Chronicles of Lithmor- Julian

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Chapter 4: Showing Rosina The Truth

“So that’s it then?” Lisa asked afraid.

“No there has to be some way out of here!” Julian barked in determination.

“Julian I, don’t think there’s a way out, Jeremy must’ve been here for a year,” Brownie explained as she picked then removed Jeremy’s cuffs.

“If you’re looking for a way out there isn’t one. I’ve tried for nearly a year, searched every corner of the place, there’s no way out,” Jeremy explained as if reading their minds.

“I have a question, how did Jeremy search every inch of this place if he is chained to the wall?” Georgia asked, confused about Jeremy’s words.

“She has a point,” Lucky told them looking through his memories of the conversation.

“Georgia’s right there has to be a weak point he hasn’t seen! We’re dogs, we have more luck with finding a way out than he’s got,” Julian explained happily that someone was as hopeful as he.

“Let’s start looking then! Saturn, Lucky, and George look around the corners, Luca, Norma, Lisa and I can look and sniff the walls. The rest of you just start sniffing, around for a hole or something one of us can at least fit in, we have to find something!” Darky yelled surprisingly.

No one said anything just followed Darky’s orders he was never the one in charge, only a second in command, he was usually quiet and listened to other’s; this was the first time anyone saw him give any form of order that came from any other mouth. They searched everywhere, ignoring Jeremy’s eyes as he watched them with no hope at all; as if he was certain there was no escape. They sniffed and looked sometimes making a small puppy ladder to look into small crevices in case it could be a way out, even if they may have to dig they would find any way out possible. After nearly four hours, they gave up as nearly the whole room had been searched; but still, there was nothing; nothing that gave any show of aiding them out.

“If it helps we at least get fed,” Jeremy let them now to brighten their spirits.

“That’s it! What if some of us could get out when we get fed! We could run the past and hide in the! Well somewhere, we could tell Rosina the code, get her father out, and get the cops! He can tell them the truth, if we can get Rosina here to get him out, we can prove Miriyamana if lying and get rid of her for good!” Julian explained excitedly as the plan formed.

“We may have to distract Miriyamana though,” Georgia reminded him.

“We only need three or four to get out everyone else can create a diversion,” Brownie explained adding to the plan. “But getting out and to a good hiding spot in time will be difficult,” she added calmly.

“You can help with that,” Norma told them quickly. “You’re the best hide ‘n’ seeker there is,” she added proudly. “You can tell us what to look for in a good hiding place, you can lead to excellent hiding places!” Norma added even more enthusiastic.

“Ok you’ll all need to look for someplace dark, but being high or low can help, and don’t move too many things from their original places if you’re behind them they usually make the seeker think no one’s there, and absolutely always remain quiet. Never show any part of yourself, and always listen for noise or movement, if you here the slightest, freeze, breath very slowly and don’t move a muscle don’t even relax until all noise has been ceased, for at least a half hour, and if we get out. Be stealthy, as quite as dogly possible, light steps and steady breathing help a lot too,” Brownie explained with all eyes on her.

“Now we rest, I think we’ll need it,” Julian explained when she finished.

“Oh and never reply or show your face if you hear a familiar voice, even if it’s Rosina’s, Miriyamana may be evil but she’s not dumb, she may set up a trap, so listen carefully and never make a sound,” Brownie added before they went to sleep; “and remember at least one of you stay here, as many of us need to get out as possible, it heightens our chances of getting to Rosina dramatically,” Brownie added with a yawn.

So they slept and due to their hunger waited until dinner to carry out their plan.

When dinner came they, prepared to run the past, as Miriyamana opened the vault door, Jeremy jumped at her with four puppies helping to hold her down then; Julian, Brownie, Georgia, Lucky, Lisa, and Norma ran out and following Brownie’s rules of hiding, hid in any dark or far off place they could find.

Miriyamana was able to get Jeremy locked up again and the other puppies were still locked away in the vault. “Silver! Anna! Carlos! They got out!” she screamed as she stormed in and out of all rooms searching for any sign of the six pups that escaped. Julian listened from under a guest bed, hidden behind unmoved boxes and clothes staying quit as Brownie had said to do. He heard Miriyamana words, “Silver, Anna, Carlos, search every corner of the house for…” He heard his and other names all of the six puppies that got out. Then he heard footsteps light and quit but he knew they were Miriyamana’s. “Oh puppies,” She called, “come out, come out, where ever you are, I’ll take you to Rosina, she misses the lot of you,” She beckoned in a sickly sweet tone.

