No Ones Charm

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Leslie Miller

I silently stood, dropping the pistol onto the ground, beside the corpse of the girl. It was such a pity- if she was a little bit smarter, and didn’t place that call to her mother…

Well, fools will be fools. And fools should die.

I bent over, now, and began to scream. Need to sound like I had been screaming for a long time.

Hmm, how should I look? Distressed would be nice. In shock. I hit the call button, now.

“SOMEBODY… ANYBODY! IVE BEEN SHOT! I’M SHOT!” Voice crack on Shot. “PLEEEEASE!” Slowly rising pitch on ‘please’.

Double over again. Whine. Sit down slowly. Make sure to let the blood stain the coat.

The door slammed open within a minute. “MS.MILLER!”

Thy shot to me, one black clothed guard yelling deep into the comms unit on his heat. I was lifted up like a small child, and rushed out the door.

This is just the start.

If I do die, then, more people will be angry. Upset. Want to attack the folk on the ground- all those doomed and dangerous people that made poor Astra Cathair into a murderer.

And that’s only the first step.

I know what I’m going to do to get the entire world rioting.

The first city of the new world, a gem around rocks. A place of peace. A place of love.

It’s found to crumple into the dirt below that the Doomed praise.

Nothing gets a nation rioting like death.


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