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The Aftermath Vol 1

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Seventy one years after the Apocalypse (Infection) Earth has been given a second chance at life, it’s mostly up to Golem’s to choose Earth’s fate, but some of us are Corrupt, and I’m...not alone.

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1: Purpose

“Hello my name is Ryan, and this is where my story begin’s. Seventy one years after the Apocalypse (Infection) Earth has been given a second chance at life, it’s mostly up to Golem’s to choose Earth’s fate, but some of us are Corrupt, and I’m...not alone. My journey begins one day when I was hired to hunt and kill a Corrupt Golem it’s my job, my duty, to be rid of them all, this one was terrorizing a town called Shein.”

Ryan-“Well the tracker said the Golem would be right here”

Feth (Ryan’s pet Crow) “Well maybe the tracker’s broken”

Ryan hit the tracker on the side as he said

“Maybe, but it’s never lied to me before”

As Ryan was looking down at the gizmo the Golem jumped from the roof smashing the ground around him as he landed

Ryan-“Hahaha I knew this thing wasn’t lying, woah your a big fella ain’t ya, this is gonna be fun!!”

CG-“Who dares to disturb me!!”

Ryan-“Haha hey look Feth he thinks he’s a threat”

CG-“So you tihnk you can just kill me!!?”

Ryan-“Yeah, pretty much”

The CG (Corrupted Golem) charged towards Ryan, Ryan activated his Golem creating a Swistol and slashed the CG across the chest pretty much killing him instantly.

Ryan-“Well that takes care of that”

Feth-“And another Corrupt one gone”

Ryan-“Yes, let’s go tell that waitress that her request has been fulfilled”

So they both walked back into town, to the Bar, Ryan walked over to Jewel and told her the good news

“Hey Jewel we took good care of that Corrupted G, so no need to worry anymore”

Jewel-“Oh Thank You two so much!”

Ryan-“It’s our pleasure, I have to destroy all Corrupted Golem’s, they have to be rid of this world”

Feth-“We have a lot more to go”

Ryan-“Indeed we do”

Jewel-“Well good luck guys, I know you can do it”

Ryan-“Well we better get going, Thanks for everything Jewel!”

Jewel-“No problem, you guys have a great journey”

As Ryan ran out he waved ‘Bye’

Feth-“So where we go now..?”

Ryan-“We’re not done here, there’s definitely more Corrupeted G’s here, we’re not leaving yet”

Feth-“Ok but, it’s getting late”

Ryan-“Yeah your right, we should find a hotel”

So they found and checked into one of the local hotel’s, they we’re handed a key to their room and they quickly ran to find their door, once found they entered their room for the night, Feth rested on the bed on the right, while Ryan climbed into the other bed, they both said


To each other and soon drifted off to sleep, 5:04 AM roled around Ryan quickly leaned up screaming and yelling


Feth woke up instantly and asked

“Ryan, you have that dream again..?”

Ryan calmed himself down, he got his breathing under control as he said

“Y-yeah, I’m good now though, goodnight Feth”

So they both went back to bed. It was around 7:00 AM when Ryan woke up to hear screaming in the allyway, he quickly created his Swistol and jumped out the window into the allyway, A corrupted Golem was about to attack Jewel, once Ryan landed on the ground he quickly rushed towards the Corrupted Golem, cutting off the left arm, Jewel quickly ran behind the street corner.

Ryan-“I knew there was more of you around!”


Ryan-“I built his gizmo here, it tracks Golem Energy”

CG-“Interesting, your still going down!!!”

Ryan-“I guess we’ll find out!”

they both charged at each other the Golem turned his body into concrete, his fist clashed with Ryan’s Swistol, The Corrupted Golem broke Ryan’s Swistol then kneed him in the chest and punched him across the face causing him to hit the ground hard, his eyes slowly began to re focus to see a figure fighting The Corrupted Golem, he then blacked out.

When he woke up he was in the back room of the Bar on a bed his as his eyes came into focus he said

“Ug-Ughhh what happened..?”

Jewel-“Oh Thank God!”

Feth-“He’s the one who brought you here, he told us what happened then left”

Ryan quickly stood up and ran outside as he did Feth and Jewel yelled


The old man was about to exit Shein but Ryan caught up with him in time

“Sir, I want to thank you for saving me”

Old Man-“It’s no problem Kid, call me Josh”

Ryan-“I-I used to have an uncle named Josh he..died a long time ago”

Josh-“Sorry to hear that”

Ryan-“It’s ok, but can I ask a favor..?”


Ryan-“Would you train me Sir, I need to be stronger..?”

Josh was silent for a moment thinking and debating wether or not he should or shouldn’t after awhile Josh replied

“I’ll train you Kid, but one question, why do you need to become stronger..?”

Ryan-“To protect those who might be in trouble due to Corrupted Golems, and to be rid of all Corrupted Golem’s”

Josh smirked as he said

“Ok Kid, good answer, get some things ready and I’ll take you to my house where we’ll begin your intense Training”

Ryan-“Thank You Sir!”

So Ryan went back to his house loaded up a huge bag full of stuff and said his goodbyes to Feth and Jewel as he ran over to Josh so they could start walking to his house.

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