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The Wisest Man known as Ian Angel is the world's most experience adventurer. But what happened before, back when he was no more then a boy, was given the greatest adventure that changed him forever. Best on the Author's real life personal life and real adventures.

Adventure / Drama
Joe Cave
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In the year 2035, in the beautiful city of Liverpool, in a street known as Black Horse Road at number 80 was the home of a man called Ian Angel. Ian Angel was a hard working employee for a Skoda motor trader in the Albert docks Liverpool as a Driver. He loved his job, it was a very rewarding position, the pay wasn’t great but it was the outdoor’s, on the road, driving up and down the country. He was also a loving husband to his wife Jade and a loving father to his two little girls Kelly and Annie.

He met Jade in the year 2022 on a Africa Safari tour guide Holiday in Kenya. He was on a well saved up holiday that he’d been urning while working through the University of Liverpool to capture some photo’s of wildlife animals in their natural habitats which was a dream experience he had since he was a boy.

They were in a tour jeep going around the savannah’s of Nairobi Kenya Africa capturing every beautiful moment, creatures and scenery. There been on the tour for two hours and there guide from Northern Ireland who was young, skinny ginger hair lad, was driving and using a microphone to tell people what they could and would see on the tour. Until when a Lion jumped on top of the jeep for the driver had to stop “right hold on everyone while the Lion is on top of the jeep we can’t go no further, it’s okay he should be down soon” explained the driver, until from out of the bushes a pride of lioness came out jumping onto the jeep trying bite every metal part of the jeep they could lay their teeth into, everyone was screaming, even the tour driver was frightened and he was holding a tranquilliser gun, “well shoot them with that” shouted an older woman! “I can’t, they never trained me to shoot these cause they said we wouldn’t need to bother” said the driver sweating in fear.

Then a lioness grabbed Jade by the jacket just missing her skin on the arm “oh my god, oh my god the lion’s got me, Help!” she shouted the people shouted for the driver asking to hand over the gun but he was so scared he held onto the gun like his life dependant on it, everyone tried to tackle him by trying to grab the gun, poor Jade was scared, crying because this animal would not let go, Then Ian Angel started to growl, everyone stopped trying to grab the gun to face Ian and Jade, Jade looked at Ian in a strange way “what the hell are you .....?” Then Ian put his finger on his lips as if to say shush. Then he growled again, the lioness started tightening it’s bite and Jade’s jacket started to rip, Jade was getting scared by the minute. Then Ian took a big breath and then let a big growl using every muscle in his throat to make a lion’s growl, The lioness eventually started to loosen the bite, then Ian made heaving, breathing noise with his nose, then the lioness let go, eventuall all the Lions came of the jeep and then Ian put his camera on to flash mode, then he took one snap shot of the Lions together and then “BANG” the flash from Ian’s camera was so bright the Lion pride ran a mile. The people were shocked by the effort Ian took the courage to stand and make that growling sound, even Jade was surprised at the same time she was shaking, the tourist on the tour jeep started to clap and cheer, as Ian felt kind of embarrassed with a little smile he walked up to the driver passing through the tourist who all thanked him. “bless you, let’s here for the Lion man, whoo hoo” the people shouted, “okay everybody just sit down” Ian said trying to reach the driver.

the driver was still in shock holding onto his gun rocking fourth and back ’hey, hey, hey Mr. it’s okay” shouted Ian then the driver came out of it and looked around “what, where, um what about the Lions?” he asked “it’s okay they have gone now, I scared them with a flash of my camera” Ian explained then with joy the driver replied “oh my dear boy bless you” he tried to hug Ian, then Ian stopping him said “it’s okay, here have a drink” as Ian gave the driver some of his water from his metal bottle, then after driver had relaxed after he had a drink he then said “now how about we just move on and head back to the next camp site and i’ll explain what happened with you to the authorities, okay cool” then the driver still shaken said “yes yes, camp site” “good lad let’s go” said Ian patting his shoulders. Then as the driver drove on Ian went to check on Jade. Bless her heart, she was so terrified she was sweating and almost couldn’t breath, then as Ian sat next to her, he patted her shoulder and asked “hey love you okay” she then turned round real quick as if he had made her jump, “hey it’s okay ,their gone, relax here have a drink” she just looked at it as if she didn’t understand “come on now you need your energy to catch with you” explained Ian in a calm voice offering the drink.

she then slowly reached for his metal bottle, she was still shaking with fear and then when she held the drink she drank some water, the water relaxed her, stopped her heart from going over board from having panic attack and then she began to breath slowly “that’s it my sweet ,deep breaths, did that make you feel better” then as she opened her eyes she slowly nodded taking her breath slowly, her heart came down from beating to fast and she than relaxed, she then fell into Ian’s shoulders with her hand over her mouth and replied by crying ” oh my god I nearly got eaten by a ....” she couldn’t even finish that last sentence of the animal that tried to kill her. “hey, hey come on now it’s okay they gone now” she lay in Ian’s arms crying “bedsides I think they wanted your jacket not your skin” with a humous laugh he held up her teeth marked hole in the jacket, she then looked up at her arm with red eyes and tears slowly thinking did this conversation go from serious to a laugh, then she looked up at Ian with his smirk smile on his face, she then laughed. Jade rubbed her eyes and said “um thank you for making those strange nosies I suppose I wouldn’t be alive without you sounded like a animal” then she had a little smirk smile “oh, oh I see what’s happening here” replied Ian laughing his head of. They both looked into each others eyes and even though Jade was a girl in shock and Ian was a man looking after her for medical attention at the camp site they both saw a spark in each other as if to say they saw love at first sight.

Then a boy who was a son of the two parents who were on of the tourist Jeep one seat in front of Ian and Jade was looking at them, other people gathered around, they asked Ian “how did you scared of the Lions with that noise you did?” then Ian looking at everybody in awkwardness “come on tells us said an old man” Then Jade sat up from Ian as if she was interested too, then Ian took his arm from around her and put them together and told the people “well I suppose it’s just something I have been studying about how Lions work and I did have an experience with wild animals when I was younger but I’d rather not go into personal stuff thanks, so yes their you go it’s studying″ then everyone felt awkward as if they got together for that, even Jade felt like what she had just listen to was a awkward chat, Jade saw that Ian was remembering something sad and personal but didn’t know what it was. Then the tour jeep finale got to the camping site “here we go guys, please any tourists seeking treatment please report to medical attention staff” said the driver, then Ian looked at Jade and said “come on let’s go” she held his hand and walked over to the doctor’s.

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