The Legend of Terrea

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Chapter 3: War of Discussions

“They say… we are alive due to our ‘Survival Instincts’ That we are fighting to protect what we believe in… Mere Dragons, such as yourself believe. Though this is true for most. Each much have it’s own path to abide by. Why are you standing here then? What motivates you? To live? I ask you…. what are you really fighting for?” - Seledrex to Aterin.

The sun rises across the rough terrain of Umbra, the most mountainous region of Terrea, home to the majority of Dark Core dragons, including the Fear protector herself, Xandra, keeping an eye on the dragons of the continent, making sure that they do not get scapegoated into another war with the Light Core Dragons, although there were too many Lights in Umbra now for them to launch a war and not have friendly casualties. Xandra looks over the landscape, sighing to herself, her skull mask, hiding her true self from the open air, being scarred in battle by the Light Core protectors so many years ago, not being taken seriously since then, now with the skull adorned, she now commands the whole army of the Dark Core.

“Mistress Xandra!” A small voice breaks Xandra from her trance of her memory, she looks around and sees a small dragon walking up to her, her servant, Kairo.

“What is it Kai? Something that is most important for me to look at, even at this early hour of this day?” Xandra replied, she loved to talk in prose, making herself a well educated Dragon.

“Word from Lumis, Rayhan was attacked last night.” Kairo said quickly, through his exhausted breaths.

“By what exactly?”

“That’s what the Protectors want to know, they are said that they theorize the creature that attacked it is in a shadow form, and that you should know who it is.” Kairo finished and he looked at the narrowed eyes of Xandra. He winched as he waited for a slash from her angered form, which never came. Xandra stood there, calm as you can be in this situation.

“Well, go back to them and tell them to meet me here, in Umbra, and we shall discuss this, attack. Yes? Well, if it was anyway, they usually make this stuff out of dreams and when it goes wrong, we are the scapegoat of their failures.” Xandea ordered and Kairo went off into the distance. Leaving her alone again, she let out the pent up anger that was inside of her, unleashing it on her desk, launching it into the wall next to it, sending the books and documents on it flying as well. “Arggg! Why always is kit our problem? WHY DO WE ALWAYS NEED TO GET INVOLVED IN THE LIGHT BASTARDS PROBLEMS!” She shouted and her skull flew off in a explosion of pressure, revealing her charred face from it getting burnt off by Asche back in the Core War. The pressure, being relieved, made her calm down again. She started to dribble shadow breath, heavier than air, that fell to the floor and sat there, before dissipating in a few seconds.

When Xandra calmed down, she looked around and saw her skull mask on the floor near the window, picking it up in her forepaws and placing it back on her head, she looked around the room, seeing that where they were meeting the Light protectors was ruined, she started to clean up all the mess. “Don’t want the place to be a mess when the higher’s up arrive.” She murmured to herself.

House Eclipse

A few kilometers from Xandra’s location, sat a house in the middle of a field, basking in the morning glare of the rising blue sun. A muffled sound of a Dragon waking up broke the silence.

Luner’s eyes were half open as he saw the morning sun blind him, his eyes in the wrong formation, wanting more light, but too much light in it, he closed his eyes quickly and they morphed back into the standard formation, white Sclera, black Iris and white Pupil. He reopened his eyes to the light and this time, not being blinded by it, he pulled his head up off his makeshift pillow, which was his mate’s body, who was Sabrina. He looked at the green dragon’s sleeping form as her body rose and fell. He padded his way off her and got up and off, stepping back onto the floor of his house, almost falling over from the night before. They had got a little tipsy with alcohol after a party with a few of their friends, being Naeda, Lyrica and Venus.

He walked over to the waterfall in their garden and put his head under it, the cold water flowing over him and waking his body up fairly quickly. He shook off the rest of the water quickly and his body felt a lot more awake than a few seconds ago. he went back inside the house, quietly, trying not to wake up Sabrina. Walking over to the kitchen, getting himself something to eat. He instead got a potion that was on the side of the counter and drank it, making him feel at more alive and refreshed, as he finished it and put the bottle back for a new potion to be placed in, he heard the sound of a Soul Eater walking down the hall, veeeeery slowly and carefully, the Soul Eater in question, Naeda, poked her head round the corner and saw Luner.

