The Legend of Terrea

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Chapter 2: The Influence

A lot of things can happen because of one being, you know the Core War? That was started by one being killing another being, then it spiraled out of control, sad really, we were all at peace, but then something had to ruin it! ~ Kasvar, The Earth Protector, 577 AC

Far, far away from the events of the main hall with the protectors sat a group of Dragons, these Dragons lived in solitude, away from all the mess that happened in the lands of Lumis and Umbra, they lived in Cras, a mainly neutral land that was owned by most of the Vampire Dragons and where the Phoenixes lived, away from the messes that was Umbra and Lumis.

House of Marik

“Marik! What the hell are you doing up there!?” A grey scaled Dragon with orange fur and wings, he also had bright blue horns as well as having bright blue chest plates, his name was Knor, and he was shouting up at his friend, Marik.

“Oh shut up Knor! I can take care of myself up here!” Marik, a Black dragon with silver chests plates with very bold black and Yellow hair, he had an unusual tail as it had four spikes coming off of it. “See! Nothing to worry about!” Marik shouted again as he moved across the tree branch, trying to get at a piece of fruit that was hanging at one of the higher branches. Marik reached up to get the rare fruit, but as he did, he lost his balance, falling off the branch, luckily, his tail was at an awkward angle and caught him before he plunged to the floor.

“Now that, Marik, is what you call blind luck, remember how bloody lucky you are to be living at the moment, then try for the bleeding fruits!” Knor climbed up the tree and dislodged Marik from the offending branch, the Dragon falling to the floor with a thud, groaning as the dragon landed on its head. Knor walked across the branch and easily grabbed the fruit, plucking it from the branch and jumping down from the tree. “Here, take your fruit, maybe ask for help next time?” Knor threw the fruit at Marik, who took the fruit in her hand and looked at it, seeing for any marks on it. Perfection.

Speaking about unusual things…

“Marik! Knor!” A voice was heard and the two looked behind them to see a purple and blue dragoness hurtle towards them, Knor taking evasive action, but Marik was not that lucky, the dragoness slammed into the non-awaiting Drake and they both tumbled along the floor. The fruit was thrown aside and Knor caught it in mid air with his grapple-kind of tail blade.

“Anais!” Was the muffled sound of Marik, who was currently being crushed by Anais, the much larger exotic dragoness on top of Marik. “I have a mate you know! Don’t think he will be happy if he found us like this!” Marik yelled and that got Anais’ attention as she got off of Marik, who dusted himself off and moved along.

“Sorry.” Anais said with a soppy voice, seeing that Marik was quite angry with her. “I didn’t mean to make it out like that.”

“Just…” Marik sighed. “Just make an effort for that to not happen again, if anything, aim for Knor next time, he’ll enjoy it more.” That sentence got the attention of both of them as Knor looked in the direction of Marik with a scorn of a face. While Anais was busy blushing herself.

“You…. bastard.” Was all that came out of Knor’s mouth. Marik plucked the fruit out of his tail and proceeded back into his house. Knor was going to follow, but he was stopped but a green arm.


“And what the hell has been going on here?” He asked with a stern face.

“Not much, just Marik being an idiot as usual and Anais being well, Anais.” Knor replied as he pushed the arm out of the way and walked into the house of Marik and Lorenz, where the four had been hanging out for a while, a bit of a change of setting for Anais at least, she had been use to living up at the top of mountains and now she lives near the valleys of Terrea, much to the scenery change.

“What are you even planning with that fruit Marik?” Lorenz asked as he dumped the array of meat that he had collected on his way out.

“Potions, potions and more potions, I thought you knew this by now? After I met Sabrina, I’ve always wanted to be a potion maker, her best advice was to experiment, so, I’m using this fruit into one of my new concoctions to see what really happens, I hope for something awesome!” He says with delight as he chopped up the fruit with his tail and dropped the solid into the potion cooker. “Its always exciting to see what happens!” He said with delight as Knor gave a raised eyebrow at the situation.

