Chronicles of Lithmor- Julian

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Chapter 5: Getting Out

The ten puppies, Rosina, and her father walked out of the room and Jeremy called the police the second he reached the phone and explained everything in detail. The police told them they would be there in fifteen minutes. So they sat at the foot of the stairs and waited, while at the police station, they took the recorded phone call to Gregory as in their minds, it could’ve very well been a prank.

“What’s going on?” Gregory asked as he entered the police station, with Garla, Goala and Belka behind him.

“We just got a triple zero call, from your sister in laws, we thought you should hear it before we went to check it out,” the policeman said as he played the recording.

“I’m not sure if it’s Jeremy’s, could you replay the recording officer,” Gregory suggested as he hadn’t headed his brother in laws voice for a year.

“Yes Mayor Gregory,” the policeman replied playing the recording again.

“One more time please?” Asked Belka after the recording ended a second time.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Silver and Miriyamana had awoken to the sound of the not so quiet chatter between Ro, her father, and the ten pups.

“What’s taking them so long, it’s been an hour,” Darky huffed as he walked back and forth in front of the stairs impatiently.

“Quiet down Darky, you’ll wake Miriyamana or Silver,” Brownie hissed.

“Probably not Carlos though, he’s snoring his head off. I knocked at least two boxes on the ground and he didn’t even flinch, they were even sought of noisy,” Julian told them quietly as they sat in the darkness.

“You would certainly wake Anna, though, she sleeps so lightly I hear a creak on the floor and her head just pops up instantly,” Lucky explained looking around as though she was already nearby.

“Relax its ok, as far as they know, I’m the only pup out of the vault, like they’ll be overly worried about one pup, getting everyone out, even I didn’t think I could do it,” Julian explained trying to cheer him up.

“I knew you could do it,” Brownie replied calmly, shocked of Julian’s words. “I’m sorry about what I said earlier, at the top of the stairs. I didn’t mean it to sound harsh, but it’s the truth, and I have never seen you physically defend yourself. Ever, what else was I going to do, let him tackle you to the ground? I wasn’t going to let that happen Julian, I couldn’t even to a friend, especially a friend like you,” Brownie added miserably.

“It’s ok, you were right anyway, I’m a coward,” Julian replied as he laid down on the step miserably.

“No, you’re not, you have the courage to speak out, and say what you feel, you don’t just throw it out of your mind or lock it up like it never happened,” Brownie replied calmly.

“Is that how you stay brave and strong?” Norma asked overhearing her words.

“I don’t see how that’s so bad,” Georgia implied.

“It can tear you apart to keep yourself and memories or feelings locked up,” Saturn replied.

“How do you know?” Lucky asked.

“Because I did it so I never got hurt by Silver, I kept my mouth shut, and it tore me apart mentally,” Saturn replied.

“Oh,” Lucky replied.

“So you shatter?” asked George.

“You explode all in one go,” Norma asked.

“Yeah, unfortunately,” Saturn replied.

“That can’t be fun,” Lisa added sadly.

“No way in hell it would,” Luca said.

“But I never blew, I just showed my anger and defended who I could,” Brownie added in the darkness.

“Like you defended your friends or the group, or me,” Julian added sitting up again.

“Hmm, to think all this time this is the most any of us has ever opened up,” Darky implied with a chuckle.

Then simultaneously, Darky, Luca, Lisa, Saturn, Norma, Rosina and her father all yawned. Then clock hit One A.M. While at the police station things were extremely confusing and not getting any better.

“Play it one more time please,” Belka asked the officer as they still tried to remember Jeremy’s voice.

“One more time please,” Gregory asked.

“Ok just grab an old recording of Uncle Jeremy’s voice from the past and get the stupid tech’s to compare the voice to certify that it’s Uncle Jeremy already, you could’ve called us to get you an old video tape or something, my god you guys,” Garla huffed annoyed of the constant replaying of the tape.

