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With the supernatural ability to see through others' eyes, Ian Elliott adds countless thoughts and experiences to his own. His life is a story of survival, perseverance, love, and faith. Imagine if it were possible to gain a lifetime of expertise in a few moments, or to feel the weight of emotion that comes to most only through personal experience. Ian Elliott was born with this stunning gift—or curse, depending on his perspective. Using his ability to see the world through others’ eyes and experience history in his dreams, Ian excels in school as a child. He later becomes a bestselling author, military historian, and intelligence operative. He travels to war-torn Iraq, survives a traumatic brain injury, and dedicates his life to telling the stories of those crying from the dust. While Ian’s special ability assists him in his thrilling and harrowing career, it is his personal experience and honest questioning that lead him to find his faith, and it is his humble dedication to his family that builds his legacy. This unique, uplifting tale captures an accomplished man's journey through life as he searches so fervently for truth, and never ceases to serve his God, family, and country.

Adventure / Other
M.K. Gilmour
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This is a very different kind of book. Don’t be insulted by the quality of the first few chapters. Don’t merely breeze through them either. They are a part of the grand design. Enjoy the journey.

M.K. Gilmour

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”

--Henry David Thoreau

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