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Kiss Attack Wound

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A short story about a poor young boy who discovers something that could change the world. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE. IT WAS DONE BY MICHAEL PEHEL.

Adventure / Action
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In the medium-large town of Roboville, a poor boy sits on the moist streets begging for money, for food and water. Every now and then, a person will glance at the dirty young man and give him a dime or too, but most of the time, they just ignore him or look at him with disgust. The stray cats give him the most attention, and the most scars.

The boy's name is Kiss. Kiss has one friend, besides Tom the tabby cat, named Thyme. Thyme is a generous rich boy, who frequently invites Kiss over to his home; to take a shower, get new clothes, eat a full meal, etc.

But he hasn't come back for two weeks. Kiss started to worry about his friend, but that stopped after he winced from the aching pains in his empty stomach. He laid on his side and curled up in a ball to ease the discomfort. Tears ran down his face as he remember the time before the war, when he lived with his parents.

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