The Lost Souls of Gilfords Falls

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Chapter Thirty Two

Myrtle answered the phone on the first ring. “Henry, Thank goodness you called. We were so worried. Carter filled us in on all the excitement. He said you could see the fireball for miles! Is everyone okay? You weren’t hurt, were you?”

“Myrtle, Myrtle, Myrtle! Said Henry. “If you’ll just stop talking long enough for me to get a word or two in edgewise, I’ll tell you all about it. But, I can’t talk and listen at the same time, can you?”

“Oh, I guess I do tend to rattle on a bit, don’t I,” she said.

“Yes, you do,” said Henry chuckling. “Okay here’s the facts. In an attempt to out run Ben and I, Jedidiah and Caleb died instantly from injuries they sustained when the car they were driving eighty miles an hour hit the wall at Carters cul-de-sac.”

“Jeremiah, Zachariah, Harriet, and Kimmey, were in another car in the same alley, at approximately the same time. Hitting a patch of black ice, they slammed into the car driven by Caleb. The back-car door miraculously opened, throwing Kimmey into the snow bank on the other side of the guardrail.”

“Harriet was also thrown out of the car and into the guardrail. Zachariah went through the windshield and headfirst into the wall. Some of the suspects were pronounced dead at the scene, while some were rushed to the hospital.”

“You said, Kimmey?

“I did,” said Henry.

“Why was Kimmey there?” she asked.

“It’s a long story besides, Kimmey’s not why I called,” said Henry.

“She’s not?” asked Myrtle.

“No, she’s not. I called, because deputy Karr is on his way to Angelia’s, to pick you ladies up and bring you to the hospital,” he said.

“Why?” ask a puzzled Myrtle.

“Because, Mary’s been delivered, “If you ladies want to see the babies you’ll be ready when Karr arrives, which should be in about ten minutes.”


“Where is she?” asked an excited Caroline, as the ladies rushed through the hospital doors twenty minutes later. “Where’s my Granddaughter and why aren’t you with her Michael?” asked Caroline, finding it hard to contain her excitement.

Laughing, Michael linked arms with Caroline and Angelia, while his father took Myrtle’s arm. “Well ladies,” he said, “the babies have arrived, shall we go to the nursery to see them?”

“Why are the curtains closed?” asked Caroline, frowning up at Michael.

“They were closed so everyone would see the babies at the same time.” Michael said with a grin.

Still grinning, he signaled the nurse to open the curtains. There were four babies in the nursery, two of them were wrapped in blue blankets and two were wrapped in pink blankets.

“Which ones are Mary’s?” asked Caroline.

“All of them,” said Michael, nonchalantly.

“All. Of. Them!” exclaimed Caroline suddenly feeling faint. “All. Of. Them!” She repeated as Michael quickly seated her on the padded bench across from the viewing window.

Glancing at the window once more Myrtle, Angelia and Henry slowly joined Caroline on the bench. “She had four babies?” Caroline said, trying to comprehend how such a thing was actually possible.

“Well, now we know why she got so big at the end,” said Angelia.

“You’re right, she sure did,” said Myrtle. “Still, I can’t believe she had four babies!”

“Neither can I?” said Henry in astonishment.

“They didn’t all show up on the ultrasound, did they? Asked Angelia.

“They sure didn’t,” said Michael, “but only because the girls were hidden behind the boys at the time of the ultrasound.”

“There you are,” said Jackie, as Rose-Marie, with Billy and Kimmey in tow, joined the others at the window to stare in amazement at the four new arrivals.

“My babies!” said Billy.

“That’s right, Billy, said Rose-Marie, standing him in front of the window to see his new brothers and sisters.

“Billy,” said Kimmey, tugging at his arm. “The angel’s here!” Running to Angelia. Kimmey threw her little arms around her neck and gave her a big hug.

Not to be outdone, Billy headed straight for Myrtle, who swooped him up into her arms.

Kimmey, wrapped snugly in Angelia’s arms looked shyly up at Caroline. “Do you know my Mommy?” she asked hesitantly.