“I never thought, in a million years, that it would be you that tried to take up potion making, I thought it was bad enough that Luner had tried, albeit he succeeded, to make a hobby out of it.” Knor said as he picked up one of the pieces of meat that Lorenz had brought in, chucking it on the fire on the other side of the room, letting it cook slowly inside the skin.

The potion cooker had started to give off a sweet smelling aroma, Anais perked up at the smell and moved over to where it was slowly bubbling. “Marik, this smells so nice! I wonder what it does!” She said with vigor at the smell of it.

“Don’t touch it so early on Marik.” Lorenz warned as he watched from a distance. “You know, anything could happen, you could become huge in size… or turn into a ugly mug, like him.” Lorenz pointed at Knor while laughing, Knor turned around to see the other three laugh at him while he had no idea what they were talking about.

“Ok, what’s the big funny thing in the room?” Knor asked as he watched them, still laughing at each other.

“Oh, nothing else, just you.” Lorenz commented. “Come on Knor, maybe freshen up a bit, you keep strolling around here being so ugly.”

“It’s not really my fault I am so grey, blame my parent’s genetics, nothing that I could do!” Knor said back to Lorenz, as he did, the ground shock below them for a brief second, all the laughing stopped they all looked serious at the rumbling floor. When the shaking stopped they all started to look at each other.

“Nothing to be worried of, just the usual earthquake, they usually appear around here, the house is sound for the kind of things, should be able to withstand something strong, pretty sure you have had it worse up in the mountains Anais?” Marik explained as he kept stirring the cooker.

“Yeah, it’s much stronger in Umbra and in the mountains, but it really odd to have it so close to the centre of the world, we are low on sea level as well.”

Lorenz chimed in. “You don’t think it’s the legend herself?”

“Ok, now it’s my turn to be confused. Explain Lorenz, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.”

“The 100 Foot Dragon, the tale of Aterin. Never heard of it?” Lorenz said and the rest just looked at him with blank faces. “Ok, seriously, not even in school?” The blank faces stayed. Lorenz sighed in disbelief. “Wow.”

“Lorenz, rather than seeing if we know what it is, maybe do the nice thing and explain to us three the tale?”

“Ok, the 100 Foot Dragon, known as Aterin, Master of the Darkness, she is an enormous dragon that lives in the realms under the world, the hell lets say, but she is so big that when she moves under the world, she causes the ground to move and tremor, she is the main reason that the mountains in Umbra exist apparently, her movements are so condensed into that area that she moves it more, making the mountains form faster and taller. She has the power to bend any Light being to her will, making them do her bidding wherever and whenever she wants, she never liked any of the Light Core Dragons, and she hunts in the land of Lumis above ground, killing anything that stands in her way.

“She is said to have risen up out of the ground around 100 years ago, causing mass chaos in the Lumis region and killing many of the Light Core Dragons, the Guardians of that time were lucky to get out of it alive and to keep their element safe from joining the gods. She was sent to the hell under the land when a Cross-Core dragon swayed her mind to disappear, even though many people said she had just had enough souls for the time and disappeared for rest. It’s all very weird in the scriptures. But it said that she would rise after 100 years to take her vengeance on her ‘controller’.”

“What were the Dark Core Dragons doing about this?” Anais said as Lorenz had finished his recitement of the tale.

“This was before the two Cores got along, lets say, well, the Dark Core Dragons didn’t care that the Light Core’s were dying, they were just happy that their own people were not dying and they just stayed put.”

“That’s annoying of them, not to help their own species.”

“Alot of wierd things can happen to different brought up Dragons.” Lorenz stated.

A flash suddenly appeared out of no-where and a burning sound was heard, a Fire Phoenix rose from the ground, summoning up and flying in the air, it’s tail stuck to the ground as it hovered there, in front of the group of four. “Knor!” It shouted through the crackling.

