The Legend of Terrea

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Chapter 4: The Risings

“Sometimes a revolution is the way forward and brings more peace to a place than war, but then you have the Cores of Terrea, such a harsh land and ruled over by dictators, until they are dethroned, we will never be free on this rock, I shall fight for the new age, The Age of Peace!” - Xandra the Revolutionist, 567 AC

Luner, currently being taken over by Aterin was having a staring contest with Naeda, the two moving, ready for any attack from either party. “What's up with you Naeda, last time we were together, you were all up in my face wanting to tear it off.” Aterin taunted at the Soul Eater.

“You are hiding behind a wall of my friend, if I did that, I would be hurting him as well, have honour and get out of there and we can battle face to face.” Naeda returned, moving around the table of the conference. Everyone was still looking at the confrontation, but most of them had taken the logical choice and got out of the way fairly quickly.

“Naeda, what’s up with you and him?” Xandra asked her as she walked up next to Naeda.

“Nothing that you need to get involved Xandra. Just a feud between me and Aterrimawen.” She responded and Xandra took the warning from the Soul Eater, backing off and letting her do what she wanted to do. “Now, shall we carry on?”

“Yes, and it will begin with your death!” Aterrimawen shouted as she shot a black orb from the maw of Luner, the orb flying across the room, Naeda sidestepping it, the orb flying past her and hitting the wall behind her, exploding on impact, leaving a black residue on the wall where it did hit.

“Not so fast, Aterrimawen, I know your moves, you can’t stop me having many years of experience killing you back then, now I get to do it again.” Naeda’s eyes lit up with a white flare, the eyes billowing white smoke out of them. Her face pulled up and a white beam shot out of her maw, heading straight for Luner. Aterrimawen saw this and jumped up, the beam skimming her in the flank, the white skin falling off and revealing a black scale underneath it.

Aterrimawen responded by diving down from her high position, holding Luner’s twin horns forward, Naeda defended but it wasn’t enough, she and Aterrimawen were sent through the wall of the Dark Core hall and out into the courtyard. “You are paying for that Naeda!” Xandra shouted down at the vandals who were still gripped in battle.

“Yes, whatever you say Xandra! Just let me kill this ass and I will repair it for you.” She said with a voice that sounded like it was repeating itself. She struggled to get the lighter Luner off who was clawing at her face, she got her paw underneath Luner’s chest and pushed, sending him off of her and onto his back across the floor. Naeda hurried up and got off her own back and back onto her paws.

Aterrimawen was doing the same, but quicker as the more nimble Luner got up and started to head towards Naeda. locking horns with the Soul Eater, but this was a problem for Aterrimawen as Naeda’s more intricate horns looked her into it, giving Naeda a base to pick him up and send him flying across the room.

“God dammit, you and your bloody horns.” Aterrimawen said as she got back up, seeing that Naeda was looking at her with a grin on her face.

“Oh, you are looking at me? Here, how about this.” She shot another beam towards Luner’s body, hitting him square on the chest, the beam bounced off the white scales, but some off it was destroying them off of his body, leaving the black scales of the real Luner on the body. Aterrimawen felt the pain and moved through the beam, launching him at Naeda, flooring her again and locking her in position where she could not get up. The crowd above them gasped at the problems that Naeda was currently in.

“Well well, looks like you are going to lose again, want to say something to them while you finally die for the last time?” Aterrimawen grinned as a orb of darkness started to build up in her maw. Naeda just at Luner’s eyes, seeing a white light within the black of it. He is still in there!’ She thought as she maneuvered her paw to either side of his head. ‘Please forgive me for this Luner…’ “Wait.. what are you doing?” Aterrimawen questioned as Naeda had her eyes closed, at the words, Naeda opened her eyes again and growled at Aterrimawen.

