and computers are already under surveillance so you don’t need these drives. Michael immediately began to blush and lowered his head and closed his eyes. If he knew this then he would have had cyber sex with his girlfriend and soon to be fiance. I guess she wasn’t the only one who saw all of him last night. Michael just got up and went into the computer lab and began making his phone calls to his family and girlfriend. Kate also got up and went to the kitchen table and phoned her mom and sister to give them information on coming to live here at NASA. Needless to say each of the families gave Michael and Kate arguments on leaving thir homes to come to live at NASA with no explanation. They both tried to explain that they couldn’t tell them until they got here. They both made it clear it was in there best interests to come live here. Kate put it as a matter of life and death. With that being said Kate’s mother agreed and Kate told her they have one day to be here and that a car will be there at their home in San Diego to pick them up and take them to a plane. She also explained the rules and again her mother and teenage sister weren’t thrilled in any way about not having their cell phones. Kate’s sister Tina was not happy at all cause she was at the age where he phone was her life and that she needed her privacy. Kate made it clear to her that she would have access to talk to her friends but it would be monitored and if she broke the rules once she would lose those privileges. Tina still wasn’t thrilled but, really had no choice in the matter at all. As for Michael he convinced his family for the same reasons and his girlfriend as well. He told them to get packed at make sure they were ready by tomorrow for they would also be taken to the airport and be brought straight here. As for the privacy they were kind of used to it so it didn’t really bother them. Kate and Michael went and put their phones and tablets in the safes and locked them. Mr Sayid’s security crew pack everything up and put the into the SUV’s and drove off. It was getting late and Tony suggested they all turn in cause tomorrow the world is going to be alerted to what is going on and they will have a live feed since they were the team doing most of the work as of now. They were all heading back to there rooms when Kate walked over to Jason and said

“You want to watch a movie, I am not really all that tired.”

“Sure, I am not all that tired as well.” Jason replied.

“Just give me a minute to clean up the room.” He asked of her

Kate smiled and nodded. Jason ran to his room to clean and Tony walked over to her and said

“I know you two are adults but, just remember you are the first girl he has really hung out with or even been attracted to so what ever happens don’t mislead him in any way please.”

“Don’t worry I wont. I really like Jason and wouldn’t hurt him at all” Kate said

Tony smiled and walked over to his room and shut the door. Jason threw his dirty clothes in the hamper and kind of made the bed and cleaned of the chair. He grabbed a mint to make sure his breath was clean and went and opened the door to let Kate in. She cam in and sat down on the bed. Jason asked what type of movie she wanted to see.

“Nothing too violent, maybe a romatic comedy?”

Jason was at at loss cause he really didn’t have many of the if any at all. He began to flip through his movies and came across Failure to Launch.

“This is the only one I have I hope its alright.”

Kate looked at the title and was very happy. She loved that movie. They both got comfortable on the bed and began watching the movie. Half way through Kate sat up to stretch and began rubbing her neck.

“are you alright” Jason asked

“Yeah just a crick in my neck.” Kate replied

“I can massage it for you and help relieve the stress on it.” Jason asked

“Sure that would be awesome.” Kate said with a sigh of relif

Jason was rubbing her shoulders slowly because he wanted to be as gentle as possible and not hurt her. Jason kept moving her shirt aside so he could rub her skin a little better.

“Here let me o this it will make it easier for you.” Kate said

She lifted off her shirt revealing a black lace bra and lowered her bra straps to make it easier for him to rub her shoulders. Jason grabbed a pillow and put it over his lap and continued to rub her shoulders. Kate was getting more relaxed. Her neck was feeling so much better. She stopped him so she could rotate her neck a little and see how much flexibility she had. As she turned her head she locked eyes with Jason. She turned to face him and they both moved in for a kiss. This was much longer than the one they shared a few days ago. She ran her hands through his hair and he stroked her back. This sent shivers down her spine. She put her hands under his shirt feeling his body. The touch of her hands was so soft. She lifted off his shirt and began to kiss his neck. She slid him down and was laying on top of him. She took off her bra and there chests met and there kissing was much more passionate. About an hour later Kate lay asleep on Jasons chest and Jason had a huge smile on his face. All he could think about was how amazing this night was. He closed his eyes and dozed off. The morning came and when he awoke Kate was gone. I guess she didn’t want everyone to know what happened. Jason went and took a shower. When he came out his father was sitting in the common room. Just about an hour before he saw Kate leave and head back to her room.