Knor took a bit of time before his eyes adjusted to the extra light in the room before noticing the collar that the Phoenix bore. He noticed it and knew exactly who it was. “Fiera! What are you doing here!?” He shouted at the Phoenix.

“I am here, good that you remember me, I see many Phoenixs like me, thank goodness for the collar. Look, I’m not here for some shenanigans, I’m here to warn you.”

“Warn me of what, the Earthquake that is going to happen, sorry sister, but you are too late on that.”

“No! Not that Earthquake, the one that’s coming!”

“Wait what?!” Knor got in before the floor started to split away in front of him, the Earth showing its inside to the four, the house was getting torn in half by the second, Marik was just bottling up the potion mixture as it was happening, he grabbed a few of the bottles on his wall, an assortment of things, placing them in his bag and jumping the gap was forming to the outside of the door. Anais was already at the door while Lorenz took his time to get there, the house was well and truly in half now as the four fled the scene. Fiera was in tow, flying along the floor, keeping his energy from disappearing. “What the hell is going on!?”

“Aterin! She’s back!” Fiera shouted as the group kept running from the house, the gaps in the floor expanding and chasing after them, “Come on, lets get in the air before this earthquake is the last of us, give me some fire energy one of you!” Marik heard this and turned around, throwing her fire potion at the Phoenix, the liquid splashing over the fire, igniting and causing Fiera to gain enough power to detach from the ground and lift off, the rest followed suit as they all jumped off the cliff face and fly in the air, watching the floor breaking apart.

“I hope our house is ok, I worked so hard to build that thing for us Lorenz.” Marik said as she looked at the land where the house use to stay, the ground torn in half.

“It’ll be okay, we’ll get it repaired if need be.” Lorenz said back as the five flew through the air over the breaking land of Cras.

Fiera was leaving a trail of fire behind her, the remnants of her power propelling her. “We need to make it back to Lumis and warn the Protectors of this new problem, I can guarantee this is old thing that they must know of… actually, they must.”

“Who... Aterin?” Lorenz asked. Him moving around behind Fiera, trying to dodge the flame and ash that Fiera was producing.

“Yeah, they must know of this, if their previous Ages have taught them anything.” Fiera replied.

Knor looked down at the Ocean that they were flying over, seeing the waves picking up on the previous calm waters. “Err… guys… we may have a problem here.”

“What now?” Fiera asked.

“Is it just me or is the water looking a lot angrier than it is suppose to be?” Knor Responded, the group of Dragons and Phoenix looked down, seeing the water moving viciously.

“Looks like the Earthquake in Cras was not caused there, looks like it was caused off the coast. Like a tsunami is going to happen.” Anais commented and the rest of them then figured out what was going to happen.

“We seriously need to get to the Protectors. They need to get everyone off the shore.” Marik stated as he was rummaging in his bag for a potion. “Come here, huddle up everyone, excluding Fiera, you have your element to speed yourself up.” Lorenz, Marik, Knor and Anais huddled up and Marik threw a bottle at Knor, the glass smashing on his chest plates, the contents splashing over all four of them. “Speed potion, come on, lets go!” He shouted over Fiera’s crackling. The group turned and followed Fiera, who had shot off in the direction of Lumis’ capital. The rest of them keeping up, the potion taking an effect, making all of them be able to keep up with the elemental speed of Fiera.


The group made it to Lumis and went up to the Main hall, where the Guardians of Fire, Earth, Ice and Electricity were. Fiera’s extra energy wore off and she was grounded again, the others following her through the building. They got to the door to the conference room, seeing it had been ripped off by some force, and that the inside had be almost completely destroyed by a battle of some sort. A red body being popped out from the doorway, greeting the lot of them. “And what do I have the pleasure of speaking to you today Fiera?” Asche said as he looked at the rest of the group, a mixture of elements, Marik being Shadow, Lorenz being Healing, Knor being Metal and Anais being Lightning.

