Chronicles of Lithmor- Julian

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Chapter 6: The Mortlake Fair

After two days of interrogations, lie detections and investigations, Miriyamana was taken to jail, Jake was given a year of community with good behavior as he really never participated in her games, also due to his lack of hearing he rarely knew a thing about what Miriyamana was up to. Belka remained with her shop but, Carlos, Anna, and Silver were quickly adopted by Rosina’s friend and one of Belka’s work colleagues, Chloe, who loves fairies and was quick to be strict as she entered Anna into dog fashion along with the catwalk, while Carlos and Silver were introduced to dog shows.

Garla and Gregory were quick to adopt Darky afterward due to the feelings between Darky and Goala. Mayor Gregory with added support from Rosina, Jeremy the police force, Belka’s permission and the Rosina and Garla’s school gossip spreading the word of the events at the mansion to spread like wildfire, the ten pups were awarded medals for their bravery in helping their friend. Jeremy moved back into the mansion with Rosina and they adopted Brownie, though, Julian stayed there only part time. Due to the news and its quick spread throughout the school, Saturn, Norma, Luca, Georgia, Lucky, Lisa and George, along with most of their litters were quickly adopted by either Rosina’s or Garla’s friends; who treated all of them nicely, and constantly ensured they were able to see their friends and family.

All that was two days ago, and today is the last day of the Mortlake Fair; and the ten pups and their new owners were meeting at the fairs entrance Norma and Luca were the first to arrive and after five minutes Garla and Darky arrived then slowly so did everyone else, though fifteen minutes later a man and a woman approached, that none of them recognized and the only ones not there were Julian and Brownie. They both had red hair but the woman had brown eyes while the man had blue. They walked straight up to them and the man approached Garla, now a common accordance as the event of finding Jeremy- being found alive after being declared dead, then found alive the ten and everyone involved, landed on the front page of the Herald Sun and other newspapers.

“Excuse are you Ms. Garla Butsbo?” The man asked.

“Yes, that’s me what’s up?” Garla replied kindly.

The woman stepped forward to answer, “I’m Natasha, this is my husband, Jamie, we heard Julian was here…” at these words all of the children and pups glanced at each other, they could take Julian, “you see we were his owners, when we lost him at the camping spot two weeks ago, the police told us they’d call if they found him, but…”

“We were called to the city on a family matter that needed attending, not long after the robbery,” Jamie finished for her.

“We’re here to take him home,” Natasha added just as Julian, Brownie, Rosina, Belka and Jeremy showed up.h

Belka stopped in her tracks recognizing Jamie and Natasha from when she looked up Julian’s history. “What’s wrong Aunty B?” Belka instantly glanced at Julian when Rosina asked this. Seeing this Rosina answered her own question, “there his family aren’t they?” She spoke as tears formed.

Julian, however, ran straight to Jamie and Natasha still recognizing their faces and voices. They instantly grabbed him and loved him, his friends, Rosina, Belka, Garla, Goala, Darky and Brownie all stared at their close friend; after all, they had been through in the past week and a bit, they had all formed a strong bond of friendship, but more importantly love and family.

It wasn’t until Brownie bowed her head in sorrow that Julian noticed all the worried stares. “I guess it’s time for you to go home now, with your real family,” Brownie commented harshly as she walked to join Darky and the others.

“No, I!” Julian staggered but he couldn’t figure out what to say, his mind juggled the emotions for his original owners, and for the family, he had gone through hell with.

“You don’t need to explain Julian we understand,” Darky commented before Julian could pick his words.

“Yeah they’re your owners, always have been,” Georgia added kindly.

The boys mostly stood back unsure of what to say, then Lisa stepped forward, “we all have our people, you have a right to be with yours Julian,” Lisa added calmly, holding back tears, just like the rest of her family and owners.

“But, what about all of you, I can’t leave this town I belong here with you guys and Ro and Mayor Gregory and, oh guys I, I need you guys,” Julian explained letting his own tears flow.

“You belong to your owners, I’m sure you can still visit us,” Luca interjected knowingly.

“Julian it’s really clear as hell,” Norma added smiling sweetly.

“I’m sorry Mr. Lockhart I presume,” Natasha interrupted gesturing to Jeremy, who had, had a haircut during the week and now possessed a similar hairstyle to his brother-in-law Gregory.

“Yes, call me Jeremy, I see that Julian is fond of you, Mrs. Uh?”

“Thank you, I’m Natasha Kinthro this is my husband Jamie, we owned Julian Jnr’s parents, before they passed,” Natasha explained shaking Jeremy’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Natasha, are you sure Julian is yours?” Jeremy asked uncertainly, meanwhile, the pups were staring at Julian in confusion.

