Assassin's Tale

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Chapter 2

Dannia and Simieon were glad when at last they managed to get home from the orgy at the hall, both of them felt somehow dirty and tainted by what they had seen and experienced.

Their rooms were well furnished with a couple of couches to recline on with comfortable cushions scattered on them to a pleasant little room containing their small four-poster bed and a good size laundry press for their clothes.

I’m going to have a wash lover could you do me a favour and pour us a glass of wine please?” Dannia asked vanishing into to the small room that acted as a toilet and washroom. The room wasn’t pleasant containing a wooden seat over an opening that led to the cesspool far below and a metal cistern affair that delivered cold water to a rose above a sloping tiled floor with a hole in it leading to a separate gutter deep down in the earth. It was called a waterfall but nowhere as luxurious as the hot and cold ones in their previous town.

In the front room Simieon poured out two glasses of white wine in to two goblets he had ‘liberated’ from tonight’s venue muttering it was the least they could do after making them suffer such debauchery. When the goblets were full he tapped the sides with a fingernail and watched with satisfaction as condensation formed as the glasses contents cooled down. He crossed to one of the couches and lay on his side gratefully sipping the wine as he eased the knots out of his neck muscles.

“Your drink is ready my love. Do you want me to bring it in to you?” He asked wearily.

“No you just rest and conserve your energy I’ll be out in a moment.” She called.

A few moments later a shapely naked leg appeared around the edge of the door jam where it flexed seductively rubbing itself against the wood. Suddenly a fan appeared followed by another to flutter in the doorway and as they slowly lowered Dannia’s tiny head appeared. The fans seemed to have a life of their own as they moved around the posturing strutting little Halfling giving poor Simieon fleeting glances of the apparent naked flesh beneath. It was having the desired effect as Simieon’s ardour grew and quite literally grew and till it was quite painful straining against his leather trousers. But for all that something niggled in the back of his mind and in a few moments he was to find out what.

“Do you like what you see my husband, my lover?” Dannia asked huskily.

“As always my naughty love.” Simieon had to concede that she was good not as polished as Nancy but effective none the less as his rising member attested to.

“My body will be yours to use and abuse.” She said dropping the fans with a flourish revealing herself to be attired in her usual black working leathers. “Just as soon as you help me move a dead body.”

Simieon groaned and protested but to no avail and soon they were bounding, somersaulting and free running over the rooftops towards their goal.

When they eased themselves into the room they both felt exhilarated by the run and more alive than they had been for ages, which was more than could be said for the woman’s body lying on the floor.

“A nice clean kill darling, if I didn’t know better I’d say it was self administered.” Simieon said with admiration as he studied the corpse. “But there is no way I can carry her back over the route she’s to heavy. Why do you want to move her anyway?”

Dannia explained patiently her dilemma that with the wife dead there was no chance the scenario she had painstakingly set up for the husband’s death would work. She paced the room quietly swearing bitterly, if they couldn’t resolve the problem Dannia would lose face to the enigmatic ‘Nocturne’ and that would never do.

“Will you stop nodding at my crutch Simieon I’ve lost the mood I’ve more serious things on my mind.” Then the penny dropped. “No, there’s is no way I’m having a corpse shoved into my leg. Forget it. Stop looking at me like that.”

A little later a nude Dannia lay on the room’s floor with her legs wide apart as her husband struggled to push the woman’s body between them.

“Stop, stop!” She suddenly screeched. “Wrong slit darling there is no way she’s going to fit in there, you might but she won’t.” The ludicrousness of the situation had struck Dannia and she was having a hard time stopping herself from bursting out laughing. With a struggle and Dannia directing the body with her hands the corpse shrunk down and vanished into the slit on her leg and a thankful assassin could at last get dressed again.

Soon they were bounding over the skyline toward there ultimate destination.

After they had entered the room, while Dannia was stripping once again, Simieon examined the body in the bed. He scratched his head and made false stabbing motions with his hand before turning back to the now naked Dannia lying on the floor legs akimbo.

“A lovely clean strike my darling but I can’t for the life of me workout how you got the angle to do it?” He said a quizzical expression on his face.

“You don’t want to know lover, believe me you really don’t want to know.” She muttered to herself before adding more loudly. “Don’t you worry about that now lover just get this corpse out of me before it rots.”

Simieon knelt down between his wives’s legs and reached forward toward the slit.

“Do you like the view my darling husband?” Dannia asked sultrily.

“I thought you wanted me to get it out.” Simieon then groaned realising what he said.

“Later darling, later. It’s just you haven’t given her a kiss today and her lips are dying for the touch of yours.” Dannia wriggled her hips provocatively as Simieon reached into the slit in her leg.

“Keep still you minx.” Suddenly his face dropped.

“What’s a matter? I’m not early am I?” Dannia tried vainly to see what the problem was.

“It’s the body it’s gone.” Simieon said as he lifted up his head. “I’ll shove my head in and have a look?”

“You what!!” Dannia looked sick. “You will not put your head in there we don’t know if living things can survive in there and that’s all I need a corpse dangling out of my leg and another rotting inside it. Get out of the way let me try.”

