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This is a motivational series written by Francis Dikedi.

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A Captain one day took his troop of soldiers for war into the enemy territory. They had crossed the border line through a bridge which led to the enemy zone. It was indeed going to turnout a fierce battle as it already signaled to be, and it has got to be a must win attitude for the troop if they were to succeed over their fearsome opponents.

All at once, there came a loud noise and sharp bang some miles away from the intruding troop that shot a severe billow of flames and dust far into the air, and violently shook the whole terrain. Of course, that was the blast of bombs and dynamites which suggested the enemy troop was already alerted of their presence.

“What was that?” the intruding troop questioned in fright.

The veteran captain sensed his combatant troop had suddenly become frantic at the sudden site and would, otherwise, opt to retreat.

“What do I do next?” the veteran captain quickly inquired of himself.

What however, seemed the best approach to resolving the suddenly erupted enigma, crept into the captain’s mind – ‘Blowup the bridge!’

“Yes, blowup the bridge,” the captain muttered to himself.

The next line of action from the captain puzzled the troop. Perhaps, they had expected that the captain gave orders to immediately lunch an offensive against the enemy, or good enough, direct that they retreat back home through the bridge. A hope the soldiers secretly wished for.

Contrary to their widest guess, the captain, without a word, strode back towards the bridge, placing a time bomb right underneath it and, to their amazement, blowing up the bridge into tiny bits.

“What was that you just did sir!!!” the confused and agitated soldiers yelled at their seemingly unperturbed captain.

“That was my best bit boys. We are in this together. We fight to win or, quit to loose, and die; No way home.”

Now these soldiers, obviously, had a decision of a life time to make. The choice was theirs; either put their all into it and win, or quit and, inevitably, go down.

Sometimes in life, we are given such ample opportunities, at one time or the other, to make vital decisions that forms an integral part of our essence and purpose.


God’s chief purpose for His Creation is that they eventually reach their envisioned peaks. God is always committed to any commission He’s set out to bring to fulfillment; passionately sold out. And as God’s direct children in His likeness and His very same image, we, likewise, posses this very same infinite nature.

Psalm 82:6 clearly expounds on this awesome fact. It states precisely: “I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High,” KJV

So, as God’s true sons with awesome abilities and potentials capable of outstanding us as a startling wonder to our generations, God absolutely understands our human potency to be in its highest level of operation more especially when we are hugely diligent on individually tapping into them.

Unfortunately, as human spirits fully embedded with these exceptional qualities, life nonetheless, has lots of unfounded distractions it often throws at us. These distractions apparently infringe and pull us away from our natural focus. And this is where the God way principle eventually sets in.

Our Supreme Creator is absolutely omniscient, full of wisdom that’s especially amazing though, sometimes displeasing to our natural human inclinations; especially when God specifically apply such divine processes that keeps us in wonder. Most candidly, the only times we get our high potentials fully reached is when we’ve got the bridge behind us blown up.

God means those desirable actions for good. In relation to my earlier story on the shrewd captain, frankly, that thoughtful superior never meant evil for his boys. No! He wanted them to fight to conquer. He honestly intended they developed a die-hard attitude towards the battle. If the soldiers had no alternatives, they knew they had better fight to win. And that’s it. God would, likewise, implore this very same mode and principles to get us achieve our utmost life’s priorities.

However, there are two different types of people on the earth which we must try to identify here: Those who originally perceive and intuitively follow through to their divine call, and those who must be, supernaturally, impelled into their divine calling.


There are those who have instinctively found out that life naturally has its basic principles. Evidently, for every living thing fashioned on earth, there is a specific purpose. These few men and women understood that purpose is very much vital and fundamental in mans life. Without purpose, life is lived haphazardly without any course of direction, and so, meaningless.

God who has solely created man understands this awesome principle of purpose. He is success-oriented, and this is why productivity and creativity are the basic key principles of the kingdom.

God expects that as gods which we rightfully represent, we are naturally fashioned for growth and increase; not being dormant to our natural stale states.

As for creativity, this is, likewise, the very kind of nature that makes us who we are – the very irreplaceable attribute which we are embodied with, with God as the Chief fountain head.