“Saving my friend.” She said as she held onto Luner’s head, opening her maw and blasting her soul Eater power directly into his maw, the white light being engulfed from the darkness at first, but it burst through and went all the way down his throat, the excess spilling out into the open, the body on top of her started to writhe in pain, the Soul Eater power doing exactly as it says on the tin, eating at a soul. Naeda was hopeful that Luner’s defense inside of his mind allows him to not get eaten by it, but it was all down to him, she was doing the best she could with the situation.
“NooooOOOoooo.” Was the gurgled scream of Aterin from Luner

Luner’s body turned from the bleach white and the colour exploded off of him, the black scales of himself reappeared again. His body falling on top of Naeda, limp, breathing, but limp, she carefully pulled him off her and got herself up off the floor, Luner was still not moving.

After the confrontation had ended, the rest of the dragon made their way down, Sabrina was the fastest as she went straight to Luner’s side, making sure that he was ok, she found his heartbeat, but he still was not waking up. “Come on Luner, wake up for me.” She said hopeful, but it was not working, he was either knocked out, or in a coma. Xandra walked up next to Sabrina, who didn’t pay attention to the Dark Core Dragon coming up, not wanting to hear anything from her.

“Sabrina, listen to me.” She pleaded.

“No, you darkers always make this worse, you and your powers.” She said with a spit. Xandra would have liked to rip her head off for saying that, but in front of the rest of the protectors? That would be a bad idea.

“Look, Sabrina, I don’t want to hurt you, all I ask is that I take Luner into mine and Kairo’s care, we can help him get through this coma and help him recover.”

“What if I don’t believe you? What if you take him in and I won’t see him again?” She said back with tears coming down her face now. Xandra knew how it felt to be in pain and she thought none other to prove it to Sabrina.

“Sabrina, look at me.” Sabrina didn’t want to but when she did, she was expected the red eyes piercing through the skull, but instead, all she could see was a charred face, sore and wounded. “I know how it feels to be fighting for a life, I did it myself many times when fighting the Light Core Dragons back in the day, I probably have the most experience with this kind of thing, so listen to me, I can care for him and Kairo can make sure that he stays alive, I’ll even let you stay by his side all the way, that sound fair?” Xandra finished, hoping that Sabrina would see her points.

Sabrina thought about it for a bit, but she could see what Xandra was talking about. “Ok, if I get to stay with him all the time, then fine.” She finished, Xandra smiling at it as best as she could though her charred face, she replaced the skull mask and got back up.

“Kairo! Get these two to my infirmary, I will be down there to help with the healing process, get him cleaned up and all ready. Miss Sabrina will be with you the whole time, so make her at home. Naeda, you go with them, you need to keep tabs on Luner in case his mind and soul of whatever you did doesn't go downhill from his current state."

Kairo responded instantly and pulled Luner up off the floor, Sabrina helping him with the body of Luner. Naeda following behind, her eyes went back to their usual blue pupils and she had a somber face at what she did... had to do, to save her friend, she just hoped she only got at Aterin's soul that was latched on, but collateral damage was a bad idea. “Follow Kairo, he will show you the way.” The pair went off and left Xandra with the matters at hand that was before. The roundtable discussion as per call it.

Rayhan Streets, Lumis

The streets of Rayhan are mainly held by the high ranking officials of the Light Core, Protectors, Generals, Guards. But there is an underworld to it. Dragons who wish to break the rules of society and be a sort of anarchists. There is a certain group of them that stick together, known as Polska. A group of five dragons, wanting to be different.

“Hey! Guys, look what I got!” A black and white Dragon, Clyde shouted at the group, showing off a silver amulet that he had stolen from a nearby market. “Wonder how much I can get from this?” he said as another red Dragon moved to take the amulet from him. Taking a closer look at it.

“Looks great Clyde, but it would have been better if it had a jewel in it, would be worth a lot more my friend.” Seledrex said as he chucked the jewelry at Clyde, who caught it and placed it in the bag that he had on his flank.

“I tried my best, most of the gems were locked away, doing that in daylight would have been suicidal at best.” He explained as he pointed at the stall that he was talking about, seeing that the gems were under a glass case that was protected by dark magic, the black aura surrounding it.

“Looks like a very secure box Clyde, but I wonder if it could still stay standing after I try my plasma.” Cirind said as his markings glowed green, the area started seeping the highly reactive material, He conjured up a hammer in his paw, not very big, but just to prove his point.”