“No, not yet, but I’d very much like to get to know her, you and Billy,” she said as tears streamed down her face.

“Why are you crying?” asked Kimmey, puzzled by the woman’s silent tears. “Did the bad man hurt you too?” she asked, reaching up and gently wiping the tears from the woman’s face.

The touch of that little hand was Caroline’s undoing. Bursting into heart wrenching sobs she plucked Kimmey from Angelia’s arms, and held her tight, as the child gently wiped away the tears that kept streaming down the woman’s face.

“I can hardly believe I’m actually here with Billy and Kimmey, and that my precious granddaughter, has just given me four more grandbabies to love, no thanks to Jedidiah Morrison and his bunch! What more could I possibly want or need?” she asked.

Kimmey looked at the woman who was suddenly holding her so tight that she could hardly breathe. “Michael!” she hollered. “Michael! The crying lady's got me! Help me Michael! She’s squashing me! Michaeeeel!”

“Oh! Kimmey, I’m so sorry,” said Caroline. The minute she loosened her grip, Kimmey scurried from her lap straight to Michael, who was trying not to laugh at her antics, as he picked her up and hugged her.

“Kimmey, Billy,” he said, retrieving Billy, and setting them, one on each knee. “Do you know who that lady is?” he asked, pointing to Caroline.

“She’s the angel’s friend,” said Billy.

“That’s right,” said Michael, “but she’s also your Great Grandmother Caroline Ann Gilfords.”

“Michael!” said Kimmey, “We’ve never had a Grandmamma before. Is she the same grandmamma my Mommy and our Mommy Martha, talked about just before we ran away from that bad man?”

“Remember, Michael? I asked how you knew my Mommy Martha cause, you have her picture on the wall in your office.”

“Yes, I remember, and she’s the very same Grandma,” he said.

“My Grandmamma too?” asked Billy, looking at the woman smiling through her tears, and holding her arms out to him.

“My Grandmamma,” he said, running to her, “my Grandmamma, too!”


“Doctor Michael, please call extension two thee seven three,” said a voice on the intercom.

“That’s Mary,” said Michael. “I asked Wanda-Ann to page me as soon as she was awake. How would you like to meet your Granddaughter?” asked Michael. “That is if you ladies don’t mind taking Billy and his Grandmamma to see her.”

Michael, knowing his parents were anxious to question him about Kimmey’s strange statement had invited his parents, Angelia and Kimmey to join him in the conference room. Once there Kimmey could explain her statement and show them the pictures of her Mommy Martha.


Caroline knocked softly on the door, then slowly pushed it open.

Jackie quickly introduced them, as one young lady and one old woman, stared shyly at each other.

“It seems that they’re both tongue tied,” said Jackie looking at them and grinning.

“Well, aren’t you going to say hello to your Grandmother?” asked Rose-Marie.

“Are you really my Grandmamma?” asked Mary.

“I really and truly am,” said Caroline, wiping tears from her eyes, and you are definitely my Granddaughter! Your name is Mary-Sue Gilfords Jackson, and I never thought I’d see you again,” she said giving Mary a big hug, “but here you are.”

“Have you met Kimmey and Billy yet, or seen the babies?” Asked Mary.

“Yes, I sure have, Kimmey looks just like you at that age and she’s just as beautiful too. Billy looks so much like your father Kevin that it’s unbelievable! And those babies are just absolutely adorable!”

“Yes, they are,” said Mary proudly, “they were also quite a surprise. Now all I have to do is figure out how I’m going to care for and support them.”

“Oh, I know everyone will want to help, but let’s face it Grandmamma, Angelia’s house is just too small for all of us.”

“Michael and Angelia have truly been a blessing, but we’ve imposed on everyone long enough. Everything’s so complicated now that Zachariah and his bunch have found us. I just can’t and won’t put anyone else in danger, because of me!”

“Oh my,” said Rose-Marie, “you don’t know do you? Tell her the latest news, Mom.”

