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The Legend of Terrea

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There once was a land, the land is similar to ours, but vastly different at the same time, societies exists, split politics appear, but this.... this is the Legend of Terrea. And 'She' is out to kill.

Adventure / Mystery
Conner Pearson
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Chapter 1: Periodic Stability

“Our pasts can produce unstable futures, only the smart ones can stabilise this future to become a prosperous one.” - Eastern Dragon of the Realms

Well, once the dragon realms stabilised into the two sectors that it is now, the Light Core and the Dark Core, Dragons were aligned to these sectors on what element they possessed. These ‘unstable’ entities were almost eradicated, but all of this comes to an end once the ignorance of few start to infect the many. One of these people is Kasvar the Earth Protector.

Kasvar stood on his perch as he watched two dragons, a cream one and a black one, drag a sleeping dragon along the floor, a yellow dragon with green and red markings over it, they raise the dragon up off the floor and hang it over the edge of the cliff in front of them, then, without another thought, they dropped the Dragon off the edge. Kasvar watched over them without a second thought, a Protector doing nothing to save a Dragon from it’s death.

“Listen Ven, you can’t just go and storm the castle of the protectors!” Liuzzi said as she watched her friend pace forwards and backwards on the floor, his tail blade scraping the floor in anger. Liuzzi was a Vampire Dragon, wingless creatures and smaller than Ven-stel overall.

“But he knows why I was almost killed and best of all, he didn’t stop them. I almost died for hell’s sake Liu. I must know why this happened.. why didn’t I notice this anytime sooner!” He said, angered at himself, his fins flailing in response.

“Yes, we all know that, but confronting all of them at once is not the best idea, also if you are planning to go in element blazing!”

“But what other choice do I have? I can’t set up an audience with them, I’m a cross-core abomination according to them!” Ven-stel said as his eyes started to glow green, his venom powers, one of the Dark Core Elements, started to show, fluids starting to come out of his mouth.

“Ven! Calm down, you're showing your venom again!” Liuzzi said as she moved back from Ven-stel to keep herself from being poisoned.

“I’m not the only one willing to show their teeth Liu. Come on, you know that you want to sink your teeth into another thing and get their blood. Why not Kasvar’s?”

“Because I am not crazy enough to try that! He is one of the Protectors of the Main Elements, the Earth element would not have the same strength without him.”

“And? That doesn’t affect me at all.”

“Yes it does, you have Metal in your blood, a tertiary gene of Earth, if you kill the Protector, the Metal within your body will disappear and you will not have that power anymore.” Liuzzi explained.

“Another good reason to kill him if I can, I can get rid of this bloody gene and be a single-cored being.” Ven-stel summarized as he started to get riled, his spines were turning a silver colour. “Then I can call myself Venom and not this.”

“But Ven-stel is your name. You can’t get rid of that.”

“NO! It’s not my name! My name is lost in the archive of my dastardly parents, they tried to kill me just because I was a Cross-Core, no reason else! My name is just to symbolise my elements, I couldn’t think of anything better that would go with me. It’s just not fair… but I’m going now, and don’t try and stop me, if I live, I will return, don’t you worry, you are the only thing that can keep me going Liu. Don’t you forget that.” Ven-stel put his head near Liuzzi’s and they touched together, then in a flash, Ven-stel was off, his only friend left in tears, while he was on a personal Crusade to get answers.

On the way onto the top of the mountain of the Protectors. Ven-stel was flying through a restricted zone, but like he was before, he just didn’t care, all of the peaceful request to return from where he came where ignored by him, and nothing was done to stop him at the moment, yet, he didn’t let his guard down. Anyone of them could be waiting for him, it wasn’t the first time that he had annoyed the Protector, while they were non-violent,they got him nowhere, so this was the last resort, get answers from Kasvar, or die trying.

“Ven-stel! You get out of here now or you shall pay the price all over again!” Huxra shouted at him, the Electricity Protector, He started to fly alongside Ven.

“You get in the way of me and Kasvar and you will be the one falling to their knees, not me.” Ven-stel said back as he carried on forward. Huxra swung round and aimed at Ven, but he moved out of the way with swift speed. moving his head back and then whip lashing it down as the body of Huxra moved under his chest, his head swung down, jaw open, his teeth landing in the back of Huxra, his venom spewing into the body of the dragon. Huxra cried out in pain as the super venom took over his body and paralyzed him, his wings not moving anymore, he fell to the floor with a crunch.

