Cutter Claw

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The journal of a Captain Drizzle Beard's Cat. Sailin' them ocean with them mighty crew not be them fancy holiday. Me just be lucky to survive and write this journal t' ye. Bein' them cat thief no spare time activity either. Me sure enjoyed me life on them oceans with them crew... It all be startin' with them smell of them cooked fishie...

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: A Kitten’s life

I was sitting here in the sun lazing about in the warm glow of the Autumn Sun.

The sun makes me so lazy.I like to lay on my back and spread all my legs wide apart, as wide as they possibly could go, and have the sun bake my tummy nice and warm.

It almost gives you the same feeling as laying underneath your mother... or I think thats what I remember...

My name… uhhh… my name…. no one ever told me what...

Let’s just say my name is, um, Cat? Yeah… I am Cat.

Ugh, I guess I’d better get up and go look for something to eat instead of lazing in the sun all day.

I really hope I don’t grow much more. Being this tiny size is just perfect to sneak into the shops (as human people call it), and take whatever food I can sneak out. I’m an expert with sneaking into the shops now.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. ‘One day Cat will end up being Kitty stew’, but you’re wrong you know. I will never get caught. Most humans are way too slow to catch me even if they DID see me.

I think I might just grab myself a bird for today over in the corn field just outside of town.

And no, I am not a chicken. For your information I am a kitten, and am just in a lazy mood today, and I don’t feel like getting chased around a shopping mall by an angry mob, that’s all.

“Who are you talking to?”

I jump at the voice and looked up into the acorn tree above me... and I saw the most beautiful emerald green eyes staring back at me.

“Oh, hello,” I gulped and cleared my throat, “I did not see you there… Me, well… I… I am talking to no one…”

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