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Chapter 3: The 3 Special Gifts

After pondering carefully about the situation at hand, I obliged then went outside the cave and selected the best bull amongst my father’s animals. I took the animal and went inside the cave where I slaughtered it at the same spot where the ancestors perished. Thereafter, I let them drink the blood. Then they suddenly disappeared without saying a word! The meat from the slaughtered animal was roasted for supper. The remainder we divided amongst ourselves to carry back home.

Later that night I had a vivid dream, the ancestors visited me. First, I saw a big smoke. On moving closer, I discovered that it was emanating from our kraal. My father was coughing heavily and ran after me saying that our animals were gone. I was scared because our livelihood depended on them. Wepesi, though I hardly call him by his name ran past me and disappeared into the big dark smoke. He continued coughing for a while, then suddenly there was silence! I followed him keenly to know what had become of my dad. Wepesi was nowhere to be seen. The dark smoke had formed a maze of some sort. A familiar voice answered to my persistent calls of my dad. I stopped both going forward and calling my dad. Behind me, in a semi-circle the voices bellowed, “Mr. Wepesi cannot find his way out. To him, the smoke has created enchanting ways that are infinite! Welcome to our abode, Ngao ya Taifa,” continued the voices. “It is because of you that we are here,” exclaimed one of them. Then suddenly, the voice that spoke last appeared in human form and requested me not to be afraid. Finally, they all became visible and took human forms. They had told me that they are in their youth just like me but by the look of things, they were all aged with grey hair including the only lady that got killed when she had visited to give them food. She constantly referred to me as her son and she reminded me of my mother even though I had never set my eyes on her.

They sat in a semi-circle and the old man at the centre addressed me saying how blessed I was. They had waited for exactly 400 years for their freedom and to show their gratitude, they were here to repay me. They said that they will bestow upon me 3 special gifts or powers! First, the ability to communicate and command animals in a manner that the animal would do whatever I wanted. This would be coupled with sharp senses that will facilitate the act. The second gift would see me rub my hands until a smoke similar to the one that engulfed us appear. If I decide to continue rubbing my hands, the big dark smoke would result to fire! By clapping my hands, the smoke or fire would disappear. I was warned that this fire was capable of destroying anything but me, Ngao ya Taifa. Lastly, the ancestors blessed me with the ability to withstand any attack, be it from gunfire, machete, arrows or spears! This is made possible by the blood of the ancestors that cover my whole body from head to toe. The blood creates an illusion that is replicated all over confusing the enemies and anyone who tried to attack me. They therefore miss the target and shoot at each other instead. The ancestors promised that no one will ever shed my blood. After giving me these powers, they told me to clap my hands and let the smoke disappear so that I could find my dad. To my surprise, I did this and there was my father. I reached out to him and he asked me, “Ngao, where are the animals?” I suddenly woke up and found myself floating in the air with smoke all over. I was scared a bit but then I realized that I was now invincible. So, I relaxed, clapped my hands and the smoke disappeared. I gently came down and stood on my feet. Suddenly, the ancestors appeared. This time, it was not a trance. They told me, “Ngao, you see how easy it is? You are now the most fearsome warrior in this region. But keep in mind that your powers will cease to be effective the moment you sleep with a woman!” At this juncture, I did not realize the significance of raising my own family. The warning they issued seemed just another trivial matter. “After all, I am the most powerful warrior in this region,” I boasted.

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