“Everything ok Jason?” Tony asked

“Never better dad. Never better.” Jason replied

Jason went back into his room to get dressed and his father knew what had happened last night and just smiled. One thing he was hoping was that that Jason and Kates mind was going to be here for the United Nations conference cause once that was over and a decision on how the different countries would or would not help then they needed to get to work and fast. Every arrived including the fearsome foursome. They all were going to be together to watch this conference. The fate of the world was at stake and they all figured that the entire team should be together. Major Sawyer went over to Kate and Michael and presented them with sketches of six different types of ships. Each one could hold more crew and passengers than the one before it. With the help of Captain Parker and his knowledge of nuclear reactors they had an idea for a propulsion system but needed Kate’s help in physics of it all and Michael’s help with the math. They also needed help from the NASA team for a sustainable living environment including food,water and oxygen enough to last at least three years in space. Kate and Michael looked at them briefly and were pretty impressed with what they were presented. They went over to the table in the common room and began looking at the single person ship. Jason went over and printed out the files on the sharp shooter rifles made for space with special bullets that weren’t affected by zero gravity and would shoot as true as they would on earth. He took these materials over to Col O’riley and the General and showed them the specs on the rifle and told them of it’s capabilities. They were needless to say very impressed with what they were looking at.

“How long till these can be built so our people can train with them.” The Col asked

“The first seven crates are already done and have been for about three years the ammo we only have enough to train with however so that is being worked on.” We need about month to produce more weapons and ammo.” Jason stated

They were happy that they got to at least begin to train with them. Time is of the essence though. Some soldiers train for years to become the elite. I guess we have to limit that amount of time to say six months O’riley thought. It was about an hour before the President was going to speak at the United Nations when They all heard a familiar sound. The computers were buzzing and dinging. Another message was coming in. They knew what the first two had been about what could this one be? They all went into the computer lab and awaited for the message to be fully received then they would input the decipher and see what this contained. They all waited anxiously for about twenty minutes. Once the message showed up they imputed the cipher to see what all the hub bub was about. However nothing came up. No translation appeared. This meant that either this was a new language or it wasn’t text. Jason and Michael began typing away and low an behold it was another video message. The got it loaded and it showed an image of dozens of space crafts that were much larger than the ones they have already seen. Then it moved to the inside of one of the ships and it was very dark. It looked like to be a huge room or maybe cargo hold of the ship and thats when it happened hundreds of paris of glowing eyes. Just like the ones they saw in the first video. Then the message ended with no audio or text message to go along with it. They were telling us they were on there way. We knew where they were heading but, we didn’t expect them to be heading there so soon. One of the members of the NASA team let everyone know the President was about to speak. They all rushed to the common room and sat down where they could. Kate sat with Jason holding his hand with fear in her eyes. They all listened carefully to what he had to say. For the next hour they listened as the President told the world nations of the impending attack from another race. He showed the images of the crafts and the messages. He went into detail about our military leaders and their assessment into the whole situation. He explained to everyone where they were going. This speech was well put together and was direct and to the point. During the conference a few members from countries picked up and left. I guess they either didn’t believe him or couldn’t take the news. The President finished and sat down at his table and all we could do was wait and see. The chairmen thanked the President of the United States for his report and most terrifying news. He once again explained what the President was proposing and called for a vote. It had to be unanimous for all the countries to agree to help. It didn’t take more than a minute for all of them to press yes on their boards. It was unanimous, they would have support from most of the world. The President thanked everyone and left and headed back to Washington. Everyone in the hanger breathed a sigh of relief and knew they were going to have all the help they needed or could have to try and prevent a world destruction. Now keeping the press at bay is going to be tough and getting everyone to cooperate is going to be even harder. For now they had to make a copy of the video so that the President could see it and then start making up teams of people to work with different aspects of whatever they need to build,plan,direct,decode or whatever else comes up. The sooner they did this an knew where everyone was going to be working is key. The other thing is that the families would be arriving tonight and figuring out how they were going to be told what was going on and why they were under such strict security protocols was going to be tough and Tony figured that they would all be informed at one time and not individually. Tony figured the gym was the best place so after dinner once they all arrived he would hold the meeting explaining what all the secrecy and security was about.

