In the Other Side of the World

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Group of Indians set off for an Italy tour from Zagreb. After their return from their trip, they set off for next journey. Tragedy strikes. Will they bond together as a group...

Anu Menon
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Chapter 1

Mary, Zara, Tom, Bob, Harry and John lands in Zagreb. All are excited about the new place, new people, climate, and the new environment which they have to adjust to. Tom, Bob, Harry, and John works in the same company and they all go together to the workplace by tram. Mary and Zara spend their time by doing household work and in the evening, they have fun by engaging themselves in activities like long walks, aerobics classes, and shopping.

Every Fridays, they arrange for get-togethers either in Mary and Tom’s house or in Bob and Zara’s house or in Harry and John’s house. During weekends, they visit National Parks, Museums, Waterfalls and main attractions in Zagreb and nearby places.

It is Christmas Season in Zagreb.

Mary and Zara were taking their usual walks near the Riverside.

Zara said ” Yesterday Bob gave me a surprise by booking tickets for Italy sightseeing during Christmas Vacations. Harry and John joining us too. Are you guys joining? “

Mary replied,” Zara, Let me have a word with Tom. As you know, Tom being workaholic won’t be interested in sightseeing. Will let you know about it tomorrow.”

Zara couldn’t hold her excitement for the trip and she is discussing the list of places to visit, clothes to be bought and packed and the food to be taken for the journey. By seeing Zara, Mary is in double mind: She longing to go with Zara and on the other hand, Will Tom agrees to take her for such trips.

Mary comes back home after her walk, freshen up, cooks dinner and waits for Tom to arrive.

Tom rings the bell. Mary opens the door.

Tom: Honey, I am home. How was your day?

Mary: My day went on well.

Mary eagerly waiting to tell Tom about Zara’s sightseeing plan. But she kept quiet to avoid disappointment in case if Tom does not agree to take her.

After dinner, Mary is washing utensils in the Kitchen and Tom settled in Sofa to watch TV.

Out of sudden, Mary could hear Tom calling her to come quickly as he forgot to tell her something.

Mary sits beside him and asks ” What is it that u forgot to tell me.”

Tom: “All are going for Italy tour day after tomorrow for Christmas and new year holidays. Can we join them?”

Mary: ” I love to.”

Mary’s happiness knew no bounds and hugged Tom.

Next day, after Tom leaves to Office, Mary calls Zara.

Mary: ” Hello Zara”

Zara: ” Hi Mary, what’s up”

Mary: ” I and Tom joining with you for the Trip. “

Zara: ” Wow, It’s a wonderful news. We will have fun.”

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