Chronicles of Lithmor- Julian

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Chapter 3: The Truth

In the morning Rosina went to her aunt’s, and Brownie, Julian, and Darky went back to the store, all planning to bring the fight to Miriyamana but still, knowing they needed more help to aid Rosina. When they entered the store they put their plan into action telling as many pups as possible what had happened. They found another seven puppies that wanted to help Rosina discover the truth. Three were from Silver’s litter; two of those helped Brownie gain her scars; the other was his youngest sister Lisa. There were also two german shepherds, Luca and Georgia both black but while Luca had brown also, Georgia was a lighter more golden brown they both had green eyes; two Labradors, Norma and Saturn, both had blue eyes however Saturn’s coat was black and Norma’s brown. They went through the plan and carried it through as night came.

Brownie waited for Belka to go to bed before giving the signal to go up to the exercise capsule. Where they made their way to meet each other at the center vent; following the whole beneath the miniature lift. After a thirty-second wait for all of them to arrive, they all jumped onto the vent on the count of three and broke it open. When Belka came in, they ran out of the door and made their way to the laundry; with Belka chasing them.

When Belka saw who was in charge of the group, she knew what they were setting off to do, “Good luck, bring her home safely Brownie,” she told her staring at Brownie longingly.

I will Belka; she thought as she jumped out of the window to follow the others, I promise I will, she added as she led the group to Aunt Miriyamana’s house.

When they got to her house, they slept in a bush as all except Brownie were tired and exhausted. They slept till morning; Huddled together to keep on other warm. Brownie also seeing the good side of Silver’s brothers, George and Lucky.

In the morning Julian, Brownie, and Darky awoke when a car engine started. With Brownie and Julian checking it out, Darky woke the others, making sure they all remained quiet.

“That’s our queue,” Brownie told Julian as the car exited the gates. “All right pups when we get inside we stick together at all costs. We’ll search the house as a group and split into small groups in small rooms, like bedrooms, we’ll worry about that when we get inside. Let’s go in, and help Rosina,” Brownie ordered as they set off.

Brownie picked the lock with her claw, reaching it with a puppy ladder; one pup standing on the others back until they reached the lock. When the door opened they tumbled in and got up to search the room staying in a tight nit bunch.

“This is like a creepy, old and dark version of her Uncle Gregory’s house, only smaller,” Julian remarked.

“And scarier?” Darky added fearfully.

“I get why she calls her aunt a witch there’s cobwebs and stuff everywhere,” Norma added looking around.

“Why did the front door say, J&R Lockhart?” Lucky asked confused.

“Because this used to be Rosina and her parent’s place before they died,” Brownie answered still determined to discover the truth.

“Wow,” replied all the other pups in sync.

“Let’s get moving, it won’t be easy to go around the house before they get back, from where ever they went,” Brownie interrupted grumpily. “Keep your eyes out, your ears peeled and senses and smell at the wary Ro or our evidence could be anywhere,” she added sternly.

Julian started sniffing around and found a slightly familiar scent, “whose scent is that?” Julian asked unsure who it belonged to as it did but didn’t smell like Rosina.

“Smells like Ro but there’s another scent?” Brownie replied sniffing the air confused at the strange new scent.

“Could it be Jake or Miriyamana?” Luca asked having a sniff himself.

“Unless they rarely walk through the house no; it’s old, but similar to Ro’s, no way she’d have anything in common scent wise, to either of them,” Brownie answered still smelling. “It smells closer to her than an aunt, I wonder, let’s follow it in case it’s a clue,” Brownie added leading them in the direction of the scent.

They followed it down a hallway to a large metal door. “The scent leads in there?” Georgia asked staring at the large door.

“Why keep it hidden in another room? Wouldn’t it be in further inside the house?” Saturn implied.

“Brownie, look at the wall,” Georgia told Brownie.

“Good find, I taught you well,” Brownie told the young Germen Shepard.

“Taught her well?” Julian asked confused.

“Silver’s mean to everyone and as Brownie the only one brave enough to stand up to him, some pups try to go to her for comfort and protection; but most of the time Silver stops them, but a few, get some help,” Darky explained.

“And Georgia was one of them, luckily,” Luca added.

“Thanks to you distracting him,” Georgia replied smiling, “anyway it looks like this wall wasn’t originally here; there is a gap or two in the walls which shows us that it was added in a hurry.”

“So whatever is in there, it is something, they don’t want anyone to know about. So it’s important to them that no one sees it,” Brownie added smiling at Georgia.

“So we have to get this open?” George asked.

“Basically yeah ok that’s a good question,” Darky added.

“I don’t think it will be easy, though, it’s a coded lock,” Julian told them noticing the numbered lock.

“I think I could decode it but it won’t be easy,” Brownie suggested.

“I’ll help you reach it,” Georgia added.

“Me too, if you need me,” Lisa added kindly shying away from Brownie.

“Julian and I can split into teams and search the nearby rooms for something that could help us open this,” Darky thought out loud.

“Ok you can go with, Norma and Luca and Julian can take Lucky, George, and Saturn,” Brownie ordered.

“But that means I’m stuck with Silver’s brothers,” Julian said in a scared tone, remembering what they did to Brownie.

“It’s alright Julian, Lucky and I fear our brother too, he would’ve done the same thing to us if we didn’t. I swear we’re on your side,” George told Julian quickly telling the truth about his brother.