After diner with their respected families they all went into the gym. There was folded chairs set up and a large rectangle table where Tony, Julie and Sayid all sat. The others sat with their families and Jason stood next to the table. To make this easy for all of them to under stand Toy wasn’t going to beat around the bush nor was he going to make it filled with hard math or science jargon. His purpose here was to let everyone know that they are safe here and that they are here to protect their loved ones.

“You all were invited to stay here because of the announcement the President is going to make. Your family members have not been able to tell you what is going on because of national security and the fact that there lives could become in danger. I want you to just listen to me cause I will be only explaining this once. I will give the reasons for everything we are doing which will also explain security measures. If at the end of my briefing you can’t handle this please come and talk to me.”

Tony had the lights lowered and a screen was lowered down from the rafters. Tony had to edit some of the information out cause it was top secret but was able t keep most of it. He showed the families the video explaining what was going on. Tony was frankly tired of telling it hence the video. The looks on everyone’s face was pretty much what was expected. Most of them had there mouths open and others eyes wide enough to make them look like flying saucers. Tony had medical in the gym just in case any heart attacks or fainting spells happened. Luckily none did. A few hysterics but, that was to be expected.

“Now you know why your family members here wanted you to be here. We have the best security and have the secret service here as well. I know for some of you being shut out of your daily lives hurts but, we will do the best to make you all feel welcome and happy. For now why doesn’t everyone go back to their rooms get a good night sleep and tomorrow there will e people to give you schedules of everyday things and for kids in school we have tutors they can work with.” Tony said

Most people got up and began to walk to the door while others just needed a minute before they could move. Michael had been translating for his family because they spoke some English just not a lot. They followed suit with the others and the rest of them went back to their respective rooms. Jason had invited Kate to come back and hang but, she was tired from explaining everything to her mom and sister and from fighting with her sister for a while. For now she wanted a glass of wine and to take a hot bath. Jason under stood and went back to play some video games and then get some sleep. Tomorrow would be a huge day because one person was going to have to be watching the sky’s now because they needed to see when this race would be arriving at their destination. Others would be working on plans to build ships and others putting together reactors. The military would be on site training with the zero gravity weapons. So a busy day ahead is what they all expected.

The next morning Agent Cross was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ms Lang. He had left orders for the guards at the front to let him know when she arrived but, to be careful not to alert her. The last thing he needed was for her to panic and do something stupid. As per her schedule she arrived at seven in the morning right on time. The guards checked her in and she drove to the employee parking lot and got out of her car and began to walk into the building. He wanted her to be checked by security to make sure she had no harmful materials and if she did they would confiscate them. She passed through security without problem and headed up to her desk. Once she passed through security they phoned Cross. He pulled up the camera footage and when she got to the elevator he began to walk to her desk. He also instructed two other guards to meet him there. Lang got off the elevator and headed to her desk. Just as she was sitting down Cross came from around the corner and two guards accompanied him. Lang just looked at him and she knew that they weren’t here for pleasantries. She knew she should have left the day before but, it is too late now. They walked over to her and cross stood next to her while the two guards stood on the left and right of the desk. She began to sob cause she knew her time was up

“Ms Lang could you please stand up.” Cross asked

Lang stood up and faced him. One guard picked up her purse.

“Ms Lang your under arrest for stealing classified government documents and distributed them. I am also serving you with this warrant that allows me to have your apartment searched.” Cross said

He began reading her the Miranda rights making sure he spoke clearly enough for her ti understand them. The began the long walk to a holding cell and after she was processed she would be entitled to her phone call.