The officers her aunt and father all immediately followed her instructions all complaining of why one of them hadn’t thought of the idea an hour ago. Back at the mansion, the conversation between Brownie and Julian started up again.

“I’m really sorry I offended you, Julian,” Brownie stated for the twelfth time.

“It’s ok really I was angrier when Silver called me Ian,” Julian replied.

“I still sounded meaner then I meant…”

“It’s fine, really,” Julian interrupted Brownie he was growing irritated.

“Do you ever think they’ll ever tell each other, that they like each other?” Saturn asked Darky as Julian and Brownie kept repeating the conversation.

“I don’t know but they have to say something one of these days,” Darky replied.

“I hope it happens soon,” Luca added. “I want to just walk in there and yell at them to tell each other already,” Luca added surprised.

“You’re not the only ones on that boat,” George implied adding to the conversation.

“It’s so obvious, though,” Darky added calmly.

“Go on tell her Julian,” Saturn urged silently, “tell him Brownie,” he added impatiently.

“They have to at least notice the way they are around each other, I mean one of them should see that they both like each other right, they’re both smart pups,” Luca implied.

“They’ll tell each other, eventually,” Darky reminded them and himself looking at the couple.

“You don’t have to apologize Brownie I forgive you don’t have to apologize anymore, it’s not necessary,” Julian told Brownie now getting quite paranoid.

“Well I’m sorry but it’s not my fault I like you and don’t want to hurt you!” Brownie barked back louder than she’d intended as the whole room, Julian included, instantly turned and looked directly at her.

“Why didn’t you just, tell me, I mean I like you to,” replied Julian shyly.

“Probably for the same reason you didn’t tell me, am I right in saying that you too were scared to say it, out loud,” Brownie answered unsure of herself.

“I never thought you to be the scared type I thought you’d say it first, I am a coward, you all know that you’re all stronger than me,” Julian replied, embarrassed.

“It’s always a bunch of nerves when you admit you love another, besides a coward couldn’t have gotten to Rosina on his own, or walked past Carlos even if he is asleep if anything Julian you’re the strongest one here. You don’t let your fear control or change you or you wouldn’t be here,” Brownie replied shyly as Julian came over and they smiled at each other.

“Well, it’s about time!” Georgia barked in the silence.

Everyone laughed; they also heard a cackle and turned to see, Miriyamana, Silver, Anna and Jake standing atop the stairs watching everything. “Lovely a little romance from the leader and the runner into a closet, nice to know Carlos, slept on duty,” Silver called down the hall, causing Jeremy and Rosina to stand and turn to directly face their relative.

“The police are on their way Sister,” Jeremy yelled. “It’s over, you lost,” He added frustratingly.

“As far as the police are concerned Jeremy Lockhart was killed in a car crash, a year ago, along with his wife,” Miriyamana bellowed back. “I think you lost a little brother, you and your ten puppy warrior’s,” Miriyamana added mockingly as she looked Jeremy in the eye.

“Sais the women with mute husband three pups that can be tricked as easily as a blind woman on Halloween,” Rosina bellowed defending her father. “So what if the police don’t come, we have the smarts, skill, and numbers to defeat you and even if you’re the most determined woman in the world. The odds are against you Miriyamanpoo and I don’t care what you yell out next but everyone, I can think of hates you; and are smart enough to smell something fishy and investigate, even Garla and Goala have more smarts than you, you lose, just like all evil you will lose,” Rosina added in loud bellow of anger.

Miriyamana chuckled evilly followed by Silver, then Anna and finally Carlos as he seemed to finally wake up and watched the action from the side, with an evil smirk. “Go ahead and try Ro, I promise you, you won’t make it out,” Miriyamana threatened as Jeremy attempted to find the door. It was locked and Miriyamana giggled and jiggled her key chain before she put it in her pocket. “Now Silver, teach these pups a lesson, while I deal with Ro and her father,” she ordered evilly.