“We don’t need anymore of your space magic Ciri, Go back to your Dark core with that.” Clyde said with a groan, Ciri just smiled at him and made a ball in his hand of the green energy.

“Oh, but you do know that I am more powerful than you, I could just vaporize you this instant with this ball of plasma.” Cirind taunted at Clyde, who paid no attention to the threat, he just huffed in response.

“If you were that insecure about your powers, you would have killed Sele a long time ago, he hates the Dark Core’s more than I do.” Clyde answered and let Seledrex deal with the annoyed Cirind.

“Yes, that may be true, but I only hate the ones who think that they should have more power, the light is always the good side of the walk of life, everyone knows that.”

“Yes, but that is what you get taught in school, what if I told you that the Darker’s were blamed for the start of the Core War eh? We were minding our own business and then we are shunted into a war we never wanted to be in, the Light Protectors took no mercy in wiping half of us out for no reason other than we were a growing economy…” Cirind retorted as the ball of plasma disappeared. “Oh, and I am not lying, you can read it all up in the History books in the Library in other cities other than Rayhan, they seem to have a lockdown on the information that comes out here, I can’t wonder why.”

“Maybe because it is not true!” Seledrex shouted back and got his maw close to Cirind. “You are telling lies, I won’t believe them anyway, so keep wasting your breath you Non-elemental piece of crap.” Cirind eyes narrowed and his green eyes started to glow more.

“Non-elemental? You wish to relate me to one of them? Would you like to feel the force of my element?” Cirind threatened, but before anything could go bad, Clyde split the both of them.

“Guys! Stop this! You do this everytime we bring up the subject of Cores! Can we please just get over our difference and work together for once?” He said as the two adversaries stared at each other before Sele broke contact first.

“Fine, but I don’t want anymore no-truths coming out from him, then I will be fine.” Seledrex said.

“Even if they are the truth, if it bugs you that much, Just don’t come to me when you read it or get told about it.”

“Come on then, we need to find Kay and Maga. They should have finished their job by now, we can get our information soon.” Clyde said as he walked out into the street.

“What were they finding again? My memory isn't the best.” Cirind asked as they followed Clyde, Seledrex on the other side of him.

“We seem to have a doppelganger on our case, Ven-Stel has not been himself since he got back, Liuzzi as well. I tried asking him about something that he would know very well, but he has no recollection of it, if that is him, which is the case we need to find out, Kay and Maga were to find him and bring him in for interrogation, we need to find Ven, he knows how and where to get into the Vault of Rayhan.

“That’s good, all the treasure in there should be worth the whole planet.” Cirind agreed.

“We could live without worry for the rest of our lives.” Seledrex added.

“Yes, and it will all be good.” Clyde finished.

Unknown Location, Lumis

Cylde walked down another alley, seeing a sliding door on the side, he knocked the door 6 times, then he waited. “God, take your time you two, you with each others tail or something?” He said aloud and then the door shot up quickly, revealing Maga standing there, with a annoyed face on her.

“I’m sorry your greatest, this door is usually jammed, couldn’t get it out faster, and no, I wasn’t with Kay, he is still with the prisoner. Doing Kay things, I hope you brought his payment, because he is about to get his payment himself.” She said, Seledrex’s eyes went wide at the prospect.

“Err… what is he going to do?” Seledrex said worried.

“Oh, you are the new guy aren't you? My name is Maga, my mates name is Kayren, also known as Kay, he has a issue with his appetite, Clyde will show you when you get it…” She was interrupted by a snarl that came from the other room. “Clyde, hurry up, I have been holding him off from the prisoner all the time, he has an issue today.” She said as she walked into the other room, with Clyde, Sele and Cirind in tow. They got in there and there was a black dragon with red markings, Kay, looking very ferociously at the prisoner, and a cream coloured dragon with purple markings and hair.

Cylde walked up to Kay and punched him straight in the face, sending the dragon across the room, then picking something out of his bag, throwing it on top of Kay, the Dragon in questioned looked at the object before quickly engorging his maw on it.

