Tales of a Demonslayer

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A boy is on a mission to take down an entire organization and regain his humanity, and one girl might be the key to both. Okami is a demonslayer and a surprisingly high ranked member of the Demonslayer Academy (DSA). An orphan at the age of 10 and forced to adapt to the harsh reality of the demon world and the human world, he has shut himself off from everyone. Mayuno is an exile from the Moonlight with special powers, trying to find her parents, return back to her life, and find out what's so special about Okami. Driven by revenge and family, they embark on a life-changing journey with a small group of misfits to thwart the Moonlight group and return things back to normal.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The soft drone of my heavy footsteps was quite relaxing and almost hypnotic. I guess getting these black boots was a good call. It was hard to be proud of my small achievement with the biting autumn wind, and my red trench coat was not helping very much. My black vest and worn out jeans, while the only thing I could tolerate wearing, were not providing much support. While the intimidating factor can be useful for work, I seriously needed to reconsider my wardrobe.


My train wreck of thoughts were interrupted by a cry for help. I sped off to find the person in peril, running into an alley and saw a 16-year-old girl, cowering in a corner. In front of her, a seven foot demon; knife like claws black as coal, with teeth just as sharp and jutting out of its mouth, and a black ooze that dripped out of his gaping maw

Now in this situation, any normal person would run away, or be paralyzed in fear and scream. Though this is not true in my case.

For you see…

I am a demon slayer.

I drew my sword, a sleek blade made of a mixture of “natural” and “unnatural” metals. The beautiful carved hilt was a pure ivory; that color slowly traveled up the blade, switching to a deep crimson as it reached the tip.

“God dammit, can’t they contain their demons? This makes my job a lot harder. Thankfully you’re only 7 feet, any larger and you’d make a scene.” I sighed as I got into an attack position, feet spaced a foot apart from each other, my the tip sword positioned behind me. The demon turned his head at me and simply growled in response, beady eyes locking onto mine. “Not even capable of human speech, so you’re just somebody’s minion. Then this won’t be fun, but a job’s a job.” I shrugged as I pointed my sword towards the air.

“Sword art: Six pointed star!”

My sword acted like a glowing paintbrush which I used a six-pointed star in the air. Bringing my sword down, the projectile fired like a cannon and collided with the demon, causing him to explode in to a bloody mess. I grabbed a vile from my trench coat and filled it to the brim with the demon’s blood. I sighed and collected the bits and pieces of the monster and buried it deep within the trash, mixing it with other items to make sure no one found it.

A soft whimpering phased me out of my zone. I turned around to see the girl lying in the corner, bleeding from her arm. She was struggling to stay conscious. I picked her up without a second thought and carried her to my house.

“God this is going to be a pain to explain.”

I glanced at my watch. It’s 3 o’clock, it’s been an hour since she’s been unconscious. Even with all the healing herbs and remedies I have, it could be at least till the end of the day till she woke up. Surprisingly, as I was checking in on her about 30 minutes later, the girl finally woke up with a terrified look in her eyes.

“W-where am I?!” She exclaimed.

“My house.” I responded.


“Because you were injured.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Heal you.”


“Alright that’s enough.”

She stopped asking questions and looked at me like a dear caught in headlights. “Who are you?” She asked. “My name is Okami, Okami Daemon Satori. What’s your name?” I asked calmly, trying not to intimidate her. “M-m-my name is Mayuno, Mayuno Miryuki.” She stuttered, obviously intimidated. She seemed nice, as her blonde locks dripping over her azure eyes seem to convey. She shuffled uncomfortably, her dainty pale fingers gripping the hem of her tattered pink skirt. “Well it’s nice to meet you Mayuno; your parents must be worried about you, so you’d better call them.” I said handing her a phone.

“Yah…thanks.” She said, sulking out of the room. She seemed sad; maybe I wasn’t hospitable enough? She was probably just tired or something; a seven-foot-tall demon had just attacked her after all. She didn’t question anything about the demon, or how I found her. Did Mayuno think that it was all in her head? Could she be aware of what demons where?

Too many questions and speculations about this girl filled my head, I needed to eat something. Walking into the kitchen, and found out that my cupboards were nearly empty. I grabbed whatever I had left and dumped it into a pot, tossing in whatever seasoning I had to make it at least a little palatable.

She came out a little while later. I dumped the pool of noodles onto a plate, with some sauce drizzled over it. Mayuno’s mouth began to water. I chucked a bit at this, “looks like someone’s hungry”, I commented. She nodded her head sharply, tossing herself into the seat. “What about you?” She asked halfway into scarfing down her meal. “Oh don’t worry about me, I already ate.” I said. “Pardon me for a moment.” I excused myself, although she didn’t seem to acknowledge anything but the food in front of her.

