The Lost Souls of Gilfords Falls

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Chapter Ten

Kimmey’s dream of a soft bed, fluffy pillows and warm blankets was so wonderful she didn’t want to wake up. In her dream, two beautiful angels were watching over her.

But they’re not really angels. They’re more like dolls, but almost as big as me. She thought rolling over and hugging one of them to her. The angel doll’s face, hands and feet felt like glass, but the rest of its body was soft and cuddly. She had a feeling that the dolls were her protectors, and that the minute she opened her eyes the beautiful room and the angel dolls would vanish.

She was hungry and the food smells were so tempting. She couldn’t resist opening her eyes a teensy tiny bit. One look and her eyes flew wide open as she gazed in awe at the room before her.

The man that had scared her Mommy was standing by the bed holding a tray with good smells coming from it. It smelled like Kimmey’s most favorite food in the whole world, chicken noodle and dumpling soup.

“Hi Kimmey, I’m Doctor Michael, it’s about time you woke up. I bet you’re hungry. Your Mommy made your favorite soup, do you feel like trying some?” he asked.

Kimmey looked shyly up at the man. “Where’s my Mommy,” she asked so softly he could barely hear her.

“Your Mommy’s in Billy’s room feeding him some of this delicious soup,” he replied, smiling at her as he sat the tray on the stand next to the bed. “She said she’d come see you after she takes care of your little brother.

Your Mommy was worried about both of you. She just couldn’t be in two places at once, so I offered to bring supper to the second most beautiful girl I know,” he said, as he fluffed up a big thick feather pillow and deftly placed it behind Kimmey’s back.

“Would you like me to help you?” he asked, as he sat the tray on her lap.

“Help me do what?” asked Kimmey, giving the doctor a puzzled look.

“Why, help you eat your soup,” he said, giving her a big friendly smile.

“No thank you,” said Kimmey, “I can eat it all by myself, but if you’re hungry, I’m sure my Mommy will make some for you too.”

Trying to hide the laughter that suddenly bubbled up into his throat, he said, “Well then little one, I guess I’ll just do that!”

Michael was laughing so hard he almost collided with Mary as he left Kimmey's room, softly closing the door behind him.

“What?” she asked, grabbing his arm to keep from falling.

He was grinning as he repeated the conversation to her.

Mary had burst into gales of laughter when Michael finished telling his story. She’d never felt so happy or alive and she’d never laughed so much in her life. It felt so good to laugh.

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