Secret Service got to Lang’s apartment and entered. They began a full search looking for anything else that she could have to incriminate her on any other cases of theft. They must have been searching for over an hour and found basically nothing. All they had was the plane ticket to New York for Friday. They phoned Cross to explain that they found nothing. Cross was very disappointed

“Look keep looking. Tear up the couches, the mattress, scan the walls and rip up the floor if you have to.” Cross Shouted

The agent hung up the phone and told two of his technicians to go and get the x ray scanner. Some agents began tearing apart pillows and the mattress and looking in any nook and hole in the house. Behind the refrigerator and freezer, in the ceiling and under every little piece of furniture. The other agents were scanning the walls and floor. The walls showed what they thought they would. Lots of pannels and wiring. Nothing hidden like they hoped to find. Thy began to scan the floor. They found nothing in the bedroom,kitchen,bathroom and just as they started the living room the machine showed a safe. The agents put the machine down and pulled up the floor boards. There the found the small lead safe. The image only showed the safe and nothing inside because you can’t see inside lead. The opened up to find a stash of cash and a small amount of personal paper work along with some files. They bagged it all up and headed back to the White House to hand over the evidence. The agents called Cross and told him of the find. He was very happy and awaited their return.

They returned and met Cross at his office. They turned over all of the evidence which consisted of. Her passport,Birth certificate, three hundred and fifty thousand in cash and files consisting of certain stories about government activities. Cross had them take the cash and other personals to lock up and he wanted to take the time to look at the files. He sat back and began to read. After he was finished he walked over to the cells with the files in his hand. Lang was still sobbing in her cell. He got the key card from the desk Sargent and opened the door and sat down. He brought in a box of tissues for her. He didn’t feel bad because she was caught but, it didn’t mean he wasn’t compassionate. He handed her the box of tissues and set the files down on the table. She took at look at the folders and knew they had found her safe in her apartment.

“By now just by seeing these file folders you see that we have found your safe. We have taken into custody everything that was inside of it. What was your plan MS Lang? Was it to skip town and head to that cabin you family has in Sleepy Hollow New York.” Cross asked her

Lang was shocked that they knew where she was headed but, considering it was the government it probably would have been long until they found her. She remained silent knowing that was one of her rights. She didn’t want to inadvertently say something she should have.

“It is your right to not say anything and I respect that but, you and I both know your guilty and if there is anything else we should know about now is the time to tell me. The more you tell me more you tell me now the more I will be able to help you when it comes time for your trial.” Cross Stated

Lang wiped her eyes and stood up and walked over to the cell doors. She felt the cold hard bars in her hands and couldn’t belive she was here. She had always been a good employee and never had stolen anything in her life time but when she was approached by Bell a few years ago and was offered the big money for stories she figured as long as they didn’t implicate her or her boss in any way then what was the problem. She turned and looked at him and sniffled a little. She went back and sat down and looked at Cross and said.

“I choose not to say anything until my lawyer comes and I have time to talk to him.”

Cross collected the files and got up and walked over to the doors and opened them and walked out and closed the door. Before he left he turned around and told her

“Your Boss asked me to give you this message. If you don’t cooperate he will make it his life mission making sure you never see the light of day again.” Cross told her

He walked away and Lang began to sob again. She thought how her boss had given her the chance to work for him because he was good friends with her family. Now she realized she hadn’t just let down her boss but her family as well and when this story hit the papers the type of ridicule her family was gonna take was going to be harsh.

Cross walked back to his desk and locked the files away in his wall safe and began typing up the report. He thought about her and how pitiful she looked. However he couldn’t take things personally espically with someone who has stolen from his government. For now she is locked up and can’t cause anymore trouble.

Back at NASA’s campus a few squads of the Colonel’s and Generals selections have arrived. The ranged from ranks of Private First Class and up to Major for the army side and in the Navy they ranged from Petty Officer up to Commander. All of them had seen battle opportunities in the last war and some of them in Afghanistan. They were all being brought into the third hanger which was converted for military use. Also joining the group was over a hundred air jet pilots. All of them have flew at least seventy five missions and also were from the Gulf war and up though Afghanistan. This time Tony wasn’t going to be giving the speech about what was going on. Captain Parker was going to be telling them. The reason for this is because Captain Parker was military and they would respect his word over a civilian. Captain Parker had asked Tony and Jason to come up with him in case he forgot something important. As he walked up to the podium the soldiers all stood at attention and saluted. He turned to them and saluted back and they they all sat down.

“Mean and Ladies what I am about to explain to you I have to admit I didn’t believe the first time I was told. I thought it was all a scam and a joke to get us going but, what your about to see is real. I know some of you will think it’s garbage but, don’t take this lightly. Your are about to see why the best in the military has been brought here to train for the inevitable. So just sit back and take it all in and I and the the specialists that are with me will answer some questions that you all might have.” Colonel Parker told them.

