Chronicles of Lithmor- Julian

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Chapter 8: A Happy Ending

They slept the rest of the night until around midday that day. During this time, Belka had returned to her shop and began repairing and fixing up the well-made mess from the big fight; Miriyamana’s sentence was lengthened due to new evidence of the security footage from Belka’s store, she also had a restriction order put on her; if she went within ten meters or Rosina, Garla, Jeremy or Belka’s store, she would receive another year of jail time.

Mr. and Mrs. Kinthro however, were happy for Rosina, but reluctant to leave without Julian. As a result of this Julian and Brownie woke hearing the argument unfolding downstairs.

Brownie glanced at Julian, it didn’t sound as though it was going well, “I guess now you’ll go home with them huh?” Brownie questioned from atop Ro’s bed.

“I don’t want to, though, I want to stay here with you and Ro and Darky, hell even Saturn, and Luca!” Julian replied in fear. “I can’t leave all of you behind, who knows where we’ll live now!” He added dismissing the idea of leaving all of his friends behind.

“Julian you may not have a choice, they’re your owners, lawfully, unless you can convince them…”

“Fine, then I’ll do that!” Julian declared jumping of Rosina’s bed and making his way downstairs.

“Uh oh,” Brownie exclaimed before following her boyfriend.

Julian ran out the door with Brownie in pursuit, straight down the hallway, before he leaped down the stairs two at a time, unfortunately with Brownie’s agility she leaped four at a time and blocked his path downstairs. Julian leaped onto the railing and slid the rest of the way down the stairs upon landing he ran into the lounge room again with Brownie frustratingly in pursuit.

“We need to take him home, he belongs to us!” Jamie growled angrily.

“You left him alone in a bush to roam home in a storm!” Jeremy protested defending his Julian.

“Your daughter has no need for another dog, she has the beagle!” Jamie protested pointing at Brownie as she ran in.

Brownie heard this and growled at Mr. Kinthro, defending Ro and being angry at him for trying to take Julian away.

“Jamie Honey, we can let this drop, Julian is loved here, this home is decent for him and obviously he has love for them also,” Natasha Kinthro started stroking Julian kindly.

“We still own him Natasha I won’t sell Julian ever, his family and mine have been together for three generations…”

“Well maybe it’s time for a change Jamie, think of Julian, what he’s been through here is worth fighting for,” Natasha sternly growled at her husband. “Julian the THIRD, and Jamie the FOURTH, the friendship and words that connected yours and his great grandparents in the aftermath of their retirement from the police force were what again? The words you told me when you proposed, when you stopped that man from robbing my purse when Julian and his sisters were born; when JULIAN went missing?” Natasha asked the words strongly in her mind.

‘Only together as one can we discover who we are, and only by taking our own journey, can we find were find where we truly belong’, when we left Julian,” Jamie looked at Julian remembering his father’s quote. “I realized that it was time for Julian to make his journey,” he added smiling, “Now it’s nearly at its end, you made your journey, so here you belong.” Jamie finished taking his wife’s hand. “Let’s go home Natasha, I’m sorry Jeremy for the convenience, unfortunately, greed and selfishness run through even the best of us, I hope your daughter and family live long and happy lives; take care of your family Julian,” Jamie stated, giving Julian a last minute pat before leaving and going to their new home.

A week later Jeremy received Julian’s pedigree papers in the mail, Julian stayed with Brownie, Rosina and Jeremy, seeing Darky and Goala every day, and everyone else every weekend and they lived happily as a family.

Three Years Later

As time passed, the pups grew to become dogs eventually the all found their love and began having pups of their own. First Darky and Goala had a litter of four; Norma and Luca after being together for five months, ended up with a litter of six a mere days later. Saturn and Lisa got together only the next year and had a litter of six of their own, the week after Norma and Luca. Georgia and George got together and had a small litter of two a month after that; a further week and Lucky and his girlfriend Perdy, after being together for the past two years and being adopted by Matthew’s little sister Nava adopted her, they had a small litter or two also. Brownie and Julian, the week after that had a small litter, only three pups, two juniors, looking almost identical to their parents, and the youngest, Kaitlin.

Unfortunately, their adventures weren’t over for any of them yet, and for six of these pups, the adventure was just about to begin.

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