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Unknown Mafia Princess

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Aurora grows up with abusive foster parents until her biological father learns about her existence and steps in to save her. But what happens when 6 protective brothers, a over protective father and a mafia life come crashing down on 12 year old Aurora. Who is the light in the dark. "That was Aurora!" I say making the others faces go blank. I quickly turn away and run after her. She didn't get very far so when I catch up and hold her in my arms she gasps and tries to push me away. Tears start to leak out of my eyes because she's trying to push me away. "Let me go!" She yells I sit on the ground pulling her into my lap rocking her. Her head is on my chest and her hand is fisted with my shirt in it. She's super tiny and light. "Shhh. Calm down." I say softly and watch as she calms down.

Elizabeth Margo
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Chapter 1

Lorenzo Bernardi. The biggest mafia boss in the world. The Italian mafia has been the strongest since Lorenzo took over. He's expanded all over the world and moved his base to New York City in America. Lorenzo was married to Bianca Rossi.

Bianca was the most beautiful woman in Italy. She had 6 sons with Lorenzo before she disappeared. Alessandro who is now 26, Diego and Matteo are 23, Alfonso who is 22, and Antonio and Gabriel who is 20.

They were a big happy family for about 7 years after Antonio and Gabriele were born but suddenly Bianca went missing. Lorenzo searched for her for years. He had everyone looking all around the world for her. He had airports closed and boats shut down. People went door to door looking for the mafia queen. Bianca's parents were upset and taking the news of her disappearance badly.

Little did the mafia family know that Bianca changed everything about her. She died her hair and got colored contacts. She got a new identity and made her skin darker with makeup and made herself unnoticeable. When the airports opened up again she got on the first flight to Texas.

Bianca found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl and she was worried about the baby's safety. Bianca made a new life in Texas. She had new friends and a few months later she gave birth to a baby girl. 7lbs and 5 oz.

The baby had dark brown hair and big bright blue eyes that looked like a girl version of Lorenzo. Every year the baby girl looked more and more like Lorenzo. All of Bianca's children had Lorenzo's eyes. But all have them had her nose except for the baby girl.

When Bianca was pregnant with her first son Alessandro, Lorenzo said that if it was a girl he'd name her Aurora. So when Bianca had the baby girl in Texas she named her Aurora. Aurora has had an amazing life she's a very smart girl but when Aurora was 6 her mother died from a heart disease.

Aurora got put into foster care because there was no father on her birth certificate. She got adopted by an abusive family that's into drugs and alcohol but the foster care system didn't care.


Lorenzo has been taking care of his sons with the help of his parents and the staff. When Bianca left all of the boys got cold. The family never smiles and are cold and cruel to others.

Alessandro is focused on school and working out so he can take over the business someday.

Diego and Matteo have become man whores and spend most of their time in clubs and fixing their cars.

Alfonso is violent and gets in trouble for starting fights. Alfonso trains dogs to hunt when he isn't in trouble.

Antonio and Gabriel barley speak unless they are forced and seclude themselves from everyone and thing. Antonio has perfect aim with a gun from the practice he has had.

The family has fallen apart with Bianca. A few years after Bianca went missing her parents died in a car crash. Lorenzo's parents struggled with mourning the loss of Bianca. She was a very happy person and brought light to everyone who sees her.

Lorenzo has struggled the most without Bianca. He has been more heartless and has double the amount of deaths he's caused. His mafia has become unstoppable. He didn't get much sleep and didn't eat very well the first year but now he has gained more muscle and power. The family has become distant and cruel but all live together.

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