Don’t say a word it’s a trick, I have to get to Rosina myself! Don’t say a word, don’t make a sound, and don’t move a muscle. Don’t say a word, don’t make a sound, and don’t move a muscle, Julian repeated in his head as Miriyamana kept attempting to lure them out.

“Oh, Rosina!” Miriyamana called heartily.

Julian could hear Rosina quickly running down the steps and into the room, “What?” she asked grumpily as she obviously hated her.

“Don’t talk to me like that child!” She barked.

Don’t say a word, don’t make a sound, and don’t move a muscle. Don’t Listen to Rosina, don’t defend her, just shut up, you’ll help her more if you listen to Brownie’s words. Don’t say a word, don’t make a sound, and don’t move a muscle. Don’t say a word, don’t make a sound, and don’t move a muscle, Julian kept thinking to himself as his anger and frustration grew every minute.

“What is it I’ve done wrong now dear aunt?” Rosina asked kindly with anger clear in her voice.

“That’s better, but you did nothing wrong, you see ten pups from the store, somehow found the way here, and I was going to give them to you as a surprise but, they ran off. I only have four of the little darlings; the other six still elude us, could you find them dear? Let them know everything is safe, and that we won’t hurt them,” Miriyamana asked angrily trying to make sure she followed the orders.

“Yes aunt Miriyamanpoo,” Rosina replied spitefully; with an angry glare from her aunt she added, “Oh puppies, whichever ones you are, come out it’s all ok!” she called sarcastically. “Nope I guess nobodies here, sorry aunty,” Rosina told her aunt sarcastically.

“You’ll stay in this room for an hour or two, until bedtime if you have too until you get those six trouble makers back out into the open world,” Miriyamana growled as she shut the door and locked Rosina into the room.

Julian kept quiet until he was certain she was gone, and then he crawled out to Rosina who sat on the bed hugging her knees with her head down. He jumped up on the bed on and snuggled up to Rosina. “Huh, Julian, what are you doing here, let me guess Brownie, you and Darky made a team of ten pups and made your way here to help me prove the will is fake?” She asked Julian looked at her and his simple shocked face provided her with her answer. “That sounds about right, when she came to me at uncle Gregory’s house, she may as well have sworn she would prove the will was wrong,” Rosina explained smiling. “That sounds a lot like something she’d do, she’s the kindest, yet strongest and downright hardcore puppy I’ve ever met. What do you think, I suggest we whisper, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Miriyamanpoo had this place littered with camera’s so she could spy on me,” she explained calmly.

Julian nodded a reply and cuddled up beside her as he knew damn well she was one hundred percent correct. Then Norma crawled quietly out of the cupboard, with Lisa close behind. “Hi, everyone, it sounded safe,” Norma explained as they too leaped up onto the bed.

“Hello, you two I thought Lisa would come, I know damn well you hate your older brother,” Rosina said as they walked up to her and Julian, “but you Norma? I thought you’d be too shy, I know you would’ve tried to suck up the courage, and no offense but I could never have seen you take the journey from the shop, all the way to here! You’ve all come a long way and I have a feeling a lot of you have changed or will change in this journey, and whatever’s left to come, I know that for a fact,” Rosina ended kindly. “Oh, my god! The time! It’s my bed time, you have to go back into hiding all of you, don’t come out until every light in the house is off, and don’t go to sleep whatever you do,” Rosina ordered as the three pups hid together deep under the bed and waited quietly for ten minutes until Miriyamana walked through the door.

“Bedtime, any luck finding those six little rascals?” Miriyamana asked angrily.

“No Miriyamanpoo nothing at all evil stepmother,” Rosina replied cheekily.

“Go to bed Rose,” Miriyamana replied even angrier than before.

Rosina walked out mumbling, “It’s Rosina,” as she walked past. “Either way, they should all know my rooms the third door on the right,” she added hinting to the pups as Miriyamana followed her.

“Is she gone?” Lisa asked as quietly as possible.

“Ssshhhhhh,” hissed Julian and Norma irritably.

Miriyamana scanned the room one last time hearing the noise and walked out again as silently as she came. “Silver, Anna! Come here!” she called. “Search this room, every inch of it,” she commanded as she walked off.