“Junior? Your name is Julian Junior?” Saturn asked cheekily.

“Yeah I’m the third,” Julian explained embarrassed; at this Saturn, Luca, George, Georgia and Darky burst into laughter.

“Shut it you lot!” Norma shouted at the five, Lisa, Lucky, Goala and Brownie glared at them menacingly.

Julian looked between the two groups then smiled, “Still the tough ones, that’ll never change,” he contemplated earning an angry glare from all his friends.

“He’s right, add Georgia, hang on why are all the girls, the tough ones?” Luca gestured making all the girls laugh.

“You are boys are pretty tough too you know,” Norma pointed out.

“Ah, ha, you girls are tougher than all us boys combined, Brownie, Georgia and you especially,” Darky replied referring to Norma.

“Hey! What am I invisible?” Goala growled at her boyfriend.

“Ah, Goala he’s kind of right there,” Lisa pointed out, glancing at Goala, who immediately glared angrily at her back, but before Goala could reply their attention turned the Butsbo’s, Lockhart’s and Kinthro’s’ conversation.

“Know they can’t have Julian!” Rosina yelled angrily, a few passers-by stopping to watch what was going on along with the pups and their owners.

“Julian belongs to them Ro, I recognize them from when I searched up Julian’s history,” Belka tried to explain.

“But they can’t!” Garla shouted with worry, “They can’t separate Julian and Brownie they’d break their puppy hearts!” At her words the lovers glanced at each other worryingly, afraid this may just be the last time they see each other.

“Do a police check! What if they’re lying?!” Rosina yelled determinedly.

“There’s nothing more we can do Ro,” Jeremy replied going down to one knee to face his daughter. “They are his rightful owners Ro, he has to go with them,” he added as soothingly as he could.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work, “I won’t say goodbye to the pup who helped me find the truth, to the pup that helped me get your evil sister into jail!” Rosina roared.

“Should we come back at another time Jeremy?” Natasha asked seeing the fury her question had caused.


“Yes!” Rosina and Jeremy replied in the union.

Jeremy turned back to Rosina who glared at him angrily, “Julian is one of my BEST friends you wanna take him away go ahead, but don’t blame me if he runs back to the one he loves,” Rosina growled running away into the thick mass of crowd.

“Rosina!” Jeremy called outstanding to try and stop her.

“Rosina!” Jeremy, Belka, Garla, and all except the Kinthro’s called worryingly in the unison.

“Ro!” Belka called not long afterward fear to grow in all of them.

Just then a phone call came in from Gregory, Belka answered her phone immediately, “Rosina’s gone!’

“Miriyamana just escaped from jail!” They told each other simultaneously.

“What!?” they both instantly yelled from both ends of the line, the pups, Garla, Jeremy and the pups owners all stared at each other at once.

“Belka, sister we have a code red, Miriyamana just got out from her cell somehow and Silver’s owner just called the police saying he’s disappeared, Belka’s you’re all in danger!” Gregory explained worryingly.

“What are we going to do, Rosina just ran off!” Belka exclaimed in shock.

“Belka there’s a cop car on its way to pick you to lot up, you need to get to Jeremy’s house it’s already being watched,” Gregory explained hurriedly.


“Anyone that had anything to do with helping Ro that night is in danger and anyone who would help them is in danger! Belka get everyone out now!” Gregory ordered before he hung up.

Belka put her phone in her pocket and quickly explained everything, instantly they all worried about Rosina; Although Brownie was already secretly planning how to find and recapture Miriyamana. Unfortunately, now that the old team all had owners most would want to stay with them.

When the cop cars came to pick them all up, nobody expected for only four of the pups to run back to the fair in search or Rosina; those four having been, Luca, Norma, Brownie and Julian; Luca calling back to Georgia to take care of their owner, Nicole; Norma calling to Saturn to take care of Zach; and Brownie and Julian calling to tell Darky and Goala to watch Jeremy, Belka and Garla.

The four ran as a team, hearing Saturn and Georgia ask for Luca and Norma to watch each other. The four quickly outran the police, knowing their family and friends would be safer where they were going; immediately afterward working together to find Rosina, before Miriyamana.

Meanwhile, in the police cars, children were discussing whether or not they would need any help. The children and pups were all in a van, including Garla and the pups.

“They’ve gone against her before they can do it again,” Zach stated confident in Norma’s abilities.

“They had all of them there then now they only have four,” Chloe stated clearly, she had adopted George.

“But they’re tough they can do it,” Matthew declared, he adopted Lucky and Lisa and was the same class as Garla. This continued between the owners while the pups had their own debate.

“Will they need more help?” George debated considering the last time they face Miriyamana and his brother.