“Tell me what?” asked Mary.

“I guess in all the excitement we forgot to tell you! Zachariah and his bunch were killed in a car wreck at eleven fifteen this morning. You don’t ever have to be afraid of them again.”

“Dead? They’re all dead?” She asked incredulously.

“All except Harriet and she’s in really bad shape. They don’t expect her to live through the night,” Jackie told her.

“You’re sure he’s dead?” Asked Mary.

Yes, he’s dead and you’re free,” said Caroline. You don’t ever have to be afraid again, he can’t hurt you anymore. As soon as you’re released, you and my grandbabies are coming home!”

“But, Grandmamma,” said Mary.

“No buts! You’re coming home and that’s the end of it. Besides, now that I’ve found you I want to spend the rest of my life here in Gilfords Falls with you and my great grandbabies!”

“Did you know, you’ve been calling me Grandmamma, just like you used too when you were just a little girl?”

“Ahem, Mary, Caroline, sorry to interrupt the two of you, but I’m dying to know what you named my godchildren,” said Rose-Marie.

“Your godchildren!” said Jackie.


The minute they reached the conference room and were all seated around the table, Michael looked around the room, then said Mom, Dad, our Kimmey has something amazing to show you, she may also have some news for us all.”

“Kimmey, can you show us which picture is your Mommy Martha?” he asked.

“Did you forget where they were, because that bad man hit you?” she asked.

Seeing the concern on his mother’s and Angelia’s faces, Michael quickly said, “No Kimmey I didn’t forget. I just wanted you to show my Mom, Dad and Angelia the photos that you showed me, unless you forgot,” he said.

“Course not silly,” she said. “My Momma Martha’s right there, and you still haven’t put her picture with Joey and Jo-lee‘s.”

“I don’t understand,” said Myrtle. “That’s a picture of your Great Grandmother on her seventeenth birthday and that’s Joseph and Jolene, your twin brother.

“That Martha used to call Joey and Jo-lee, because she couldn’t seem to pronounce."

“Oh my! Myrtle exclaimed, “You don’t think Kimmey’s Mommy Martha could be our Martha, do you?”

“It looks that way,” said Michael.

“Oh Henry!” said Myrtle excitedly. “If she is Kimmey’s Mommy Martha, we have to find her and the others so we can bring them home!”

“Kimmey,” said Angelia hesitantly, “you didn’t happen to have another Mommy with the name of Mary, did you?”

“No. My Mommy was the only Mary in our group,” she said. Then seeing the disappointment in the angel’s eyes, she frowned and said hesitantly, “but we had a Mommy Mara-Lou. Billy and I used to play with her son Cage. He’s four. Maybe we can find her too so Michael can help when her baby comes. You know, like he helped my Mommy.”

“Mary Lou has a son named Cage and maybe a baby?” asked Angelia.

“Aahaah,” said Kimmey.

“Michael, do you think they could be my granddaughter and my great grandbabies?” Angelia asked, almost afraid to hope.

“Are there anymore Mommies, besides the ones you told us about?” asked Henry.

“Member? I told you we had lots of Mommies!” said Kimmey. Puzzled by all the questions she smiled at the Angel and said. I ’member Mommy Mara-Lou, telling my Mommy that Cage looked like her mommy and her daddy!

“Kimmey,” said Michael, “I need to talk to you about something very, very important.

“I’m five years old, Michael,” said Kimmey, “I told you yesterday I’m not a baby!”

“I know you’re not a baby, princess,” said Michael, “but this is really important.”

Kimmey looked at Michael and rolled her eyes, it was something he’d just recently taught her to do.

“Kimmey, did you know that when your Mommy was just five years old like you, some very bad men stole her from her Mommy? The bad men also stole my sister Martha, Angelia’s little girl, Mary Lou, Hershel’s little girl, Clara and Ben’s twin sisters, Casey and Casety.”

As he talked, Kimmey’s eyes grew bigger and bigger, “Michael!” She said. “You know all of my Mommies!”

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