I stepped into the bathroom and pulled out the vial from early. I liked its bright crimson glow, much brighter than human blood. I loved watching it bubble around, even separated from its owner, demon blood continues to be very chaotic. It’s almost funny when I think about it, a demon’s chaotic nature is so intense, that it resonates in its own blood.

I swirled it around and took a sip it as if it was fine wine. As I felt it rush down my throat and into my stomach, bubbling about like a witch’s brew, I felt a rush of exhilaration wash over me. It had been a while since I had consumed demon blood, so even a low level one could bring a very intense feeling alongside the power increase. I opened a purple pouch on the inside of my trench coat and drew out my sword, laying on the counter. I dripped a little bit of it on my blade, watching it glow a bright red for a little bit, before returning to normal.

I tucked the remainder for a dire situation and walked back to where Mayuno was. She had wolfed everything down pretty quickly. “So, what did your parents say?” I asked. “Oh….yah they won’t be here for a while. If it doesn’t bother you or your parents, could I stay here for the time passing?” She asked hesitantly. This girl confused me, she seemed still frightened me, but even more so of the outside world, just who was she? I shrugged and said it was okay; I could figure out just who she was. “Speaking of…where are your parents?” She asked.

My heart stopped for a brief moment.

“They’re out, won’t be back till tomorrow” I explained.

Her bright azure eyes just locked onto my dull brown gaze. Mayuno’s features softened a bit, her rather small nose twitched a bit as her cheeks darkened a bit. “S-so it’s just us?” She stuttered, although it didn’t seem entirely out of fear this time. I nodded, adding a drawn out “yuuuuppp” for emphasis.

It was about 4:30, and boredom once against had me in its grasp. The problem being that I couldn’t go out and patrol like I normally do, so I turned to the girl, who had been absentmindedly staring off into space. “So…what do you want to do, Mayuno?” I asked. “Ummm…..how about some board games? I love board games.” She smiled. “Alright…I’ll go look for some.” I said.

It took about 20 minutes of digging, looking for the board games I hadn’t touched for around 6 years. After more searched, I found them underneath a plastic box that said Extra Room on it. I came back with “Monopoly” and “Sorry”; I’m glad I was too lazy to throw them away. The games kept us occupied for a good while.

I couldn’t help but be intrigued by this girl. Who was she? Why wasn’t she asking about the demon or our encounter; why did she keep staring out the window?


“Are you sure I can sleep in your room?” Mayuno asked. “Positive, I’ll just sleep on the couch.” I responded. “T-thank you.” She said with a bright blushing face; I guess sleeping in a stranger’s bed would make you embarrassed, especially after you just met them. “No problem.” I shrugged again, climbing onto the couch. The lights went off and her door had closed.

Where are your parents?

That question rung in my head.


I woke up with a sudden knocking on the door. I contemplated just letting the person get tired and leave, but the knocking continued to persist, and it seemed like they were determined to try to piss me off. Begrudgingly, I threw myself off the couch and dragged myself to the door. “Hello?” I asked groggily, “Yes, I’m looking for Mayuno Miryuki.” A tall woman with dark hair said. “Oh, you must be her mother?” I asked her, she nodded in response.

“So is Mayuno here or not?” she asked. “Yes she is, come on in, would you like something to drink?” I asked the woman. “No, I’ll just take Mayuno and leave.” She responded a bit annoyed, which I found a bit odd. I guess she was a bit worried, I must have looked like a kidnapper or something to her.

“Mayuno! Come out here, there is someone to see you.” I called out. She walked out wearing my pajamas, I didn’t remember giving those to her, but it looked good on her. “Who is it?” She asked sleepily, rubbing her eye.

“It’s your mom.” I said, but as soon as Mayuno saw the woman, she was petrified and started cowering in fear. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, but she was too scared to move or talk. “She’s probably just excited to see me.” The woman started to walk towards Mayuno, and I got a glimpse of something on her right shoulder.

“What’s that on your arm?” I asked her. “It’s a tattoo.” She responded showing it to me. It was a grey crescent moon, with a black outline, and it was surrounded by a 12-pointed purple star.

That isn’t an ordinary tattoo.

I felt my insides tighten, my legs felt like jelly, and I was feeling sick to my stomach. I hadn’t seen one of them in 5 years.

Why now?! Why here?!

“You’re a member of the Moonlight group, are you?” I growled, my body was trembling, and my eyes glowed a deep scarlet. I felt my insides boiling with rage and fear.

“Oh, so you know who we are? I take it you’re not a normal boy after all” She asked in a cocky way. “How could I not, you bastards killed my parents.” I barked, flashing my sword. Mayuno gasped and stared at me.