They sat there quietly, looking for a better hiding place up high when Silver and Anna walked in; Julian and Norma, quickly helped Lisa up to somewhere high, before hiding high themselves. They all listened as Silver and Anna wandered around the room, searching for them; sniffing around. They heard them look in the cupboard, jump onto the bed, and eventually sniff around, under the bed. Silver came close to Julian and looked up.

Oh, what the hell! We have to show Rosina her father! Julian shouted at himself in his thoughts.

Then he leaped onto Silver and knocked him into the nearest box. Silver growled ready to pounce, but Lisa pinned him back to the ground. “Go, Julian, I’ll deal with him,” she growled ready to fight her brother.

When Anna pinned her from behind, the talking started, “well little sister I see you chose the wrong side,” Silver told her meanly.

“Not by a longshot!” Lisa yelled angrily as she kicked of Anna into the box.

Silver leaped at her, but she rolled out of the way, causing Silver to bang his head on the box. When he attempted to attack again, Norma jumped at him, knocking him out of the way. Then it became a fight as the four pups fought, commonly adding one other from an enemy attack, they continued to pin and bight at one other. Meanwhile Julian was on his way to find Rosina’s room.

Ok one step two step, this is not easy, Julian told himself as slowly leaped up one step after the other. It took him ten exhausting minutes to reach the top of the staircase. Ok, now Rosina said it was the 3rd door on the, ah left or right? Julian sat there thinking. Was it the left or right? He asked himself as he looked from one side to the other.

Little did he know Carlos was closing in behind him, but so was Brownie and Lucky. When Carlos got ready to pounce so did Brownie, and just in mid-pounce, Brownie knocked Carlos onto the floor and kept him pinned to the floor.
“What the?!” Julian asked as he heard them land the stairs beside him.

“Well I had to do something or he could’ve totaled you,” Brownie explained.

“I can defend myself!” Julian barked angrily in an annoyed tone.

“Well I’ve never seen you do so, and don’t yell you’ll alert Miriyamana or Jake,” Brownie explained irritably.

“I still could’ve…”

“Well I’ve never seen you defend yourself in a physical fight, and even using fighting words you’ve been known to back off if they argue back aggressively enough; so excuse me for trying to protect my friend,” Brownie hissed angrily interrupting Julian’s whining.

“If you wanted to know, Georgia’s helping, defeat Silver and Anna,” Lucky explained trying to lighten the mood.

“And to buy us some time, they can definitely handle those two. I know it,” Brownie added confidently. “You two get to Rosina, follow the freshest scent,” she added helpfully.

“Ok let’s go Lucky,” Julian told the young retriever as they set off following Rosina’s scent.

When they bumped into the door, they tried to open it; but failed at most attempts of even getting the height. Until eventually after ten minutes they got it open, only to find, what resembled more of a small storage room than a bedroom. Garla was right, Miriyamana does treat them like ugly old cows, Julian thought to himself as he scanned the room.

There were only a portable heater and the blankets on Ro’s bed to give any warmth. There was little space for what she owned. Most of her clothes and belongings still lay in the bag she brought here on her first day. All other space was boxes of junk or looked as if the owner was ready to move. There was little room for Rosina in there. It only just had enough room to fit a bed, or small chest of draws, either way, it was crowded and obviously uncomfortable.

They two pups made their way through the narrow pathway to Rosina’s bed. Either side of them where boxes or other unwanted and badly placed items. The pathway was slightly curved as if Miriyamana liked to see Rosina weave her way through the madness. When they got to Rosina’s bed, it was obvious that she was cold and had little covers, or anything warm. They jumped onto her bed and woke her up, though she didn’t seem to be asleep yet.

“I knew one of you could make it. So six out of ten got out, let me guess the other four are fighting of Silver, Anna, and Carlos?” Rosina asked sleepily. Lucky nodded yes, “right I can understand that ” she added calmly. Julian bit the sleeve of her pajamas and tried to get her out of bed to her father. “Not know, I can’t go anywhere now, not while my aunt is still awake she’ll notice,” Rosina explained calmly. “If you want to go anywhere wait until midnight or morning, when Miriyamanpoo goes shopping. Jake’s hearing impaired, and is almost a slave to her anyway, but when she’s gone he’s all to himself, him and the TV so I’m free to do as I please,” Rosina yawned sleepily. “Goodnight,” she added going back to sleep.

“Now what?” Lucky asked quietly.