“Yeah if we even tried to talk to Brownie, he’d practically kill us when we get back to the family capsule!” Lucky explained, hiding behind his brother also in fear of Brownie.

“I believe them, Silver would hurt them any chance he gets, just like me and all others who defy him, except those who cringe away in fear,” Brownie explained.

“Let’s move everyone,” Darky announced as all who listened were quickly growing impatient.

The two groups scattered as Brownie began to try and crack the code, with Georgia and Lisa holding her up in a puppy ladder. The two groups looked in all the doors along the hallway, in cupboards and draws, on shelves and in any crevice anyone could see. After nearly 20 minutes of searching, Norma found something in a secret space at the bottom of the draw. She announced her finding to all and they gathered back at the safe, Norma caring her finding; a piece of paper with ten numbers on it.

“I found this in the room up the hall it was in a hidden space so I guess it was important,” Norma explained as she showed the sheet of numbers to the group.

“I’ll try the numbers on the lock but there are no guarantees,” Brownie told as Georgia and Lisa formed a ladder once more. “Someone call out the numbers,” Brownie ordered.

Brownie turned the nob around to the numbers; that Norma called out, “one, twenty-nine, forty-two, twenty-three, eight, five, ten, five, three, twenty-two; that’s it!” Norma yelled as she finished reading.

“I’ve got it! It’s unlocked, now grab my tail and pull!” Brownie ordered as the large metal began to open as the others all pulled.

Behind the door was a thirty or forty-year-old man, chained to the wall, with his head bowed and dark brown shaggy unkempt hair until the pups barked at him. The man looked up at the pups with his gold eyes and smiled.

“Come to free me have you?” he asked hopefully through his long shaggy hair.

It was also obvious that the wall and safe certainly were not apart if the original blueprints, the difference between the two rooms were obvious. None of the pups recognized him, only his scent. None of them even really saw his face, until Julian out curiosity walked over to him and attempted to move his hair out of the way.

“Now I recognize him, it’s Ro’s father! I see him in photos on Belka’s desk!” Brownie explained excitedly.

“So the will definitely wasn’t completely fake! They forced him to sign it!” Lisa told the lot happily.

“This is our evidence! The will no longer be needed,” Luca told them after listening to the rest of them.

“I guess you’re all wondering why I’m here?” Ro’s father asked after watching the barking pups. “And who I am? Well the names, Jeremy Lockhart, and my evil older sister locked me in here after I survived a car crash, and walked through a jungle to get here, only to have her lock me up in here for, I think two years now, I don’t exactly have a calendar but it feels like a million,” Jeremy explained grumpily.

“I think he’s lost his sanity a little while ago,” Julian implied, jumping off his knee.

“Hang on he’s been here in the dark for, about a year, so it makes sense, that he lost his sense of time over a year, you’d have nothing but your own biological clock to give you any sense of time,” Brownie explained defending Jeremy.

“Oh wow, look at this, the pups we wanted were here all along, how do you like that Silver,” Aunt Miriyamana asked as Silver and his evil brother and sister, Annie and Carlos all sneered at their other siblings. All the pups turned around to see the four standing in the doorway with evil smirks. Brownie growled as Lucky, Lisa and George hid from their fellow family members. Most pups hid behind Julian, Saturn and Georgia the other three courageous enough growled at them. “Hello brother, I see you made some new friends, funny their good friends of Rosina’s too,” Miriyamana added with an evil chuckle, the three pups beside her smiling mischievously. “Hmm, are those your siblings Silver, the ones cowering behind the strays? Pity that some don’t see the reality, evil always wins,” she proclaimed confidently.

We’ll see about that, Julian thought as he guarded the other pups.

“Oh aren’t you going to talk to your old friends Silver, what about you, Annie, Carlos,” Miriyamana asked invitingly. They stared at their three siblings as they cowered behind the four that were ready to fight. “Well aren’t you going to say anything, any of you,” Miriyamana asked impatiently waiting for an argument to occur.

“Alright, I’ll say if you two won’t!” Lisa growled at her brothers, sucking up her courage to step up to her brother. “You’re the biggest jerk in history Silver! You may as well run and hide it’s nearly ten against five! The odds of winning are in our favor! Even if some of us aren’t the best fighters! Or the smartest! But we’ve got what it takes to defeat you”.

“You’re a bunch of wimps that suck up to the kind-hearted you wouldn’t stand a chance,” Annie interrupted sucking out Lisa’s courage.

“Leave her alone Annie, your no better than the wicked witch from Hansel and Gretel! And that goes for all of you!” Brownie barked in anger.

“Yeh go back to ya cottage all four of you!” Saturn barked fighting his fear.

“Or you could shut your traps and go back the bush outside, I warned her to look for you!” Silver growled sucking the courage out of and Saturn.

“Back to Silver,” Luca yelled, as he stepped up to defend his friends with, Julian, Georgia, and Brownie.

“Oh wow the little Shepard has bark,” Carlos sneered.

“We won’t let you get away with this, nor will we let you ruin Rosina’s life,” Julian snarled angrily.

“And what are you gonna do about it?” Annie growled shutting Julian up, but still, he stood his ground, even with the fear welling up inside of him.

“You’re all stupid you know that,” Miriyamana said finally satisfied.

“You can’t keep me locked up here forever!” Jeremy yelled with a burst of determination.

“Yes I can,” Miriyamana replied slamming the metal door in their faces.

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