Ven-stel looked at the yellow and blue dragon, no second thought in his mind as he cleaned up his jaw with his venom, not effecting his metallic under-skin. He moved along the walls of the Main Hall, finding the door to it, landing and opening it, he looked around to see no-one anywhere. He walked down the corridor and saw the room to the usual meeting spot of the Protectors. The door was locked but as quick swipe with some metal infused claws and the door fell down on it’s hinges.

The only dragon that was in there was the one that he was after. Kasvar. The green dragon opened his eyes and his yellow pupils bore into Ven-stel’s head, the power of the Earth Element was infused within one being. “So, looks like you found me again, let me guess, you just flew into here without any problems?” Kasvar sighed as he took his forepaws off the table in front of him.

Ven looked at him with a confused expression. “No not really, just your attack dog, that Huxra, kinda weak, was it.”

Kasvar sighed again. “And what do you want now, you know what I will do if you intrude anymore, be thankful that I’m not kicking your arse out the door right now and back out into the street, but that wouldn’t be the best view for Liuzzi would it?”

Ven took that straight to the face, his face convulsing into a ever-angered state. “Why you little!-”

Kasvar took the chance while Ven was angry and summoned his Earth powers and locked him in a pile of rubble that came out of the ground. “Now, now, Steel, you must not be so conclusive, why are you here so suddenly after your last visit, can’t be for the same reason?” Kasvar sat down at his desk as Ven was standing in the coffin that he had been placed in by the Earth Protector.

“You know what happened that day…” Ven said ambiguously. His wings were glowing green within the confine. The Venom seeping through the cracks.

“What day my drake, I’ve live many ages before you, you are going to have to be more precise.” Kasvar turned towards the bookcase, evidently looking for a book to read while he was going to have a chat with Ven-stel. Ven had other ideas. He mumbled something that was inaudible to Kasvar. “Come on, speak up or I will never hear you.”

Ven-stel was getting angered even more and his eyes were glowing a bright green. “All I was saying that, maybe you should try harder. His wings exploded in green light, the earthen coffin around him shattered and his limbs were released, he immediately moved through the hall and tried to ambush Kasvar. He was about to get his venom-tipped claws around his throat….

*cracking of porcelain and rumbling of Earth*

A brown and green wall appeared behind Kasvar, Ven had no time to adjust his impact and went straight into the wall, hitting his metallic claws and getting them caught in the earth. He jumped back and retreated a few metres and the wall came down, as Kasvar came into view, he lunged at Ven-stel, taking him down with him, they both rolled across the hall and came to a stop at a wall, with Ven-stel at the disadvantage with his back against it and Kasvar on top, ready to beat the living element out of him. “You do this? But you do understand that if you kill me, you also die!” Kasvar thrusted his legs and sent Ven-stel flying towards the ceiling before grabbing him and sending him to the floor again, head first. Ven crashed to the floor and the rest of his body flopped down.

“I know that your dumbass, but don’t you remember? I’m a ‘cross-core maggot’ according to your guards, I think one element would do me well, at least it would get everyone off my back for once, but that’s not what I am here for. You know something and I want answers!” Ven pulsated as his spines grew to enormous levels, one of them impaling into one of Kasvar’s wings, the elder Dragon wailed in pain as he retreated, Ven tried his hardest to keep it stuck in but Kasvar figured a way of getting it out, as soon as he did, Ven retracted his spines and opened his maw, sending a glob of green liquid as Kasvar, who promptly defended it with another wall of earth.

“It doesn’t help when you are not being specific does it Ven-stel! Aggression will not help your endeavour any further, how about you learn from the best.”

“And what would that be you wash up ancestor?!”

“Learn to use your enemies weapons against them.” he said simply and within the wall the green liquid return and was chucked by a piece of earth. The glob flew and hit Ven-stel in the face, the venom not doing anything to his skin, but his eyes were another matter, he didn’t have enough time to shield them and one of his eyes was introduced to the painful burning of the venom.