“Listen, we have evidence that Aterin is on her way back to the overworld. Also, on that case, you need to start setting up defenses on the west side of Rayhan and the West side of Lumis in general.” Fiera stated as she was trying to make sure that she was not going to run out of energy.

“What? Aterin? How? And what is going on the west side of Rayhan?”

“No time to explain, we have a tsunami on the way to destroy Rayhan, 30 feet tall. We need to set up defenses.” Knor said quickly and the face of Asche drained in colour.

“I’ll get in touch with Krystali right away, she will get the Water dragons on the case, to stop this tsunami, you just try and get everyone off the shores of Rayhan.” Asche ordered and went off back to the other side of the Hall, getting on the balcony and jumping off it.

“Right…” Fiera mused as she looked at the others. “Marik, Lorenz, you two will go and help Asche to get the Water dragons to help with the tsunami, Knor, Anais, you will help me get everyone off the shore. Come on, lets go!” She said and the group of five broke off into the groups of two and three, getting on with their jobs.

Knor, Anais and Fiera made it out the front door, coming up to the walkway down the hill to the shoreline of Rayhan. The tide had receded by some way, the shore being almost twice as big as it usually is, a telltale sign that the tsunami is coming. Fiera rose above the ground and exploded in a fit of fire, showering flickers of flame everywhere, getting everyone attention. “Listen up everyone! You need to get yourselves off this shoreline, a very big tsunami is coming, if you don’t move now, forever be there peace in your mind.” She said and most of the Dragons on the shore jumped up and retreated off the beach.

“But Phoenix, where shall we go?” A Vampire Dragon said who was higher up on the shore.

Knor jumped in. “Get to higher ground! Anywhere away from sea level or close to it, get as high as you can, the tsunami is big and you will want to be away from it. Follow Anais here, she will show you where you can go.” The Dragon nodded and got moving with Anais, the rest of the lot followed suit, getting off the shoreline and moving up the hill that was near. “What else can we do?” Knor asked.

“We wait, we can’t do much. Hopefully Marik and Lorenz have got the water Dragons, we can’t evacuate the entire shoreline this quickly…” She stopped mid-sentence as she looked out onto the horizon. “Oh no, it’s already on it’s way.” Fiera said as she jumped up of the floor and into her flying state. “Come on, we need to get a move on. we can’t stay here any longer.” She said and Knor looked at the tsunami, he swore that he could see something within the waters of the sea, serpents most likely. But he shrugged it off and turned back, jumping up and flying off with Fiera.

“A tsunami?” Hope questioned as she heard the news from Asche and Krystali.

“Yes Hope, we need you and all the water dragons that have the power in the area to get down to the shoreline to stop this thing.” Asche said as they get to the shore, the area in front of the hall had been evacuated, leaving independant spots that still had Dragons on the shore. “Get you and your Dragons down to them, stop the water from harming them.” He said to Hope, who flew off down to the parts of the shoreline.

“Are you sure we have enough Dragons to stop this?” Krystali asked to Asche, who furrowed his brow.

“I hope so, or Rayhan is in some serious trouble right now. Come on, lets get the others to higher ground.”

“You do that, I’ll help the water Dragons down here.” Krystali replied as she readied to go down to the other part of the shore.”

“But you are a Ice Dragon! You don’t have the power to stop these things!” Asche responded quickly.

“Just because I am a Ice Dragon doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tricks, the only thing you should be worrying about is that you don’t have your armour on yet, maybe you should be more prepared than me? You have the scars to prove my point.” She chuckled and flew off, leaving Asche with Marik and Lorenz.

“Come on Lorenz, lets go find Knor and Anais, see where they have gone.” Marik said as she left with Lorenz in tow, leaving the diffused Asche the only one on the ground.

“Maybe… Krystali, maybe you have a point, but I am a old man, you need to learn that I am looking for someone, or this fire, will disappear.” He said as he too, took off and flew up the hills, ready for the head count.

