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Holiday Adventures 2 in 1

By Nuthara Karunarathna All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Children


The Four Adventurers are camping at the countryside near a lake- it’s going to be marvelous! And they discover a mysterious cave. Will it lead them into an unknown mystery…?

Adventure at Camp -The Holiday Starts

Lilly couldn’t help feeling excited as she waited for the boys. Her train had arrived a few minutes ago. The boys’ train was due in a minute. She was to go with her brother Ryan, her cousin Dillon, his dog Tommy and their nanny Miss Helen on a camping holiday. Suddenly, she spotted the train. It was rounding the corner, hooting loudly.

“Lilly,” cried Ryan and Dillon as they waved madly out of the windows of the train. The train drove into the station and doors were flung open. Out of the first compartment two eager boys leapt accompanied by an excited, panting Alsatian dog. Lilly ran up to them.

“Oh, I missed you a lot! Thank goodness the holidays began at last,” she said, as the Tommy ran up to her and licked every bare part of her that he could find.

“Hello, Lilly,” Ryan said, “Did miss Helen arrive? How was your term?”

“She didn’t arrive yet,” said Lilly. “By the way, I enjoyed my term, but I’m glad the holidays have come at last.” “Did you enjoy yourselves at school?”

“Hello, children I hope you’re ready for camping.” They turned around. Dillon exclaimed, “Miss Helen.” They all smiled at the cheery young woman.

They were still chatting excitedly when Miss Helen drove her car into the cottage. “When are we going?” Lilly inquired as they stepped out of the car. “Oh, come on, Tommy.”

Tommy jumped out of the car and whined. He had not liked to be left out for long.

“You all are going tomorrow,” said a familiar voice. The children turned, and there stood their smiling aunt Pamela.

“Hello, dears,” said Mrs. Brown, beaming at them. “Dillon, your father is in his drawing room.”

“Painting as usual, I suppose,” grumbled Dillon, as he went to find his father. His two cousins followed him. Ryan’s uncle was drawing a picture of the sea.

“There now, I didn’t expect you so soon.” He kissed Lilly and shook hands with the boys.

“It must be a busy day for you with all the packing.”

“Yes,” answered the three children, and Tommy said, “Woof.” The others laughed. “Course you are coming, Tommy.” Then a bell sounded from the kitchen. “Tea,” said Lilly. They all rushed into the dining room. Aunt Pamela was sitting behind the big teapot.

“Where’s dad?” Dillon inquired, looking around. “He’s having his tea in the drawing room,” Aunt Pamela said, “He’s very busy with his drawing.”

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