“The red eyes…so you are Annex and Catrine’s child. As soon as I’m done with Mayuno, I’ll personally take care of you.” She laughed. “Like hell you will!” I screamed grabbing a ring from my pocket. I slid it on and it flashed red. “Demon Magic: Arena trap! Clause: Death battle.” I roared, thrusting my hands into the air as a bright light enveloped the room.


When the light had dimmed, it had transported us to a rocky terrain, with swirling skies in some pocket dimension.

“A death battle huh? You’re just throwing away your life boy.” The woman chuckled.

I DON’T CARE! I’m not letting you take Mayuno, and I’m not letting you or your gang live!” I seethed. I felt the rage taking over my being. “Well smart one, Mayuno is part of us.” She said, which shocked me…I was killing a Moonlight to save another?

“I’m not anymore, Okami! They had shunned me!” Mayuno cried out. The confusion was mind numbing, but now wasn’t the time to think about it. “You’re time is up.” I pointed my sword at her.

“It seems that you actually want to go ahead with this ludicrous idea. Fine by me, let it be known that I, Rias Terra, single handedly killed the son of Annex and Catrine.” Rias cackled.

SILENCE!!” I barked, gnashing my teeth at her. “I’ll tell you this, since you amuse me, and I need to get Mayuno back, I’ll finish you quickly.” She sneered.

I lunged at her and slashed my sword. However, my slash hit nothing but plain air. “You can’t defeat me with short ranged combat, I specialize in magic.” She said she waved her hand and shot a lightning bolt at my face that knocked me into a boulder, which exploded on contact.

“Okami!” Mayuno yelled in distress.

“Pity, I thought you could have taken more than one hit before going down.” She sneered.

I got up and dusted the rubble out of the thin coat of fur that had suddenly sprouted from my body. “Is that really the best you can do?” I taunted

“H-how are you still alive?! That was one of my most powerful attacks!” she stuttered. “Wolf fur, halves magic damage the rest was training.” I said grinning as the fur disappeared back into my body.

“B-but how?” She asked.

“My grandfather was a werewolf, plus 2 years spent training and slaying monsters. In short, I’m a vicious, skilled, blood-thirsty monster.” I grinned madly, feeling my blood rush all around my body, it was intoxicating. “Now it’s my turn to cast a couple of spells.” I pointed my sword to the sky. “Knife Storm!” I cried out and shot a white projectile into the sky. It grew into a large dark cloud and began to pour knives onto Rias, who put up a light blue barrier-dome to protect her.

I lunged at her while she was distracted, drawing my blade. She tried to cast another spell but I managed to break through her barrier. The impact shattered it, sending shards of solidified magic fell down like glass, and knocked Rias into the air.

“Time to finish this! Sword Art: 8 pointed Star!” Another star projectile was created, and then was fired at her. She managed to maintain her bearings while in the air and countered with another bolt of lightning. The two attacks clashed, but the star cut through the lightning and hit her. The impact caused an explosion which made her plummet down. I walked over and pointed the tip of my sword at her neck. Mayuno walked over to us, and looked at Rias before turning back to me. She held my wrist tightly.

“Okami, killing is wrong. Even if she deserves it for what she and the Moonlight group has done, it’s not worth it.” Her glittering eyes got too me once again, my blood calmed down and I could think clearly once again.

“I won’t kill you, but you’re going under arrest. Hopefully the DSA can find out where the rest of the Moonglight group is.” Okami sighed, putting his sword away.

“No way in hell I’m letting you taking me in! Final blow: Explosion!” Rias screamed as her body started to glow.

“Oh crap! We have to get away from here now!” I grabbed Mayuno’s and started running. The dimension that held us was starting to crumble, faster than we could run. We didn’t have much longer till her attack would obliterate everything. “Demon Magic: Devil’s wings!” I screamed as large black wings spouted from my back, lifting us into the air and greater distance.

The explosion went off, the shockwave knocking us out of the air. I tucked her in close to my body, covering my wings over us as a protective barrier. The explosion enveloped us, it hurt like hell. It felt like being shot with multiple flaming needles all over my body, I had to use the rest of my strength and magical power to keep my wings from breaking and dissapearing. After 5 more minutes of agonizing pain, the explosion died down, and the dimension disappeared, along with Rias’ body. I was back in my home.

I had tried to stand up, but the pain flowing from my body caused me to fall, only to be caught by Mayuno. I faced her, and saw that her eyes were overflowing with tears. Her body had become pale, her hands trembled.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was raspy and hoarse.

She squeezed me tighter, repeatedly apologizing and sobbing. I put my finger on her lips “Why are you apologizing? You’ve done nothing wrong. Besides, helping people is my job.” Grinning through the pain, gotta try something to cheer her up.

She stopped crying and smiled at me, and that was the last thing I saw before I blacked-out.

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