“If they do it can’t be Saturn or me, we promised to take care of Zach and little sister Nicole,” Georgia stated looking up at Nicole who simply watched the conversation between, Zach, Chloe, and Matthew.

“You can’t go George you need to watch Chloe and Lisa and I have to watch Matthew,” Lucky stated simply.

At this Lisa got an idea, “they don’t need us both, and Darky and Goala have too many to care for,” Lisa replied looking at her little brother.

“Lisa, what are you saying?” Goala asked worryingly.

“I’ll go and help them,” Lisa stated, then without awaiting a reply ran to the back door, opened the window and leapt out the back of the van, leaving her brothers, friends and Matthew to stare at her as she touched the road and narrowly avoided getting hit by a car, faintly they could hear her bark, telling her brothers that Silver would get what was coming to him.

Chapter 7: The Final Fight

With determination, love, spirit and friendship by their side, Lisa found Julian, Brownie, Norma and Luca by midnight. They then continued for three hours still looking for Rosina. Every minute that passed making them worry that they may have been too late; that Miriyamana, may have reached Ro first. A thought they all shook off no matter what.

The other pups, their owners, Belka Garla and Jeremy were safely in Jeremy and Rosina’s house, guarded by at least a dozen police, Gregory wouldn’t take his chances; not with Miriyamana.

Rosina, on the other hand, lay asleep in the only place she still felt safe, her bedroom in Belka’s house behind the pet store. The only place that for her hold mostly good memories, and provided decent comfort.

Miriyamana and Silver, however were, already nearby on the hunt for their revenge.

Eventually, Brownie and the others rested in the same playground tunnel as Julian on his first day of being in this town, this time, it only started to rain now, lightly but enough to reflect the sorrow in their hearts, none of them tired even though it was now four am in the morning.

“Where could she have gone, we’ve searched most of the town?” Luca moaned exhausted.

“Wouldn’t she go somewhere she felt safe?” Lisa thought out loud.

“Wait safe? Could she be at the store?” Norma pondered worryingly.

“Of course why did I think of it before she always felt safe at the store, there are always friends nearby, all our fellow pups!” Brownie explained blaming herself for them not going there earlier.

“Then what are we waiting for, LET’S GET GOING!” Julian yelled as he led the pups to the store as fast their exhausted bodies would let them.

Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones that had come to this conclusion, and Miriyamana and Silver were nearly at the store themselves. The pups only took six minutes to reach the store, from there they made a puppy ladder and Brownie picked the lock with her claw. They were in.

With Luca and Norma on guard at the entrance to the store and Lisa watching the other puppies from Belka’s desk, Brownie led Julian to Rosina’s room. Luckily they were there before Miriyamana or Silver. Rosina lay tucked under the covers and curled up into a little ball, sleeping soundlessly and happily. Brownie and Julian let her sleep, Julian then going to tell the others that Ro was ok. The sight he came to see was not the one he expected.

In front of him was Miriyamana, Norma, Luca and Lisa all trapped in a carry case, and Silver rounding up any friends or followers of his from the store, luckily neither of them had seen Julian, so he quietly went back to Brownie and explained everything. Her shocked face said it all; she went straight to wake Rosina, while Julian turned back around to see Silver leading at least fifteen pups, all of the different breeds, all from the store towards them. They were vastly outnumbered however there were more on Brownie’s side still asleep; for now.

Rosina woke the instant Brownie began to bark, as did other sleeping pups in the store, Silver and his army of pups advanced on Julian who backed away until he reached Ro’s doorway, he couldn’t let them down like this, not again. Julian barked and advanced back on Silver and his miniature army, who growled back, all ready to fight.

We need more pups on our side, Julian thought to himself as he continued to bark and growl loudly at the other pups. We need more numbers or we’re done for, Julian added barking as loudly as he could muster. With a small sideways glance, he noticed Brownie darting to his side, and then together they barked .leading some of the pups back, those who feared her for all she had proven capable of, with battle scars, the mansion and against Miriyamana.

Unfortunately, no more than four backed off, now they could count at least eleven behind Silver, another two from his litter, the entire six Kelpies, four Rottweiler’s and four Border Collies. All but the Kelpies had siblings that looked up to Brownie, three of which were able to get lessons, like Georgia, but like Luca their siblings had to help. Unknowingly to all the pups in the hallway, those three had gotten out of their capsules and let out others that wanted to help, including Norma, Luca, and Lisa, all as discretely as possible as Miriyamana had been out of the room for nearly the entire time; a sight not welcoming. When they finished Brownie and Julian had an extra, eight pups on their side along with Luca, Norma, and Lisa.

Now they had thirteen on their side as pups around the store brave enough joined the others, at least the odds were no longer as bad, but with Ro, and Miriyamana there, it would be anything but easy. Fortunately for them, they had an entire store they all knew well enough to have the element of surprise.