With a great deal of contortion Dannia managed to slip her hands in and with great effort pull out a pair of feet.

“It must be attuned to only you.” Simieon muttered in disbelief. “It automatically gives you what you asked for even when you’re not sure what you want.”

It wasn’t the first time Simieon had seen the bag in action having been made aware of it in an attempted nude robbery of parts of the Sun gem in the last city they had made their home in. That was less than a year ago much to Simieon’s surprise. Living with Dannia was anything but dull.

“Simieon!!” Dannia screeched hoarsely in disbelief. “That’s all interesting but is there any chance you could remove the corpse out of my leg before it gives me galloping gangrene. It would be nice if you could.” She added sarcastically.

Simieon grabbed the feet and pull the body out of Dannia’s leg pouch and let it flop on the floor. As he regained his feet Simieon found his wife erotically entwined around his body her naked crotch grinding into his, his hands being guided to her pert bottom, and then she kissed him her tongue darting into his mouth. Then she just as suddenly she stopped and pulled away.

“Oh you naughty boy, later my love I’ll be all yours but not quite yet, you must control yourself.” She stroked his face before setting too work.

Pulling out make up, hair brushes and two of the masked ball masks she set too making the woman look somehow more desirable and then bizarrely she deliberately ruffled the hair and smudged the make up.

“Help me get her knickers down.” Simieon balked at this request.

Together they removed the garment which Dannia picked up, danced toward the bed waving it in the air, before throwing it away to land on the floor. She then opened the dress up as far as she could because of the knife still sticking out of the woman’s chest. She rouged the nipples of the corpses now exposed breasts before sucking on them quickly to smudge it. Together they mounted the woman over her husband and with Simieon doing the lifting Dannia succeeded in placing the man’s penis inside her. Dannia was nothing but thorough as she lay beside the bodies and pushed up the mask she had put on the woman exposing half the face. She swapped the knives over explaining it would be more logical if the legislator was killed with a knife from home while the wife by a knife from the inn. With the knife barely in her body and held up by her shoulders the pair of them let go allowing the impact of the body with the bed to drive it in harder.

“What about your patsy, couldn’t she have an alibi?” Simieon asked puffing a little from exertion.

Dannia picked up the other mask and an ugly solitary drop earring from the small table.

“No chance my love I killed her two days ago and dumped her in the river at full flood with enough alcohol in her to pickle her from the insides. She won’t be found for a week or more if at all and even if she does wash up on the shore she’ll have his ring and a small bottle of brandy in her vest pocket.” She put on the last mask on and re-enacted the girls fictional last moments in the room after the double murder, ripping off the mask and holding the earring up to her own ear before pinging it off to land who knows where.

“Why did you pick her my love?” Simieon asked as he joined Dannia in making sure the scene was clear of any sign of their presence.

“I didn’t like her.” Dannia said simply as she led the way out of the window and back onto the roof. “That’s better. Wife joins prostitute to give her husband a treat. He realises who she is and stabs her but the wound isn’t fatal she takes the knife out of her hair and does for him before fainting driving the knife into her. The prostitute sees all this panics loosing her earring in the process, gets drunk and falls into the river and drowns. Yes I can believe that. Let’s go home darling.”

Once more they fled over the roofs back to their apartment only for Dannia to stop on their own flat roof and ripping off her clothes jumped on to her husband bearing him to the floor showering him with passionate kisses practically raped him in her desire to copulate. Soon they were at it like rabbits changing positions almost constantly in their passion whilst those in the rooms and streets below were totally oblivious to what was occurring above their heads.

Father Peter Harry Milligan stood watching from the temples side door as a tiny figure sat by one of the memorial stones and with reverent care began to wash it her very long red hair almost touching the ground as she worked, the only colour in the grey little graveyard.

He watched as Dannia removed gently the brown blown leaves and lovingly cleaned the surface getting into the grooves of its simple inscription. The priest didn’t have to look at the word that was etched into the surface he knew it by heart. ‘Marie’ was all it said.

“Dannia.” He called softly when she had finished her own form of devotions. “Come child join me in a warm drink before we both start our tasks.”

Dannia didn’t speak but simply nodded as she wiped away the moisture from her eyes and walked toward him.

“You must be cold girl, here wrap this around you.” He had taken off his cloak and wrapped it around her. It dwarfed her in a blizzard of white that made her hair look even more vibrant. Father Peter was quite a tall man in his late thirties with greying sides to his hair giving him a noble holy appearance.

“It’s not your fault Dannia, you and Simieon did all you possibly could.” He said a little later as the pair of them sat by the roaring fire in his private rooms sipping hot Camomile tea. “You must stop blaming yourself child it will eat away at you if you don’t. Have you told Simieon how you feel?” She shook her head. This wasn’t a new conversation but for some reason, perhaps it was just time, she burst into great racking sobs. The priest gently took the cup and put it down on the mahogany table top and took her in her arms. “Let it out Dannia; just let it out, you have been so brave but its time to let it go.” Simieon had often visited him to talk about it but Dannia never had she seemed always unaffected and cheerful but Peter had seen through her, had seen it was a lie. “Its time to stop blaming yourself, it wasn’t your fault.”