“Oh hi Luner. I hope you feel a lot better than I am now, I feel like rubbish after last night, I swear I didn’t drink too much.” Naeda said through a quiet tone, Luner looked at her face and saw that was definitely wrong.

“You must of had enough to stop you from think straight, you drink like ten bottles of alcohol last night, the most of us, I’m surprised you are not throwing up the contents of your stomach yet.” Luner chuckled at the suggestion, and Naeda laughed sarcastically.

“Don’t make me think about it, or I might just unload my stomach all over you for that comment… but bloody hell… ten bottles?!”

“Yeah, heaviest drinker of the night by far, but it was a party anyway.” Luner said back as he got some food and put it on a plate, sliding it over to the Soul Eater, who was lying on the floor now, her head pounding due to the drink. “Here, have this, should get rid of the hangover for now, but make sure you drink a lot, keep yourself hydrated, don’t want your head exploding do we now?” Luner crouched and gave her a glass bottle of water, which see down fairly quickly. Luner got back up and when his eyes caught up with his body, he saw the form of Sabrina stirring as she woke up. Luner moved over to his mate and caressed her. “Well, look who woke up in time for the sunrise.” Sabrina opened her eyes to see Luner looked at her, with her glasses in his paw, she took them and put them on, sitting on her maw.

“Well, at least I got a good sight when I woke up, much better than any sunrise.” Sabrina said with a smile, she pecked at Luner, who smiled back at her. She looked behind Luner and saw the form of Naeda. “What on earth happened to her?” She asked and Luner just looked at Naeda and laughed.

“She might have had one too many drinks last night, you passed out, or went to sleep, take your pick, quickly last night, and she decided to have about ten bottles of the stuff we had.

“Ten? I didn’t know we could do that without throwing up our stomachs.” Sabrina said with a confused glance.

“She’s a Soul Eater, she can do many weird things that we still need to find out, just don’t question it, the bigger question mark is how Lyrica and Venus stayed up so long.” Luner said, and if by magic of talking, the pair of dragons appeared in the hall, stopping to say hello to Naeda on the ground and then making their way towards Sabrina and Luner.

“Looks like she is out for the count, ten was the magic number eh?” Lyrica commented.

“More than likely, haven’t seen a Dragon that hard hit by alcohol in a long while.” Venus added. “Anyway, how are you guys doing?”

“All well, just another normal day in Umbra, well, you know, without the massive earthquake happened on the other side of the world!” Luner said and the group of three laughed at the mention of it.

“Wait, what earthquake?” Sabrina asked.

“Oh yeah, you were passed out on the floor weren't you at that time?” Venus said.

“You missed a rocker!” Lyrica said happily. “It was really fun trying to dodge all the potions that you had made that were falling off the shelves.” Lyrica said as she produced a blue liquid.

“You snatched a freezing potion?” Sabrina said.

“I didn’t snatch it… per say, it just landed on me.” Lyrica answered and Luner jumped into the conversation.

“It was not as bad as they make it out, just like a 5.0 on the scale. just making the potions fall off the ceiling and other things, didn’t wake you up, and Naeda was just loving it in her drunken state, funny as hell watching her.” The Soul Eater was not best pleased by the accusation.

“I didn’t have control of my body, what else would you expect?” Naeda said as she was getting herself off the floor and joining the conversation.

“Whatever you say Naeda, you were still hilarious to watch to say the least.”

“I’ll remember that next time we drink.”

“Of course.” Luner replied.

The door of their house was knocked at, the group of friends were broken from their conversation and Luner went up to get the door, opening it and revealing a small black, yellow and red figure. “And who do I have the courtesy for?” Luner asked the stranger.

The smaller dragon looked up at Luner. “Yes, hello, my name is Kairo, messenger of Xandra, the Protector of this land, as the Light representative of this continent, she wishes you to be present during the meeting that is happening today, she has also requested the presence of the Soul Eater that is currently residing here as well, as a representative of the Neutral continent.” he said in a very quick tone, giving Luner a very short time to think and come up with an answer before Naeda jumped in.

“Presense. *hic*.. of me she says? I am not part of any of your idiotic pacts, I’m only a Soul Eater, what does she want me their for?” Naeda responded, her previous night’s endeavours catching up with her.