“....Yeah, Kayren has an issue where if he doesn’t eat for a while, he will try and eat some other just to fill his stomach, we don’t pay him in currency, just food to keep him quiet. But then again, he is fairly quiet most of the time, he barely ever speaks anyway.” Clyde finished as Seledrex just looked at the Dragon chewing away at the meat.

“Ok then, that’s an interesting trait to have.” Sele said and Key growled at him, making Sele move away at a quick pace. He padded over to where the rest were now standing, around the new addition to the building.

“Welp, lets see who we can find under here shall we?” Maga said with a sarcastic voice. She pulled the bag off the top of the Dragon’s head, letting it go free, but it was still chained to the floor by its arms and legs, plus it’s tail was locked to the floor.

Cirind moved to the face of the dragon. “Well, what do we have here? This isn’t Ven-Stel is it?” He observed as the purple haired dragon looked at the steely eyes of Cirind, recoiling when his eyes. “No, definitely not.” The dragon is question started to look around worried at what kind of situation he had got himself into.

“Cirind, stop scaring the prisoner, let me deal with it; Maga, you go any info on our friend here?” Clyde ordered as Cirind moved away from the prisoner

“No, nothing, he does not exist on Huxra’s database, I data-mined for a while, noting coming up in his class.”

“So, that leave the question…” Clyde said, moving the dragons eyes up to where he was standing. “Who are you?”

“My name is Ven-Stel…” The prisoner said. Clyde knew that this was a lie and landed all three of his claws down the right forearm of the prisoner.

“Lies! Ven-Stel does not have purple features, he is a Venom Dragon, he would have toxic green, a bit like my friend here.” Clyde pointed at Cirind, his marks glowing again.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, my name is Ven-Stel, you can even ask the Protectors, I work with them now, didn’t you here?”

“No, because you are lying, you are not Ven-Stel, now… tell us your real name or Seledrex here is going to be able to stretch his vocal cords a bit here.” Clyde threatened.

“What? By yelling at me? I can deal with that, you will have to try harder.” The prisoner laughed at Clyde, in response, Clyde just walked away and let Seledrex take up the mantle. The prisoner looked at the Dragon.

“Well, well, good thing that you need to know is that I am a sound Dragon.” That sentence sent the blood out of the prisoners face. Obviously the partaking in this was not going to be nice. I’ll give you one last chance, Tell us your name, or you will feel pain.”

“My name is Ven-Stel.” The prisoner said defiantly.

“Fine, so be it. Maga, be so kind and hold his head for me please.” Mage did as instructed and held the prisoners head by it’s horns, making sure that he couldn't more to escape it. “Right, hear we go, everyone, hold your paws over your ears quickly.” Everyone followed the instruction and a evil grin came on Sele’s face. He moved his maw towards the ear of the dragon. Breathing lightly on it, then started to build up and suddenly a noise was heard, Maga started to squint at the oise being produced, the prisoner doing the same. After a few seconds, the ante was raised as the sound became a shout, rattling the drums of the prisoner, making him close his eyes, but still, he wouldn’t give up his identity, Seledrex tried one last time and raised the frequency up to its highest, screaming like a banshee into the prisoner’s ear.

The prisoner started to scream in turn at the pain his was experiencing in his ear, the ringing that was going on inside of his head. It almost became unbearable, and then, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’M STORMAIC!!! ARGH!!! STORMAIC?!?! JUST MAKE IT STOP!” The Dragon shouted over the screaming of Seledrex. Maga head this through the screaming and let go of Stormaic’s horns. Putting a paw to her head as well, she had been affected by the screaming, Seledrex was not the master of the element, but it still was hella useful. Sele stopped his screaming and moved back down away from Stormaic.

“Well… looks like we got our answer, anything else we need Clyde?” Sele asked as Stormaic was laid down again.