Hope made it down to the Shoreline, seeing that most of the Dragons were still sitting there, unaware of what is going on, she walked up to a big group of them. “Hey! Get moving up the hill!” She said to them and they gave her the look.

“Who says so blue?” A Blood Dragon said and Hope sighed, she pointed at the sea.

“You see the tide goddamit? Did you ever learn anything in classes? There is a bloody tsunami coming, now get the hell off the beach or you are all going to die here!” She shouted at the lot, when they all finally realised what was going on, then jumped off the shoreline, intending to get above ground. “Good, took you a while pea-brains.” She murmured to herself. “Now, where are you water, come and get me.” She said again and her wish was granted as the tsunami was speeding along the sea bed, coming straight at her. She sat there, focusing hard and what she was going to do next, she just sat there, waiting now. The tsunami was coming at quite a rate now, she waited until the last minute, sensing the water near her, opening her eyes, embedding her paws in the ground, she roared and the water was stopped dead in its tracks, she kept this up for quite a while, until she started to see strange objects within the water, fish like things, with wings? She looked at them with a confused glance. “What the hell are they?” She asked to herself and studied them a bit longer until she couldn’t see them anymore, all she could see where a pair of yellow eyes, staring her down.

“You disturb the natural path of the water, I made this happen, and it SHALL happen, not matter what you do.” A echo-y voice was heard from the water, the voice made Hope lose focus and her water blocker was falling, she tried her hardest to keep it up at 100%, but that looked like a fatal task. “You, weak thing, shall join my legion of serpents, even though you are a dragon, you will make a nice fit into my dark army.” The voice said again as the yellow glowing eyes disappeared from sight, making Hope thankful that it was gone, but as soon as she thought that, she got a sensation from the back of her skull, then a prick… making her uncomfortable, then a slam to the mind, she blacked out from the sudden pain briefly, her powers falling again, now letting through water. She got back up before she saw the fish things return.

A gap opened up in the barrier and as soon as it did, a serpent jumped out of it and flew down to where Hope was, she batted it away with the water that was collecting at the bottom. “No, you shall not take this city!” She shouted and tried to get the barrier back up, but it was too late, the serpent poured through, taking to her like a pack of wolves, one bit into her neck, paralyzing her on the spot, making her fall over and the barrier that was holding the tsunami back fell, letting all the water through.

This happened all the way down the shore, the Water Dragons were falling one by one, the water finally getting through.

“Ha-ha-ha. Now, that was too easy, now to have some fun!” The voice said as the water of the tsunami rushed into the lower regions of the city bringing along the serpents.

Krystali was having the same fate, defending the water from the city, but with her Ice powers that the water dragons did not have, she could skewer the serpents before they could even try to latch onto her. The eyes returned to the water and looked right into Krystali’s eyes.

“You, you are a protector are you not? You should know of me if your elder taught you right...” The voice talked to Krystali. Krystali stood there, fearless, defending the hall from the water, her brain racked through her teachings. What could be this being? Only one thing.

“Aterin, you’re back.” She said calmly, not wasting any more energy than necessary.

Oh, is that what they called me back in the day? I am not Aterin anymore, I am much stronger than that, and you are being the fool to get in the way of the proceedings, I ask you once, let this run its course and I won’t have to hurt you, or, shall I keep you back for what I have planned for your feeble race?”

“I will not let you harm these Dragons.” She said and as she did, her Ice armour popped into existence. “Come and fight me if you so desire.”

“No, I don’t feel like it, you now bow down to me.” Aterin said and she breached into the mind of Krystali, entering her conscious. “Oh, what do we have here, a stronger mind? No matter, you will become mine like the rest of you that try to get in my way.” She battled with Krystali’s mind until she found the block in her, Krystali was not giving up. “Hmm, I gave you a chance, NOW DIE!” Aterin shouted and bruteforced the barrier that Krystali had up, destroying it on the spot, Krystali’s shocked face was all the could be seen before she was engulfed by the wave.

