The Prophecy

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Chapter One

I woke up and winced, last night’s beatings were pretty bad. I limped towards the shower and undressed. I looked at my body, full of bruises and cuts that may never heal.

I stepped into the shower and turned it on. I winced as the hot water hit my newly cuts. Somehow it was soothing though. I washed my hair with flower scented shampoo and washed my body with fruit scented body wash. The smell of sweat and blood slowly went down the drain. I finally smelled a bit better. I stepped out of the shower and dried my hair with an old ragged towel. I then used the towel to cover myself up and walk back out to my ‘room’.

I headed for the drawer where some of my clothes were stored. I put on a worn out pair of jeans and a dull white T-shirt. I walked to my half broken mirror and grabbed my brush to comb my fine long black mid waist length hair. I braided it down my back and tied a hair tie on the end. I applied some mascara to make my blue eyes pop out. I made sure to put on some band-aids to the still bit bleeding wounds. I walked towards my bed to take off all the sheets. I didn’t want to sleep in blood stained sheets. Who am I kidding? I have had to do that for years.

I brought them to the washing room and placed them on the growing pile that I will have to tackle later today. I then walked down the hall and stairs and went towards the kitchen to start breakfast.

I grabbed the flour, eggs, milk, butter and other ingredients to make biscuits and pancakes. I also took out the frying pan to make scrambled eggs and bacon. I set the very big dining table with plates and such because breakfast was almost ready.

There they were, my bullies, or so-called populars of the school. I served breakfast and went to walk away but they stopped me.

“Where are you going useless?!” Said the queen bee Britt. She smirked at my frightful eyes.

“No..noth....nowhere mistress,” I stuttered. Way to make it worse Addelyn

“Why are the pancakes filled with blueberries and not chocolate chips?!” Shouted Aiden the soon to be Alpha, or called playboy.

“Sorry master, I did..didn’t know that you wanted Chocolate chips,“I answered. They made me call them these stupid names.

I turned to walk away but they were faster than me. They tripped me and started to punch and kick me, including my “amazing” brother Kyle. I got I few blows to my already bruised stomach. Some of my wounds started to bleed again and I was in severe pain. When they were done they just laughed at me.

“Go to your room Addelyn, you’re not needed here,” Kyle ordered me.

I did as he asked me and slowly crawled up from my position and limped towards the stairs. Before I could take the first step the pancakes and other breakfast meals were thrown at me. Including the hot coffee. Which burned my back.
“You forgot your disgusting breakfast. You’ll be paying for that. Because of you, we have to go to school hungry. You better watch your back,” Aiden hissed as the group behind him laughed. I nodded my head and had to bite my tongue from screaming out in pain with every step up the stairs I took.

I was able to make it to my “room” There I cried my pain out.
“Just one more day Addelyn, just one more day until I find my mate and there will be no more pain,“I assured myself. I took another shower to wash off all the greasy fat from the bacon and the syrup and coffee smell as well. I bandaged old and new cuts because they were bleeding and put on a new set of clothes. I made sure to cover up any bruises on my face, neck, and arms with foundation so the teachers wouldn’t suspect anything.

I grabbed my backpack and ran outside the pack house, I had no friends nor parents to give me any relief. I walked towards the school bus to see that it already left so I ran towards school.

When I entered the school halls I was laughed at, my books were thrown to the floor and when I opened my locker, pieces of paper flew out with curse words you didn’t want to know.
When lunch came, I took my lunch and brought it outside towards the old oak tree. I cried while eating my lunch.

When I was almost done with my lunch, A group of girls walked my way.

“Hey there miss little fat, ugly, mate less Elephant,” said Britt. While smirking yet again.
“You look so sad, well we brought a surprise,” she continued.

She doesn’t have a surprise, she brought revenge wrapped in a bow. With a cherry on top.

Behind me came a group of boys and they attacked me. They punched and kicked me. Then they tied me to the tree with rope and Britt took out a knife.
“Here is my surprise,” she screeched.
She cut my arm with the knife and I hissed in pain, it was coated in silver. When she was done she kicked me yet again in the stomach and walked away, the groups following her.

I cried because she was once my best friend.

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