Cirind perked up to the idea of more interrogation. “Do I get a turn?” He said as he produced a marble shaped ball of plasma and rolled it around in his hand. But before anything could happen, the wall behind Stormaic was blown down, sending rubble everywhere. When the dust settled, a female dragon stood there, black as oil, a hint of purple shining through it, with red eyes burning through the darkness of the scales. Kayren recognized who it was (After he had focused off of his food.)

“Wait… Hope!?” He shouted and the female responded to it, spilling into a shadow and floating across the room, reforming and taking Kayren by the throat, holding him up high.

“You…. you greedy bastard.” She said with a distorted voice, not sounding like herself anymore. She threw him across the room, him landing square in the chest of Maga. Clyde retaliated but was unsuccessful, his right hook missed her and she shoved him back with her head before taking his paws from under him with her tail, spraying black liquid all over Cylde, making him reel in pain. “Well, at least now you are all black, you Darker…” She said and pulled his head towards her, ready to break it.

Then, out the corner of her eye, she saw a red dragon fly towards her, maw open wide as Seledrex produced a severely high frequency, making Hope drop Clyde, but instead she grabbed the vocal chords of Seledrex, crushing them, stopping him from producing any more sound waves. “Got you... you screaming dick.” She said and started to crush his throat even more. His wisps of air disappearing, making him gurgle. “You need to learn your place mortal.” She said with a different voice, not like her old distorted voice. “Under the command of Aterrimawen!-..-.-” She said and that was stopped as her own voice broke on the spot. Her body went a bright purple, a bit like tempest, Seledrex looked to his left and saw the Dragon that was locked up, Stormaic, was using his element to stop Hope from crushing him anymore. Sele was dropped from Hope’s grasp. Seledrex in response opened his maw and tried to shout, but all that came out was a high pitch squeal, shattering the legs of Hope and sending her to the floor. His eyes opened wide at what he had just done, all for legs were completely destroyed, bloody bone marrow was all that was left of the legs.

Hope decided her attack was not worth and started to take off with her wings (Which were still working) and left the group by themselves.

“Ok… who and what was that!” Clyde shouted as he got back up of the floor, his shoulder dislocated. He stood on the paw that allowed to him, the other one being limp. Kayren walked over.

“That was Hope, she was one of my friends.” Kayren explained while he moved his paws on top of Clyde’s shoulder

“Was?” He said as Kayren started to put pressure on the dislocated shoulder. “Argg! Can you be more careful with that?”

“Oh, shut up cry-hatchling. Hope was one of the water dragonesses that protected Rayhan, she was the next successor to Krystali, even though she is a water type and Krys is a Ice Protectress, she disappeared after the tsunami hit Rayhan, not seen since, but from what we just saw, she had been taken over by something. Her eyes being Yellow and some rubbish like that.”

“Wow, you have got all talkative lately haven’t you Kay.” Maga commented and Kayren just sighed at them.

“When my hunger omits, I can talk without it on my mind.” He said as he punched Clyde’s shoulder, slamming it back into place, a cry of pain coming from the black and white dragon. “There, all better, you should be able to put pressure on that arm now.” Clyde gently put his paw down, the pain simmering but not sharp anymore.

“We should really get out of here before more of her minions come and hunt us down.” Kayren warned as he looked out of the smashed wall onto the street. “Stormaic, you know where Ven-stel is yes?”

“Of course, but why would you want to know?” Stormaic questioned back as Seledrex released his restraints from the floor.

“We need to find him, he has information that we need.” Maga said as she looked out onto the street as well, seeing black figures appearing on both sides. “And we need to go now, they are here! Stormaic, lead the way now.” She instructed and the cream and purple dragon got through the wall and took off, in the direction of the Guardian Hall at the top of Rayhan. The darkers followed behind them, but all of them just wanted to follow Stormaic and not lose him.

The group of 6 arrived at the hall and got into the main area, following Stormaic down to the prison cells. “Wait, he was locked up down here?” Clyde asked as he grabbed a torch, lighting up the way down into the cells.

“Yeah, did you not hear? He attacked Kasvar and Huxra unprovoked, almost killed them, but the Protectors were stronger than him, they beat him into submission and then Huxra locked him down here and he had a undefined sentence.” Stormaic explained. “I was going to be the fill in for him, because in effect, I am a biological brother.”

