The Curious Case of Dr.Manguard

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Adventure / Horror
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Chapter 1

I could hear the shower water running when I came in the front door. “That’s strange,” I said as I dropped my keys in the lead crystal dish on top of the buffet and headed upstairs grabbing one of the umbrellas from the coat rack on the way up. The bathroom door was ajar a few inches and steam was billowing out. As my fingers reached out to push the door open, the small hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention, before I could turn however the heat of a masculine hand had already encircled my wrist as the door opened to reveal a tall looming figure shadowed by the light of the bathroom behind him. I swung out with the umbrella only to be caught by the man’s other hand, my eyes wide I went to scream till the hand that had caught my wrist tugged me against the man’s firm chest before pressing against my mouth, “what’s wrong Randa? You don’t recognize your old partner?”

My cheeks burst with the heat of embarrassment as I tugged free of Carson Mcallister’s hold ignoring his resounding chuckle as I glared, “what the hell are you doing here? Especially in my bathroom!” I refused to let my eyes drift south resolving my attention on his amused mahogany gaze and eagle sharp features, “you forget that you never asked for your key back when we stopped dating, I just got off a case and figured you would appreciate speaking to a clean man.” I stared indignantly unable to believe the audacity this man had to come into my apartment and use my shower while I was at work, “you-you think you have the right to just come in here and do whatever you want just because we have history together?” I asked grabbing my umbrella from his fingers before turning to head back down stairs fuming silently before shooting back over my shoulder unable to help but get the final word, “and when have you ever been a clean anything Carson?”

I heard him chuckle as he followed behind me not even caring that the only thing covering his nakedness was one of my towels, “you got a point there Sunshine, but then it’s part of the reason we worked so well together which is part of the reason why I’m here now.” I frowned at his words replacing the umbrella in its rack before turning warily to face him once more, “and what reason would that be?” There were reasons why I had quit that job, that way of life and I wasn’t too keen on going back to it, so whatever Carson had to say better be good.

Carson walked toward me with a certain look in his eye that put me instantly on guard, especially when my back pressed up against my closet door and his arms were on either side of my head, I tensed and growled in warning making a smirk form at the corner of his mouth, “we’ve got a case Sunshine, one that pays real good and has your name written all over it.” I went to protest but was silenced by a solid tanned finger being pressed against my lips making my irritation swell to a point of wanting to punch somebody, “this is just a sample of the reward we’ll get if we get this job done.” He whispered leaning closer and waving a small envelope in front of my face.

I snatched it from him impatiently giving him a skeptical look before opening the envelope, my mouth nearly falling to the floor at the amount of the contents inside, “holy crap Carson….what type of job is this?” I breathed looking up to meet his wide shit eating grin and mischievous gaze as he all but purred, “a well paying one, one that calls for some very early retirement." He grinned wolfishly leaning on his elbow as he took the envelope from my numb hands and waved it temptingly before my face, "so Randa, you in?"

I looked up at him in surprise as I punched him lightly in the arm and started to grin at his maniacal laughter, "is that even a question?"

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