“ARRRRRGGG!” Ven shouted as he tried to get the liquid out of his eye and onto the floor, while he was trying to do this, Kasvar charged and used his supreme weight to slam the Cross-core dragon into the wall, Ven tried to retaliate but was unable to as, when he tried, he found that something was growing around him. When the venom cleared, he opened his eyes and found himself locked in position, surrounded by Vines, obviously the Earth Protectors doing, he tried and pulled at the vines, but when he did, the vines started to close and tighten their grip around his limbs, cutting off circulatory veins and arteries, making his paws feel cold, he felt like he was going to faint but at the last second, the vines untightened themselves to let the blood run back through.

“The more you try that, the closer you will get to dying my drake. Now tell me what you want, you got this chance. Make the most of it then.”

“Why didn’t you stop them…”

“Stop who?”

“My parents, you let them kill me on that cliff, I saw you standing there, nothing happened.” Ven-stel said as he was losing the will to live, the constant strain of the vines were putting a toll on him.

Kasvar get close to Ven-stel’s head. “You think that I had a choice? hmm? You think that is didn’t try to stop them my boy? Of course I tried! Your parents were not worthy of having you as a hatchling, even if you are a cross-core, I don’t care if you are, your parent had another idea.


“You can’t just kill a hatchling! This is an outrage, it’s irresponsible to kill it just because it has more elements!” Kasvar said as he tried to block the path of the two parents of Ven-stel.

“We don’t care, he is an abomination, he shouldn’t even exist. Now get out of the way! You have no control over me or him, get going now.” Ven’s parents said as they moved past them while Kasvar looked over and watched in horror them just drop him off the cliff, without any emotion.

“Now Ven, you understand what can happen with my perspective. Will you stop this… silly tirade to kill people, I had my chance, and failed to stop them trying to kill you, but here you are now, alive and having a second chance at life. But alas, you show that you are unstable.” Ven-stel started to get angered again and his metallic spines started to grow out again. “Noe, don’t do that… well, you shouldn’t have done that anyway. “Hux, do it.” He nodded behind him.”

“Wait…. you didn’t have anyone around!” Ven shouted as two paws grabbed his spines and sent a electric current down the spines and the current proceeded into his body and as it reached his limbs, they convulsed, making him spasm out of control for multiple seconds, the vines were burnt at the touch as they were grounded to the floor. Huxra didn’t let Ven-stel fall through, he had his grip still on his metallic spines, holding him up off the floor. Ven was still convulsing from the electrical surge. Huxra turned him around to make Ven face him.

“Awww, has the arrogance finally been kicked out of you hm? Good, that was for entering our and hall and this…” He reared his head back from Ven and brought his hard skull straight into the face of Ven, sending the dragon flying across the floor and landing in front of Kasvar “For injuring me you piece of filth.” Huxra finished as he stood above Ven-stel. Ven, tried to get up off the floor but he was immediately shoved back down and another surge of electricity went up through his body, his brain started to overload and his eyes were going black, all the current was messing up his body’s internals. “What should we do with him?” While Ven was swinging within consciousness.

“Put him in the Cell under here, and to deal with Liuzzi, she will want to see him back, how about we get his brother shall we?” Ven heard this and thought ‘But, I don’t have a brother, I’m a single child...’

“Are you sure she will not notice?”

“She’s colourblind, she wouldn’t be able to tell anyway. Send Stormaic and get him to keep her quiet… and get to it quick, she will be getting impatient.” Kasvar finished as Huxra left him and the twitching Ven-stel on the floor, whispering to him “You are not a monster in my eyes, just because you have two elements does not make you different, just the whole of the realm will not listen, I’m sorry, but until you come to accept you are different, you can’t be free anymore.” Kasvar got Ven’s tail into his mouth and dragged the spasmed dragon along the floor to his now home, the cell.


Liuzzi was standing around the front of her house when she saw a dragon come over, she saw that it was Ven-stel, or so she thought it was. “Venny!” She shouted at him and he came in and landed. Stormaic looked around the area, seeing Liuzzi looking at him with tearing eyes. “I’m so glad that you are alright! What did you do?”

Stormaic just looked at Liuzzi and put his head on her shoulder. “When I got there, I spoke to Kasvar, he explained everything, its all fine now, come on, lets get back to our lives, no need to worry about them anymore.” He said and they walked into Liuzzi’s house, she did not know what happened to the real Ven-stel.

Meanwhile in the castle, Huxra was still having his way with Ven-stel, well, with pain from his electricity...

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