The Steampunk Story of Sleeping Beauty

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Chapter 2

A few weeks passed, and a knock sounded at the door. Lying underneath a steam buggy she was repairing, Malena simply listened as Fleur answered the door.

“Hello, officer. Can I help you?”


“We have received word that you are hiding a weapon at this address.”

“I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about,” Fleur’s voice sounded.

“Is miss Malena here at the moment? She is the one we hear is harboring this weapon. Unfortunately, all weapons of a certain size must be turned over to the custody of the state.”

The color drained from Malena’s face. Hauling herself out from underneath the buggy, she ran to the doorway and brushed Fleur aside.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she glared at the officer, “but there are no weapons here.”

She slammed the door on him, but he blocked it with his foot.

“We hear that the weapon has the appearance of a dragon and is kept in your bedroom. Is this the case?”

“I told you,” Malena clenched her teeth, “there are no weapons here.”

“Then there will be no problem if we search your house,” the officer held up a sheet of paper.

Taking it from him, Malena saw that it was a warrant. The officer, followed by two others, brushed past her and into the house.

“Wait!” Malena rushed after them. “That’s years of work!”

She followed them into her room, where they yanked the black sheet off of the mechanical dragon. A collective gasp came from Fleur, Faun and Mary, who had appeared in the doorway.

“It doesn’t even work,” Malena tried to explain. “It’s not even meant to do anything dangerous.”

But her words fell on deaf ears as the officers gathered up the pieces of her greatest invention.

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