It was this same overbearing concept that these men and women in question, consciously exerted and took along with them, achieving remarkable tasks that have made them the gurus of their time. They were forthright and serious minded. Of course, without such distinguishing qualities, they definitely couldn’t have made those awe striking marks.

Like I earlier remarked, these individuals consciously took charge of their circumstances and could unravel the mysteries of the electrifying sense of a divine Spirit which made them extraordinarily exceptional on the face of the earth.

Finally, this same unusual divine connection made way for three spectacularly motivating possibilities that propelled them to the glorious heights of their life’s essence they never could have attained, left on their natural inclinations:

SPIRITUAL INTUITIVENESS: - The Holy Spirit was an enabling factor in those lives. And from their personal testimonies, they still firmly agree to the fact that the Holy Spirit remains that enabling and inspirational power in the lives of each and every one of us on earth.

Life is most meaningful with this Spirit. But one rousing question is: How did they all get fussed to that Spirit? It’s obviously one of a simple answer.

With their passion for knowledge and truth, they wholeheartedly embraced a fact they understood was a major catalyst concerning the gospel of the good news. They examined this whole concept to find out its relevance to their lives. Finding out its efficacy, they tenaciously held on to its values “that if thou shall confess with thou mouth the LORD Jesus and shall believe in your heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved……” Rom 10:9-10 KJV.

Like an uncovered veil that once shrouded its captive, the truth suddenly became manifest; hit them like a bomb, and that was the beginning of their lives emancipation; the beginning of knowledge, the beginning of wisdom, and an entrance into a whole new world of extraordinary manifestations.

REVELATIONAL POWER: - This promised Holy Spirit in the book of John 16:13 is very much unique:

“Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come,” KJV.

In other words, His presence illumines and brings to the knowledge of the individual every hidden treasures; every thing he’s been blessed with for a fulfilled glorious life, elucidating a precise and distinctive purpose he’s been specifically fashioned for.

“Thus says the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teaches thee to profit, which leads thee by the way that thou should go,” Isa 48:17 KJV.

There is certainly no failure with the Holy Spirit. He is a sealed guaranty to our fulfilling to the later, our very lives essence. He absolutely respects and adheres to the divine principle of creativity, as there is already a standing mandate given to man from the order of time which this awesome Spirit conforms to, in our lives.

In Genesis 1:28, God gave to man a vivid picture of his life’s purpose: “……Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” Now this is a clear-cut purpose: ‘subdue and have dominion…’ Wow! What a commission.

In fully understanding this commission unto man, the Holy Spirit has been duty-bound to unveiling these mysteries, and thus helping us out in bringing about there fulfillment. It’s a major burden and priority to this Spirit – His all-encompassing essence.

As these very few distinguished over-comers continuously got glued to this Spirit that incorporates the spirit of man from the inception of salvation, they obtained exceptional insight and gained mastery into their prospective endeavors, beating their contemporaries with unmatched margins that conspicuously placed them at un-reached enviable heights.

“But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yea, and the deep things of God. …….. Now we have received, not the Spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God,” 1 Corin 2:9, 10 and 12.

UNIQUENESS OF PURPOSE: - One of the most fundamental parts of the Holy Spirit again, is His accurately giving you a vivid course of purpose. At this point, you are eroded of a ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’ mentality. You’re precisely seeing clearly where everyone else is practically shrouded by unproductive multiplicity. Life’s focus, thus becomes very precise.

When you carefully observe the very exemplary lives of those who attained some high standing achievements in history, their approach was precise. They could precisely tell you about their driving life’s passion.

Without a shadow of doubt, with this clear picture placed before them, they were unwavering; their overbearing passion directly guided them, giving them a peculiar mark to incontrovertibly follow. Precision, undeterred precision was a motivational factor. When you’ve got it, you’ve absolutely got power.

Now let me possibly give a guide-line from this angle – Mike Murdock in his book: ‘The Assignment,’ clearly explains one dynamic principle. He noted that one of the major ways of finding out our lives assignments is by figuring out by an indebt self scrutiny what drives us, what overwhelms us, what apparently gives us an unusual joy to tirelessly following through.

Now, when you’ve attained this overriding consciousness, your next best-bit is to, without distractions, particularly follow up in that passion and driving force, for that is possibly, your life’s assignment and primary purpose.

