The Lost Souls of Gilfords Falls

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Chapter Thirty One

The fire department and ambulance had been called the minute Carter heard the explosions. They’d arrived in a matter of minutes and had informed Michael that Doctor Allen and Doctor Myers were on their way to the emergency room and would meet him there. It had taken a little over two hours to put the fire out, clear the wreck, and transport Zachariah and Harriet to the hospital. The three others were sent to the morgue.

Kimmey had escaped her harrowing ordeal with a minimum of bruises and would be just fine. When Henry questioned her all she’d say was, “I saw them kill My Michael, then he wasn’t dead. He was in the car, yelling, jump Kimmey! So, I did, cause I had to get to my Michael!”

When asked about it later, Michael had replied, ”I shore did! I yelled, jump Kimmey, and wasn’t one bit surprised when she did.”

Harriet was miraculously holding her own, despite having two broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Her left leg was broken in three places, and she had suffered first and second-degree burns.

Zachariah, had been thrown head first from the vehicle and into the rocky cliff, but was also alive. He had suffered severe burns over seventy percent of his body, a head trauma, and a crushed lower spine. It was a miracle that he was still alive, and still semiconscious!

Michael having taken one look at the old man begging for help, had tried desperately to feel compassion for him, but he couldn’t. All he could feel was revulsion.

He had bitten his tongue, to keep from telling the man that he’d give him as much mercy or pity as he had shown his other victims, and to keep from asking him how much mercy or pity he’d shown Mary and her children.

In the end, he did neither, after giving Zachariah the minimal treatment as required by law, he had turned Harriet over to Doctor Allen and Zachariah over to Doctor Myers.


Jackie hadn’t been able to hide the fact that Mary was in labor for real this time. Anxiously looking at the clock, she calculated that the door wouldn’t open for another ten minutes, or longer.

Mary’s contractions were now coming roughly forty-five to fifty seconds apart. By the time the door opened, it’d be too late for Michael to help with the birth.

The sudden loud clunk, clunk, clunk from over their heads startled them as the door slowly opened, revealing a set of stairs.

Rose-Marie quickly handed Billy to her mother, yelled, “I’ll be right back and flew up the stairs. She paused only long enough to press the button hidden over the light switch that opened the sliding panel into the suite.

“Doctor Michael! Doctor Michael!” she shrieked, as she raced into the emergency room.

The two security guards and Karr immediately grabbed her, “Let me go!” she hissed as she tried to squirm out of the grip they had on her.

“The doctor’s busy right now,” said Karr. “But maybe I can help you.” he said seeing the panicked look on the woman’s face.

Rose-Marie had been about to ask Karr if he knew how to deliver a baby, when Henry entered the room carrying Kimmey.

“My teacher,” said an excited Kimmey.

“Oh, thank goodness, Henry!” she exclaimed.

“You know this woman?” asked Karr, still holding her by the arm.

“I most certainly do,” said Henry, “so you can unhand her now.”

“Where’s my Mommy?” asked Kimmey.

“Henry,” she said running to him, “get Michael, the babies are coming and this time nothing’s going to stop them! We need Michael, now!”

Less than two minutes later, Michael, Henry carrying Kimmey, Karr, the security guards, and Rose-Marie all crowded into The Gilfords suite. Michael, the intern and two nurses, quickly carried Mary up the steep steps and settled her onto the hospital bed. Then wanting to do a preliminary exam on her progressing labor, Michael shooed every one into the hall.

“Holy cow!” he exclaimed, “Get her to delivery now! Have Nurse Clark meet me in delivery room three, stat!”

“Michael! Oh Michael!” Said Mary, heaving a huge sigh of relief as he took her hand and brought it to his lips, gently kissing her fingertips.

“Hush love,” he said gently, as they entered the delivery room at a trot. They’d no sooner lifted her onto the delivery table, then Nurse Clark arrived.

Ordering everyone out, Nurse Clark prepped Mary, as Michal scrubbed, then donned a sterile gown and gloves.

“I was so afraid the door wouldn’t open in time for you to deliver my babies, Michael,” she said. “But you’re here and I’m no longer afraid.”

At exactly two fifteen p.m. the first twin was born. At the very instant Michael slapped the baby on his little rump and he drew his first breath, Zachariah breathed his last.

Michael laid the tiny baby onto Mary’s stomach for her to see while he cut the cord.

“Have you picked out any names, yet?” asked the nurse.

“Oh yes! I’m going to name him after my mother’s father, and my Grandmother Caroline’s husband, His name is Cole Michael Gilfords,” she said, smiling at Michael.

“You know!” Michael said in surprise.

“Yes, Rose-Marie, Jackie and I talked about a lot of things while locked in the shelter. They told me Caroline and Cole Gilfords were my grandparents. They also said my Grandfather had died of a broken heart, after I‘d been kidnapped and my parents were killed when their plane exploded in midair. “They said I was the true heiress to the Gilfords fortune, which is mind-boggling and hard to believe.”

“Is it true, Michael, am I really the Gilfords heiress? Are we really truly home?” she asked.

“Yes, Mary, you’re home,” he said, cutting and tying the baby’s cord, before handing him to the nurse to clean before wrapping him in warm blankets, and putting him into the incubator.

“Michael!” said Mary with a grown, “I think his brother is ready to join us.”

“You bet he is!” Michael, said delivering the second baby.

“Have you a name for this little one?” asked Nurse Clark.

“Looking at Michael, she blushed, then stammered, “I ah, I thought I’d ah, name him ah, Michael Cole. That is, if you don’t mind me giving him your first name, Michael,” she said, shyly looking up at him.

“Michael Cole Gilford it is and I don’t mind a bit!” He said grinning and laying the baby on her stomach to cut the cord before handing him to the nurse.

“I guess that just about wraps it up,” said Michael, reaching up to take off his mask just as another contraction hit Mary, then another and another and another. Puzzled, he checked to see what the trouble was and to his astonishment he saw a small head emerging. Michael had no sooner lain a third baby on Mary’s stomach then a fourth appeared!

“Holey Moley, two more, and both girls! Ahh, Mary, you can quit anytime now!” he said with a grin that about split his face.

“I’m betting you didn’t have names for these two, did you?” said Nurse Clark grinning and taking them from Michael.

“I’ll bet you’re right,” said Mary, being pregnant with two babies was hard enough to grasp, but four babies, are almost too much to think about right now! “I Wonder if Grandmamma or Angelia would mind me naming them Maggie Lynn Jackson Gilfords and Karen Michelle Hadley Gilfords?” she asked.

Seeing Michael’s smile, of approval, she said, “What are we going to do with four babies?”

“Ssss love,” he said, kissing her, “right now you need to sleep, we’ll figure the rest out later.”

Mary sighed again, “Four babies!” she said, falling asleep with Michael’s hand nestled snugly in hers.

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