“Run!” yelled Rosina as Silver and the others carried out Miriyamana’s orders.

The pups ran one direction, perused by Silver, Anna, and Carlos while Rosina ran the other way with her father as they tried to open every window they saw while Miriyamana closed in on them slowly as if knowing their every attempt would be useless. “You can’t run little brother,” she taunted, “neither can you, my little niece,” Miriyamana added cruelly as they ran away still attempting to open windows and doors, they cornered in the lounge room; and none of them were any good at fighting physically.

“Rosina, run,” Jeremy ordered.

“No dodge out, feet be nimble,” Rosina replied as they dodged Miriyamana as she grabbed for them.

“Feet be quick,” her father finished as they dodged out of the way once more.

They dodged another time and ran out of the room to find a place to hide.

Meanwhile, the pups were jumping and taking sharp turns to get away from their pursuers, they found themselves quickly split up. Luca, Saturn, George, Darky and Lucky, went straight to hide, remembering Brownie’s words of wisdom. Julian and Norma were constantly being chased by Carlos, while Brownie and Georgia fought with Anna and Silver.

“Come on Norma up here!” Julian shouted as he and Norma began climbing a staircase of boxes.

“He’s still hot on our tails, Julian please tell me you have a plan!” Norma huffed as they jumped off the boxes and landed beside each other.

“Well, I sort of have a plan but it involves losing him first,” Julian huffed as looked behind him.

“How the hell do expect us to do that?” Norma shouted frantically.

“Can you climb like a cat?” Julian asked huffing.

“Kind of, why? What’s the plan here?” Norma replied running out of breath.

“The next corner I take you down will have a wall of boxes, I’ll need you to jump on them and get high fast, but make sure your very close to them, I’ll be right beside you ok,” Julian shouted back as they neared the corner.

“Read you loud and clear boss, lead the way,” Norma replied.

“Ok here we go, LEFT,” Julian shouted as they carried out his plan.

It worked out the way they planned it, they got high and were able to run the other way and Carlos collided into the boxes and got stuck. Julian and Norma got far enough away to hide and prepare a trap for whoever found them or their hiding spot.

Meanwhile, at the police station, the policemen finally approved that the call was from Jeremy Lockhart and his Waco story was true, no matter how ridiculous it sounded. “Let’s go get my brother-in-law,” Gregory announced when they declared the fact.

“I would advise against that Mayor Butsbo sir,” the chief of police advised when Gregory tried to go with the police to Miriyamana’s.

“I have to he’s my brother-in-law and he and my niece are in there, I’m coming,” Gregory ordered.

“Then so am I,” Belka announced as she put on her jacket.

“Goala and I are coming too,” Garla told them. “Don’t try to tell me no dad or anyone or I’ll get Goala onto you and you know she can fight,” she added sternly, Goala growling to show she would do as Garla said.

“Ok but be careful and grab your jacket,” Gregory told her annoyed of his daughter’s spitefulness.

“Come on Goala,” Garla urged as she put on her jacket and walked out with the others to help Rosina, Julian, Brownie and the others.

At the house, the fight between Brownie and Silver continued, but Georgia had run away to hide with Anna at her heels; because she got injured and Brownie gave an order. They moved constantly as they fought, pinning each other and clawing at each other until they slowly ended up near Julian and Norma. The fight began to see boxes falling on them and getting easily broken, as well as what was in them making the scene look more like a battlefield in the front of Rosina’s little room.

Julian and Norma watched the havoc from an empty shelf above, or rather an area of it. And wondered what they should do. “We can’t let her get hurt again,” Julian whispered in a hiss to Norma.

“So what do we do drop the box of heavy tools on them, they could be killed by them,” Norma argued looking from the toolbox between them and the chaos below.

“And Silver isn’t capable of killing her down there! We have to Norma or he could kill her, we both know he’s perfectly capable of it,” Julian hissed back angrily.