Along the line of your following through your unique calling, you’ll find out that those the one minute motivational radio presenter and author – Willy Jolly rightly describes as ‘dream busters’ will definitely surface out from the blues to burst, pierce and discredit your exceptional dreams as senseless and misplaced. But because you’ve tenaciously held on to your true life’s essence, it becomes a lot easier to disregard your dream enemies when they come up with what seem better alternatives.

Why do you think your very applaud-able firm standpoint to resisting these dream refuters paid off? Did it amaze you how you successfully scaled through amidst the confrontations, while others simply fell prey; knocked off by the way side? Of course partner, you personally blew up your bridge a long time ago. You invariably understood there were no rooms for alternatives.

Now how did it all actually happen? Simple! You got your priorities all figured out. You’ve been so far precise, having a peculiar pursuit. Your not having too many alternatives to follow got you steadily focused on your one available dream, despite the strains.

The candid truth is that life is about achieving our purpose, and it’s imperative that you’ve got to achieve and fulfill your God ordained destiny. So, if there are no alternative turns to take, then there’s a strong burden on you to run through that one road, to your dreams fulfillment. Turning backwards will be most suicidal. At this point, it’s overtly apparent there is no way backwards as consistency has brought you a long way.

However, one resounding assurance I must give at this juncture, is that the road to your success will never be an easy one. It is often, very discouraging and all pains-taken. It will cost you hard work and total dedication.

Perhaps, it was these candid truths that the man Walt Disney frankly embraced and sternly told himself.

Whatever the cost, whatever the stress, it couldn’t be measured or equaled to the passion for his dreams’ fulfillment. Whatever it took, it was worth the pains and the troubles.

In Mr. Walter’s life, like he was widely referred amongst his contemporaries and associates, almost everyone laughed and ridiculed him when he decided selling off all he had lived for just to achieve his one dream. He practically had nothing else to lean back on, but simply push forward.

It was said that he finally traveled all the way to California to have his wildest ambition of birthing the ‘Walt Disney World’, to reality.

Now, people thought this ‘great’ was crazy, eccentrically stupid and out of tune. They all considered him whacked. But the truth is, this man firmly stood to what he believed in – his driving conviction. Nothing could pierce it, nothing could dispel or repel it, nothing whatsoever, could override that dream, not even peoples misguided scorns.

Could you possibly imagine that at this point, even when quite discouraging, that Mr. Walter could have decided turning back and giving up on the whole ‘stupid idea’? No way, there was no going back. Where else was he going back to? He out-rightly had nothing else to resort to, but his dream.

So what was his major hearts passion? Giving meaning, joy and, placing smiles on people’s faces through his one peculiar talent; his creative ability.

Finally, what happened? He obviously made it through. Today, ‘Walt Disney’ is one of the most flourishing establishments in the world with ‘Disney Wonder Land’ to his name. It’s one of an amazing site to behold.

Thanks to the man Walt Disney. He blew up his bridge and had an undeterred focus and determination.

Now who else ought be considered and included in the roll of distinguished achievers? Certainly, somebody I admire and respect his enviable profile – the man Bill Gates.

I read somewhere along the line, that he dropped out of college at third year. I also read his brief stay at school proved rather unproductive all the way, prompting his teachers and mates at school to consider him a dull pupil. They probably felt he couldn’t measure up to academic standards, and that wasn’t, obviously, good news.

Most probably, it was on this note he opted out of school knowing fully well that he had something else he wanted to do – live his dream, create his domineering passion and, prove to all that he was unquestionably endowed with something that was to, in time, portray him capable and placing him on the international hall-of-fame.

Everybody else might have called him a ‘dull brat’, ‘a dull this..’ and ‘a dull that..’, but on the contrary, he had an inner hidden treasure deeply embedded on the inside, and instead of stick around and have people contentiously despise, discredit and dispel his dreams, he instinctively thought it wise to leave – blow up the bridge from possibly turning back, moving ahead to achieve an overwhelming passion he had all the while secretly nurtured.

Bill Gates sure had something very productive to offer to the world. Something the world was to desperately be in need of in time to come; a solution he was to create for the technological advancement of the society.

Today, it’s the micro soft-wear in use in your home, in your office, in your church, in your school, everywhere. The results of his foresight and consistency has greatly impacted world growth, and unavoidably placing him as one of the world’s richest men.