“I’ll go tell the others and we’ll decide from there,” Julian told him as he started for the door.

“But?” Lucky asked afraid.

“Just stay here,” Julian growled back as he walked through the door. “Brownie, Brownie I’ve got a… Plan,” Julian whispered until he stopped as he stared up at Miriyamana, with Brownie, Norma, Lisa, and Georgia, tied on a leash behind her; and Silver, Anna and Carlos stood in front of her staring at him coldly. “Oh shit,” Julian whispered to himself as he searched for a way out.

Then taking a leap of faith, he darted down the stairs, as fast as his little legs could carry him. Then taking a sharp turn he ran past Jake and narrowly missed Silver as he attempted to jump him. Still, he ran and using his long lost skills from the farm he jumped to safety, hiding behind boxes, high in a cupboard under the stairs. He was taking deep calm breaths when Silver came in as Jake opened the door.

“Come out, you little coward,” Silver growled as he searched the floor.

“Carlos guard the door when he comes out a bark,” Miriyamana ordered as she came out behind him. “By the way stray, your friends are in the vault waiting for you, when you come out,” she added cruelly, then with and an evil chuckle from her, Silver and Carlos, they shut the door leaving Julian alone in the darkness, and Carlos at the door as a guard.

He’s right, Silver’s right, Julian thought to himself as he lay down miserably in the darkness. I am a coward. I ran, I just ran, I couldn’t bring myself to fight. Brownie was right; Carlos would’ve totaled me earlier. I back down when someone backchats me, angrily enough. All they need is the right tone and I’ll shut right up, immediately. I am a coward. I wish I could be courageous or smart like Georgia, Norma, Rosina, or even Lisa, and especially Brownie. She’s so lovely and beautiful, but she’s also kind and mysterious, Brownie well she, sought of reminds me of my mum. Or what I remember of her that is. I wish I could see my family again, but they’re either gone or in a whole new home. I am a coward. I‘ve never ever faced anything, he thought to himself miserably. Maybe I’ll never have the strength to. So what if I’m a Chihuahua, I’m a disgrace to the race. All I do is run and hide. Like now; I have to do something but I’m of more use to them out there. I need a plan. Julian thought to himself remembering Rosina and his friends. I was going to take Rosina to her father while Miriyamana is out tomorrow. I could do that but, what about Carlos. I need a distraction, but I have no one to talk too. Rosina also said midnight, what if when Carlos is asleep I hide somewhere closer to Rosina’s room, no one will know I’ve moved, perfect now I wait, he told himself with a small burst of courage.

Meanwhile in the vault things were more miserable than ever. “I’m sorry Brownie,” Georgia apologized in the silence.

“For what, it’s not like I did much better. I got caught too there is nothing either of us could’ve done,” Brownie explained sadly.

“No it’s my fault, I saw a Silver jump at you Georgia, I should’ve warned you, instead I took it to myself to try and help you,” Norma explained sadly.

“It would’ve been the heat of the moment you don’t think you do, if a friend is in danger we help them. Especially when in an attack, you don’t think you do, ’cause there’s no time to think, no time to rest, only to do and do so quickly. It’s no one’s fault. We all make mistakes, but now we must hope that Julian can get Rosina here to her father,” Brownie explained hopefully looking at the door of the vault.

“Can he do it, though? Is he strong enough to go at the task alone?” Saturn asked stubbornly. “He’s new, he knows little, we hardly know him, from all we know he could be double-crossing us right now,” He explained.

“Julian wouldn’t do that! You may not know him but Brownie and I do, and I know he’s definitely not evil, not at all,” Darky growled angrily almost immediately.

“How do you know he wasn’t faking it, to get you to believe him?” Saturn barked back.

“ONE OF US WOULD’VE SENSED IT THAT’S HOW! WERE DOGS! We sense danger, we would sense evil, even you now that, Saturn!” Brownie barked angrily as she glared at him.

“Are you sure? I’ve seen the way you look at Julian, you like him don’t you, you’re in love, and love can blind, even with the smartest,” Saturn replied getting closer to Brownie to threaten her.

“No love clears the fog, as true love, means as long as you’re in control, you never in a million years harm each other. It brings families together, it stops the battles, because they do all they can to protect the ones they love. Close or not,” Brownie barked sternly in his face.

“Sounds like a speech from someone who’s in love, right Norma,” Saturn barked at Brownie.