Brownie and Julian shared a surprised glance when the ten new pups bounced into a battle with Silvers army, a few ran out, pups in pursuit, to lose them in the mirror mazes above they knew so well Lisa among them. Others used their greater knowledge of the store against Silvers army; Norma again among these, by the time these pups had gone, Silver and four of his army remained, facing Brownie, Julian, Luca, and the Rottweiler, Betty.

They fought for at least another twenty minutes, clawing and fighting the enemy, Brownie mainly battling Silver. Until they heard a scream from Rosina, by this time the five that went to the mirrors, had made their ways down, their pursuers lost in the maze. Julian, Brownie, and Lisa ran straight towards the scream, Silver and his brothers in pursuit.

When the six entered the room they sight they saw was extremely unexpected and frightening. Miriyamana stood, there behind her drained of her usual free and fiery spirit, cuddled in a corner in fear was Rosina. Miriyamana still wore her prison attire of the bright orange top and pants, though she wore a white long sleeve top underneath, and instead of flowing curls, her hair was in a pigtail, a look that didn’t suit her at all. Her expression showed clear and utter rage, she smirked as always, sadistically.

“You pups don’t realize it does you,” Miriyamana began. “I can’t be defeated, I’ll never back down and I will be rich. Filthy Rich, but you two, it’s always been one of you three,” she sneered looking at Rosina. “You always get up, don’t you? All of you, you have to be the heroes. You have to help the underdog, to thwart my plans, I grew up with one dream, but my stupid little brother achieved it, the little one the baby! Achieved everything he strived for, fame, fortune, a family, a mansion, but he didn’t care, we just wanted to have fun and gave the money to charities!” Miriyamana continued. Brownie glanced at a camera in the room, Belka had them recording all the time throughout the house, and they were still recording. “The baby of the family the one the parents favored, with all they had! AND I GOT NOTHING! They deserved what they got, so did little Jeremy and his little witch of a wife, Rose Butsbo, married Jeremy Lockhart seemingly out of true love after meeting at the point where their dreams became a reality, one year later little Rosina joins us. And me I am cast away like rubbish! Silver,” At his name being spoken Silver popped his head up, smiling at the shock on, Brownie, Julian and Lisa’s faces. “Finish them, I will deal with Rosina,” Miriyamana ordered evilly turning to Rosina.

Then from behind, Silver pounced onto Brownie and was instantly in a ferocious fight, Lisa’s elder sister leaped at her and she quickly took her and her a Kelpie down with ease, she had learned a lot. Julian, on the other hand, ran straight to help Rosina, Miriyamana held a knife and Ro was already too afraid to move; so Julian did, he jumped and bit Miriyamana’s sleeve holding tightly and knocking the knife out of her hand and onto the floor. He let go and kicked the knife away under the bed and remained between Rosina and her aunt, determined to stand his ground.

“Look here finally the Chihuahua shows his true colors,” Miriyamana exclaimed pointedly. “You’ll never stop me from achieving my goals, even Rosina failed, two months before even your little Jack Russell arrived, what makes you any different to any of them,” she added sneering evilly.

I won’t back down either, Julian thought to himself as he jumped at Miriyamana angrily pushing her to the ground.

“Hey Julian, back away from the lady,” Silver growled as Julian growled at Miriyamana from on top of his chest. “Back away or Brownie gets it,” Silver repeated as one of his pups had Brownie on the floor, biting her neck ready or break it of tear her throat out.

Julian obeyed, not wanting Brownie to get her hurt. Think Jnr think, how can you get through this, Julian thought to himself looking for a loophole somewhere. Who else can help, who else can, then it hit him, the only other being awake at this early morning hour was Rosina, who had stood up, still fearful but determined, and her eyes showed a new spark of hope. We can do this, were strong enough, if we stand together we can do this, we just have to stand together as one, Julian risked it and barked, instantly five pups ran into the room and trashed the Collie that had Brownie, then Silver lay on the ground, defeated as Julian once again jumped onto Miriyamana’s chest to stop her from getting away.

“Thank you, all of you,” Rosina told them all as she exited the room to call the police.

“I’ll just find another way to escape, you now it Chihuahua, you’ll lose in the end,” Miriyamana taunted evilly still trying to gain the upper hand.

Julian growled at her, right in her face and Lisa came around the side and scratched her cheek. Then Rosina came back, grabbing Silver and his whole army, and locking them all in carry cages. It took two minutes for the police to get there this time. They cuffed Miriyamana and took the carry cages, along with the security tapes of the events. Then they let Rosina put most of the pups back into the capsules, some officers bonded with and adopted some of them; before they took Ro, Norma, Luca, Lisa, Brownie and Julian home.

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