A little later as Dannia regained her composure and began to dry her eyes there came a tentative knock at the door of the room and a timid shaking voice.

“Holy Father? Holy Father are you there?”

Peter looked across at Dannia to check if she could face visitors. She nodded once more and gestured to the door.

“Pray enter child.” His voice was warm and welcoming.

The door cautiously and a young woman hesitantly entered.

Dannia recognised the woman as being the one that had hired her to deal with the headmaster. Dannia was pleased that the girl had taken her words and had the courage to come.

“I am Father Peter Harry Milligan, Priest of Huron and this is my good friend and helper Mistress Dannia Darkhorn, she runs the soup kitchen for the poor of the area for me.” The woman still hesitated. “Why don’t you join us in a cup of hot fruit tea and tell us how we can help you.”

Such was his warmth that the woman seemed to calm a little.

“Oh, no thank you.”

Peter sat back in his chair smoothing out his white silk monks habit to give the girl time to gather her thoughts.

“Have you come for help Miss …?” Dannia asked.

“Yes Mistress Darkhorn a… a friend said I should come to stop me from selling my body again.” Once she had started it came out in one almighty rush. Though she didn’t mention about paying for an assassination she did tell of her time in the school and of her night with a sailor to get money. Finally she took of her dress and showed them her scars which looked worse in the daylight than in the dimly lit street where Dannia first saw them. They were knotted ridges of ruined flesh that ran over her back and buttocks like spiders webs. Her breasts, stomach and upper legs had similar if less prominent scars but worse was to come. She parted her legs and showed her privates, which had been horribly mutilated. The inner labia and clitoris had been crudely cut away in a female version of circumcision but it had been botched, having sex with the sailor must have been agony for the girl. The pair of them got up and went and comforted the girl.

“Early this morning the Captain of the guard and his men came for a blessing to help ease their minds after what they had seen. They had been to your old school looking for a criminal they thought was hiding their. Your headmistress had died in an evil sex game with the Matron. After being beaten the Matron left her hanging from a light chain from the rafters with only a stool to stop her dieing and went for a sleep but whether by accident or design the stool had fallen over hanging her. The Matron has been taken to the castle for interrogation along with some of the teachers after both pupils and some teachers revealed what was going on. They can’t hurt you now child.”

“Please forgive me Father, please forgive me.” The girl said in amongst her tears.

“Is there anything you can do for her Father?” Dannia asked pointing to the horrific scars and the girl’s crutch.

“I’ll try. Take her to the pool Dannia while I prepare myself.” He replied.

Out in the main temple a huge pool dominated its centre in which the ill and injured bathed in hope of being healed. It was to there Dannia took the naked girl and instructed her to enter the cold water until it reached her waist, while she fetched fresh warm towels before stripping of to join her. The only problem was that due to her height the water reached up to her chest instead of the waist.

Father Paul entered the temple in a strange meditative state dropping his robe and joining the women in the water. Father Paul was a very fine figure of a man with well developed muscles and a rugged lived in face but what made him most attractive was the fact he wasn’t aware how hansom he was, there was no put on airs and graces he was exactly as you saw, a fine, kind and caring man.

“Do you trust me child?” He asked gently.

“Yes Father.”

“Do you truly wish to be whole in body and soul, do you reject evil in all its forms and make due penitence for your sins?” He chanted.

“With all my heart Father.” She replied her voice a little stronger.

“Huron look upon this child who has suffered so much at the hands of others with favour and let me be the conduit of your healing love.” With Dannia’s help he lowered her beneath the waters surface. “Let me feel your anguish and your pain, your wounds and agonies.”

The water around the girl turned pink with blood as the scars on her body reopened. They lifted her back out of the water to get her breath before lowering her once more.

“Make this child whole I beg, replace that which was cruelly taken from her, make her whole in body and spirit.” He called as he and Dannia lifted her back out of the water to stand up again with the water now lapping at her knees and Dannia’s waist. The Priest looked emaciated and so fatigued that he had to be helped from the waters. Dannia swiftly dried him of as the girl incredulously looked at the fine white lines where knotted scar tissue once was before delving her hand into her crotch to find herself intact and very sensitive. Guiltily taking her hand away she dashed over and helped dry the priest and Dannia’s hair babbling thanks ten to the dozen.

The priest was put to bed with jugs of water for him to drink and a large collation of meat on a platter nearby ready for his recovery. Dannia took her with her to the kitchen and had her help cook the simple meal that they were serving to the poor of the area. The girl worked willingly and well helping many of the most frail to their seats. The five other girls or to be more correct ‘Fallen Women’ that worked in the kitchen liked her too and insisted that she moved in with them in the hostel Father Paul ran which was a load off Dannia’s mind. She had also heard that from one of the old ladies that the Justice had hired two prostitutes only to find one of them was his wife and they ended up killing each other. The guards are searching for the other prostitute even now. Dannia took some pride in the outcome of both assassinations but she had no idea of the dangers that were to come that were to threaten all she cared for and almost cost her her life.

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