“Clones you say?” Maga said with a intrigued voice.

“Well, yes and no, I am biological identical, but Ven-stel’s parents didn’t want him, so they made me and took the elements out of him and replaced them with the Tempest element.” he made his point by breathing the purple amperage around the floor, lighting up and snaking around the feet of the other dragons, who lept up in shock. Well, except Cirind, who didn’t care all the while. “Oh, don’t worry about it, its grounded, you will not be shocked. Well, unless you are the metal element of course, which you are all not.” He turned back around and opened a big metal gate, swinging it round, letting everyone in and then shutting it again. “First Cell on the right should be him.” He informed and the group went over to it, looking into the cell.

All they saw was a badly burnt cream and green dragon on the floor, his head in his paws. Clyde went up and shouted into the cell. “Ven!” The dragon within the cell did not respond and Clyde was not hoping this visit would take long, they were running out of time as it was to get him out and get the location of the vault. Cirind next to him was getting ready to destroy the bars with his plasma but Clyde didn’t want to hurt Ven inside. “Leave this to me Cirind.” He closed his eyes and held the bars in front of him, sending an extreme amount of volts through the bars of the cell, making them turn blue, then red, then orange, yellow and finally white, before he pulled away from him, bending the bars and flaying them apart. Allowing him access to the cell. “Ven, you okay?” He said to the dragon on the floor, picking up his arm and feeling for his heartbeat on his chest, which he did find, putting him at some ease, knowing that he was still alive.

“Ugh…” Was all that came from the Cross-Core dragon on the floor, his eyes opening, seeing the rest of the gang looking at him, his eyes focused on the look-a-like within the crowd, he growled in frustration. “What is ass here? He should be dead, or going… at it. with Liuzzi for Christs sake…” He said with a angered sense, but he could not act on his anger as his muscles were almost charred by the torture that Huxra had given him.

“Maybe store your anger for a later date my friend. Now we need to get out of here, or do I have to lock you in an energy ball Cross-Core?”

“Cirind, no need for that now… Look, Ven, we need to put him behind now, we need to get out of here before the people who are after us find out what we are doing and eventually end up killing us.” Clyde said as he lugged the paralyzed dragon onto his shoulder and carried him out of the cell. They all stopped as they heard the shuffle of numerous feet and many growls of Dragons and screams of Phoenixes coming down into the prison. “Seledrex, Maga, Kayren, Cirind; You need to help defend off the attackers, I will be of no use while I have this paperweight on my back, Stormaic, you can help me carry him, I promise he won’t hurt you.” Stormaic followed the suggestion and got underneath of Ven’s other shoulder, hoisting him up off the floor to carry him out.

The other four moved forward and looked for the enemies that were coming their way, coming out into a more open space of the prison, they filed out into a line. The darkers, all blanked out in a black resin on their scales, all of their eyes burning yellow for the Light Cores and Purple for Cirind the Dark Core.

Seledrex was the first to speak in the ambient quietness of the pre-battle “I am ready! How about you!” He said as he punched the floor, sending shock waves through the ceiling, making a sense of music flow through the room. Maga joined in with making a ball of electricity in her horns, with Kayren slicing his shoulder, giving him access to his blood powers. Cirind sitting down, meditating, gain strength for the battle.

Seledrex looked at his four companions, seeing them also ready for battle against the darkers. “Lets go shall we?” As he said that, the four opened into and attacked them.


Xandra’s Temple

Luner was still in intensive care, his mind still burning and the white scales finally all fading, but his scars were still staying, Kairo was doing his best to get rid of them, but they were infused with dark magic, making them stay open and profusely bleeding.

“I do hope he pulls through, will be a shame to see such a useful dragon go to waste from such an annoying force” Xandra commented as she left Sabrina sleeping next to Luner, she had been there for almost 3 days, not leaving his side.
"Lets just hope all that I did... did not destroy all of his soul." Naeda said as she looked over his body, almost all of the white scales had disappeared, only fragments remaining.
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