The Love Story Of Greg And Ally

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Inspiration came from “The Peanuts Movie,” Vince Guaraldi’s music, and

Adventure / Romance
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

Greg could not keep the grin off his face. On the distant skating rink, he saw the girl of his dreams, Ally, skating like the true skater/ballerina that she was! Right away, it gave him the inspiration to run to his room and turn on his stereo. Before long, he was dancing on his own toes in spite of the fact that he walked with a limp. He had been especially inspired in view of the fact that there would be a skating party! He continued to practice up to the day of this skating party.

When the day of the skating party came, the girls were marching and dancing in their skates to the music. They were also showing their ballerina moves! The boys were showing off their coolest skating moves. When Greg got the courage to get on the ice, he started waltzing on the ice the best he could in spite of his limp. Not long after that, he started getting a wide grin on his face! Both the crowd and the other skaters were cheering and grinning with him! Greg finally realized that he was skating without any flaws! He was on top of the universe!

Unexpectedly, Greg lost his balance. He slipped and was ready to fall when a pair of hands caught him, and helped him get back on his feet! When he turned around, he realized that the person who had kept him from falling was Ally! When he turned around, the next thing he knew was that he was staring at the most beautiful grin and blue eyes that he had never seen before! “Hi,” she told him in a cheerful voice! “You have so much courage! I’m really proud of you! How would you like to come to a skating party with me tomorrow?” Greg was almost speechless, but he finally knew what to say! “Yes!” Ally kissed him on both cheeks in front of everybody! He felt warm both inside and out! It seemed liked the entire universe was cheering for Greg! This became the most joyful moment of Greg’s life!

For Greg, the skating party with Ally was Heaven on Earth! They were skating as a beautiful pair! She also taught him many new dance moves! All of the other skaters were both watching and cheering them on! Greg was feeling like the luckiest person in the universe!

Jazz music started playing over the speakers! Without knowing it, Greg started tapping his toes! An ear-to-ear-smile was spread across Ally’s face! It was then when that Greg became aware that he was dancing on the ice! Ally could not be more joyful to see this! She started tapping her toes to the music, too! They soon became a tap dancing duo on the ice! Nobody around them had them had seen this sort of harmony on the ice before. There was hand clapping from all of them at the end of the performance! Ally and Greg shared a hug for the first time! This was another joyful moment for Greg!

The music became slow. The skating rink turned into a ballroom. Ally invited Greg to dance with her. She gently took his hand, and he grinned from ear to ear. He truly felt magical, and that there was nothing in the universe that he could not do.

Then, people were spinning, twirling, and leaping into the air! This inspired Greg to start dancing again! He gently took Ally by the hand and started waltzing with her. Right away, they started grinning ear to ear at one another.

Another jazz song started playing! Everybody started shaking from side to side! Ally got excited, and she took Greg’s hand! Soon, they were on the ice once again. Before long, the two of them were back on the ice from side to side to side with all the other skaters!

When the jazz continued to play, Ally and Greg, continued to dance and enjoy one another’s company! They also continued to be adored by the the rest of the other skaters! Many of the others started trying to follow their example! This excited the both of them very much!

In the spirit of watching Ally and Greg skate together, the skaters did line dancing in time to the music and kept each other from falling down. Then, the lights turned pink! The skating rink turned into a ballroom once again. And everybody started waltzing by themselves without partners including Ally. Then Greg came up with the idea that Ally could do it, he could do it, too! After watching Ally for a few seconds, he slowly started following her example! When he got the hang of it, she started clapping and cheering for him! When she hugged him, Greg knew that he was on top of the universe once again! He hugged her back! Ally was on top of the universe, too!

During the next song, Ally and Greg saw the other skaters dancing with their friends and keeping each other from falling on the ice! This inspired the two of them to get back on the ice! Everybody including Greg and Ally really got into this groovy piece of jazz! It was a truly great time for the both of them! They all clapped their hands when the song was over!

When the next song started playing, everybody had their arms spread out like the wings of airplanes! They were also spinning around and jumping into the air! This was especially inspiring for Ally and Greg! They were soon on the ice doing the same thing!

They were also flying across the ice for everybody else to see! It was not long before the other skaters started dancing to the music, too! All of them were clapping their hands for Greg and Ally!

From that day forward, Ally and Greg spent the rest of their days skating together and holding hands. They became the favorite couple of everybody in the town! Eventually, they got married and became a world famous skating duo!

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