Dragon Dreams

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A tapestry of myth, love, danger and death. Dragon Dreams will capture an open mind in a novel of historical fact and mythology A beautiful young woman. An intimidating old man. An ugly dragon. A mysterious sword. A mythology from the dawn of time. All challenge the sanity of an unwilling young sailor selected as the leader of a secret organization that is over 2,000 years old. While stationed at an old Kamikaze base, he saves an old man, with a secret life, from a frozen river. His valiant rescue empowers him by ancient mandate, to become the Master of the White Ninja, a position he does not understand, nor want.

Adventure / Fantasy
Charles Schwend
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At the onset of human chronology, when Neolithic ancestors of the Chinese civilization were prevalent, and before the great Mongolian migration began, a Caucasoid race, ancestors of the Uyghur, found their way out of the Tarim Basin in central Asia, across the continent, stopping on an island now known as Japan. The Japanese call this heavily haired race “Ainu”.

The Ainu were the first to embrace the martial arts as a way of life, a model for the later Samurai to emulate. Their skills of combat won them the position as the first Imperial Guard to the Emperor. Their weapons were assimilated into the Japanese culture.

When the ruling Japanese began to methodically eliminate the barbaric Ainu, a secret society, “The White Ninja”, was organized to counter the genocide and preserve their vanishing race. The potentate of these mythological protectors of right and keeper of their accumulated knowledge is called the “White Dragon”.

In l956, an American teenage sailor, Web Drache, is thrust into this turbulent confluence of myths, races, cultures, and mysticism. Web becomes the leader select of the White Ninja by default, from an old man, the reigning White Dragon.

The old man hates the Americans who killed his entire family at Hiroshima, all but one young woman, his great granddaughter. By mandate of the White Ninja’s ancient teachings, he must prepare this young unwilling sailor, his rescuer, who he feels is unacceptable for this exalted station.

Web must deal with the mercenary forces of the Black Ninja, without the benefit of martial arts training. He soon learns to survive by using his wit.

As Web travels the Far East and the United States, the old man, the reigning White Dragon, prepares his young successor with a regimen of mental conditioning, through his only available method of contact – dreams – ‘Dragon Dreams’. Web soon doubts his sanity. After realizing what this training is leading to, he is not fully convinced that his legacy is really honorable.

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