“You are the only one in Umbra that has lived long enough to see the battles of late, she wishes you to be a neutral witness of the meeting, only getting involved if you need to correct the past that the Protectors bring up. That is all, not anything to do with the Politics, that is what Luner is for, he is the Light representative. If you didn’t know that already?”

“Wait. Luner here is only in Umbra to be a part of the Light Core?” Sabrina asked, Luner looked at her sheepishly. “Explain.”

“When I moved here, I was contacted by the Sun Protector, who is now passed away, she gave me the responsibility to make sure that the Core War could not happen again, so I am here so that we can sort things out peacefully with the Dark Core. I swear to you I was given the job after I moved here, not that I moved here because of it.” Luner explained.

“Good, didn’t want me to think that I was a part of our plan eh?” Sabrina said and lowered her guard. Luner looked back at Kairo.

“So, who else is suppose to be attending?”

“Well, we have, Kasvar, Huxra, Asche, Xandra, Rikki the Head of Umbra’s capital. Shadow.” Kairo listed off the dragons appearing.

“Where is Krystali? The Ice Protector?”

“You will find out what's happening with her when you get there, now come on, your friends may come, but they will have to stay out of it. Understand?”

“Yes, Kairo. We off then?” Luner responded.

“Yes Luner, follow me.” Kairo finished and walked down the path from the Eclipse House, with the whole group in tow.

Great Hall of Umbra

Xandra had just finished cleaning up her hall when Kairo had returned, with the two representatives along with him, and their friends, they split up and Naeda and Luner followed Kairo while Lyrica, Venus and Sabrina waited outside.

“Ah, glad to see you actually came, was doubting it for a minute that you would not show up for reasons beyond me.” Xandra commented as she saw Luner take his place on the meeting table, near Naeda, on the left as an almost neutral party, but still loyal to the Light Core.

“I had to come, it’s relevant to my own home, even though I call Umbra a home, Lumis is still where I grew up and met Sabrina, so… I couldn’t really refuse could I?”

“That’s all true. But I know you for your severe incompetence sometimes, so I keep a very low bar for you actually turning up to one of these, especially when you are one of the people who hates politics.”

“My sides as a Dragon live on the Light Xandra, Sabrina is the only part of me within the Dark Core, maybe Naeda if you can count her as non-neutral.” Luner motioned at her and she perked up, her state not helping the situation.

“Wha? What?” She said through her groggy attitude. “Something about me?” She said.

“I see that you are very inebriated Naeda, maybe you should lay down for a bit before the meeting starts?” Xandra offered.

“No, I’ll be fine, most of it should wear off in about 10 minutes.” She supplied, as she fell, face first to the floor.

“Was she like this along the way to here?”

Luner chuckled at the sight and question. “Very, she did not take into account how strong the alcohol was.”

“Silly Souls, thinking they are immune to everything.” Xandra said as she poked at the sleepy Soul Eater. “You will have to get up now m’lady, you have a meeting now.” She informed, Naeda hearing this and slowly getting back onto her feet, shaking her head and looking at the red eyes of Xandra.

“Ok, I should be fine now.” A much more sober voice came out of Naeda’s maw.

“Great.” Xandra said and then she heard the doors opening behind her. “Ah, just in time for them to appear.” She growled quietly as the three Light Core protectors walked into the Hall meeting room, taking their places on the same side as Luner. Kasvar standing next to Luner.

“How are you Luner, long time no speak. I hope everything has gone smoothly over here.” Kasvar asked in a hushed tone, not wanting to get the attention of Xandra over to the two, who was currently talking to Kairo again.

“Not bad, I have been living calmly with Sabrina, which I guess you saw outside. All been going well, no problems so far, or so I think, why are you even here anyway?”

“You know that earthquake that happened yesterday… I think night for you? Time zones may be an issue here. But that was not an earthquake, that was Aterin, she terrorized Lumis and brought a whole Tsunami on top of Rayhan, half of the city is under water, with parts of the East coast of Cras is destroyed in the original quake. We lost Frystali and Hope in the battle to defend the city while the citizens away from the waterfront, we have no-idea where they have gone though, they just disappeared, even Krystali’s track gem is off the map.”

Luner gasped at the news. “Oh god. I hope all the residents of Rayhan got out okay.”

