Chronicles of Lithmor- Julian

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Chapter 2: Uncle Gregory's House

She opened her eyes when they stopped at Uncle Gregory’s aka the mayor’s home. She walked in with the basket in her hand, only Brownie was awake. The cameras were flashing as Rosina stepped out of the car and questions of why she was at her uncles and what occurred in the shop were heard from all directions. It was difficult to get to the door. When Rosina walked in the memory of the past hour came flying back into her mind; Brownie licked her hand seeing the sadness in her eyes and made her giggle. “Thanks, Brownie you’re always there for me,” smiled Rosina as she gave her friend a pat. Julian woke up stretched and yawned and Rosina scratched behind his ear when she noticed him. “We’ll be staying here until we find out if the will is a forgery or not,” she told the pups as she tried to wake Darky.

Darky woke up then he and the others stared around the room, it was quite large.

“Welcome to my house,” Garla told them with a giggle.

Garla showed them to the room Rosina would be staying in while they were there. Rosina placed the basket and her things on the bed and looked around the room.

“Um, Rosie can we play a quick game of hiding ‘n’ seek? As a welcome; the pups can play too, Goala and I do it all the time,” Garla asked cheerfully.

Brownie, Julian and Darky looked at each other and asked at once, “whose Goala?”

Then Garla called, “Goala come here girl,” and a brown and white Jack Russell ran into the room with loud barks and a wagging tail. “Good girl Goala, good girl,” she added peting the excited little green eyed puppy. When Darky and Goala saw each other they seemed to fall in love as they stared wordlessly at each other for ten minutes before Brownie spoke.

“Sorry to break the daydream, but aren’t we about to play hide’n’ seek,” she spitefully asked.

“She’s right uh what are your names again? I recall that none of us have been properly introduced, I’m Goala, Garla’s pet,” she replied kindly.

“I’m Brownie this is Julian and Darky,” Brownie replied gesturing to each one as she spoke their names. “We all used to be stray’s till Belka or Ro found us,” Brownie replied softly.

“Who wants to be it, I vote Brownie, she’s too good a hider,” Rosina suggested as the pups finished talking. With that Brownie bean to count the others instantly ran to hide. She barked to show she was counting for Ro and Garla.

Julian hid in a sink, huddled up and warm, Darky hid under Rosina’s bed, Garla hid in the wardrobe of the room, Goala in the bath tub, and Rosina in a tree in the backyard. After forty barks Brownie went to seek.

She found Darky and Garla almost instantly showing all she needed was a little stealth. She set off to find the others and walked into the bathroom where she heard metal being scratched. She found Garla and from the top of the bath she saw Julian too. With all but Rosina found, Brownie went to the back door that she heard open earlier. She walked outside and found Rosina in her tree. Then together they went back to her bedroom where they started again but with Darky being it. They continued to play till Dinnertime, then, staying inside when the sun was down.

At dinner, things began to turn sour. As a police officer took Gregory to another room where he stayed for a half hour, Rosina, Garla, and the pups began to get worried. When he finally came out his face was full of worry. “I just got will back and, there are no signs of forgery, they tried a hundred times it’s the real deal, through and through, you will go to you Aunt Miriyamana’s in the morning,” he stated sourly.

“That can’t be right! My mum and dad hated her! They would never leave me with her! It can’t be right!” Rosina yelled in shock and anger.

“As I said they tried it a hundred times! I’m sorry but tomorrow morning you will have to move in with her, and the pups will go back to the shop,” her uncle Gregory explained growling.


Garla, Goala, Darky and Julian all shared a worry full glance but Brownie ran after her, as the others didn’t know what to say. When Brownie got to her room she liked Rosina and comforted her in any way she could. Though in Brownie’s mind she promised Rosina she would find out the truth no matter what. It was time to pick a fight, with her aunt Miriyamana.

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