He turned to Jason and gave him the ok to start the video’s. Jason played the first one just under full speed so they would see it all. Like everyone else who has seen this video for the first time there was nothing but cartoon looks on all of their faces. Considering the videos are short it didn’t leave them much time to react. After the showing Capt Parker went back up and began to explain what was going on. Everyone listened carefully because they were all now apart the biggest planned offensive and defensive in the worlds history. He explained what each squad will be working. As for the air force they will be training everyday and be given certain tests. The reason for this is because they have to find pilots who will fly individual ships and ones who will fly bigger. He also explained that this mission was not optional and they were assigned here for specific reasons. Major Sawyer came up to the podium and explained they all have to go through astronaut training because they will be working in zero gravity and they need to be able to with stand certain elements. Some will have tougher times than others he proclaimed to the groups. He told of his time training for space flight and walking and after being on the ground and air with gravity doing a lot of work. That zero gravity messed with your head and you need to know what to expect so you don’t freak out. Captain Parker told them all we will except some questions. One soilder stood up and broke the tension

“So sir what your saying is “We get to go up and kick E.T’s ass.?”

“Yes son you do.” Parker exclaimed

“Nice stealing the line from Independence Day scrub.” Another soldier shouted out

“Hey look around you. All of you look around. You will be working and playing together like a team no more like a family. It will be your jobs to help train others cause when it all comes down to it this family is all we have. So I dont want to hear any more name calling. Do you understand me.” Parker Shouted

The all stood up and yelled

“Sir Yes Sir!”

He dismissed them and told them to be in the squads in the next ten minutes for testing. The all began to organize and headed to the main building. Tony and Jason began to head back to the hanger.

“Dad, do you think we really only have two years left and then we will either be destroyed by something out of the Death Star like from Star Wars or may be something more like Terminator and be invaded and hunted?” Jason asked with a low tone

“Jason right now we don’t know what to expect. For now lets hope beyond hope that we still have the upper hand by knowing where they are going. If we are wrong on that front then our time table could be a lot less than we think. For now I have arranged every major scope including Hubble to have its eyes on Pluto because the moment we see any activity happen there is when the clock starts. Hopefully Kate and Michael with the help of the engineers at NASA and others from around the world can help us come up with some type of space crafts to be able to scare them.”Tony replied

“Dad I don’t know if our ships will do any good considering we don’t know what there ships are made of and what type of weaponry they have.” Jason stated

“Lets worry about that later for now lets see if we can get a design together so we can even make such things OK.” Tony said

Jason smiled and nodded even though panic was what was on his mind.

Cross returned the cell where Lang was being held. He looked at her as she sat that with her head in her hands.

“When your lawyer coming?” He asked

“I called hi he said he be here in the afternoon.” She replied

“I might have a way to help you a little and you don’t have to give me any information. All you have to do is give something back.” Cross told her

“What is that?” She asked

“You took a hundred thousand dollars from the Washington post for the file. In the money we confiscated from your apartment there is more than enough to give it back. This would be a huge sgin of faith considering they never got the file and you won’t look like a thief.” Cross went on to explain

Lang sat there and thought about it for a few minutes and was about to agree when it hit her. If she agrees to this it is basically admitting guilt. She knows she is dead to rights but, until she speaks to her attorney nothing was going to be done.′

“I choose not do anything until my attorney comes so take your tricks and go away.” She said

Cross shook his head in disappointment not only to the fact that she saw right through him but, that she didn’t want to try and help her own case.

“OK that’s your right but, do realize that this offer is off the table.” He stated

He walked away and left Lang to be alone with her thoughts.

About another hour had gone by when Lang’s Attorney showed up. He was a portly man and in his mid fifties. He looked liked a third base coach for some minor league baseball team. The guard led them to a private room where they could sit and talk. Lang sat down and her attorney Mr. Sloan took a min to get out his pad and tape recorder. He pulled out the chair and sat down having a little bit of a tough time getting comfortable. He took his pen out from the inside pocket and looked at her and said

“Well let’s start out on why you were arrested.?”