“Yes, we got most for them out ourselves, although, anyone who was caught in the water were taken by some… snake like dragons, really weird things, almost got Huxra as well, but his electric character can get him out of those situati-” He was cut off as the door opened again and this time revealing the forms of Rikki, the Head of Shadow and Stein, who was the head of Cras’ lost city, Balance. They took their places on the side with Xandra, spreading out among their side. Kairo shut the door and locked it, so no-one could get in.

Naeda took up her post in the middle of the table, acting as the peacemaker. “Right, all parties are here, we shall start the discussion, Kasvar, please state your reason of this, emergency meeting of parties.” Kasvar rummaged around in his case that was on his side. pulling out a number of scrolls. Rolling them onto the table, showing the pictures of the destructions of Rayhan.

“Approximately at 9am LST (Lumis Standard Time) on the 37th, Cras was shaken by a 12 richter earthquake, ripping holes in the ground, the first people to report this was Marik and Lorenz of the Drak house. The earthquake then turned into a Tsunami, about 50 feet high off the ground, it rushed towards the West coast of Rayhan, luckily, with the warning of Lorenz, we get our water Dragons on the shore and stopped the water to get the civilians out of the area, at about this time, there was a strange occurrence.” Kasvar stopped and pointed at Huxra. “Huxra, show them the specimen.” He said and Huxra pulled the fish thing off of his back and placed it down for all to see and he carried on the explanation.

“Here with have a Serpent Dragon, but most unusually, it has traces of dark Core residue all over its body when it was killed, but they carry the traits of water to survive under the sea level, which is most unusual, these types of serpents most likely reside under the water of Umbra, due to the heavy Dark Core presence, but some how, they have been transported to the shores of Rayhan. Xandra, so you have anyone who has access to these types of Specimens?”

Xandra pulled up and looked in the logs of the facility, seeing that it still had all of it’s creatures, turning it around for all to see. “As you can see here, all creatures have been accounted for, not a single one missing.”

“When was this count taken?”

“This morning… 6am UST.”

“Okay, so we can rule out the chance that someone within the facility is moving them along to another place in the world, and/or giving them powers to survive in the Light Core waterways.”

“Are you just here to accuse us of something, that most likely, we have not done?” Rikki asked Kasvar, who put his paw to the picture in front of them.

“No, Chancellor, we know that it was not anyone of you that could have done it, if it was, we would have arrested you by now.”

“Ok, so what is the point of this picture?”

“Look at it closely. And I mean very closely, what so you see in the water. It can’t be just us, but is there a faint glow of yellow?” Asche questioned as Rikki and Xandra both looked at the picture again.

“In honesty, yes, but I don’t see it as Yellow, I see it as purple.” Xandra said.

“Me too, I see a very faint purple glow, like eye shaped.” Rikki agreed. Stein looked over the picture and looked blankly at it.

“Err. what I am suppose to be seeing? All I see is some wall of water.” He said as Kasvar pulled it back to look at it. All the while that this was going on, something was building in Luner’s head.

“All the time that you creatures mess around with your fancy politics, the more time you are giving to me to destroy this world.” A voice said inside of Luner. “And you, with your power, will be the key to my success, no matter if you fight, no matter the struggle you pull.”

“I. WILL. WIN.” The voice disappeared and Luner eyes went wide, but before he could get a chance to voice his concern, his mind went blank, he could do nothing of what was going on with his body. His scales started to turn a bright white, his marking turning from a deep blue to a bright colour of Turquoise, along with his wings.

All the dragons in the room stopped talking and looked at the dragon in discomfort. Once the transformation was finished, Luner’s eyes turned into a mixture of black and purple. Huxra moved towards the ice dragon. “Luner, what’s getting into you?” He asked, but whatever Luner was doing was overridden as he swung his tail round, the crescent hitting Huxra in the Maw and a sending him flying, Luner looked at the rest of the group, who were now staring at him. His jaw dropped and a black mist started to flow out of it.

“You better stop now mortals, or all of the Light Core is going to drown in a sea of darkness, and then, the Dark Core will take over as the leading power. With me, at the helm.” A more feminine voice said out of him. “Oh wait, you do not know who I am do you? You think I am this thing called Aterin? Fools. Naeda knows who I am, and I know who Naeda is.” The shot at Naeda, her drunken brain catching up with whatever was going on. Her brain figured out pretty quickly who it was.

“Aterrimawenn.” They both said in unison.

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