Protector Hall Dungeon

Ven-stel was lying in his cell, electrified gates by the courtesy of Huxra. Ven had been subject to multiple torture sessions by Huxra, still annoyed at the stubbornness of the Cross-Core Dragon. “Why do you keep doing this? You must realise that you have much more representing jobs that you must be doing with the other Protectors?” Ven questioned as he got up from his lying state, Huxra just snorted at the proposition.

“Yea… no, I have nothing to do for the week, which means, me and you can have more time, to you know, talk.” He said the last word in a very… weird way, leave Ven-stel wondering what Huxra wanted out of him.

“What have you done with Liuzzi?” Ven asked again, also getting a reply from Huxra.

“Oh, you know, given her a better person to live with, away from you, but still you at the same time.”

“What the hell do you mean about that?”

“Oh, you know, Stormaic is currently with her.”

“YOU WHAT?!” Ven-stel shouted angrily and ran at Huxra, but getting stopped by the electric gate that kept him in the cell.

“You shouldn’t get so riled up about it, she is only young and she has a better life ahead of her now, one dragon which doesn’t have a temper tantrum whenever he doesn’t get his sad little way.” Huxra said as he zapped Ven-stel again with his tail. “Now stay, I have something to see.”

“What, is it your collection that I keep hearing about?”

“We Protector’s don’t indulge in these things.” Huxra said back with a stern face, now shut up and go to sleep, I don’t want to come back to hear that you have been annoying to everyone outside your cell again, remember what happened last time?” HUxra left the dungeon and left Ven-stel by himself. Ven looked out of the tiny window, wondering what that bastard was getting up to with Liuzzi.

Front of Protector Hall

Huxra made his way of the hall and looked over world, but it didn’t get very far as he saw that i had been completely flooded. The tsunami had hit the city of Rayhan pretty hard, and it was still going as well. Huxra went down and looked into the water, seeing serpent like creatures swimming in it, then suddenly one jumped out at him, his instincts kicked in and his paw clapped together, catching the serpent in his paws and electrocuting it straight up, more started to swarm around, he looked at the group that was forming and too the risk of putting his tail in the water, his spines charged up and formed a membrane between them, the current flowed down it and into his tail, discharging into the water beneath him, the conductive charge caused a chain reaction and all the serpents started to float to the top of the water, all dead in the immediate area.

“Jesus, these things are persistent.” Huxra said as he walked down the waterside, seeing it ever increasing by the second, he jumped up and flew over to where there was a lot of commotion, he saw that Asche was standing there with a few others. He landed next to them. “What the hell happened here?” He asked to the others, who were standing near the pack of Vampire Dragons, making sure that all heads were counted for.

“Huxra, nice of you to actually make it here, you’re a bit late!” Asche said as he gave Huxra a stare, a serpent at the same time came flying out of the water towards Huxra and latched itself to his spines…

But they were still charged from earlier, the serpent got a very shocking notice and the charge made it fly off and back into the water. “Yeah, snake problems, these things are new and wierd, they don’t give up do they?”

“No, they are new, they may just be a side effect of the tsunami picking up the sea floor.” Asche summarized. He looked at Knor, who was looking at the water, then picking up one of the serpents.

“These things have wings, are they even dragons?” He asked as he threw the serpent-fish-dragon things.

Asche looked over the creature and then stabbed his tail into the creature and skewered it on it. “I’ll take this back to the hall and look over it, see where it originates from.”

“What should we do then?” Knor asked as he and Anais had nothing to do.

“FInd people, we need all we can, we need to find out why this happened.” Huxra said as he followed Asche up to the hall. The group of Vampire Dragons started the work to restore the city that had been destroyed, half of it still submerged under the water.

Knor looked at Anais. “I know a few dragons. And especially a dragoness.”

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