Lang sat back and began telling him the whole story. She told him how it all started that she was targeted and was in need of money so it didn’t seem like a huge problem as long as it didn’t cause the death or something along the same lines. She then explained that it became kind of a common practice for her she told him. If a interesting story that as being kept from the public and she could get some good money out of it she would call Bell and meet up and sell him the story for cash. None of the stories implicated her as the source and since she hadn’t been caught she believed she was untouchable. However once she found out that Bell was killed in a car crash and a investigation was being sought she knew in her heart she was in trouble and began to plan running away and hiding but, as it turned out they knew about not only her flight but, the house in Sleepy Hollow New York. She also made it clear that she wasn’t out to hurt anybody that this was all about the money and a addiction. Sloan sat there and just looked at her for a few moments. At first he didn’t know what to say to her but he thought about what he needed to say instead of putting his foot in his mouth.

“Ok I need to know how much money did you take over the three years? Because of what you took did anyone lose their life? What is the least amount of Jail time you are willing to except? Is there anyone else involved in this matter that I need to know about.”

Lang looked at him and thought about the person who helps her clean the money so it was untraceable but, giving him up didn’t help her in anyway but, if she did give up some type of source or accomplice then maybe some sort of deal. She knew she was going to jail but, didn’t want to spend the rest of her life there.

“Over the three years I took a little over seven hundred and fifty five thousand dollars. As far as I know no one ever died because of what information I gave up. If we can aviod jail that would be awesome but, I guess lets see what they offer. The person I brought my money to to have it cleaned so to speak his name is Josh Webb. One thing you should know Mr. Sloan is that special agent Cross had come by about two hours ago and told me if I were to give the money back to the Washington Post since they never received the file then maybe he cold help me. However I still said nothing because agreeing to giving the money back meant an acceptance of guilt.” Lang said with remorse

“It’s good you waited till I got here and said nothing.” Sloan replied

“The bad thing is that he told me if I didn’t agree to giving the money up then that deal was off the table.” Lang Stated

“Don’t worry that was just a trap we will bring it back up and maybe it will be excepted. For now lets get agent Cross in here in we will see what he wants from you before we cut any deal.” Sloaned explained.

Sloan got up and knocked on the door to speak to the guard. He explained that they would like to talk to agent Cross as soon as possible. The guard radioed his control station and asked for Cross to be called. Sloan went back in and sat down and waited for Cross to come. He made it clear to Lang that she reamin calm and let him do all the talking. She nodded her head in agreement and sat back and waited. Cross was at his desk when the phone call had come for him to come down to the holding room. He got up grabbed his sport coat and the files from the safe and headed back to the holding room. When he got there he grabbed a cup of coffee and a bottle of water for him and Lang. He opened the door and before walking in he instructed the guard outside that they weren’t to be bothered. The guard nodded and Cross entered the room and sat down. He handed the water bottle to Lang and she took it and smiled.

“So you by now know why your here. We have you dead to rights with stealing classified federal documents and distributing them for cash to a journalist by the name of David Bell. We know you accepted a absorbent amount of cash for these thefts. We do know you were not involved with the death of Mr Bell. You are looking at life in prison with out parole. Unless you are willing to work with us and maybe we can get a parole added in at least twenty five years or so.” Cross said

“well let me ask you agent Cross what if she agreed to give up her source for cleaning her cash. You don’t know it might lead to a bigger fish. Also I understand that there was an offer made earlier for the return of money to the Washington Post from money that was confiscated from Ms Lang’s home.”Sloan stated.

Cross stood up and paced back and forth with a smile on his face.

“I had explained to your client that that offer was off the table the moment she told me that she refused to give the money back when she had a chance.”Cross explained

“Agent Cross you have to take in for count the position my client was in. If she agreed to that deal then she would already be admitting guilt with out counsel present. I know your were trying to help and give her a chance but, don’t deny her the chance to make good on what you asked of her. She now ha counsel to help her defend her rights.” Sloan replied

“Please agent Cross, please let me help. I am not a bad person. Yes I did these things but let me give the money back and give you the name of the guy of cleans my money.” Lang Pleaded

“OK here is the offer. You give me the name of the source a signed letter stating you committed these crimes and agreeing to giving the one hundred thousand dollars back to the Post and I will recommend fifteen years with chace of parole in eight years in a minimum security prison. This will be my only offer otherwise you can take your chances in court and remember if convicted it could be a life term. So think about it.” Cross stated

Sloan leaned into to talk to Lang but, she pushed him away and looked at Cross with tears in her eyes and said

“You have a deal”

Cross took Sloan’s pad and pen and put it in front of her to write out her confession and the agreement to return the money.