“Yes but even those who haven’t found a soul mate, know Brownie’s right, so shut it Saturn!” Norma barked at her brother frightening him.

“Their right, you’d do almost anything for the ones you love. I could see myself taking a bullet for any of my siblings, even Silver, Anna or Carlos, they’re still family,” George explained backing up Norma.

“Even I know that’s true, and I’m a, shy little ass,” Lucky explained with little confidence.

“They’re all right, theirs ten of us, one of us would’ve sensed it and, well we’re all confident enough to speak up and say something,” Lisa yelled backing the others.

“Why would you say it now? You would’ve confronted at least one of us earlier if you sensed it, I know it,” Luca confronted Saturn.

“You know you would’ve,” Darky added.

Saturn walked over to a corner and laid down, “I’m sorry. I’m depressed and my mind jumped to conclusions. I just do that sometimes. I didn’t think it through. I just needed someone to blame. I’m sorry,” he said as he began to cry.

“It’s ok, were all depressed,” Norma replied as she snuggled next to each other. Slowly the others joined him. All depressed and in need of some comfort.

“Do you really think Julian can do it?” Lisa asked in amongst the huddle.

“I know he can,” Brownie replied as they slept.

At midnight Julian snuck down and past the sleeping Carlos, with much more ease than expected, he slept deeply and even when Julian knocked a box and made a small bang sound in the cupboard, Carlos still slept soundlessly. Julian climbed the stairs as quietly as he possibly could. He could hear no other sound in the house, besides snoring, the funny sound a fridge makes and his own footsteps, as he slowly ascended the staircase. After fifteen minutes he reached the top. Then looked around quickly scanning the area, before he quickly but quietly went down the hall to the small room were Rosina slept. Luckily for him, she left the door open ajar and he quietly walked and once again, weaved his way through the winding path of boxes and belongings to Rosina’s bed. To find Rosina rugged up in a ball with the little covers she had.

Julian jumped onto the bed and licked her neck, Rosina then turned around to face Julian blinking as she was only slightly awake. “Julian? What are you doing? They’ll lock you up, just like Lucky and the others, I heard it all from here,” she explained sleepily as she patted her friend. Once again Julian pulled at her pajama sleeve and this time she did get up. “Ok Julian,” she yawned sleepily as she got out of bed, “led the way to whatever you want me to see,” she added yawning again.

She had a drink from a water bottle on the bedside table to wake herself up and they set off. Down the hallway, back down the stairs, both of them yawned, at times even simultaneously. Julian took her down the hallway and straight to the vault. Rosina watched as Julian searched for the paper that had the code on it. After ten minutes of searching he found it lodged in the crack of the wall, he gave it to Rosina then she turned the nob; first, one then twenty-nine then forty-two, and so forth to the last numbers, five, three and twenty-two. The door opened to reveal Jeremy, Saturn, Norma, Luca, Georgia, Lucky, George, Lisa, Darky and Brownie. Though only Brownie, Georgia, Luca, Saturn, and Jeremy were awake, but all of them could see Jeremy and Rosina stare at each other.

They had been separated for a year, now after all of Rosina’s grieve of learning her parents dead, her father stood there staring at her happily, while Rosina started with a sense of bewilderment, yet anger, “Where were you, all this time, this whole year, you were alive and you never told me. You never came to me!” She yelled angrily trying to whisper.

A frown formed on Jeremy’s face as his daughter’s words seemed to put a dagger in his heart, “I’ve been here, locked up like a monster by Miriyamana, my own sister,” he explained sadly as his eyes fell to the floor under the pups and Rosina’s gazes.

“How did you even survive, while mum died? Why did you come here? Why did you sign the fake will?” she gasped angrily as she stared at her father with terror and anger in her golden-green eyes and voice.

“The real will your mother and I created, you and Belka were supposed to get the house, you were supposed to get half the money, the other half was meant for the orphanage,” Jeremy explained calmly.

“So you thought Belka and I were living here?” Rosina asked as tears began to form in her eyes.

“Yes, I never expected to find Jake and Miriyamana here, I’m sorry, I promise you I did all I could to escape and get back to you,” He explained as he began to cry.

She went straight to him crying, and gave him a huge hug, they sat there crying for at least ten minutes, before one by one the other pups woke to find the scene and circled around the two happily smiling, as they had finally completed the mission they came here to achieve together.

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