“Ok fine but what about Brownie, she could get hurt!” Norma argued determinately.

“She’s tough and has good hearing she’ll know what’s coming and move long before Silver can even think; Come on Norma you’ve got to know her well enough to know she will,” Julian hissed back annoyed.

“Ok let’s do this then,” Norma replied irritably.

They pulled the rope and the tools fell down to the ground; and like Julian predicted, Brownie dived out the way they minute it opened and Silver got buried under the metal and rubber tools.

“Thanks,” Brownie replied looking up at Julian and Norma.

“Are you ok,” Julian called down as she numerous cuts and bruises from the fight.

“I’ll be fine Julian, I had it worse when he and his brothers attacked me,” she replied as Julian and Norma hurried down to her.

“You’re sure you’re all right,” Julian asked as he reached the floor and stared into her eyes.

“I’ll be fine, don’t look so scared, I’m a tough girl I can handle a one on one battle,” Brownie replied staring straight back at Julian.

“Gee you two are in love huh?” Norma asked as she reached the floor. “It looks like a battle took place down here, not a fight between two tough puppies,” Norma added acknowledging the difference.

Behind them, Silver was getting up. He was injured, but not very severely. “Lovely two love sick puppies showing their love for each other, talk about gross,” Silver groaned as he moved the tools out of his way. “Just disgusting, two stays, two different breeds, two very different dogs in love; what is this world coming too,” he added evilly.

“Funny, the only gross thing I see from here is two bleeding pups,” Norma replied sarcastically.

“You know what Silver we did call the police, and there coming,” Julian growled angrily, “Shut your mouth so what, Jeremy was declared dead, they found no body, they have no proof they may sit there for a minute, and check some weird check to make sure the story is true but they will check it out, and they will discover the truth,” Julian added stubbornly when Silver tried to speak.

“Not all cops are stupid idiots Silver,” Brownie growled moving forward, “They will double check to certify the truth before they come, they may even be on their way here right now,” Brownie added boldly.

Sure enough not long after she said this, the sirens of police could be heard outside, and Silver growled before he walked away, but Julian pinned him to the ground and closely watched him with Norma and Brownie beside him. Brownie barked letting the other pups know to come out of hiding as the cops kicked the door down below as they got to the top of the stairs. Julian and Brownie pulled Silver along the hallway to the top of the staircase. Norma joined in the howling as the pups came running in. Silver tried to get away again but, Brownie and Julian together pinned him to the ground. The pups sat at the first step of the staircase and looked up the four of them, though Norma walked down two steps to let them all see Brownie and Julian as they had Silver pinned to the ground. They turned as Miriyamana walked out of the room in handcuffs, along with Jake, and Carlos and Anna in travel cages and eventually, Rosina happily reunited with her father Jeremy and finally safe from her evil Aunt.

Then in came the officer that took Silver and behind him Garla and Goala entered. Goala leaped onto Darky in such happiness that Brownie and Julian laughed.

“There, you are, I thought Brownie took you all here,” Belka said as she kneeled down among the pups at the bottom of the staircase. “I knew you guys could do it, I knew you could help Rosina somehow,” She added excitedly.

The pups greeted her with lots of kisses and love, then Norma, Brownie, and Julian made their way down the stairs. And back to the group that asked loads of questions about the events upstairs, until Gregory walked in and looked at the dogs pleadingly.

“I believe you ten are mainly responsible for us finding Rosina’s father, also known as, Jeremy Lockhart and some little birdies told me, you lot deserve a little reward,” He told them as they stared back at him.

“I don’t think any off this would’ve happened without them,” Rosina explained as she walked up behind him.

Then suddenly the seven that only entered to go to where they pushed Darky, Brownie, and Julian forward. All knowing they had more to do with it than them; though they pulled all the pups forward as they all played a part in helping Rosina. They laughed and together they set off for home, hoping this was the end of it all.

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