Over the next five months each and every person was working hard in the hanger with design, weaponry, computer work and of course security. As of now no one outside the project knew of the impending problem that was going to be coming. Even after the closed United Nations session the press has been kept in the dark. Jason and Kate have been spending a lot of time together on and off the job. Tony liked Kate and Jason has had many of dinners her mother and sister. Since Jason has had no time to play with his X Box 1 he gave it to Kate’s sister to give her some entertainment. Needless to say they liked him. Michael had gotten engaged to his girlfriend and was he and Kate have made serious headway on an engine with a nuclear reactor to fly in space. Major Sawyer has helped with the construction and model of a titanium built ship for space travel as well as a computer design to make a simulator once the fabrications were completed. The General and Colonel were working wth there squads on training with the new weapons and working in all sorts of gravity. Captain Parker had been coming up with defense plans for the United States and has been working with Russia, China, Japan, India, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia on defensive plans for ocean protection. It basically as being put under a war game for trials so the press wouldn’t get wind of anything. Julie had been working hard not only on trying to keep this story quiet but making sure everyone was protected. The hardest questions were about why were there so many people staying at the NASA campus. She handled it brilliantly by explaining that they were all here on initiative for global internships. Ones with younger kids had to have parental guidance and tutors on staff. Mr. Sayid was working hard along with the secret service to keep the press out from seeing what was going on as well as making sure that nothingd was leaving via mail,electronic mail or phone that could be a problem. Everything was screened and if there was any violation it was dealt with swiftly. They were trying to be as lenient as they could but, rules are rules.

The date was August 23 2006 and it was Jason’s turn to be at the computer monitoring the activity around Pluto. Over the last five months there hasn’t been anything to report. Nothing was able to seen at all. Maybe this was still all a hoax but, he doubted that. He was playing candy crush and eating a sandwich and realized he had run out of Coke a Cola and went to get a few more cans. It’s hard staying up all night and coffee didn’t mix well with his food. While he was in the kitchen he grabbed some chips, some veggies and some dip. He walked back to his seat and opened the can of Coke and took a sip. As he put it down he switched the cameras to look at a different view of the planet and his jaw dropped. He did a triple take and began looking at every different angle they had. He screamed for his dad and anyone else who could come running. Michael was the first one there and couldn’t believe what he was seeing and as everyone else arrived they couldn’t believe it either. In there view there had to be at least fifty to a hundred different ships all heading to Pluto it self and each of its moons. There were much bigger ships as well that were taking positions right outside of each of the moons and five even bigger ships parking all around Pluto taking up some sort of perimeter. Tony videoed conferenced in Julie to tell her what they were looking at. Julie just sat back in her chair and knew this was eventually going to happen. She instructed them to keep tracking everything and she would be down as soon as she called the White House and spoke to the President. It was going to be time to let the cat out of the bag and only a message from our president was to one to tell his people. The plan was when it was time for this message all heads of state would go live on the same day and tell their people as well. The President knew that telling the people that one of their own planets was taken over wasn’t in the best interest and wanted to know a plan on what to tell them. Julie made it clear that he just mention the videos and let them handle the planet. She explained her plan to tell the press and at first he didn’t like it but, it made all the sense in the world. He told her to get on it and hung up. Julie collected her things and headed over to the hanger to see what was going on. When she got there everyone was in the computer lab looking at the screen and seeing all of the ships landing and surrounding Pluto and its five moons. She went over and hugged Tony and said

“So this is it huh? The beginning of the end.”

“Right now all we know is that everything is creditable and we have to take it seriously. What are you and the President planning on telling everyone?” Tony asked

“The president will make a speech in a day or two. Tomorrow we are releasing a statement that Pulto is no longer a Planet in out solar system that is has been downgraded.” She replied.

Tony was flabbergasted at this but, it made sense.

“Dad did we just give up one of our own Planets with out a fight.” Jason asked

“No Jason Pluto was given up. It was Taken.”

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