The important thing is that this man lived his dream. Had he given up on everything due to the scorn, or if he had probably, adamantly remained where he formally was (right in the wrong place) without taking a chance into what his inner conviction had urged him, of course, no impact from someone that was to be known as B-i-l-l G-a-t-e-s would have been widely felt today. Thanks Bill for taking a chance.

Another partner that’s still gloriously running in the hallmark of distinguished achievers is the ‘one minute motivational presenter and author’ – Willy Jolly.

Willy Jolly in his very successful book: ‘It Only Takes a Minute to Change Your Life’ shared his very personal story on how he once worked in a government owned establishment with only a meager pay. One day, he came over to the office and suddenly announced to his colleagues that he was backing out of work for his own private establishment, with just a hundred dollar to his credit.

At the instance of his shocking revelation, everybody thought he was crazy: “Leave your job for some stupid obsession of yours – show presenter? Willy! Think straight!” I can personally imagine them blush.

Well, Willy simply ignored his skeptics when they laughed and mocked him to scorn: “Ha ha ha ha – he’s coming back soon.” But apparently, Willy Jolly already had his mind firmly made up. He decided he was going to dare to take that chance.

Yes he had nothing else to fully kick off with but just a hundred dollar, however, his unwavering faith strongly re-sounded ‘yes’ deep within. With vigor and un-diverted resilience, he reached for his dream and decided making impact in people’s life.

Today, Willy Jolly is President of his own private firm in full swing; touching and motivating lives, an adept author whose instructive motivational series have been quite impressive, and I’m very proud to say that I’m one of the major recipients of his wise choice and act of diligence.

Point in issue – Now did he finally go back to his former job like his colleagues and associates had earlier anticipated? The outright answer is a big NO! Willy Jolly unremorsefully, personally blew up the bridge regardless how impossible a task they thought his dream was. He understood where he was heading; he had a target and that target he was all out to get. To him, there was, absolutely no alternatives at sight.

How many more can I count? Chief Sunny Dike Odogwu, a Nigerian business mogul from the capital city of Delta state; Asaba, precisely where I come from, previously worked as staff of the Nigeria Railway Corporation as a young man.

I remember vividly the story my father (Joseph O. Dikedi) once told me as a young chap. He said chief Sunny worked with my late uncle – Lawrence; a former senior staff in the same corporation. Good enough, chief Sunny never seemed completely contented as a government employee. Apparently, he had a bigger vision; a compulsive quest of a dream he honestly longed and desired to accomplish.

So what happened? Not fully comfortable with his present state, he privately sold an idea to Uncle Lawrence whom he considered his kinsfolk: “Lawrence,” he said “we can certainly do something better with all we’ve worked for; start up an insurance organization.

Unfortunately, Uncle Lawrence wasn’t disposed with his ideas, so he responded: “Oh no Sunny, that’s more of a risk than prudence to quit our jobs. A bird at hand is worth a million in the bush.” Uncle Lawrence finally declined embarking on what he considered ‘a risky venture’.

I honestly presume chief Sunny couldn’t seem to remain bound by the present barrage. So one day, at a start of destiny, he finally filed-in his resignation, bided his friends’ goodbye and took a courageous exit. Chief Sunny Dike Odogwu left and never turned back.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to let you know that today; this outstanding brave soldier is a major success. Odogwu Group of Companies has been born from his firmly taking that needed bold step.

Conclusively, all these bold and very daring men I have so far mentioned their names are the prudent strategists who ultimately took personal initiatives into flowing with the unrestrictive presence of the Holy Spirit, and breaking the bridges of distractions and possible discouragements, to finally reach their dreams.


With due respect to all those who apparently fall under this category, though overtly clear that they’re never intuitively responsive to taking the first initiative of adherently falling in line with their lives purpose, they’re, never the less, very gifted people who, out of life’s regular distractions and challenges, fail to stay focused to their divine call until there’s a supernatural compulsion redirecting their focus to a totally new course they’ve been originally programmed for but virtually neglected.

However, it will be ideal that we fully outline a well elaborated antecedents of these individuals, and the divine process usually employed to retracing, and finally achieving their mandated life’s essence. But this will be extensively done in the next chapter.

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